arguments against   (反对)

These observations are strong arguments against the steady-state model.

Although the arguments against these patterns arising due to 'drift' are unclear.

Hence there is a defense of deism in this book, and some arguments against atheism.

oral arguments   (口头辩论)

The court heard oral arguments on December 17.

On February 27, 2008, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments.

The opinion pertained to oral arguments held on December 8, 2004.

arguments between   (之间的争论)

This led to heated arguments between Cooke and Angelos, who accused Cooke of being a "carpetbagger."

This original agreement in 1940 has stemmed many arguments between the UMWA and the BCOA even until today (2018).

It was punctuated by fiery arguments between the two teams, heating up the atmosphere before the World Series even began.

legal arguments

The company fought the land expropriation, making several legal arguments.

During this time he attempted to create his legal arguments for the court.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court heard a second set of legal arguments concerning the Wheeling Bridge.