İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

armed forces   (silahlı Kuvvetler)

This led to the massing of armed forces in a hurry.

The AFDL then became the new national armed forces.

The armed forces suffered particularly from overlap.

armed conflict   (silahlı çatışma)

UN forces intervened to bring a halt to the armed conflict.

The use of biological agents in armed conflict is a war crime.

Gumprecht refused to accept this, and an armed conflict ensued.

heavily armed   (ağır silahlı)

As minesweepers, they are large and heavily armed.

All participants of the trial were heavily armed.

In Benghazi, Libya, heavily armed attackers killed the U.S.

armed men   (silahlı adamlar)

The shootout resulted in the death of two armed men.

They are protected by the armed men who also work to feed him.

Earlier that night, the armed men had robbed five other taverns.

armed robbery   (silahlı soygun)

He was first imprisoned in 1930 at 15 years old for armed robbery.

Following his acquittal for armed robbery, he did not return to Florida.

The first set of fingerprints were for a suspect arrested for armed robbery.

armed struggle   (silahlı mücadele)

He took no part in the armed struggle taking place in that area.

Although the armed struggle continued, it was generally ineffectual.

The desperate situation forced the Bulgarians to resort to armed struggle.

armed groups   (silahlı gruplar)

By 2018, the number of armed groups had increased to about 120.

Another resident said: "We didn't know what they (armed groups) want.

Hence, armed groups are regularly entering the country from Chad and Sudan.

armed resistance   (silahlı direniş)

The Polish policy was met with armed resistance.

Martial law was imposed, and all armed resistance collapsed.

This campaign marked the beginning of Cossack armed resistance against the Red Army

armed services   (Silahlı hizmetler)

Seventeen students died in the armed services during World War II.

In 1914, 927 Leysians joined the armed services and 146 of them died.

It claimed that over 900 pupils had gone on to careers in the armed services.

armed force   (silahlı güç)

These threats are dealt with by the armed force known as Psycho Squad.

After serving in the armed force in World War II, he was stage manager at the Royal Opera House.

Military diving instructors are generally members of the armed force for which they train personnel.

armed conflicts   (silahlı çatışmalar)

Children are also victims of armed conflicts.

The rest of the war can be seen as three successive armed conflicts.

Csáky did not participating in armed conflicts, but he had also influence over military affairs.

armed wing   (silahlı kanat)

The armed wing of the party was called Lal Raskha Dal (Red Defence Force).

UNITA gave up its armed wing and assumed the role of a major opposition party.

Karbi Anglong NC Hills People's Resistance is the armed wing of the organization.

armed group   (silahlı grup)

In 1995, the armed group again launched a peace proposal.

The consequences of pregnancies depend on the practices of the armed group concerned.

In many countries choosing to serve in an armed group is the best alternative for the child.

lightly armed   (hafif silahlı)

T-Force units were lightly armed and highly mobile.

Iranun penjajap were usually lightly armed compared to the lanong.

The vessel was lightly armed with a 3-inch gun and two .30 caliber machine guns.

armed guards   (silahlı muhafızlar)

There were 20 armed guards at the Ouenza mine.

Just then, the group is attacked by more armed guards.

Greenwald and Miranda only leave their home with armed guards.

armed merchant   (silahlı tüccar)

During World War I, "Principe Umberto" served as an armed merchant cruiser.

"Prince Henry" underwent conversion to an armed merchant cruiser at Montreal.

Two of the German vessels left Callao on 1 April and the armed merchant cruiser moved to intercept.

armed police   (silahlı polis)

Such ships have an onboard escort of armed police.

On 12 February 2008, he appeared as an armed police inspector named Fraser in the ITV soap opera "Emmerdale".

In 2013, armed police descended on the mall after receiving a tip that fugitive Christopher Dorner was spotted in the mall.

hired armed   (kiralık silahlı)

The report of her arrival described her as a hired armed transport under the command of Lieutenant B.

Next, she spent a little over a year as a hired armed tender under contract to the British Royal Navy.

(The navy had temporarily engaged four transports as hired armed ships and put naval officers in charge of each.

armed rebellion   (silahlı isyan)

The first known armed rebellion of enslaved Africans occurred in 1521.

In 1776, there was also armed rebellion such as the Maugerville Rebellion (1776).

Low per capita income has been proposed as a cause for grievance, prompting armed rebellion.

armed uprising   (silahlı ayaklanma)

The Bisu people were entangled in an armed uprising of farmers.

The French feared a recurrence of armed uprising and had related economic considerations.

But he agreed with Bonifacio and Diwa who believed that the time was ripe for an armed uprising.

armed only   (sadece silahlı)

The character is armed only with a flashlight.

Bakassi is now armed only with 40 mm cannon.

Out of bullets and armed only with a single knife, the brothers grimly push forward.

armed guard   (silahlı koruma)

The prisoners were interned there in tents under armed guard.

Fatt and his armed guard try to detain him, but Agate eludes them.

McGlinchey was kept under armed guard while recovering in hospital.

group of armed   (silahlı grup)

On January 19, Captain Leonardo Pintado dispersed a group of armed rebels, taking 33 prisoners.

On 22 September 2012, a group of armed members of the Free Syrian Army attacked a border post near Arsal.

The Mexican journalist was abducted from a restaurant located in Los Mochis, Sinaloa by a group of armed men.

armed forces during   (sırasında silahlı kuvvetler)

Drexler did not serve in the armed forces during World War I due to being deemed unfit.

Bermudians served in the British armed forces during both World War I and World War II.

They also made frogman's equipment for the British armed forces during World War 2, and later, sport scuba gear.

other armed   (diğer silahlı)

Shows of force may also be executed by police forces and other armed, non-military groups.

The majority of its arsenals were plundered during the fighting by the Séléka coalition and other armed groups.

A chronic lack of resources for reintegration also prompted child soldiers to enrol in other armed groups as a means of gainful employment.

fully armed   (tamamen silahlı)

However, the fort was never fully armed.

The aircraft's gross weight was some greater than a fully armed B-17.

The Huks' strength consisted of 20,000 fully armed regulars and some 50,000 reservists.

ship was armed   (gemi silahlandı)

The ship was armed with one 3-pounder gun and two machine guns.

The ship was armed with two 8.8 cm L/45 guns, one on the Forecastle and one aft.

The ship was armed with two 8.8 cm L/45 guns, one on the forecastle and one aft.

armed merchant cruiser   (silahlı tüccar kruvazörü)

During World War I, "Principe Umberto" served as an armed merchant cruiser.

"Prince Henry" underwent conversion to an armed merchant cruiser at Montreal.

Two of the German vessels left Callao on 1 April and the armed merchant cruiser moved to intercept.

armed conflict between   (arasındaki silahlı çatışma)

This led to the revival of an armed conflict between the PKK and Turkish forces.

The Sino-Soviet conflict of 1929 was a minor armed conflict between the Soviet Union and China over the Manchurian Chinese Eastern Railway.

The movie is based on the Kargil armed conflict between Indian and Pakistan that took place between May and July 1999 in the Kargil district of Kashmir.

well armed   (iyi silahlı)

These forces were well armed, having a variety of artillery and mortar battalions.

In addition to being well-trained, the Dahomey army under Agaja was also very well armed.

The Japanese were well armed with and mortars and anti-aircraft cannons, backed by a light tank unit and an anti-aircraft detachment.

boats were armed   (tekneler silahlandırıldı)

The boats were armed with eight internal torpedo tubes, four each in the bow and stern.

The fishing boats were armed with light machine guns concealed inside oil drums placed on deck.

The "U-43" class boats were armed with two bow torpedo tubes and carried a complement of four torpedoes.

poorly armed   (zayıf silahlı)

The brigade left Texas poorly armed and many men had no weapons at all.

Many clan levies, however, would have remained relatively poorly armed.

The Kafirs were poorly armed as compared to Afghans and numbered only 60,000.

armed themselves   (kendilerini silahlandırdı)

Seeing a small detachment, Marandians armed themselves, and attacked it.

The landlords armed themselves and armed their people at their own expense.

As the Toa armed themselves with weapons from the Suva's arsenal, they wondered what to do next.

armed cutter   (silahlı kesici)

On 14 July Nelson sailed for the Canaries aboard his flagship HMS "Theseus", (Captain Miller), leading a squadron composed of HMS "Culloden" (Captain Troubridge), HMS "Zealous" (Captain Hood), all 74-gun ships; and the frigates HMS "Seahorse" (38 guns), commanded by Captain Fremantle, HMS "Emerald" (36 guns) led by Captain Waller, and HMS "Terpsichore" (32 guns) under Captain Bowen; as well as the hired armed cutter "Fox" under Lieutenant John Gibson, and a mortar boat, the "Ray", under Lieutenant Crompton.

armed struggle against   (karşı silahlı mücadele)

Nonetheless, Nart did recognize the necessity of armed struggle against the Somoza oligarchy in Nicaragua.

The revolutionaries planned to land in the province of Oriente and begin an armed struggle against the government of Batista.

In 1999, Diniz released his first independent comic: "Subversivos", about the armed struggle against the Brazilian military dictatorship.

armed opposition   (silahlı muhalefet)

Having disposed of the armed opposition, the French subjected the unfortunate town to a brutal sack.

However, they were not to include anti-aircraft weapons, something repeatedly requested by the armed opposition.

Déby faces armed opposition from groups who are deeply divided by leadership clashes but united in their intention to overthrow him.

armed and langued   (silahlı ve dertli)

Second, argent, lion gules, crowned, armed and langued or.

The German blazon reads: "" The municipality's arms might in English heraldic language be described thus: Per fess argent a demilion azure armed and langued gules, and vert a mount of three enhanced of the first surmounted by a fess wavy of the second.

armed robberies   (silahlı soygunlar)

He was convicted of fourteen murders, four rapes and two armed robberies.

The same bank was subject to armed robberies in March 2013 and March 2017.

They are in charge of armed robberies, serious burglaries and scams, stolen cars and art thefts.

armed soldiers   (silahlı askerler)

On landing, they are surrounded by armed soldiers.

By mid-1979 there were 1,600 armed soldiers in the KPNLAF.

His war was with the armed soldiers and the police of this state.

armed confrontation   (silahlı çatışma)

It was the last large armed confrontation between British and Africans in Sierra Leone.

The conference ended with a signed agreement calling for the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops in exchange for the cessation of armed confrontation.

armed attack   (silahlı saldırı)

On August 27, 2009, one day following the armed attack on the embassy, a Hungarian driver attempted to run the diplomatic car of Peter Weiss off the road while driving in the Budapest traffic.

Waylaying Waylaying (sometimes called "laywaying") was a term used in the American Old West describing an armed attack whereby the attacker hid himself in ambush and fired upon a passing target.

An armed attack by Germany on France within the next twenty-five years is admittedly improbable, an attack by Germany on England in the same period even more so...the whole tone of the French is to assume that the real danger to the future peace of Europe is military aggression by Germany.

armed reconnaissance   (silahlı keşif)

The "Stormies" flew two sorties per day of armed reconnaissance along North Vietnamese roads.

The Spectre participated in countless operations within Afghanistan, performing on-call close air support and armed reconnaissance.

On 18 August 1968, an AC-130 gunship flying an armed reconnaissance mission in Vietnam's III Corps was diverted to support the Katum Special Forces Camp.