body armor   (ボディアーマー)

The projectiles were tailored to pierce body armor.

Later, he donned body armor and fought Wonder Woman during World War II.

He is armed with a cannon on his arm and his body armor is an indestructible shell.

armor protection   (防具)

The B-17D also featured more extensive armor protection.

The main battery guns had stronger armor protection, at thick.

suit of armor   (鎧のスーツ)

Irons forges Superman's symbol onto a suit of armor.

He then steals a suit of armor and breaks Conan out of prison.

In this version, Byrna uses a robotic suit of armor that is capable of creating snow.

armor plate   (アーマープレート)

The secondary guns were protected with of armor plate.

She had iron armor plate and an over -thick wooden hull.

The development of high-explosive shells made the use of iron armor plate on warships necessary.

weapons and armor   (武器と鎧)

Lea provides enchanted weapons and armor for Harry and his companions.

Upon slaying a monster, the players or NPCs can "purify" the monster, which collects items useful in upgrading weapons and armor.

Yang quickly recruited fit men from the city's population to strengthen the troops defending the city, providing them with weapons and armor.

armor plating

His work included the armor plating for , , , and .

Additional armor plating was installed to protect crew positions.

The conning tower and the casemate guns were also protected by 6 in of armor plating.

armor plates

In dinoflagellates they often form armor plates.

By the 15th century Italian armor plates were almost always made of steel.

Out of tank armor plates and other war material, a steel middle part was created for the bridge.