Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

army officer   (oficial del ejercito)

After graduating from , he worked as an army officer.

The army officer John Aislabie (born 1729) was their son.

Alexander de Milja is a young army officer.

regular army   (ejército regular)

He transferred to the regular army in August 1942.

The UDR provided 5300 soldiers in support of the regular army.

Many volunteer officers were also transferred to the regular army.

army during   (ejército durante)

Gerber served in the army during World War I.

He also led the Pallava army during the invasion of Vatapi in 642 CE.

He served in the army during the Korean war, in which he was badly wounded.

joined the army   (Unido al ejército)

After completion of his M.B.B.S, He joined the army.

Later he joined the army of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Roman's elder brother joined the army and did not return.

army officers   (oficiales del ejercito)

Many BPP commanders were former army officers.

Two army officers were killed and a number of soldiers were wounded.

Nearly all of the appointed parliamentary members were army officers.

army led

In February 1632, Qasim Khan sent an army led by his son, Inayatullah Khan.

In January 1920, the army led an offensive in the Rostov-Novocherkassk Operation.

Finally at Navsari, the confederate army led by Chalukya troops routed the Arabs.

large army

He soon after advanced against Shewa with a large army.

Yazdegerd proceeded to Soghd whose ruler supplied him a large army.

army against   (ejército contra)

In 733, Charles Martel sent an army against the Frisians.

After fall of Tus, Ibn Amir sent out an army against Herat.

In May 1514, Vasili III again led his army against Smolensk.

main army   (ejército principal)

In June, however, Mortier was called to join the main army.

Scott and Chalmers sought assistance from Bragg's main army.

By this time the main army had already failed at the siege of Riga .

army units

The next day, three Malian army units gave up trying to lift the siege.

In 2014, some army units launched an abortive mutiny over wage disputes.

In the British Army the term "cavalry" was only used for regular army units.

standing army

The first Ottoman standing army were Janissaries.

A standing army of 1 million troops was created.

Carthage did not maintain a large, permanent, standing army.

army commander   (comandante del Ejército)

Chen Yi was the new army commander.

The meeting had decided that Pranoto should become army commander.

They were defeated by the Persian army commander Harpagos in 547 BC.

imperial army   (ejercito imperial)

Vác fell to the imperial army the same day.

The imperial army managed to repel them but was unable to defeat them.

On 30 October the imperial army withdrew after a siege that had lasted 109 days.

new army

Meanwhile, a new army is assembled at Etzelburg.

He also taught guerrilla war tactics to new army recruits.

Chen Yi was the new army commander.

field army

Within a national military force, the word army may also mean a field army.

The army consists of a highly mobile field army backed up by local defence units.

sent an army

In 733, Charles Martel sent an army against the Frisians.

Purnananda Burhagohain sent an army to oppose the invaders.

But the fire worshippers sent an army after the pious pair.

army corps   (cuerpo del Ejército)

The army corps was divided into three divisions under major-generals.

The MEF is the Marine Corps's equivalent tactical command level to an army corps.

12th Army Corps (France) 12th Army Corps () was an army corps in the French Army.

royal army   (Ejército real)

Tension with Paris led to a siege by the royal army in 1622.

In total, the royal army totalled approximately 6,000–7,000 men.

The king's tenants-in-chief formed the backbone of the royal army.

left the army

Having left the army, Duer went to Antigua.

He left the army in 1991 to proceed with his music career.

He left the army after Napoleon's defeat.

led an army

The Three generals themselves led an army of 10,000 soldiers.

In 1626, he led an army from Lower Saxony into the Battle of Dessau Bridge.

rebel army   (ejército rebelde)

This process of capturing elements of the rebel army continued all day long.

Thereafter, Hidalgo was effectively a prisoner of Allende and the rebel army.

Solomon asked Joab why he killed Amasa (David's nephew, who commanded Absalom's rebel army).

small army

There's a small army of them coming," says Sbarge.

Frühling controls her own small army of genetic experiments.

The prisoners lived in small army huts, with eight men to one hut.

join the army   (alistarse en el ejército)

Poverty compelled him to join the army in October 1940.

In Germany, many elite skaters join the army to fund their skating.

She tells him he should join the army, something Ahmad refuses to do.

army service

Menshikov retired from army service in 1824.

During his army service, he won the Junior Mr. Europe contest.

He retired from the office and army service on 30 September 1948.

army and navy   (ejército y armada)

Two Russian high-grade army and navy systems were broken early in 1940.

The rank insignia for enlisted personnel for the army and navy respectively.

The rank insignia for commissioned officers for the army and navy respectively.

army general   (general de la Armada)

Çevik Bir Çevik Bir (born 1939) is a retired Turkish army general.

Sudirman (disambiguation) Sudirman was an Indonesian army general.

At times its members would travel with an army general on campaign.

entire army   (ejército entero)

From 1842, it was used as the flag of the entire army.

He ordered the entire army to march in review under arms.

The entire army, a total of several "taxeis" or "moræ" was led by a generals' council.

own army

The Lingeer was very powerful and had her own army and palace.

In the queen's army, she quickly rose in the ranks and began commanding her own army.

In November 1960, discontent in his own army prompted a failed coup attempt by paratroopers.

army base

Mary's dad relents, letting her join Bob at his army base.

The returnees were initially based at the former army base used by the South African Soldiers.

Maintaining control of the central army base Setermoen was vital for the Norwegian mobilization.

army marched

On the same day, Spinola's army marched on Lingen.

The army marched overland, advancing within of Drewry's Bluff by May 9.

Harrison's relief army marched towards the fort, uncontested by Winamac.

national army   (ejercito nacional)

The power of the nobles was diminished as a national army was created.

This was part of an effort to integrate former militias into a national army.

She became the first woman to achieve the rank of Major in any national army.

army was defeated

As they failed to cross, Hirotsugu's army was defeated and broke up.

The re-enforcements never came, and Eldrith's army was defeated, although she survived.

His army was defeated but Dulla Bhatti's mother intervened to ensure that his life was spared.

army camp

An army camp was established at Aldershot in 1854.

An attack on an army camp in Lamia, central Greece, is also mentioned.

Their army camp became known as Idumu-Arogbo later shortened to Idumagbo.

army chief   (jefe del ejército)

In 1977, the army chief Ziaur Rahman became president.

Deputy director is army chief General Apirat Kongsompong.

He was the first Indian army chief to write an autobiography in 1979.

army began

Douglas' army began to shoot at their boat.

In the early 1990s, the army began to undergo a generational change.

When a convenient place was found to cross the army began building rafts.

s army

Chen’s army was disbanded and absorbed into Chiang’s forces.

After defeating Rani Mangammal’s army, he declared independent Marava country in 1707.

When the Tokugawa challenged the Uesugi in 1600, he once again fought with Uesugi’s army.

invading army

The Italian invading army was 150,000; it was opposed by 20,000 Bedouins and 8,000 Turks.

Only partially completed, the fortress had to face Napoleon's invading army in the summer of 1812.

Instead of an anti-Russian uprising, a mass mobilization of volunteers formed in the border areas against the invading army.

s army

Chen’s army was disbanded and absorbed into Chiang’s forces.

After defeating Rani Mangammal’s army, he declared independent Marava country in 1707.

When the Tokugawa challenged the Uesugi in 1600, he once again fought with Uesugi’s army.

army commanded

Not far away was a large Northern Wei army commanded by the general Yuan Tianmu (元天穆) the Prince of Shangdang.

In February 1479, a Portuguese army commanded by Garcia de Meneses, Bishop of Évora, penetrated into Extremadura.

A large army commanded by the year's consuls Publius Claudius Pulcher and Lucius Junius Pullus besieged the city.

army took

The German army took over Białystok within days.

An American officer in the Egyptian army took charge of his military training.

By 1949 October, the People's Republic of China Communists army took Guangzhou.

entered the army

He entered the army at 16 as second lieutenant in the Royal Engineers.

He entered the army in 1783, and was appointed major on the general staff in 1801.

Upon his graduation, Takehiko entered the army and served in the First Sino-Japanese War.

former army

Many BPP commanders were former army officers.

Antauro Humala Antauro Humala Tasso is a Peruvian nationalist and a former army major.

Somvang Thammasit Dr. Somvang Thipaseuth is a Laotian politician and former army colonel.

army group

He is also recognized as the best tank driver in his army group.

Primarily courier with army group headquarters in area to rear of front lines, May 1944 – May 1945.

At the top of the ladder, what other nations would call an army group, the Red Army called a front.

army barracks   (cuarteles del ejército)

The functions of the police and the army, as well as the army barracks were developed in the citadel.

Japanese aircraft bombed and strafed the base and civil airfield, as well as the town's army barracks and oil store.

When Seldin joined UT Southwestern, it was the newest medical center in the country, and was housed in a dilapidated army barracks.

army arrived

The army arrived in Nashville within about a month.

This Arab army arrived in Sistan in the spring of 699.

Once again the Swedish army arrived outside Copenhagen.

army invaded

After the refusal of the Byzantine Emperor, the Bulgarian army invaded Thrace.

The French army invaded Spain in 1808, leading to the Peninsular War of 1808–1814.

No army invaded the United States during this period, and Washington did not assume a field command.

army troops

1,000 army troops were flown in by the evening of 1 March to restore order.

Chinese military advisers and army troops were present with the Mujahideen during training.

General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm arrived in Montreal in May 1756 to lead the French army troops.

raised an army

He raised an army and took the fortress of Śĕrpü.

In response, the Celtiberians raised an army of 35,000 men.

During the siege, the French had raised an army which assembled around Rouen.

army personnel   (personal del ejército)

The school was staffed by both civilians and army personnel.

Once completed the battery had accommodation for 109 army personnel.

The Pakistani Army alerted retired army personnel to be ready to be called up to active duty.

leaving the army

After leaving the army, he became a businessman.

After leaving the army, he became a wine merchant in Scotland.

He participated in World War I, leaving the army as lieutenant.

led his army

Lee led his army on a torturous retreat back to Virginia.

In May 1514, Vasili III again led his army against Smolensk.

The following day, Alexander left Abydos and led his army north to Percote.

army attacked

Another Greek army attacked into Epirus towards Ioannina.

The next day the Dutch army attacked and defeated the Belgians near Leuven.

The Japanese army attacked British-controlled Hong Kong on December 8, 1941.

private army   (ejército privado)

Liu Yan took the advice, and with his private army set off for his new post in 188.

The South viewed the Wide Awakes as the North's private army, and thus they determined on creating their own.

During the escape from the authorities, Marco and his private army suddenly arrived, causing a shootout once again.

army then

Lalitaditya's elephant army then marched into Avanti.

The Russian army then settles in for a siege.

The Italian army then occupied the Tigrian capital, Adwa.

army retreated

On 31 July the Hungarian army retreated towards Budapest.

Hungarian troops prevailed and the Romanian army retreated to its bridgehead at Tokaj.

Two-thirds of Blake's army retreated within the city while the remainder withdrew to the west.

army moved

On August 28, Bragg's army moved west.

Grant's army moved steadily south.

As the bulk of the French army moved into the city, there were some fires.

army entered

In 1944 the Soviet army entered Yugoslavia.

On December 19, Washington's army entered winter quarters at Valley Forge.

At September 1916, when the Italian army entered the region he escaped to Athens.

army defeated

Andrew's army defeated the Cumans at Vidin.

The Jurchen-Mongol army defeated Ligdan and forced him back.

Vallabha's army defeated Ramavikrama's forces in a fierce battle.

army crossed

The Union army crossed the Potomac from June 25 to 27.

Nevertheless, his army crossed into Canada on 12 July.

His army crossed the ocean, and conquered many islands.

army reached

The army reached Dofas, but was attacked by AQAP.

Around noon on 24 August, Ross's army reached Bladensburg.

On September 16, Bragg's army reached Munfordville, Kentucky.

army advanced

By 783 Abd al-Rahman's army advanced on Zaragoza.

On May 29, Grant's army advanced southwest to confront Lee.

Week by week as the Union army advanced, slaves were liberated.

army consisted

The Sitawaka army consisted of 50,000 men in 300 companies organised into three corps.

The early Pagan army consisted mainly of conscripts raised just prior to or during the times of war.

The Italian army consisted of four brigades, totaling 17,978 troops with fifty-six artillery pieces.

army unit

The 1st SMG was an army unit armed with 18 S2 strategic nuclear ballistic missiles.

This army unit was mostly made up of Japanese Americans from Hawaii and the mainland.

She was chosen to serve high-ranking officers and transported into the army unit by car.

army captured

By March 1944 the Russian army captured the region.

On 20 April, the army captured the Imam Ali mosque in Tadamon.

The same year his northern expedition army captured the capital Khanbaliq.

army occupied

When the German army occupied Lithuania in 1915, Sleževičius left for Russia.

The Union army occupied the fort for the rest of the war after making repair.

On September 26, the British army occupied the rebel capital of Philadelphia.

army headquarters

The army headquarters was stationed in Daugavpils.

In 1989, Military and army headquarters, Gyeryongdae, moved to Gyeryong City.

He accompanies her to Russian army headquarters to which he's bringing an important message.

whole army

The "king left the whole army to Potocki" on 17 July [N.S.]

The two agreed to purge the whole army of its divisive elements.

1 and #6.1 are unique beings, there currently exist a whole army of J.A.K.E.

army before

He served in the Indian army before joining politics in 1990.

Hall briefly left the industry to return to the army before returning for a contract at Bohemia Interactive to work on "Arma 3".

Those who chose to remain, led by Jules Brunet, sent letters of resignation from the French army before joining the forces of the Shogun.

army sent

The Arab army sent to reimpose it was routed.

The league was later defeated by the Ottoman army sent by the sultan.

As a result, the Egyptian army sent eight armored tanks to north Sinai.

army suffered

Lee's army suffered 28,000 casualties (versus Meade's 23,000).

Nevertheless, food was still scarce, and Abd al-Rahman's army suffered from hunger.

The corps, while the smallest in the army suffered the least between the three Corps.

raise an army   (levantar un ejército)

They break free from the prison, raise an army and overthrow the usurper.

At the conference, he moved a motion to raise an army for Indian independence.

Moray got a commission from James V to raise an army and attack the Mackintosh brothers.

army to attack

Matilda of Boulogne then commanded her army to attack the besiegers.

In the New Kingdom, a series of pharaohs used the standing Egyptian army to attack and conquer Kush and parts of the Levant.

On September 12, thousands of the Taiping troops gathered outside Changsha, the leader who commanded the army to attack Changsha was the West King Xiao Chaogui.

army when   (ejército cuando)

Later, the two brothers return from exile with a large army when Vortigern's power has faded.

He is described as "the rouser of armies", because he rallied the Trojan army when they were falling apart.

Knud Bergslien enlisted in the army when he was 18 years old, but his unusual gift for drawing was soon noticed.

strong army

He built strong army as well as navy.

To move to the Netherlands in a style befitting a governor, a strong army had to accompany him.

Although Chu had a strong army led by Nang Wa and Shen Yinshu, it suffered a heavy defeat at the Battle of Boju.

another army   (otro ejercito)

A new machine was developed using another army surplus vehicle chassis.

The Persian general Vahrez led another army of 8000, ending Axum rule in Yemen and becoming hereditary governor of Yemen.

The club's first European engagement was a meeting against another army side, CSKA Moscow from what was then Soviet Union, in 1945.

army commanders   (comandantes del ejército)

The battle convinced both army commanders that the Maryland Campaign was over.

Both army commanders had considerable local knowledge as the battlefield was only 20 kilometres from each of their home towns.

The rank has usually been given to district, front and army commanders, and also to deputy ministers of defense, deputy heads of the general staff and so on.

army left

The Belgian army left the site in 1988.

In 1955, the army left the site.

In 2000 the Israeli army left Beaufort, altogether demolishing the base.

army did

He said, "they come here to do everything the army didn't allow them to do.

The town surrendered on 22 September, and the English army did not leave until 8 October.

The U.S. army did use the M163 VADS and developed the prototype design of the M247 Sergeant York.

army near   (ejército cerca)

They defeated a second army near Callipolis (Gelibolu).

Ali's force was defeated by his rival's army near Cairo.

In March 749, Qahtaba defeated another, bigger, caliphal army near Isfahan.

allied army

He was commissioned into the allied army in 1793 when his country was invaded by the Revolutionary armies of France.

The allied army of Japan and Baekje was preparing for war against Silla, but the death of the empress thwarted those plans.

But it was of capital importance that Rupert had to do his work upon York and the allied army in the shortest possible time.

colonial army

In 1885, the Force Publique was set up, a colonial army with white officers and black soldiers.

In 1892–93 Allègre participated in discussions on recruitment and organization of the colonial army.

Most Ivorian recruits who joined the colonial army were assigned to Senegalese units during this period.

army captain

In the Canadian Army, the rank insignia of an army captain is three pips.

Both brothers were supporters of the unjustly accused French army captain, Alfred Dreyfus.

Next day a new clash started near the airport where 5 ISIS militants were killed and an army captain was killed.

army fought

In this formation the army fought at the Battle of the Harpeth River (or First Franklin) on April 10.

During the English Civil War in 1644 a 10,000-strong parliamentary army fought Royalist forces in area.

The Egyptian Ibrahim Pasha and his army fought and defeated local rebels, led by Shaykh Qasim al-Ahmad, a prominent local ruler.

army and police

On 24 October 2014, 31 army and police soldiers were killed in two separate attacks in North Sinai.

On the same day, a roadside bomb targeting army and police vehicles killed a five-year-old child in Rafah.

When people see security has been transferred to Afghans, they support the army and police more than before."

revolutionary army

In 1825 Vagias was promoted to general of the Greek revolutionary army.

In 1911, during the Xinhai Revolution, the revolutionary army were here to garrison.

Huang Xing (黃興) would arrive in Wuhan in early November to take command of the revolutionary army.

police and army

He started reforms in both the police and army.

However, police and army controlled the situation and gave security to the mosque.

Training of uniformed police and army personnel is done under the banner of the NATO operation.

army soldiers

On 10 November army soldiers killed at least 6 insurgents.

Threats of sending in army soldiers to force them back to work were made.

They became famous for fighting fiercer than the regular Filipino army soldiers.

army forces

According to officials, army forces were reached at the gates of the city of Zinjibar.

In the East, the Navy supplied and moved army forces about, and occasionally shelled Confederate installations.

The remaining attackers tried to escape to the Gaza Strip, but were prevented from doing so by Egyptian army forces.

army made

The federal army made itself as comfortable as possible during its long stay in Alexandria.

Sugar's service to the U.S. army made him eligible to emigrate to the United States in 1946.

Days later the army made seemingly contradictory claims attempting to explain its withdrawal.

army to fight   (ejército para luchar)

In reprisal, Li commanded the army to fight back and won the war.

Bridges went to England to enlist in the army to fight in World War I.

In 1849 he joined the Schleswig-Holstein army to fight in the First Schleswig War.

within the army

The incident caused much dissatisfaction within the army.

Other battalions within the army were called line "Walas".

He soon became unpopular within the army, resulting in violent mutinies in 1996–1997.

joining the army

Twelve million contestants participated to write on the advantages of joining the army.

In February 1683, to the surprise of his family, Eugene declared his intention of joining the army.

Upon joining the army she was sent to an anesthesia course at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, New York.

when the army   (cuando el ejercito)

A five-year period, when the army was commanded from Enköping came to an end.

In October 2004, 84 Muslim human rights protesters were killed at Tak Bai when the army broke up a peaceful protest.

In the 3rd century CE, when the army was removed, Legio became a city and its name was augmented with the adjectival Maximianopolis.

army back   (ejército de vuelta)

After the setback, al-Fihri turned his army back south to face the "pretender".

The Trojans, led by Hector, subsequently push the Greek army back toward the beaches and assault the Greek ships.

Opponents further charged that Bush should have continued the attack, pushing Hussein's army back to Baghdad, then removing him from power.