around the world   (世界中で)

The procedural format is popular around the world.

The Arab diaspora is established around the world.

She performs in musical concerts around the world.

area around   (周辺地域)

The area around the river still floods frequently.

The area around the reserved remained unpopulated.

The area around the city is uninhabited and lean.

built around   (周りに建てられた)

The main block of the house was built around 1855.

The expanded resort is built around two aquariums.

Several quarters were built around the town centre.

revolves around   (を中心に展開する)

Much of his work currently revolves around Maple.

It revolves around the series' protagonist, Sinbad.

The story revolves around two high school girls.

around the country   (各地の)

Ray played gigs and festivals around the country.

Bread products are consumed all around the country.

It held a number of hearings around the country.

all around   (周りに)

"C. fontinella" is found all around North America.

He played all around Europe in festivals and tours.

Bread products are consumed all around the country.

around the same   (ほぼ同じ)

The pressure bottomed out at around the same time.

Leslie Crowther also visited around the same time.

", another track recorded around the same time."

around the city   (市内周辺)

The area around the city is uninhabited and lean.

This stone wall around the city was 2.3 km long.

It is one of the fastest ways to get around the city.

based around   (に基づいて)

King Tom II's campaign was based around a beer moat.

The film was based around the value of "inspiration".

Its platform is based around child protection.

centered around   (中心に)

A large part of her work centered around education.

Each issue is centered around a different theme.

Lyrically, the track is centered around West and T.I.

around this time   (この頃)

The bakehouse ceased to be used around this time.

Amina began performing in Paris around this time.

Also provided around this time was a crossing loop.

around the time   (その頃)

All full moons rise around the time of sunset.

The play opens around the time Burke and Wills die in the desert.

Bernasconi retired as publisher around the time of the acquisition.

around the globe   (世界中に)

Its members are anthropologists from around the globe.

14 UNESCO Chairs from around the globe attended the forum.

It depicts bicyclists of various types riding around the globe.

up around   (周りに)

A legend grew up around the division of the island.

Also, long houses began showing up around this time.

Bowman grew up around film and television production.

countries around   (周りの国)

They have been published in eight countries around the world.

"Nostoc commune" is found in many countries around the world.

The church currently has ministry in 82 countries around the world.

located around   (周りにあります)

The village is located around 7 km east of Berehove.

The village is located around 6 km east of Berehove.

The centre of Mushin is located around Ojuwoye Town.

revolved around   (回転した)

His life has revolved around aviation ever since.

Strozzi's life largely revolved around her children.

Much of the artwork revolved around the royalty.

around the town   (町の周り)

There are many other side streets around the town.

Several quarters were built around the town centre.

Now touristic hotels are being built around the town.

people around   (周りの人々)

It employs over 3,000 people around the world.

She gets into bodies of people around him and roams around.

"Color Of Soul" showed the many faces of people around the world.

population of around   (周りの人口)

It has a population of around 4,800 inhabitants.

It has a population of around 3,000 inhabitants.

It currently has a population of around 2 (in 2001).

areas around   (周辺地域)

The areas around Żebbuġ have been inhabited for millennia.

The areas around the lake have a generally leveled topography.

The traditional owners of the areas around the river are the Wurla.

centers around   (中心に)

The conversation centers around the superb quality of the jam.

The play itself centers around varied narratives of the Iraq War.

The film centers around a tale of brothers romancing the same girl.

until around   (周りまで)

This protective fleet existed until around 1850.

They recorded and toured together until around 1980.

The size was not standardized until around 1750.

revolve around   (回転する)

Many traditional Chinese customs revolve around dragons.

These games revolve around wagers of money.

Each of the stages revolve around elements, such as fire and water.

locations around   (周りの場所)

The camps are run in eight locations around Australia.

Wind surfing takes places at locations around the island.

It conducts meetings that rotate in locations around the world.

time around   (周りの時間)

All record of him ends some time around 1636.

Maxim prevailed this time around, by a ten-round decision.

This time around, we explore the concept of romantic comedy.

around the year   (年間)

This was shortened to "Urdu" around the year 1800.

He was born around the year 1550 and died around 1616.

The village was founded around the year 1000.

land around   (周りに着陸)

He sought to survey the land around the Labrador Peninsula.

It supplies water to 250 acres of agricultural land around the area.

It is situated on a hill, and there are figs and arable land around.

way around   (道の周りに)

Others believe that it was the other way around.

Offers have been made to me—not the other way around.

The brim can be turned up all the way around.

found around   (周辺で見つかりました)

This fish is found around the Hawaiian Islands.

The sculptures can be found around the city.

Several Roman inscriptions have been found around Crammond.

region around   (周辺地域)

Ironworking arrived in the region around 1000 BC.

The region around the river used to be swampy.

The Shah also traveled within the region around Persia.

wrapped around   (包まれた)

The pancake is then wrapped around a Chinese donut.

A chain was wrapped around the axle and hooked to the stump.

A fire hose is wrapped around the base.

revolving around   (回転する)

The Sun and Solar System are revolving around the center of the Galaxy.

This creates the situation of the heavens revolving around the person of the Emperor.

Twitchy is a conservative "website revolving around provocative commentary on Twitter."

around the village   (村の周り)

Many interesting walks exist around the village.

Many finds have been made in and around the village.

There are also Roman age rock tombs around the village.

turn around   (振り向く)

Turn single - dancers turn around in four steps.

She then tells Blake to stop and turn around.

I would turn around," Sønsteby later said.

developed around   (周りに開発)

Neighborhoods were developed around the center.

The city was originally developed around a grain market.

Lampas weaves were developed around 1000 CE.

formed around   (周りに形成された)

The village that formed around the trading post was called Hoffman's.

Flesh formed around the bones.

They formed around 1995.

only around   (周りだけ)

Today however, only around twenty originals remain.

As per the census in 2008, only around 160 exist.

His repertoire comprises only around 30 tracks.

around the area   (周辺地域)

There's a sense of coldness around the area.

The street was sealed off as the gas spread around the area.

Needless to say, lots of greenery can be found all around the area.

story revolves around   (物語は周りを中心に展開する)

The story revolves around two high school girls.

The story revolves around the devotee Prahlad.

The story revolves around a sister's rivalry and greed .

move around   (動き回る)

They move around the university, listening and learning.

He admits to having to move around a lot.

By day seven they have two pairs of tube feet and begin to move around.

turned around   (振り返った)

The Indians' fortunes turned around late in the month.

The convoy was then turned around and sent towards Huế.

Loison immediately turned around and headed back to Lisbon.

moved around   (動き回った)

Amir moved around a lot after his parents got a divorce.

She moved around regularly until college.

He was often moved around as his father is a commercial pilot.

born around   (生まれた)

He was born around 1635 in San German, Puerto Rico.

Absalon was born around 1128 near Sorø, Zealand.

His second son Kim Yong-jae was born around this time.

world around   (周りの世界)

I can imagine a whole world around "New Amsterdam"."

Ahtahkakoop was aware of the changing economic world around him.

The world around Falco has changed.

around the lake   (湖の周り)

There are also 17 little ponds around the lake.

The outer loop trail around the lake is 10.3 miles long.

This is due to the soft clay in the soil around the lake.

orbit around   (周りを回る)

K2-148b has a tight orbit around its host star.

It is also the only exoplanet to orbit around K2-146.

Earth's orbit around the Sun is an ellipse.

around the turn   (ターン前後)

It became extinct around the turn of the 20th century.

The door is then closed and the vehicle is thrust around the turn.

The film takes place in Sweden around the turn of the twentieth century.

place around   (周りに置きます)

The first skirmishes took place around Nieuwenkerk.

Estimated activity took place around 500 years ago.

The Old Ball tradition took place around Easter.

cities around   (周辺の都市)

Chicago has 28 sister cities around the world.

Okayama has 6 sister cities around the world.

and continued in a number of cities around the United Kingdom.

around each   (それぞれの周り)

A steel skirt was fitted around each furnace base.

Both turbines were considered to deliver around each.

This time he read them aloud, forming a tune around each phrase.

centred around   (中心に)

Awapuni West is centred around Awapuni Racecourse.

The new dates are centred around 1500–1400 BC.

The service based economy is centred around banking and education.

constructed around   (周りに構築)

The current Shaw facility was constructed around 2007.

The Smith Mound was constructed around 1000 years ago.

This temple is believed to be constructed around 700 years ago.

around that time   (その頃)

Six regional branches were named around that time.

As a result, he was always restless around that time.

Cueca tournaments are popular around that time of year.

scattered around   (周りに散らばって)

of seeds may be found scattered around the nest.

Wood was also scattered around its crater.

The village is scattered around the "30 foot" contour road.

get around   (移動する)

It is one of the fastest ways to get around the city.

"Everyone has their thing they have to get around," notes Sewell.

A dog may need the aid of a cart to get around if paralysis occurs.

around half   (半分くらい)

By the summer of 1940, Belgians made up around half of No.

Foreign investment accounts for around half of that amount.

It is likely that around half of the population is in India.

around the house   (家の周り)

The shades of so many of White's characters hung around the house.

A malevolent presence disturbed the couple's time around the house.

Turtle is Vincent's driver and takes care of issues around the house.

around the island   (島周辺)

The two varieties overlap around the island of Bali.

The moat around the island itself can hold of water.

The story circulated around the island quickly.

organized around   (周りに整理)

The festival is usually organized around themes.

There are also Remembrance Walks organized around the world.

Activities are organized around the concept of a "Test Scenario".

walk around   (歩き回る)

It's absolutely no trouble to walk around."

You can walk around your village and find girlfriends there.

Increasingly, they had to walk around or over fallen comrades.

began around   (周りに始まった)

Filming began around New Orleans in February 2018.

The first permanent settlement began around 1668.

Phase 5 (Levels 3-6) probably began around AD 1200.

around a central   (中央の周り)

A CNG channel consists of four subunits around a central pore.

meter building constructed on a U plan around a central courtyard.

The buildings remaining today are arranged around a central courtyard.

waters around   (周りの水)

The silver hake typically inhabits warm waters around 5-10°C.

A few people drown in the waters around New York City each year.

Dedicated police patrol boats began patrolling the waters around the colony.

gathered around   (集まった)

4,000 people gathered around her to march on Medina.

Vernet was one of a circle of artists which gathered around du Barry.

On March 5, 1770, a large crowd gathered around a group of British soldiers.

travel around   (旅行する)

She started to travel around in Finland preaching.

All four had to travel around the Cape of Good Hope to get to BETASOM.

Senator from Iowa before taking a sabbatical to travel around the world.

around the clock   (24時間体制で)

Men worked around the clock for the anticipated battle.

Czolgosz was arrested, and interrogated around the clock.

In January 1980, KDWN began broadcasting talk around the clock.

around the state   (状態の周り)

Other branches around the state were to follow.

He sold 8,650 tickets around the state in 1860 and 1861.

He in turn hired twenty-one constables from around the state.

walking around   (歩き回る)

I’m ecstatic; I’m walking around on a cloud."

It features Dion walking around Edinburgh and taking the bus.

Moabit exercises consisted of walking around and calisthenics.

work around   (回避する)

Reports work around hierarchical ".

"I've been fortunate to work around a couple of really great horses.

As an oil painter, Michaels has exhibited his work around the West Coast.

sometime around   (いつか)

It seems to have been built sometime around 50 BC.

The original line up formed sometime around 2006.

Tugdamme's legacy began sometime around 660 BCE.

around town   (街の周り)

He frequently directs Dan’s routes around town.

He then goes around town shouting "murder".

As Santos, Cabo and Peyote evade them, they wander around town.

grew up around   (周りに育った)

A legend grew up around the division of the island.

Bowman grew up around film and television production.

The town of Lier grew up around his hermitage.

established around   (周りに設立)

The Arab diaspora is established around the world.

The town was probably established around 500–600 AD.

It was established around 2004 by artist Jeffrey Rowland.

go around   (行き渡る)

I flare up, then I go around apologizing."

They also have blue vertical lines that go around their eyes and gills.

If I could go around and get rid of all the surviving copies, I would."

traveled around   (旅した)

From 1843 to 1846, he traveled around Europe.

He traveled around, visiting various monasteries of Dominican nuns.

I've traveled around the world.

around the end   (終わり頃)

He completed it around the end of 1913 and published it in 1914.

The "Coolgardie Miner" ceased publication around the end of 1909.

<br> The paaltjasker was built around the end of the 19th century.

running around   (走り回る)

The site backs on to the firebreak running around the Zealandia wildlife sanctuary.

Bus schedules do not exist, but buses start running around 6am and stop around 9pm.

The third deck consisted of a gallery running around the dining room and 14 two-berth cabins.

placed around   (周りに配置)

Beds and boxes of possessions are placed around the walls.

The wooden platform was placed around this, making a hearth.

In the meantime a log breakwater was placed around the light.

designed around   (周りに設計された)

The boat was actually designed around the cockpit jib winches.

The recreational program is designed around tier level and staff input.

The A2 was extremely aerodynamic and was designed around a wind tunnel.

spread around   (周りに広がる)

The tradition has since spread around the world.

They have since spread around the world.

The street was sealed off as the gas spread around the area.

places around   (周りの場所)

It showed the times of places around the world.

Later it was exhibited in many places around the world.

Amazonite is now known to occur in various places around the globe.

died around   (周りに亡くなりました)

He was born around the year 1550 and died around 1616.

Jane, his wife, died around 7 January 1577.

He died around 1992 in Lynn, Massachusetts.

around his neck   (彼の首の周り)

At first, he is restrained by a cuff around his neck.

Shikhandini put it around his neck.

He commemorates this by wearing a claw of the umber hulk around his neck.

around the base   (ベースの周り)

A fire hose is wrapped around the base.

These monograms form a continuous pattern around the base of the egg.

The inner walls have slumped, forming a ledge around the base of the slope.

festivals around   (周りのお祭り)

Ray played gigs and festivals around the country.

His work has been shown in numerous film festivals around the world.

Both were subsequently entered in numerous festivals around the world.

events around   (周辺のイベント)

Stadlen has hosted more than three live events around the UK.

He started playing local events around his hometown Charleston, SC.

TFTC also plans a variety of educational events around trade policy.

moving around   (動き回ります)

His nature of the way and the way of moving around.

A black cat is often seen moving around at night.

His family was frequently moving around.

especially around   (特に周り)

Bitter fighting took place, especially around Magnolia Cemetery.

Some of these expressways are elevated, especially around the city center.

Jennie describes herself as "quiet" and "shy", especially around strangers.

written around   (周りに書かれました)

It was originally written around 1940.

She has written around 40 novels and six short story collections.

The song, along with "Sugar 'n Spikes", was written around December 1967.

cost around   (費用がかかります)

The new locomotives cost around 400 million yen each.

Houses cost around 20,000 each depending on the size.

Recording took only six weeks and cost around £10,000.

plot revolves around   (プロットを中心に展開)

The main plot revolves around Nick's young stepson (Gabriel) going missing.

The plot revolves around the Hi Family, whose lineage stretches back into antiquity.

The plot revolves around a love triangle with two pilots in love with the same woman.

around the age   (年頃)

He reverted to his birth name around the age of 18.

Charlotte Abramow made her first pictures around the age of 7.

Strozzi's father died in 1420 when she was around the age of 12.

circle around   (周りを回る)

Draw a circle around "C" with radius equal to "DA".

The expressway forms a circle around the city of Zhengzhou.

They continued to circle around the airport until they returned to Otis.

around the corner   (角を曲がった)

His professional debut was right around the corner.

Turmoil was, however, just around the corner.

Mabie's actual house, around the corner, was demolished.

stations around   (周辺の駅)

It aired on radio stations around the world in the spring of 2010.

An experimental network of radio stations around the country was organized.

The Nash FM moniker is used on numerous Cumulus country stations around the U.S.

founded around   (周りに設立)

The monastery of St. Blasius was founded around 1100.

The village was founded around the year 1000.

Aarau was founded around AD 1240 by the counts of Kyburg.

around the neck   (首周り)

The insignia is worn around the neck in a red ribbon.

The commander's insignia is worn on a cravat around the neck.

The alarm is a pendant which is worn around the neck or wrist.

communities around   (周辺のコミュニティ)

By 1972, COG had 130 communities around the world.

It is found within immigrant communities around the world.

They may be seen today in Europe and in German immigrant communities around the world.

other way around   (他の方法で)

Others believe that it was the other way around.

Offers have been made to me—not the other way around.

It should be the other way around."