İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

arrange a meeting   (bir görüşme ayarla)

Rak and Won-ho arrange a meeting with Ha-rim, who poses to be Mr. Lee.

MacArthur orders Fellers to arrange a meeting between him and the Emperor.

Her two sisters arrange a meeting with two men in the gymnasium one evening.

helped arrange   (düzenlemeye yardımcı oldu)

Martin helped arrange President Reagan's international meetings coordinating with the White House Advance Office, NSC staff and the Department of State.

Lucas helped arrange numerous exhibits of Whistler's work in Paris, and Whistler painted Lucas' portrait in 1886, which was given to Henry Walters in 1908.

Shortly after, Aminata is once again reunited with Chekura, who has found out that Lindo helped arrange the selling of their son Mamadu who he has been told died.

able to arrange   (ayarlayabilme)

Foster was (oddly) able to arrange to be away from England.

He remained in Rome until 23 December and despite many meetings with Archbishop Roberts and others he was not able to arrange a Private Audience.

Ben is able to arrange a meeting with Willow's father, the River Master, who fails in an attempt to capture the Black Unicorn and keep it as his own.