first arrived   (最初に到着した)

When he first arrived he did not speak any English.

The Jews first arrived in Andrushivka in 1784.

Krishnan first arrived in Madras in 1942.

arrived back   (戻ってきた)

She arrived back at Liverpool on 1 September 1803.

She arrived back a tLiverpool on 24 February 1789.

She arrived back at The Downs on 22 September 1818.

newly arrived   (新しく到着しました)

The Ninth Grade Center housed newly arrived ninth graders.

One of the newly arrived Englishmen was named Joseph Bumby.

He also found a newly arrived ship with further instructions.

when he arrived   (彼が到着したとき)

The new viceroy, when he arrived, approved his actions.

Chiba Sensei spoke limited English when he arrived in the UK.

King Björn met Ansgar in Birka when he arrived there in 829 (Chapter XI).

settlers arrived

A second group of Irish settlers arrived in 1620.

In May 1606 the first wave of settlers arrived.

The first Italian settlers arrived in 1880.

arrived off

They arrived off Florida at the end of April 1686.

The force arrived off the islands at 2300 on 14 August.

They arrived off the Hawaiian island of Maui on December 6.

finally arrived   (ついに到着した)

He finally arrived at Algeciras on 1 June 914.

"Moffat" finally arrived at Whampoa on 3 February 1833.

The 79th Regiment finally arrived Madras on 25 May 1765.

ship arrived

The last ship arrived around 05:00 on 4 February.

The ship arrived at Alang on 12 November 2011.

The ship arrived at Ponam on 25 March 1945.

when they arrived   (彼らが到着したとき)

It is not known when they arrived in Hong Kong.

He writes that Hambledon was already batting when they arrived.

Hundreds died because there was no shelter for them when they arrived.

recently arrived

His people were nomads who had only recently arrived in Europe.

The family has recently arrived in Paris from their native Russia.

The church was built to serve recently arrived Irish, German and Italian immigrants.

troops arrived

On June 25, a further 400 troops arrived.

The troops arrived two days later.

On 29 February French troops arrived to take possession of the fortress.

just arrived   (ちょうど到着)

Vienna faces them down, helped by the mysterious and just arrived Johnny Guitar.

"We just arrived the country, last week, from an Offshore Technology Conference.

"Entreprenant" left on 8 August, exchanging a 21-gun-salute with that had just arrived.

reinforcements arrived

It was a trick to win time while Edigu's reinforcements arrived.

Two battalions of reinforcements arrived in time to prevent a rout.

Fierce fighting erupted there after British reinforcements arrived.

police arrived

The police arrived in time to free Nancy and Terry.

Six were arrested while others fled when the police arrived.

When the police arrived, shots were exchanged with the gunmen.

arrived too

Help arrived too late for Cole, who died in the hospital.

Bercsényi arrived too, with French funds and 600 Polish mercenaries.

John Law's successor, the new Tarantula, tried to save him, but arrived too late.

arrived too late

Help arrived too late for Cole, who died in the hospital.

John Law's successor, the new Tarantula, tried to save him, but arrived too late.

However, the Tipperary contingent arrived too late to take part in the Battle of Dublin.

ships arrived

HG 84 had lost five ships, yet 17 ships arrived safely.

The ships arrived to Nuuk, Greenland, on 31 October 2015.

The ships arrived back in Kiel on 18 March.

arrived during

Many characters departed and arrived during the series.

The unit arrived during October 1938 and left in September 1960.

New settlers arrived during 1915.

having arrived

The campsite opened at noon, with 35,000 campers having arrived by the Thursday night.

He attended the Council of Trent 1562-63, having arrived in Trento on December 1, 1561.

The Signal Corps, having arrived at Fort Yuma and the quartermaster depot in 1875, remained there until 1891.

family arrived   (家族が到着しました)

The family arrived at Ellis Island in December 1911.

The al-Kaff family arrived here in 1852.

The family arrived on 14 October 1858.

when she arrived   (彼女が到着したとき)

However, when she arrived she knew no one there and had only $10 on hand.

Williams was giving up hope of finding Judy when she arrived in his new camp.

"Eliza" had left with 40 crew men and still had 37 when she arrived at Dominica.

immigrants arrived

In 1857, the first East Indian immigrants arrived.

Those first immigrants arrived from Madeira aboard the vessel the Golden Rule on 4 November 1849.

Chinese immigrants arrived in the United States seeking employment as miners and railroad workers.

forces arrived

However, Williams hid the dog until the Allied forces arrived.

), escaped to the west just before the advancing Soviet forces arrived.

The civilian population was forced to evacuate before Soviet forces arrived.

arrived late

Jackson and his command arrived late in the afternoon.

Close arrived late at Arsenal and was sacked.

However, his uncle arrived late and brought only ten men.

never arrived

She never arrived at her destination, and was reported missing.

From there he tried to get to Fort Vancouver but never arrived.

However, when the money never arrived, Brown sent Issel to the Nuggets.

army arrived

The army arrived in Nashville within about a month.

This Arab army arrived in Sistan in the spring of 699.

Once again the Swedish army arrived outside Copenhagen.

arrived home   (家に着きました)

When he arrived home, Margo had shocking news.

By the time he arrived home, Nikolai Fyiodorovich has been dead.

The three-year expedition arrived home, and the prizes were shared out between the investors.

train arrived

The train arrived in Sanderson about 5:00 am.

On June 9, 1900, the first train arrived at the station.

The City of Vancouver was incorporated on 6 April 1886, the year the first transcontinental train arrived.

team arrived   (チームが到着しました)

As the response team arrived, Ángela went into hiding.

The rest of the team arrived in Godthaab on 12 October.

He described how his team arrived at Mumbai from Karachi via Porbandar.

arrived safely

The crew arrived safely in Puerto Madryn on 12 April.

HG 84 had lost five ships, yet 17 ships arrived safely.

Al three British ships arrived safely at Plymouth in late March.

then arrived

She then arrived at Diamond Harbour on 17 March.

She then arrived at St Helena on 18 October.

This latter group then arrived in Britain.

fleet arrived   (艦隊が到着した)

The Portuguese fleet arrived, and the Castilians were attacked.

The fleet arrived off Fedhala early in the morning of 8 November.

The British fleet arrived at Baltimore between September 11 and 13.

squadron arrived

D'Estrées' squadron arrived at Algiers on 26 June.

On 1 July, 310 squadron arrived.

In April a strong French squadron arrived at the Îles des Saintes, south of Guadeloupe.

force arrived

This force arrived before Chattanooga on June 7.

The force arrived off the islands at 2300 on 14 August.

The force arrived at Casablanca on 23 June.

men arrived

On September 25, Buell's tired and hungry men arrived in the city.

Two hours later, Gwanda and the men arrived at his house in Kibiti.

Some 200 masked men arrived at night, riding down the main street of Princeton.

arrived before

This force arrived before Chattanooga on June 7.

The Samanids arrived before the city in March 911 and initiated a siege.

On 26 June he arrived before Beja and found it defended by its townspeople.

soon arrived

Guinean troops soon arrived in Daru to support the SLA.

The 41st soon arrived on the scene to reinforce this attack.

An artillery duel ensued and more cavalry on both sides soon arrived.

group arrived

The group arrived in Jerusalem on October 14, 1700.

The group arrived at Fort William by the end of the month.

That group arrived in San Diego on May 4.

news arrived

On 25 November 1781, news arrived in London of the surrender at Yorktown.

On 24 July, news arrived of the cessation of fighting and on 26 August a preliminary draft of the Peace of Paris.

Shortly after Marlborough landed in the Dutch Republic on 14 April, news arrived of big Allied setbacks in the wider war.

eventually arrived

He eventually arrived in Quito, Ecuador.

After an eleven-week journey, they eventually arrived in Peking (now Beijing), China.

They eventually arrived in Entebbe to find reporters covering the story of Hemingway's death.

not arrived

His stash has not arrived, nor has he got word that Pasupathi is dead.

Jeremy has still not arrived.

has not arrived here (Callao, Peru) and is officially reported missing.""

arrived just   (ちょうど到着しました)

Joe, arrived just in time to avoid the bombing.

This letter arrived just before his dismissal letter was to be sent.

He arrived just two months after the Pacific Fur Company's ship, the "Tonquin".

people arrived

In more recent millennia, another wave of people arrived on the shores of New Guinea.

Through the centuries, the place became well-knowned and more and more people arrived.

Over 3,000 people arrived without invitations, from as far as London, Berlin and Vienna, and were excluded.

arrived to take

On 29 February French troops arrived to take possession of the fortress.

In December, the newly-formed 113th HAA Rgt arrived to take over the Nottingham guns.

A Spaniard, he had never set foot in Nicoya until he arrived to take his post in 1758.

arrived later

The Song fleet arrived later, and also attacked Hakata, but were unable to overcome Japanese forces.

The second and third destructive waves arrived later, which exceeded the height of the coconut trees.

His professional debut arrived later in the 2012–13 season, on 11 March 2013, against Arsenal de Sarandí.

arrived around   (周りに到着しました)

The last ship arrived around 05:00 on 4 February.

The British soldiers of the KOYLI arrived around 4:15 a.m.

The waves arrived around noon local time.

missionaries arrived   (宣教師が到着しました)

The first missionaries arrived in Guatemala in 1947.

The missionaries arrived at Liverpool on 20 July 1837.

Portuguese missionaries arrived at this time.

day and arrived

The carrier sailed to Saigon, French Indochina, the next day and arrived on 20 February.

She then joined Convoy GN 102, which departed from Guantanamo Bay the next day and arrived at New York on 22 December.

aircraft arrived

The first three aircraft arrived on 12 March 1975.

The aircraft arrived over the target in clear visibility at .

Nettleton's two aircraft arrived first, coming in low over the roof tops.

arrived first

However, Fett had arrived first and alerted the Empire.

Nettleton's two aircraft arrived first, coming in low over the roof tops.

The delegations from Minnesota and the St. Croix area arrived first and began discussions on July 20.

arrived in time

The police arrived in time to free Nancy and Terry.

He arrived in time for the battle of Alexandria.

They arrived in time to spend Holy Week in Jerusalem.

already arrived

By the time they get back, Maggy and Raoul have already arrived at the mansion.

The lighthouse keeper phoned Bamfield to report the wreck, but the news had already arrived and been passed on to Victoria.

Only some of the band's 30 members had already arrived, as the others were lucky enough to have been stuck in city traffic.

party arrived

In 1870, John Roulhac and his party arrived.

The disputes continued once the party arrived in Britain.

His party arrived on the Upper Klamath river in September 1851.

soldiers arrived

(Johnston's wife and children fled into the woods when the soldiers arrived.)

When the soldiers arrived on the following morning, they found two more bodies.

There had been cattle thieves in the camp, but they had left before the soldiers arrived.

convoy arrived   (船団が到着しました)

The Queen's long-expected convoy arrived at Woodstock on 13 May 1643.

One U.N. aid convoy arrived to Eastern Ghouta in February 2018, only after it had no access for 78 days.

When the convoy arrived at Maiduguri, word about the events quickly spread and anger mounted among the entire 7th Division.