before arriving

The stream flows to the north and then east over before arriving at Lajjun.

She operated as part of 8 wolfpacks before arriving at Brest on 26 January 1944.

She stopped at Masulipatam on 26 September before arriving at Bengal on 16 October.

began arriving

Trucks began arriving to pick up scores of bodies.

The first 4.5-inch guns began arriving in November.

More people began arriving in the mid-19th century.

upon arriving

Immediately upon arriving, undercurrents of menace are evident.

However, upon arriving home, they find that movers have completely vacated Rikka's room.

Trelawny claimed that upon arriving in Messolonghi, he began overseeing the funeral preparations.

arriving back   (戻ってくる)

On arriving back (late) at his base, Daniel is oblivious to the imminent coup.

Within two days of arriving back home, Robert was dead and Andrew in mortal danger.

Toole and Miranda flew across the stadium, with Miranda arriving back on the book stage.

shortly after arriving   (到着して間もなく)

She met Frank Stranahan shortly after arriving in Fort Lauderdale.

He telephoned his family in 'Asir shortly after arriving in the country.

He became ill shortly after arriving in Jamaica, dying in either late 1737 or early 1738.

finally arriving   (ついに到着)

His ship was damaged and put in at Taiwan for repairs, finally arriving back in Asakura in Kochi on January 8, 1945.

From Switzerland, Milton travelled to Paris and then to Calais before finally arriving in England in either July or August 1639.

The album was initially named "Jerry" (after his father) and then "Hooray for Me" before finally arriving at "We're All Excited".