İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

cover art   (Kapak resmi)

The cover art was created by Aleksandra Spanowicz.

The release features cover art by Jerome B-Patou.

The cover art for the album is by Béatrice Coron.

art director   (Sanat Yönetmeni)

Later, she became the art director of the theater.

She worked as didactic art director of As.Li.Co.

The first art director of Muji was Ikko Tanaka.

contemporary art   (çağdaş sanat)

And his works are in museums of contemporary art.

The park also contains contemporary art installations.

Established in 1991, its focus lies on contemporary art.

works of art   (Sanat Eserleri)

Since the 1960s Würth has collected works of art.

Agrippina has been depicted in many works of art.

This salesman was known for flights of works of art.

art gallery   (Sanat Galerisi)

He also oversees an art gallery and forum there.

Today Artur Woods has an art gallery in Stein am Rhein.

It is a combination of maid cafe, store, and art gallery.

art historian   (Sanat tarihçisi)

Kim Sloan Dr Kim Sloan is a Canadian art historian.

Her aunt is art historian Christine Leo Roussel.

His son Joseph Koerner is an art historian and film-maker.

art history   (Sanat Tarihi)

He studied art history at the University of Sussex.

Instead, he chose to study art history and museum studies.

She also gave radio talks on art history.

fine art   (güzel Sanatlar)

The two met in Paris while Kinsman studied fine art.

Each spring the center holds an auction of fine art.

Chicago has a distinctive fine art tradition.

art critic   (Sanat eleştirisi)

He was art critic of the "Manchester Evening News".

They were accompanied by the art critic Linda Chase.

He was also a writer and art critic in the art press.

public art   (Halk sanatı)

There are two pieces of public art in the station.

The six-acre park includes fountains and public art.

List of public art in Victoria, British Columbia

art form

The CCP is dedicated to photography as an art form.

A major art form in the Cook Islands is tivaevae.

The art form would go on to be copied across Europe.

art collection   (Sanat koleksiyonu)

In 1894, they sold their art collection to the state.

In 1811 his art collection was also sold.

The bulk of their art collection was sold at auction in 1929.

art school   (Sanat Okulu)

In 1925, he enrolled in an art school in Mirhorod.

He trained in fine arts at the Le Havre art school.

He also briefly attended J. S. Watkins's art school.

modern art   (modern Sanat)

It was there that he was introduced to modern art.

The film also includes scenes parodying modern art.

He read with the same curiosity books on modern art.

art galleries   (Sanat galerileri)

It is one of the oldest art galleries in Nottingham.

It is located opposite the Wallace Collection art galleries.

Art galleries in Sofia Sofia is home to many art galleries.

art world

Their work has attracted the attention of the art world.

Canlis Glass is now a strong name in the glass art world.

SOHO, the art world, and Yuppies were satirized with Olympian wit.".

studied art

He studied art history at the University of Sussex.

He later studied art under Benjamin West in London.

From 1968 to 1974 Kolesnikovas studied art in Moscow.

work of art   (Sanat eseri)

This argues for treating a work of art objectively.

This work of art originated from the Marquesas Islands.

Her home is a work of art, and her kids are polite and sweet.

art collector   (Sanat koleksiyoncusu)

He was also an art collector and a patron of the arts.

Another son, August, was a diplomat and art collector.

He is an expert art collector and appraiser.

performance art   (performans sanatı)

Harris specialises in video performance art and photography.

He was involved in the first period of Polish performance art.

It focuses on performance art from an Indigenous cultural foundation.

art museum   (Sanat müzesi)

After finding the helium, Sam visits an art museum alone.

It is also the site of a folk art museum and a military high school.

The Palazzo Vecchio is the town hall of Florence and also an art museum.

art dealer   (Sanat simsarı)

Jamie became an art dealer and founded the "Erotic Review".

Paul Rosenberg was the first art dealer to take notice of Robin.

Roslyn Oxley Roslyn Oxley is an Australian gallerist and art dealer.

visual art   (görsel sanat)

The night parade was a popular theme in Japanese visual art.

Since 1867, typewriters have been used for creating visual art.

", a column on fair use issues in visual art, for Art21 Magazine.

art exhibitions   (sanat sergileri)

In the 1980s he had a series of art exhibitions at Cuba.

He gave painting lessons and exhibited in art exhibitions.

"Pèl & Ploma" sponsored several prominent art exhibitions.

martial art

It has been described as an English martial art.

It is also the primary focus of Eritrean martial art Testa.

The Tong Family comes from a pedigree of martial art masters.

art work   (sanat eseri)

His art work has been displayed internationally.

The art work was provided by Henry Scarpelli.

Participating artists created art work based on the book of paintings.

art scene   (Sanat sahnesi)

They were surrounded by the vivid art scene in Paris.

She emerged in the late 1990s from the Los Angeles art scene.

Over the years, warez groups began to enter the ASCII art scene.

art direction

The cover's art direction was handled by Cudi himself.

It does, however, use a similar interface and art direction.

The release's art direction and design was handled by Mike Jurkovac.

art works

Assets worth $17 million including art works and cars were seized.

A number of Chicago's public art works are by modern figurative artists.

Recesses were also made within the walls to accommodate Normans art works.

folk art

His style is often considered folk art or Haitian.

: mestre) of the Brazilian folk art Capoeira.

Dokra is unique folk art of West Bengal.

art teacher   (Sanat öğretmeni)

He also worked as an art teacher from 1952 to 1962.

In Lattakia, he worked as an art teacher and a bookkeeper.

He became an art teacher to a few art academies in Beirut.

art historians   (sanat tarihçileri)

The process was recognized by art historians as early as in 1902.

The nature of the work has been widely debated by art historians.

In 1912 Warburg travelled with him to Rome to the art historians' congress.

art forms

The film has also influenced other art forms.

Desamangalam is known for various art forms.

This embodies all art forms, the sciences, and philosophies.

art movement

Futurist is not in the sense of the art movement futurism.

The group is considered Turkey's first contemporary art movement.

However, a strong art movement was underway, with Kaapa at its centre.

art exhibition   (Sanat Sergisi)

It is the largest regular open-air art exhibition in the world.

He graduated from art school in 1952 and had his first art exhibition in 1962.

Additionally, the futuristic art exhibition is held at the "Jabberwock" Gallery.

rock art

The rock art in New Zealand can be divided into two regions.

In addition, San rock art and fossils are present in the region.

The BLM asks that you respect the rock art, and be a responsible visitor.

art and culture   (Sanat ve Kültür)

She is an authority on American art and culture.

Marathon's art and culture community has varied over time.

Paris lost its avant-garde status in European art and culture.

art style

IGN criticized the game's art style, calling it "dated".

Ikemoto mentioned he remained optimistic about his art style.

Finder deemed its art style as both "striking" and "impressive".

art education

in art education in 1976 from Indiana University.

Green aimed to revolutionise British art education.

Social perspectives of art education in the US.

art deco

The pews are of the art deco design on the 1960s.

The old building has art deco tilework on its exterior.

Buildings like the Aquarium were built, mainly in art deco style.

art and architecture   (sanat ve mimarlık)

"Design and music, art and architecture – they all belong together."

Collaro is considered a pioneer in the integration of light art and architecture.

The city is noted for its culture, Renaissance art and architecture and monuments.

art and design

Smith studied media art and design at James Madison University.

From 1990-1991 he undertook a foundation course at an art and design school.

After leaving PAC, Newman studied art and design at the South Australian School of Art.

street art

In recent decades, East Atlanta has seen a rise of street art.

Sarajevo hosts two international festivals dedicated to street art.

The cityscape of Berlin displays large quantities of urban street art.

art department   (sanat departmanı)

she eventual became the head of the art department there.

In 1937, he joined the MGM art department in a full-time capacity.

Tina also taught at the Karachi American School in the art department.

art classes

While there, Reed began taking art classes.

She moved into her own apartment and began taking art classes.

He often gave private art classes for free to struggling artists.

art project

Guitarist Joe Baiza considered music "a conceptual art project".

"The Last Jewish Pogrom" was announced not as an art project but as a real event.

Neptune began in 1994 as a student art project by sculptor/musician Jason Sanford.

history of art

Schirmer's place in the history of art is distinctive.

At the University of Leuven, he studied archaeology and history of art.

in history of art in 1934.

video art

The intent was to produce video art for public consumption.

Her current work explores new media such as installation and video art.

Monge expresses herself through video art, installation art and photography.

new art

In 1887, Tolstaya took up the relatively new art of photography.

It follows Rafe in his new art school as he trades Operation: R.A.F.E.

It is also the first new art museum to be built in Boston in over a century.

international art

It was a big hit on the international art circuit.

Today New York is a global center for the international art market.

She created ART X Lagos, the first international art fair in West Africa.

art studio

A row behind the art studio houses single mothers.

She opened her first art studio in Stuttgart in 1980.

Shipley has held a permanent art studio in Sydney since 2005.

abstract art   (soyut sanat)

By the 1960s he had moved on to abstract art.

She drew inspiration from John Laughlin’s work in abstract art.

The Art Blog, ran a piece on her in 2016 about her abstract art.

art collections

His work is held in many Australian public art collections.

It houses painting, sculpture, drawing and decorative art collections.

One of the permanent art collections displayed is "Postcards from the Friendly City".

art projects

A series of other art projects followed.

Many of Zhao's public art projects involve the general public.

Her projects included art restoration and commercial art projects.

art and literature

Apollo has often featured in postclassical art and literature.

Frigg is referenced in art and literature into the modern period.

It exclusively showcases art and literature from the Former Yugoslavia.

art and music

Seabury was enthusiastic for art and music.

It was a marriage of art and music.

For this reason, she left the university to focus on art and music.

study art

Berg was sent to in Italy and France to study art.

She came to New York City at age 19 to study art.

Instead, he chose to study art history and museum studies.

art museums   (Sanat müzeleri)

It is one of the largest art museums in France.

List of art museums and galleries in Scotland

There are two main art museums in Cleveland.

conceptual art   (kavramsal sanat)

Guitarist Joe Baiza considered music "a conceptual art project".

It is a form of conceptual art.

He is frequently quoted in the media as an opponent of conceptual art.

pop art

The exhibition marked his West Coast debut of pop art.

Amazonian pop art grew self-taught.

I've never done a video that's actually felt like pop art when I was on the set.

album art

The album art contains a visual element for each track.

No album art was included for this release.

The album art was made by Jay Ryan.

concept art

There was some concept art for a monkey in Master Chief's armour.

This edition includes a soundtrack and concept art book for the game.

In addition, a number of pieces of concept art depict Raynor smoking.

taught art

He taught art from 1971 until his retirement in 2002.

Students here are taught art, philosophy and human nature.

Both artists taught art and were nationally recognized artists.

other art   (diğer sanat)

The film has also influenced other art forms.

He was also voted as a member to 15 other art societies.

A series of other art projects followed.

art installation   (Sanat kurulumu)

Sited at a 100-feet roundabout, it is the largest public art installation in the state.

He created "Nothen für die Tothen", an interactive music art installation for Roboexotica.

She created "Nothen für die Tothen", an interactive music art installation for Roboexotica.

art show   (sanat gösterisi)

My Famicase The is an annual art show of fan-made Famicom cartridge designs.

Kickstarter opened its headquarters with a public block party and art show in April.

He joins her and her friends for lunch and attends an art show where he buys a piece.

first art

The first art director of Muji was Ikko Tanaka.

She opened her first art studio in Stuttgart in 1980.

The first art director of it was Valiulla Mortazin-Imansky.

art directors

The film's sets were designed by the art directors Emil Hasler and Walter Kutz.

The film's sets were designed by the art directors Franz Schroedter and Hermann Warm.

The art directors researched woodcuts and other artwork for classic demonic appearances.

art market   (sanat pazarı)

By 1990 Taiwan was Asia’s biggest art market.

It appeared again on the art market in 2015.

Today New York is a global center for the international art market.

interest in art

He early expressed a talent and interest in art.

Mattison showed an interest in art from an early age.

From childhood, Jorge showed interest in art.

music and art

As a child she excelled in music and art.

He then studied music and art history at the University of Vienna.

There was a staff of twenty teachers, and two music and art specialists.

art pieces

Mu Xin used both ink and paint to create art pieces.

The art pieces are all within walking distance of each other.

In 2008 he left EA and began to sell his own fine art pieces.

art critics

Other lecturers included art critics and museum directors.

She received many favorable notices from art critics and the press.

These works gained him much praise from the art critics of that era.

art schools

Post Byzantine art schools include the Cretan School and Heptanese School.

His formal training came from a series of art schools in the New England area.

Now Chugye University for the Arts has become among the nation's top art schools.

between art

His work constantly tries to blur boundaries between art and activism.

It was primarily a meditation on the relationship between art and politics.

Her research mainly concerns the relationship between art, value and labour.

art rock

The album has been also described as art rock.

Their music is a mix of "classic soul and midnight-on-the-moors English art rock".

Their style blends progressive rock, art rock, metal, medieval influences, and eastern music.

art objects   (sanat nesneleri)

Zubire creates drawings, paintings, murals and art objects.

The Kwele are noted for their ceremonial masks which are collected as art objects.

There are various art objects present in the chapel that are of historic importance.

local art

Other facilities include a local art gallery, gift shop, crafts room, and café.

The neighborhood is known for hosting local art stores and independent businesses.

In this period Barks dabbled in fine art, exhibiting paintings at local art shows.

art and science

Renaissance humanism, exploration, art and science led to the modern era.

He states that ""photography offered the perfect blend of art and science"".

Other schooling under "omuteko" included the art and science of war, history, and culture.

commercial art   (ticari sanat)

Fredericton is also home to several commercial art galleries.

On the third floor eastern side were two commercial art rooms.

Her projects included art restoration and commercial art projects.

art installations   (sanat kurulumları)

The park also contains contemporary art installations.

He has also created art installations and directed short movies.

There are also proposals for permanent and temporary art installations.

art shows

In the 1970s, the church hosted various art shows and multimedia events.

Santiago has had individual and collective art shows in New York and Mexico.

By 1886 Martin was successfully entering in all of the major Canadian art shows.

art book

The launch edition of the game comes with an art book and music CD.

This edition includes a soundtrack and concept art book for the game.

In 2010 Asmodelle published her first art book, entitled ""Transience"".

art student   (Sanat öğrencisi)

In 1938, he married Ibolya, a fellow art student.

Joe, still at Oxford, meets French art student Natasha.

She played a disillusioned art student fascinated with unicorns.

private art   (özel sanat)

He often gave private art classes for free to struggling artists.

He was also involved with "Ochre", another private art gallery in Kochi.

The original design was to include a private art gallery: this was not built.

art community   (sanat topluluğu)

Morani also left a lasting impression on the art community.

She became very active in the art community around North Orange County.

The MCA called him a vital part of Chicago's art community for over fifty years.

art music

In 2016, Bottum joined the art music collective Nastie Band.

Early music is a broad musical era in the history of Western art music.

Tan is regarded as one of the pioneers of the modern art music of China.

pieces of art

It’s hundreds of pieces of art as it is affected by the sun.

The school has artists who come in and produce pieces of art.

This is demonstrated in numerous pieces of art adorning the cathedral.

religious art

In her early teens, she became interested in religious art.

The interior now houses a museum of religious art and a small shop.

The key medium of public religious art in Islam was and is calligraphy.

piece of art   (Sanat eseri)

"In a piece of art there must be a mystery."

Every piece of art on the Art Walk has been embedded with an RFID chip.

It is the only known authentic existing piece of art of Raoul Wallenberg.

digital art   (dijital sanat)

There are many digital art programs and devices.

The digital art was hand drawn on a digital pad by Gautham Raj.

Leeson's work in media-based technology helped legitimize digital art forms.

traditional art

Anggun, who studied Balinese dance, uses the traditional art in her performances.

Funding for art installations by Alchemy does not follow the traditional art grant model.

In his work, he combines cultures of Far East and West, traditional art and virtual reality.

literature and art

From 1911 to 1914, he studied literature and art history in Berlin and Munich.

Certainly Persian literature and art give us the richest accounts of polo in antiquity.

They fell behind advances in philosophy, law, literature and art taking place in France and Italy.

media art

It is the biggest media art festival in Serbia.

Smith studied media art and design at James Madison University.

Other works include bead sculptures, mixed media art, and digital imagery.

installation art   (kurulum sanatı)

Monge expresses herself through video art, installation art and photography.

Genpet Genpets are a mixed media installation art piece by artist Adam Brandejs.

Davila is primarily a painter but he has also exhibited drawings and installation art.

art piece

This was a 3D art piece, fashioned from a real crucifix.

Her art piece associated with chaos, dirt.

The artist stated that this art piece addressed "filmic pleasures".

prior art   (önceki sanat)

In "Flook" the implementation was conceded to be conventional and no departure from the prior art.

Clark then examined the prosecution history and prior art of both sets of patents involved in the case.

The prior art, however, is predominantly a long history of failure to solve the problem by heat treatment.

art students

Every year the museum exhibits works by graduating art students.

The reception from students, especially art students, was positive.

The painting was hung in the exhibition, protected by art students.

studying art

In 1956 she began studying art at Amarillo College.

Melvin began studying art at the Glasgow School of Art in 1907.

Therefore, while studying art he also occupied his time with news writing.

graphic art

with motifs borrowed for the most part from the tradition of graphic art.

This consists of the people who design the sets and create the graphic art.

During his career, Guerrero did canvas work, graphic art and mural painting.