published an article   (記事を公開しました)

He published an article, "Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?"

Arthur Conan Doyle published an article in a Boston newspaper claiming "J.

In the autumn of 1975 June and Richard published an article in "Futurology".

article published   (出版された記事)

Robot in an article published online.

in an article published by the journal "Nature" in September 2011.

ALMs are available, upon publication, for every article published by PLOS.

wrote an article   (記事を書いた)

She wrote an article about her father for the BBC in November 2014.

In 2010, Silver wrote an article entitled "Is Rasmussen Reports biased?"

"The Washington Post" wrote an article about a JV community in Washington DC.

article titled   (タイトルの記事)

In the article titled "Is Your Professor an Islamophobe?

In an article titled "What's a Mother to Do?

On 10 January 2010, he posted an article titled ""What’s Wrong with Muslims?""

newspaper article   (新聞記事)

A quote from a newspaper article in 1875...

One newspaper article noted, "Goodbye, black blood in that family.

Jackson then published a newspaper article accusing Sevier of fraud and bribery.

article entitled

In 2010, Silver wrote an article entitled "Is Rasmussen Reports biased?"

The first page shows a picture of Mahathir, with an article entitled "Let Mahathir Speak".

"Bev Bevan (1973, Birmingham Post & Mail article entitled: Chart Boost Coming For Brum And E.L.O.)

article lists

2018 in Niger This article lists events from the year 2018 in Niger.

2018 in Malawi This article lists events from the year 2018 in Malawi.

2015 in Bhutan This article lists events from the year 2015 in Bhutan.

article incorporates

"This article incorporates public domain material from

The article incorporates CC-BY-2.0 text from reference.

This article incorporates CC-BY-2.0 text from reference.

article written

Paul supports Priya when she takes offence at an article written in his paper.

The SNS politician slapped Matovič saying she disliked an article written by him.

An article written by Mrs. Frederick J. Linz was included: "Women as well as Men can Motor".

magazine article

It was based on a magazine article "Homesteads of Hate".

The partnership was mentioned in a "Time" magazine article.

Jim is also an occasional magazine article writer and comic book enthusiast.

first article

In 1974 Shi published his first article on Tangut literature.

He wrote his first article on Joyce in "A Wake Newslitter" in 1971.

Roy's first article was published in "Bharati" and "Balok" magazine.

definite article   (定冠詞)

In Lishanid Noshan, "-ake" is the definite article.

They may also take the definite article as explained above.

Esperanto has a single definite article, "la", which is invariable.

article presents   (記事プレゼント)

Margo Smith discography This article presents the discography of country artist Margo Smith.

This article presents the grammar of the literary language, which is followed by most dialects.

2009 in literature This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 2009.

same article

In the same article, Carbo states, "I played every game high.

In this same article Fr.

Zimmerman later remarked that it was this same article that inspired Bill Gates.

main article   (主な記事)

These are described further in the main article.

See the main article on crossplane crankshafts.

"Note: For a complete list, see main article."

article contains

That article contains the following references:-

"This article contains information copied from " <BR>

Rule 5 draft results This article contains a list of Rule 5 draft results.

article shows

This article shows player statistics and matches that the club played during the 1985–86 season.

This article shows player statistics and matches that the club played during the 1981–82 season.

This article shows player statistics and matches that the club played during the 1980–81 season.

news article

A news article gives his age as 38 years old.

You can read a compilation of his articles on his news article blog.

A feature story can be in a news article, a newspaper, and even online.

article was published

The article was published both online and in print.

This article was published in Nature in 1968.

Roy's first article was published in "Bharati" and "Balok" magazine.

article describes

The disk encryption theory article describes some of these modes.

The article describes the squares and triangles as "slightly shapist".

This article describes some of those effects on individuals and populations.

feature article   (特集記事)

In "Rolling Stone", Ben Fong-Torres began his feature article with the words "Holy Krishna!

Morello has credited MAB with teaching him in a feature article in "Guitar World Magazine" in 2005.

"Ms." magazine also honoured her for this performance with a feature article in its Fall 2005 issue.

journal article

The connection was also made in an 1881 journal article.

(emphasis appears in the original journal article) In 1938 Fr.

A journal article in Leonardo Online deemed it a " good comic strip".

article is based

This article is based on Wikipedia's Italian version.

"This article is based in part on material from the ".

"This article is based on the Swedish Wikipedia article ."

article called

In an article called "Why Preference for 'Celebrities'?

Levitt drew criticism for writing an article called "Hoodwinked?

Ezaki also published an article called "Contemporary Music and Computers" in 1970.

see the article

(For more information see the article on the Lê Dynasty).

"For more on these councils, see the article Conseil du Roi."

For quantized gravity theories, see the article quantum gravity.

article stated

A "Press" article stated that to their own people they were considered dead.

A 2011 "China Daily" article stated that the film was predicted to make over 150 million yuan ($25 million US).

A 2013 "Sound on Sound" article stated that there are "...few women in record production and sound engineering."

review article

The list was adapted from the review article in The Hindu newspaper.

In February 2013, a source code review article was published that described the internal working of the code.

His recent review article on plasmonics appeared as an invited review article in Jan. 13th 2006 issue of "Science".

another article   (別の記事)

In another article of "Alter The Press!

The "Times" published another article about the incident on 12 June.

In another article, Güney says he met Küçük as a journalist for Samanyolu TV.

article details

2013 Hull FC season This article details the Hull F.C.

This article details various releases of these sessions.

2012 Durand Cup Quarter-Finals This article details the 2012 Durand Cup Quarter-Finals.

article presents lists

2009 in literature This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 2009.

2005 in literature This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 2005.


In his article “Prest-o!

In October 1946 Hofman's (née Holley) article “The way of fulfillment” was published in "World Order".

Additionally, Lew Louderback's article “More People Should Be Fat!” was published in "The Saturday Evening Post" in 1967.

article reported

A 1975 article reported that the motel had 92 percent occupancy most of the year.

A New York Times article reported that Desoer announced her retirement in February 2012.

In 1909 a "Washington Star" article reported that a proposal was under review by the U.S.

article described

Wiederhorn lost the lawsuit, and found himself "something of a pariah" as a 2011 newspaper article described his situation.

The case became heated when the newspaper "Expressen" in an article described the group of Libyan students as future terrorists.

The procedure described in their article described reconstructing a patient's native labrum with a ligamentum teres capitis graft.

article provides

This article provides links to functions of both classes.

Elections in Austria This article provides information on elections and election results in Austria.

Transport in Cameroon This article provides a breakdown of the transportation options available in Cameroon.

ran an article

In January 1994, the "LA Weekly" ran an article on the group, then known as "The Total Overcomers".

On 16 May 2006, "Ma'ariv" ran an article claiming that Ma'ale Rehav'am was built on private Palestinian land.

"The Hazard Herald" ran an article about the passing of the president on the front page their Thanksgiving issue.

article noted

One newspaper article noted, "Goodbye, black blood in that family.

The article noted that non-Dalit families claimed they do not treat Dalits differently.

The "Compiler Research: The Next 50 Years" article noted the importance of object-oriented languages and Java.

corresponding article   (対応品)

‡ see corresponding article

"Portions of this article were translated from the corresponding article in the "

Article incorporates material from the corresponding article in the Thai Wikipedia.

following article

The following article gives the situation in Baden-Württemberg.

The following article in the local newspaper reports of the first telephone.

1912 in Paraguayan football The following article presents a summary of the 1912 association football season in Paraguay.

article appeared

He was well into the work when the "Pravda" article appeared.

Cooper's article appeared three days after Novak's column was published.

Judge Lindal’s article appeared in The Icelandic Canadian’s Fall 1959 issue.

article incorporates public   (記事には公開が組み込まれています)

"This article incorporates public domain material from

This article incorporates public domain text from reference.

article states

The article states the film's efforts to make a possessed lamp seem scary "border on camp".

The article states that roughly 30 workers have complained about the labor conditions Wang provides.

The article states: "Finding more HyMoRS helps us understand what kind of galaxy can turn out this way, and what gives them their unusual properties.

article incorporates material

"This article incorporates material from the French Wikipedia article "

This article incorporates material from the corresponding article in the Japanese Wikipedia

article includes

That article includes an example of the calculation.

"This article includes information from the National Park Service and is in the public domain."

Citations Sources "This article includes a translation of the article from the French Wikipedia on 30 August 2006."

article covers

This article covers only ports that are covered by the first definition.

Telecommunications in Brunei This article covers telecommunication in Brunei.

Broadcasting contracts in cricket This article covers Cricket broadcasting rights.

article describing

Within days, The Sacramento Bee published an article describing the base facilities at Tonopah.

The phrase "cheerful subversive" comes from a New York Times article describing the original Slamdance filmmakers.

"80 Micro" published an article describing a simple motherboard modification to enable the installation of two external floppy drives.

article incorporates information   (記事には情報が含まれています)

"This article incorporates information from the German Wikipedia."

"This article incorporates information from the French Wikipedia."

This article incorporates information from in the French, Wikipedia.

original article

For a proof, see the original article or .

Here ended the original article, the fifth in the "Spirits of the Age" series in "The New Monthly Magazine".

"9/11: Debunking the Myths" was the original article in the March 2005 issue of "Popular Mechanics", on which the book was based.

article incorporates text

This article incorporates text translated from the corresponding , as of 2009-01-13.

This article incorporates text from the Library of Congress Country Studies, which is in the public domain.

() "This article incorporates text from the official site, licensed under GNU Free Documentation license."

article displays

EuroBasket Women 2013 squads This article displays the rosters for the teams competing at the EuroBasket Women 2013.

2013 World Men's Handball Championship squads This article displays the squads for the 2013 World Men's Handball Championship.

write an article

At the end of the camp, the participants write an article about their project.

Against Valentin's wishes, Peter orders Lulu to write an article about Henrik, and even contacts her as Henrik.

In 1981 Kaytor traveled to the White House to write an article for the "New York Times" about the Family Dining Room.

article he wrote

The last article he wrote, under the title (borrowed from Émile Zola) "J’accuse…!

Gallagher's major scientific contributions include a review article he wrote along with Sandra Faber in 1979 that convinced most astronomers that dark matter was real.

The Pentagon's New Map The Pentagon's New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century is a 2004 book by Thomas P.M. Barnett based around an earlier article he wrote for "Esquire" magazine.

article discusses   (記事は議論します)

This article discusses mainly the phonology of Standard French of the Parisian dialect.

This article discusses typical financial problems in which Monte Carlo methods are used.

The history section of this article discusses the development of dharma concept in Vedas.

indefinite article   (不定冠詞)

There is no indefinite article in the plural.

In English grammar, "a", and its variant "an", is an indefinite article.

Another difference is the indefinite article, ' in Afrikaans and in Dutch.