İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

artistic director   (Sanat Yönetmeni)

David Esbjornson became artistic director in 2005.

Ohad Naharin has been artistic director since 1990.

Stone served as artistic director of COT until 1993.

artistic career   (sanatsal kariyer)

Matoush began her artistic career as a printmaker.

Ibrahim's artistic career has spanned over 50 years.

Her transition influenced her artistic career.

artistic gymnast   (artistik jimnastikçi)

Vietnam entered one artistic gymnast into the Olympic competition.

Marilena Vlădărău Marilena Vlădărău is a retired Romanian artistic gymnast.

Maellyse Brassart Maellyse Brassart (born 2001) is a Belgian artistic gymnast.

artistic expression   (sanatsal ifade)

Food, in turn, would become a matter of artistic expression.

Another unique piece of artistic expression in Ann Arbor is the fairy doors.

This mechanism, according to Gleizes, is the foundation for artistic expression.

artistic gymnastics   (artistik Jimnastik)

Fifteen nations have registered for artistic gymnastics competitions.

There are 21 participating nations in the artistic gymnastics competitions with a total of 98 athletes.

The difficulty above is in line with the 2017–2020 [[Code of Points (artistic gymnastics)|Code of Points]].

artistic style

He was devoted to his new religion and artistic style.

His artistic style relates to Art Nouveau and Modernism.

Philomé was instrumental in developing Obin's artistic style.

artistic work   (sanatsal çalışma)

Ratcliff's early artistic work focused on sculpture.

Education, scientific research and artistic work; 2.

He began his artistic work of drawings, sketches, cartoons etc.

artistic talent

His artistic talent drew the attention of other artists.

The two became friends, with Reed nurturing Hester’s artistic talent.

The aim was to promote, import and export avant-garde artistic talent.

artistic works

His artistic works include videos and paintings.

Another printing press that was known for its artistic works was "A.L.

This is a great antique construction, and diverse artistic works are seen on this.

artistic direction

Their work had a profound effect on his artistic direction.

The album marked a change in artistic direction from N.O.R.E.

This early inspiration developed into a major artistic direction.

literary and artistic

The portraits were of New York literary and artistic figures of the time.

In Leningrad, Ivashintsova joined the city’s literary and artistic underground.

Nicolaides' literary and artistic workshop gave a significant impetus to this evolution.

artistic community   (sanatsal topluluk)

The artistic community knew his name.

The play resonated with both the general public and the artistic community.

Successive works brought increasing favor from the government and the artistic community.

new artistic

We of the United States can be proud of our new artistic leadership .

Afterwards, she returned to Lille where she founded a new artistic troupe.

In 2007, Kris Van Assche was appointed as the new artistic director of Dior Homme.

artistic freedom

In this record company, Nosoträsh has total creative and artistic freedom.

With the museum commission came a free studio, granting Rodin a new level of artistic freedom.

It is said that this change was made to increase the command of Zamfir and have more artistic freedom.

artistic value

The sheer number is a testament to the artistic value of their garments.

Some have questioned his artistic value, along with the price of his works.

However, the collection of coins for their artistic value was a later development.

artistic and cultural

His was an artistic and cultural family as his father was a photographer.

Eurasians in Singapore have also made their mark in the artistic and cultural domains.

Its 28-page booklet reflects the artistic and cultural concerns of the team about this recording.

artistic training

Marrel gave the young boy also artistic training.

She began her artistic training in Paris under the painter André Lhote (1885–1962).

His artistic training continued at ESA 75, in Brussels, where he studied photo-journalism.

cultural and artistic

It served as a venue for the royal parties and gatherings of the cultural and artistic elite.

Arts of West Bengal The Indian state of West Bengal has a rich cultural and artistic heritage.

The Festival was conceived to meet different cultural and artistic events of international order.

artistic development   (sanatsal gelişme)

Their time there contributed to the artistic development of both.

Musical theatre contributed to her stage presence and artistic development.

Paris represented the latest in modern artistic development and attracted many artists.

artistic practice   (sanatsal uygulama)

Nevertheless, Burck continued his artistic practice, including portraiture.

In addition to her artistic practice, Harmel has worked as an art critic and educator.

Throughout much of history, drawing was regarded as the foundation for artistic practice.

artistic merit   (Sanatsal başarı)

Many posters have had great artistic merit.

But, as with artistic merit, the commercial returns steadily diminished.

It too was a success, though not necessarily for its artistic merit at first.

artistic movement

Transgressive films as a distinct artistic movement began in the 1970s.

In 1972 he became a member of the French artistic movement "Lettrisme" in Paris.

An exponent of the second Scapigliatura artistic movement, Fontana was a very versatile writer.

artistic life   (sanatsal yaşam)

Baudelaire was an active participant in the artistic life of his times.

His father's death had a profound effect on Cummings, who entered a new period in his artistic life.

In addition, numerous paintings and works of sculpture present a rich picture of artistic life on Bornholm.

artistic production

The 1980s represent a new stage in his artistic production.

The majority of his artistic production occurred from 1971 to 1974.

Even today sacred art is an important part of the Gianmaria Potenza artistic production.

other artistic   (diğer sanatsal)

In general, however, this is an area in which other artistic mediums clearly dominate.

After she graduated Juan Soriano encouraged her to explore other artistic trends and she went to Paris.

His almost monochromatic paintings of his late work do not refer to any other artistic styles of modernity.

artistic vision

Ziad has demonstrated his artistic vision throughout his long career as a director, writer, and producer.

"Lullaby", perhaps the last film in which Vertov was able to maintain his artistic vision, was released in 1937.

From the very beginning, part of the artistic vision of the original directors had been the development of young musical talent.

artistic talents   (sanatsal yetenekler)

His goal was to give ordinary working people an opportunity to develop their artistic talents.

The program involved five designers, each lending their artistic talents to customize five different vehicles.

He later met and married artist Cordelia Urueta, with whom he lived in Paris, developing his artistic talents.

own artistic   (kendi sanatsal)

Mossa would later bequeath most of his own artistic pieces to the gallery.

Initially she adopted the simplistic Bauhaus idiom but soon began to develop her own artistic style.

She turned out to be an excellent pedagogue, constantly encouraging her students to develop their own artistic styles.

more artistic

The band had changed labels for more artistic control over their music.

On more artistic projects, she has worked with Carlos Anadón and Carlos Latapí.

As time has passed, more artistic renderings of individual user logs have appeared.

artistic family   (sanatsal aile)

Viganò-Mombelli was born in Naples to an artistic family.

Amala comes from an artistic family.

Yuri also recalled that Aiko Kondo was a portrait artist from an artistic family.

artistic activities

Besides his artistic activities he studied Dentistry at the Warsaw Medical Academy.

The wide availability of drawing instruments makes drawing one of the most common artistic activities.

During the exile, his artistic activities were extremely limited; however, he still believes in change for his country and his people.

artistic education

This contributed significantly to her artistic education.

During his artistic education, he worked part-time as a janitor.

Following an initial artistic education in Passau, he entered the Vienna Academy as a student in 1751.

artistic quality

Leutze's portraits are known for their artistic quality and their patriotic romanticism.

On some of the coins, which are of lower artistic quality, Herakles is crowned by a small Nike.

Sports experts have commented positively about beauty and artistic quality of this landscape work.

artistic skills

However, Tong's wives are all gambling addicts and unappreciative of Tong's artistic skills.

The WPAC was an institution in which common working people could develop their artistic skills.

In the Ming Dynasty, there were four scholars, whose literary and artistic skills are unmatched in China.

artistic creation

Work is a "distinct intellectual or artistic creation (IFLA 1998).

In terms of artistic creation, it is dualistic, that is, material and spiritual.

The symbol of the tongue in Shen Yuan’s artistic creation has multiple layers of meanings and possibilities.

artistic achievement

Lessing "returned Homer to the centre of artistic achievement".

In 1973, receives Award of the Minister of Culture and the Arts for artistic achievement and teaching.

She is the recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation's Lee Krasner Award, which recognizes lifetime artistic achievement.

artistic activity

Mehran Borumand started his artistic activity with following works.

The Evelyn and Earle Wolf Hall is the center for artistic activity on campus.

Maenicke resumed his artistic activity in 1950, producing a series of high quality .

first artistic

Dr. Mennin led the first artistic exchange with the Soviet Union in 1958, where he spent six weeks.

During this period Teske developed his first artistic interests by experimenting with painting and poetry.

Wilkinson's first artistic creation for Marillion was the cover of their debut 12" EP "Market Square Heroes" (1982).

artistic and literary

It represents Parajanov's diverse artistic and literary heritage.

Currently, BBM has a multipurpose room aimed at showing artistic and literary expositions.

Early artistic and literary portrayals of Aphrodite are extremely similar on Inanna-Ishtar.

artistic styles

Further east, religion dominated artistic styles and forms too.

His work was particularly influenced by artistic styles such as Cubism and Surrealism.

In fields such as architecture, painting and cinema new forms of artistic styles were invented.

artistic team   (sanatsal ekip)

On July 31, the team came 5th in the women's artistic team all-around finals, behind the United States, Russia, Romania, and China.

The building’s disposition provides the artistic team with a creative and innovative backdrop to aid in the creation of world class productions.

The artistic team placed special emphasis on the design and rendering of the characters, as well as putting a great deal of work into the environmental effects.

artistic heritage   (sanatsal miras)

The artistic heritage of Taiwan is extremely diverse.

Much of the artistic heritage of the village was destroyed.

The artistic heritage of István Molnár is disappointingly little.

s artistic

The genuineness of spying is a product of Hopper’s artistic process.

The two became friends, with Reed nurturing Hester’s artistic talent.

Most of Carrasco’s artistic work has involved the creation of murals and canvas works.

began his artistic

He began his artistic work of drawings, sketches, cartoons etc.

Like Clifford, he began his artistic career carving wooden animals for the arts and crafts marketplace.

Al Atat was Born in Shmustar, Bekaa, he began his artistic career through the Super Star at its second session.

artistic circles

He was mostly solitary and did not involve himself in artistic circles.

From this point on, her fame began to decline and she stopped being accepted in artistic circles.

A true master and "Renaissance Man", Lempad is a figure in the Balinese community as well as in artistic circles abroad.

s artistic

The genuineness of spying is a product of Hopper’s artistic process.

The two became friends, with Reed nurturing Hester’s artistic talent.

Most of Carrasco’s artistic work has involved the creation of murals and canvas works.