artists such   (这样的艺术家)

He also supported artists such as Domenico Fiasella.

He was inspired by artists such as Ice Cube and Eminem.

He met artists such as José van Dam.

other artists   (其他艺术家)

and was quickly covered by several other artists.

He also writes or produces songs for other artists.

He also started to write music for other artists.

artists including   (艺术家包括)

His bands backed a variety of artists including Otis Redding.

Jesse plays with various other bands and artists including Mt.

During his career he collaborated with other artists including Vere Johns and Tony Abelton.

many artists

It had a great image and attracted many artists.

The song has been covered by many artists.

The house is a place of culture and attracts many artists.

various artists

Headlining Festivals (various artists) Opening act

The songs are performed by various artists.

This project led to multiple recordings with various artists.

recording artists

As of 2011, Aria works with major label recording artists.

Songs with Connor given writing credits, as well as recording artists include:

Holiday was reportedly influenced by some of the early Texas recording artists.

local artists

Eight local artists supplied pictures for the book.

The Festival showcases international, Canadian and local artists.

The club’s first exhibition featured 321 works from local artists.

international artists

Many famous international artists have performed there.

There are also some international artists in the collection.

He works with international artists about music and photography.

young artists

Brancaccio travels to India to inspire young artists in December 2011.

The exhibition showcases young artists’ exploration of contemporary issues.

He also directs research for young artists at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

contemporary artists   (当代艺术家)

Scope shows a selection of contemporary artists.

He is counted amongst the most contemporary artists of India.

Founded in 1991, the gallery carries a lineup of diverse modern and contemporary artists.

such artists

During this time, the band toured with such artists as Dio and King's X.

One of such artists is Atemi Oyungu under which she released her hit single with Sauti Sol.

Mosley's outstanding studio work with such artists as Tupac Shakur and E-40 speaks for itself.

music artists

There are more and more country music artists in France.

As a preteen, Anggun was influenced by Western rock music artists.

The website became a central community hub for heavy music artists and fans.

several artists

It was later also covered by several artists.

The song has been covered by several artists, including:

Maurice Chevalier visits several artists to discuss their work.

group of artists

He had found a group of artists that he had joined with.

Lederer is a member of the Kunstlerhof group of artists in Berlin.

This group of artists include Mikhail Chemiakin, Oleg Tselkov and Igor Tulipanov.

artists whose

These awards are presented to Australian artists whose singles and albums reach no.

Noted artists whose work is in the castle's collection include Giordano, Van Dyck and Sir Joshua Reynolds.

Henze has said: The voices of the title are those of young and old artists whose work is politically committed.

number of artists

A number of artists have covered songs from "Pacer".

A number of artists have found inspiration from the quays.

A number of artists are buried in the churchyard at Llanbedr.

women artists

The workshop had conflicting views on its integration of women artists.

List of Chinese women artists

By the 1880s women artists competed with men for top accolades and recognition.

visual artists

Both of Shen Wei's brothers are visual artists.

Ballarat has inspired many visual artists.

From 1933 he belonged to a group of visual artists known as "Nowocześni".

guest artists

The EPs will each feature guest artists and producers.

Daúde and Uakti participated as guest artists.

Alison Krause, Vince Gill, and Mark Knopfler were guest artists.

female artists

Mauboy is one of Australia's most successful female artists.

You didn't get a lot of knowing winks from female artists at the time."

Sara Storer, Ruby Hunter and Clare Bowditch were the other female artists.

writers and artists

Many of the writers and artists worked on the original animated series.

Creative writers and artists claimed space for African-American perspectives.

Harrison aided Black writers and artists, including Charles Gilpin, Andy Razaf, J.

artists include

Other artists include Jamie Cullum, James Bay and Lisa Marie Presley.

Other artists include Rival Sons, Shooter Jennings, and Brandi Carlile.

Featured artists include Scott Sueme, Jonathan Taggart, and Jason Athens.

notable artists

Other notable artists recorded his early works.

Some notable artists that use and endorse Cole Clark guitars include:

In 2007, DioGuardi worked with many notable artists, one of whom was Britney Spears.

featured artists

It featured artists such as Song Dong, exhibiting here in the UK for the first time.

Two days later, he unveiled the track listing, revealing fourteen tracks with two featured artists.

Among the featured artists beyond Calhoun were Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne, and Skatterman & Snug Brim.

artists and writers

He says his childhood home as a gathering place for artists and writers.

He soon became friends with several prominent artists and writers in London.

These artists and writers, scholars and scientists, represent the best of the best.

different artists

"Guitar Hero 5" features 85 songs by 83 different artists.

MICOM also gave different artists their first chance on television.

This is where she met different artists and became the secretary of the society.

hop artists

He worked with hip hop artists and rappers..

The song has been sampled extensively by hip hop artists.

Their studio has been working with many major hip hop artists.

famous artists

The cast included many famous artists from various fields.

Like many famous artists, Poe's works have spawned imitators.

Akberg also held group exhibitions with other famous artists.

musical artists

Plate has collaborated with various musical artists.

This list excludes musical artists.

Over the years, Charbonneau has recorded a wide variety of musical artists.

new artists

Its original goal was to help promote work by new artists.

The city of Darmstadt established a new artists’ colony in the 1960s.

DJs helped to introduce rare records and new artists to club audiences.

hip hop artists

He worked with hip hop artists and rappers..

The song has been sampled extensively by hip hop artists.

Their studio has been working with many major hip hop artists.

emerging artists   (新兴艺术家)

In 2007 she was one of fifteen "emerging artists" selected by "American Photo" magazine.

In 2005 she participated in Bronx AIM, a program that exposes and educates emerging artists.

The theater's mission is to provide a venue for smart, surprising new work from emerging artists.

martial artists

Some mixed martial artists such as Hayato Sakurai began their careers in Shootboxing.

The following night, Zhuo joins some martial artists in a duel against the "Jade Rakshasa".

Black Belt Magazine named her one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th Century.

artists included

Rock artists included July and Them (who were managed by Solomon).

Featured artists included My Brightest Diamond, Lera Lynn, and others.

Guest artists included The Stooge Playaz, Pleasure, JD Greer and DasIt.

both artists

It includes duets and solo pieces by both artists.

The cover art was designed by both artists.

His parents Peter Wilson and Polly Courtin are both artists.

hundreds of artists

The Museum of Everything presents works by hundreds of artists, including:

The Regina Folk Festival has hosted hundreds of artists in its five-decade history.

Chennai hosts a large cultural event, the annual Madras Music Season, which includes performances by hundreds of artists.

numerous artists

"By the Time I Get to Phoenix" was recorded by numerous artists.

Ten12 Records has released numerous artists to date, including the following:

His distinctive sound and style has influenced numerous artists of various music genres.

artists working

Founded in 2011, Tehran Video is an innovative platform for artists working with film.

Today, Le Gros is largely forgotten but shares this fate with almost all the artists working in Rome in his time.

Flögl was also a member of the Wiener Frauenkunst (Viennese Women's Art), a group of female artists working in Vienna.


The artists’ houses were grouped around the atelier.

Wilhelm Deiters was the manager of the artists’ colony.

She has also printed 31 works from other artists’ designs.

many other artists

He spread the idea to many other artists and it still occurs today.

Mitchell's song has been recorded by many other artists over the decades.

The song has been recorded by The Jazz Messengers as well as many other artists.

popular artists

The venue also hosts occasional concerts by popular artists.

The song enjoyed mainstream success as well as remixes by popular artists.

He was also involved in recording two of Decca's most popular artists: Vera Lynn and Mantovani.

fellow artists

MacLean collaborated with fellow artists Kim Stockwood and Damhnait Doyle.

The campaign was shared by their fellow artists Nas, Questlove and Pete Rock, amongst others.

Shehadeh was arrested while protesting with fellow artists in the al-Midan neighbourhood of Damascus.

rock artists

Even mainstream rock artists adopted elements of disco.

Made in Germany on a wood comb, most blues and rock artists play a Marine Band.

"Tide: Progressive Music") featured songs by former Yugoslav progressive rock artists.

worked with artists

There he worked with artists Goudie, Sheryl Crow and ZZ Top.

Gerard Salonga has worked with artists such as Lea Salonga (his sister) and Martin Nievera.

She has worked with artists including TV On The Radio, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and Fat Freddy's Drop.

artists whose material

On June 25, 2019, "The New York Times Magazine" listed Parton as one of the hundreds of artists whose material was destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.

On June 25, 2019, "The New York Times Magazine" listed Nunn among hundreds of artists whose material was reportedly destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.

On June 25, 2019, "The New York Times Magazine" listed Sublime among hundreds of artists whose material was reportedly destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.

prominent artists

He soon became friends with several prominent artists and writers in London.

Other prominent artists were Jun Tsuji, Eisuke Yoshiyuki, Shinkichi Takahashi and Katué Kitasono.

Samples of prominent artists such as Björk and Metallica are, however, present throughout the record.

performing artists

The set features 27 performing artists, one song per artist.

The agency introduced strongmen, illusionists and performing artists.

The foundation also provides scholarships to talented young performing artists.

established artists

All are already established artists.

Lata pada' was one among the several established artists of the Vidyalaya.

The effort gained the attention of established artists such as Diego Rivera who intervened.

other artists such

As a copyist at the Louvre, Morisot met and befriended other artists such as Manet and Monet.

Woodworm Records soon grew and released albums by Fairport and other artists such as Dave Swarbrick.

He later went on to write for other artists such as Elvis Presley and Olivia Newton-John ("Let Me Be There" (US no.

solo artists

It is awarded to solo artists, duos or groups.

The first section includes notable Italo disco groups and solo artists.

After the end of the Junta, many revival groups (and solo artists) appeared.

independent artists

Tough has had several recordings of his songs by independent artists.

She went on to say that black independent artists are too under the radar.

Outside of Capitol Records, Loren began developing independent artists in 2001.

first artists

He is often credited as one of the medium's first artists.

He was one of the first artists to create woodcuts on plywood.

The following year, he participated in his first artists' salon.

variety of artists

His bands backed a variety of artists including Otis Redding.

He has also made several commissioned works, and produced and arranged works for a variety of artists.

Dionne Warwick Bobbie Gentry "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" has been covered by a variety of artists:

artists and musicians

The family home functioned as a salon for famous artists and musicians.

General interest in the concept grew, and the group of artists and musicians found a space for rent in Strathcona.

The arts flourished under the Hanoverian dynasty and this attracted many more Italian artists and musicians to Britain.

artists as well

Many of her sisters became artists as well.

Bachman has written pop music for recording artists as well as thematic music for television and theatre.

Ballpoint pens have proven to be a versatile art medium for professional artists as well as amateur doodlers.

bands and artists

Many posters have pictures of popular rock bands and artists.

Jesse plays with various other bands and artists including Mt.

As of 2013, over 4000 bands and artists have recorded at the location.

pop artists

Successful Chinese pop artists from other countries (e.g.

which was the first visit to China by Western pop artists.

Some popular pop artists in Taiwan include Leehom Wang, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, and David Tao.

jazz artists

MPS produced and released recordings by American, Canadian, European and Japanese jazz artists.

In addition to exhibitions, he has done work related to the music industry, especially jazz artists.

Pianist and bandleader Herbie Hancock was the first of many big jazz artists who embraced funk during the decade.

leading artists

He taught most of the leading artists of the period, including: Among other artists, C.A.

are heavily played, rotated, charted and compiled by leading artists, radios and labels in the world.

"Baduizm"s commercial and critical success helped establish Badu as one of the emerging neo soul genre's leading artists.

renowned artists

The gallery showcases the works of other renowned artists and craftspeople.

Due to the high cost of producing such books, most of the works were printed for renowned artists.

The most renowned artists, decorators and cabinet makers of the period were called upon to design the furniture and decorations.

professional artists

Such men were often professional artists.

The playing style has steadily gained popularity amongst professional artists worldwide.

Japanese tarot cards are created by professional artists, advertisers, and fans of tarot.

other artists including

During his career he collaborated with other artists including Vere Johns and Tony Abelton.

He also sang on recordings by other artists including Smokey Robinson, Della Reese and Nell Carter.

She enjoyed socialising with other artists including Oh Mercy, Tame Impala, Kisschasey and Eskimo Joe.

foreign artists

The annual exhibitions are now held in the Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall and feature key foreign artists.

John's action will also make the relevant agencies further hesitate in the future when they invite foreign artists.

In recent years, the difficulties for foreign artists to enter Canada have caused some problems for the organization.

major artists

Wilson is one of the major artists of our generation."

These were sometimes by major artists, but they have virtually all vanished now.

Individually and collectively the group has performed and recorded with major artists.

family of artists

He was born into a family of artists in Antwerp.

Vithabai was born and grew up in a family of artists.

Džemma Skulme came from the Skulme family of artists.

artists during

Bitumen was the nemesis of many artists during the 19th century.

Grohl lent his drumming skills to other artists during the early 2000s.

helped launch many of the regions most famed artists during these years.

country artists

Many traditional country artists are present in eastern and western Canada.

Some notable Canadian country artists include Shania Twain, Anne Murray, k.d.

Portions with country artists were recorded at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

known artists

She trained with known artists of her time.

They opened for several well known artists' gigs like Bigflo & Oli and Georgio.

It features guest vocals from Masta Ace, Kenn Starr, Punchline and other lesser known artists.

following artists

The following artists have also influenced her:

The song was covered by the following artists:

The management company is involved with the following artists: -

artists and bands

He has produced artists and bands like Der Wolf, Young Deenay, Sasha, Ben and Max Mutzke.

The following list features the notable artists and bands who released music through Nude Records.

Although Israeli rock became less popular in the 2000s, being edged out by Israeli pop, many new rock artists and bands emerged.

artists featured

She was one among 12 female artists featured by Google to celebrate international women's day 2018.

He was one of eleven New York artists featured in the opening exhibition at the Terrain Gallery in 1955.

In those days, the popular reggae/ragga artists featured were Shaba Ranks, Yellow Man, Ras Kimono and UB40.

artists from around

It also attracted artists from around the world.

This exhibition included art by 32 artists from around the country.

The festival, which began in 1950, features art exhibits and music from artists from around the United States.

artists from all

The week-long festival draws artists from all over North America.

This concept devised by Swamiji had 108 mridangam artists from all over India participating in it.

The colony attracts artists from all of Europe and North America and finishes in an exhibition of the artists' work.

blues artists

In many cases, blues artists take on multiple roles.

In the 1940s-1960s, it attracted many rock and roll as well as rhythm and blues artists.

(Now closed) They often have jazz and blues artists, as well as occasionally performing themselves.

range of artists

DiFranco has collaborated with a wide range of artists.

Depeche Mode drew its artistic influences from a wide range of artists and scenes.

The event featured a diverse range of artists from the literary and music worlds including J.G.

featuring artists

Y-95 played a Hot AC format featuring artists like Mariah Carey, Madonna, Huey Lewis and Richard Marx.

The proximity of the two countries also facilitates collaborative projects featuring artists from both countries.

Dubb Union Dubb Union is a rap group featuring artists from Los Angeles and the nearby areas of Inglewood, Long Beach, and Watts.

graffiti artists   (涂鸦艺术家)

Many graffiti artists consider the work they do to be art for the public.

For example, the Berenkuil is a freezone for graffiti artists in the city.

The subway tunnel became a scene where crews of Manhattan graffiti artists gathered at night.

individual artists

Bénédite used his connections to secure patronage for both the Society and individual artists.

The materials used have also changed according to the cost, ease of availability and the choice of individual artists.

Other sections of the museum are dedicated to individual artists such as Giorgio de Chirico, Lucio Fontana and Morandi.

collaborated with artists

While working on her debut effort, Gomez collaborated with artists, Cody Simpson and Cher Lloyd.

She has collaborated with artists such as Saskia Volde to make the Tate Gallery exhibited piece "Placebo".

The group has collaborated with artists such as Ghetts on "Overtime", Kano on "Mayhem", and Sway on "It's My Time".

included artists

This group included artists such as Shoshana Heimann, Raya Bar Adon and others.

Supporters included artists and performers resident in the area, including Downton Abbey actor Cal MacAninch.

The show was curated by Jörg Koopmann and also included artists Jacob Holdt, David Hartt, William E. Jones, and Jason Larkin.

artists began

More artists began composing Garifuna songs to traditional Garifuna rhythms.

During the end of the Middle Ages, artists began to move into the town as well.

The use of graphic artists began to influence the design of the pictorial poster.

generation of artists

Collins & Milazzo brought to prominence a new generation of artists in the 1980s.

The festival has been credited as a factor in keeping the anti-folk movement "vital, evolving and inclusive of what is now a generation of artists."

In the Pangnirtung Tapestry Studio, the first generation of artists like Malaya Akulukjuk were mostly elders that had previously lived a traditional Inuit life.

great artists

Songs have been composed by great artists and handed down through generations of disciples.

Salvador Dalí, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Picasso, Andre Breton and other great artists once lived in Cadaqués.

He is often known as “The last of the Post Impressionists" and was one of the great artists of his generation.

important artists

He also met or at least saw the work of the important artists of the day.

Dali and Chirico are but the two most important artists [who] bring to mind Reuss's artwork.

Their songs were recorded by important artists like Elis Regina, Nelson Gonçalves, Miúcha, Clara Nunes, and Michel Legrand.

black artists

Later, he founded Five Fingers, which played music by black artists.

Kirby and Sullivan have been cited as "the first black artists to host a jazz-oriented series."

The revue featured Mills and a wide range of black artists, including visiting performers such as Paul Robeson.

artists of all

The group itself is ranked number 11 in its 1000 most recommended artists of all time.

He is also one of the world's best-selling artists of all time, having sold more than 170 million records.

Eventually, he became one of the most influential science fiction and fantasy fiction artists of all time.

works by artists

The Phillips Collection is also known for its groups of works by artists who Phillips particularly favored.

Records has released works by artists with influences ranging from experimental pop to electronic and industrial.

Numerous exhibitions are held every year, with works by artists like Tatsuo Ikeda, Ryosuke Yasumoto, Season Lao and Aki Mitsugi.

country music artists

There are more and more country music artists in France.

The Carb Day concert has typically featured rock groups, while Legends Day typically stars country music artists.

The song featured fellow country music artists Mary Chapin Carpenter, Pam Tillis, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kathy Mattea and Tanya Tucker.

modern artists

The title song is frequently sampled by modern artists:

Ray-Jones had little sympathy with the work of modern artists such as Picasso.

They give a dignity to art which the mass of modern artists do not seem to appreciate".

folk artists

Modern Spanish folk artists abound (Mil i Maria, Russian Red, et al.)

Bird was founded in 2002 and mainly releases recordings by contemporary female folk artists.

It has been performed live by the Brobdingnagian Bards and other Celtic-style folk and folk artists.

graphic artists

Delphic themes inspired several graphic artists.

He is considered to be one of the main graphic artists in Mexico.

1980: included in Bolaffi Arte's listing of "leading Italian graphic artists".

artists and intellectuals

At that time, millions of Chinese artists and intellectuals were persecuted by the government.

In Paris, he was welcomed by the community of artists and intellectuals brimming with new ideas.

Alternatively, it was also a success if one goes by the reactions of fellow artists and intellectuals.

list of artists

The following is a list of artists with works released on BLIGHT.

In fact, the list of artists having close and lifelong bonds with Doordarshan is endless.

Full list of artists who performed at Rock in Rio 4: "Rock in Rio 5" was held on September 2013.

younger artists

Among younger artists discovered by Madden were Petula Clark and the Beverley Sisters.

He studied in France and in the 1960s was seen as one of the younger artists continuing the traditions of the École des Beaux-Arts de l'Indochine (1925-1945).

Rosenfield offered mentorship and support to younger artists such as Ora Markstein, a Holocaust survivor from Hungary who immigrated to Canada in the mid-1970s.

performance artists

It also has featured performance artists, comedians and magicians.

Boomwhackers are often used by performance artists and other musical performance groups to add an element of spectacle.

The area is now used by skateboarders, BMXers, graffiti artists, taggers, photographers, and performance artists, among others.

musicians and artists

The group of writers, musicians and artists became known as "The Kardomah Gang".

These celebrities included lead singer of the band Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose, and Brazilian musicians and artists.

In August 2012, Kutiman was invited to Kutiman shoot and record traditional and modern Tokyo, Japan based musicians and artists to create Thru Tokyo.

artists performing

It features intimate acoustic performances from artists performing that year.

They also made several music videos of artists performing on the New Bands Stage available on their website.

Several artists performing this genre are known, such as Hajib, Stati, Najat Aatabou, Senhaji and Khalid Bennani.

few artists

"Very few artists have ever taken this kind of action over their rights."

Other than a few artists and writers, practically no celebrities are publicly known as sadomasochists.

Only a few artists were innovative enough to stand apart from the masses, creating works more distinctive in style.

between artists

The collaborations between artists often created opportunities for patronage.

"Van Gogh Girls" is not only an exercise in exaggerating forms and imagery, but additionally showcased the close relationship between artists and fashion designers.

It is a multi faceted initiative, that helps promote art in public spheres and encourages art appreciation with an active collaboration between artists, schools and the public.

artists signed

All the other artists signed to Decca after Bing did.

List of artists signed to D-Noy Muzik.

Shazz is one of the first artists signed to the label Fnac Music Dance Division.