Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

set aside   (để qua một bên)

Land was set aside for Atomic Scientists as well.

Some have been set aside for public open space.

Cave Hill Cemetery set aside plots for the Union dead.

put aside   (để qua một bên)

The hands are put aside and each receives 3 new cards.

Gold coins with a total face value of $6 were put aside for assay.

Following her marriage, she decided to put aside her career for a while.

step aside   (tránh sang một bên)

Ryan telephoned Akin to advise him to step aside.

Despite intense pressure to step aside, Akin resolved to remain in the race.

For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for President Assad to step aside."

setting aside   (đặt sang một bên)

They argue that Banquo is merely setting aside his sword for the night.

He wrote it after setting aside an early attempt to compose a symphony.

So, setting aside her rivalry to please a guest, she visits Matsuki at her huge inn to ask for help.

stepped aside   (bước sang một bên)

He stepped aside following the 2000 NBA Finals in favor of a returning Albert.

Grant stepped aside over Johnson's objection, causing a complete break between them.

This is because she thought Yulsman only wanted Kerouac in the frame, so she stepped aside.

pushed aside

For a time his fight with Kwel is pushed aside.

I believe carrying out that work is important, it is not something which should be dropped and pushed aside."

Run mainly by Canadian families of Italian origin, these groups were pushed aside in the eighties by biker gangs.

cast aside   (bỏ ngoài tai)

This also reduces gay Asian men into a category of an object or 'kink' that can be adopted or cast aside at will.

She shakes loose from the memory and begins to dance with Ben, who is touched by the memory of the Sally he once cast aside.

He goes on to admit that he's lonely because he's not married and has no family and that he was cast aside like a used part.

brushed aside   (gạt sang một bên)

However, such objections were brushed aside.

Not all of the 6th Army was trapped: 50,000 soldiers were brushed aside outside the pocket.

A complaint regarding conflicts of interest and concerns raised in the consultation was also brushed aside.