Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

when asked   (cuando se le preguntó)

Kiffin quipped when asked about Mathis.

Sikharulidze took up pair skating at age 15 when asked by a coach.

It is not enough to assist [with fast offerings] only when asked."

then asked   (luego preguntó)

They were then asked to estimate the amount it moved.

The King then asked the qadi: "What do you say?

He then asked her, "Ms Kay, please think of something."

asked whether   (preguntado si)

Rabbi Eleazar asked whether the clothes did not need washing.

He was asked whether he was a master thief and he answered yes.

Rabbi Eleazar asked whether vermin did not breed in the clothes.

asked what   (pregunto que)

I asked what happened and he said nobody seems to know.

She said this sounded good but asked what form it would take.

Mr. Fitzgerald asked what that meant.

asked why   (preguntado por qué)

When Stone angrily asked why, Sykes said "I don't know.

A friend asked why he did not write one, and so he did.

Crawford recognized Desha and asked why he would try to rob him.

asked to leave   (pidió irse)

He was asked to leave the monastery of Velanidia.

Marshmello keeps avoiding being asked to leave.

She was eventually asked to leave.

asked how

Many have asked how Anwar inherited the name "Superstar".

When asked how they did the amazing feat.

I asked how the vessel could go?

asked to join   (pidió unirse)

That year Greg Nagy was asked to join the group.

Later, all the neighbours were asked to join the search.

They are even asked to join the protest around the campus.

asked to take

Late in the 1960s, Bhatt was asked to take photographs of Gujarati folk art.

His second day on the job, he was asked to take a case defending tobacco companies.

Garbage fans were asked to take part in the filming of the video's underwater scenes.

asked to write

Hopwood was asked to write the third act of Mary Roberts Rinehart's play "The Bat".

He was later asked to write an explanatory book, which was titled "Achtung Panzer!"

Ulvaeus was asked to write English lyrics for Ledin's songs as they are long term friends.

later asked

The Dalmatians later asked Caesar for pardon.

Storm later asked Epstein to manage the group, but Epstein refused.

The company later asked her to run the company's weakest Tokyo showroom.

asked to play   (pidió jugar)

Showerman was asked to play the part of George.

Evan Railton of Swords was asked to play drums.

In 2010 he was asked to play on Rhino Bucket's album "Who's Got Mine".

asked questions

He asked questions about faith and the fundamental teachings of the Church.

They were then asked questions about how many of a certain item there were in a set.

The study asked questions such as "Thinking about all aspects of your life, how happy are you?

asked to perform

In fact, when she was asked to perform with a puppet, all she could do was shake it.

This was the first time that a DJ was asked to perform for a ceremony at the Olympics.

While Knowles was on tour, she was asked to perform a Las Vegas residency-type of show.

not asked

CBS had not asked the Estate for permission.

Douglass, however, was not asked to fill many of the roles expected of a marshal.

According to TMZ, MTV had not asked Tracy Grandstaff to reprise her role as Daria Morgendorffer.

questions asked

Queries are questions asked based on a specific model.

No questions asked.

In fact, one of the more common questions asked in cockpits today is, "What’s it doing now?"

often asked   (preguntado a menudo)

We are often asked this question and have thoroughly researched it."

He was highly regarded by the Hanover government and often asked for advice.

They often asked challenging questions about life in the various regions of Canada.

when he asked   (cuando pregunto)

Houston agrees, but Patrick's parents are appalled when he asked them for permission.

Dein did not want the task; he was sobbing before Tala Mi Daw when he asked for the heirlooms.

After its completion, Phagpa was unwilling to let him leave when he asked for permission to return to Nepal.

asked to return   (pidió volver)

They were never asked to return.

The band had to re-group again and John Glascock was asked to return.

Matthews was subsequently asked to return, but declined due to fear of typecasting.

asked to make   (pidió hacer)

He is asked to make an offering to the Erinyes and complies, having made his peace.

Those attending were asked to make a commitment to a "simple and profound act" to work on one of these issues.

In mid 2009, Daniel was asked to make a fake copy of a 'Terroni,' and he would get paid a sum of money for it.

once asked

She once asked Kahoko's opinion on her performance in episode 12.

A Christian ("Minaah") once asked Abbahu "When does your Messiah come?"

Burns was once asked this question and said it would have been a funny line.

asked to resign   (pidió renunciar)

Eventually, Zyazikov was asked to resign.

He was asked to resign when the BJP Government came to power in 2016.

In March 2017 she was asked to resign by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

asked to provide   (pidió proporcionar)

Sando was asked to provide these men with provisions and arms.

They soon were asked to provide full vocals by Oakey as an experiment.

Following a downselect, four companies were asked to provide further developments.

asked for help

I think because I asked for help, which is a form of prayer."

Seeing he had a major fight on his hands, Dorland asked for help.

He said that 35 years ago, "I made that quantum leap when I asked for help.

never asked

The youngest Wistert said he never asked for the No.

Faust wishes he had never asked to have his youth back.

They were never asked to return.

government asked   (pregunto el gobierno)

The government asked Viollet-le-Duc to organize a competition.

In October 1896, an epidemic of bubonic plague struck Mumbai and the government asked Haffkine to help.

Amid war fever in Britain, the government asked Parliament to vote £6,000,000 to prepare the Army and Navy for war.

asked to give

The defeated king might sometimes be asked to give a tribute to the victorious king.

The Earl of Orkney later confessed that, "had I been asked to give my opinion, I had been against it."

The top 36 are then again asked to give solo performances, after which 18 are chosen in the final auditions.

asked to become   (pidió ser)

In 2008, the municipality has formally asked to become part of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

In 1905 he was asked to become a minister in the new cabinet Michelsen, but he declined.

In 2002, he was asked to become co-owner of the long-established London studio Earthworks.

asked permission   (permiso solicitado)

Pola asked permission to attend one of these schools, and her parents refused.

Andrée Ruffo asked permission to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.

On 15 April 2006, SF played at Toulouse and asked permission to don their pink jersey.

asked to help

"I was asked to help bring Persiba to the right place.

Monica, her twenty-year-old student daughter, is asked to help.

One day he was asked to help out with an experiment on a giraffe.

asked not

Control subjects were asked not to play the instrument.

In 1989, he asked not to be considered for an Emmy Award.

Clinton also asked Babbitt, who asked not to be considered.

again asked

Lucien Guitry again asked Tchaikovsky to write incidental music for "Hamlet".

While visiting Martin in jail, Martin's father again asked Pedro to change her story.

He is once again asked to consider living in a nursing home, and this time he agrees.

asked to create

In 2014, Crash was asked to create a series of murals for The Little Italy Street Art ( L.I.S.A. )

After being asked to create an album, Andy released his single ""Wasted" in 2008 which was included on .

They were asked to create the star of the show, a new version of the 2008 Ford Mustang called the "GT500KR".

asked him what

Mary Ann called Jack back and asked him what he wanted the chair for.

When he took it down, it asked him what demands he had for his rescue.

The interrogators asked him what Ergenekon was, and Güney proceed to explain.

repeatedly asked

Arnold repeatedly asked for command of West Point, and Washington finally agreed in August.

Fages repeatedly asked the friars running mission Santa Clara to grant Eulalia hospitality there.

Kasab repeatedly asked the interrogators to turn the camera off and warned them he would not speak otherwise.

asked the court   (preguntó la corte)

Both sides asked the court to allow them to present expert testimony.

Prosecutors asked the court to apply a "terrorism enhancement" at sentencing.

The Crown asked the court to increase Watson's prison term to two and a half years.

asked for permission   (pidió permiso)

He was impressed by Van den Berg officer who asked for permission while he was responsible.

Ordered to set up headquarters at Wheeling, Virginia, he asked for permission to relocate to Ohio.

In February 1927, Tadeusz Karpiński asked for permission to fly over the Atlantic, but did not receive it.

question asked

The question asked at the beginning is not "What is law?"

Style question asked by Sam.

The question asked was " is a website dedicated to what fictional character?"

frequently asked

Defendants are frequently asked if they would like to waive their speedy trial rights.

As a young talent, he was frequently asked as a drive-in jockey since he was fourteen.

Use of "FAQ" to refer to a single frequently asked question, in and of itself, is less common.

asked to come

Sagar is asked to come to a place to work out a deal.

She was later asked to come before the public and speak as a reformer to larger audiences.

After being asked to come on as a sub, he walked out of the ground while verbally showing his discontent.

asked to speak   (pidió hablar)

Jones then asked to speak to a representative of the town.

A portfolio manager subsequently asked to speak directly to someone at Solow Realty.

On October 29, 1869, Spotted Tail called at the door of Big Mouth's lodge, and asked to speak with him.

asked to see

Schaffner did as requested, then quietly asked to see the bomb.

He was taken for questioning in Kyoto and asked to see the sword.

Madeline Kahn objected when Brooks asked to see her legs during her audition.

asked the question

Jesus Freak Hideout's Ryan Barbee asked the question, "so how did The Museum do with this new release?

Additionally, Francesco asked the question, "So does The Museum succeed in defining themselves with this release?

Voters were asked the question "Shall there be a constitutional convention to propose amendments to the Constitution?"

asked to serve

He was asked to serve as Provost again in 1985.

In 1994, Aluko was asked to serve in the administration of General Sani Abacha.

In 2007, she was asked to serve as the Ranking Minority member of the Kansas Ways and Means Committee.

asked for more

Van Curtis asked for more time to think about it.

He took some pictures and asked for more money.

Running low on cash, Page asked for more.

boards asked

In the Spring of 2010, 135 Pennsylvania school boards asked to exceed their adjusted index.

asked to exceed

In the Spring of 2010, 135 Pennsylvania school boards asked to exceed their adjusted index.

school boards asked   (preguntaron las juntas escolares)

In the Spring of 2010, 135 Pennsylvania school boards asked to exceed their adjusted index.

asked to choose

After all of the girls entered, the boys were asked to choose a girl to pair up with.

The girls were then asked to choose between the songs "Bye Bye Baby" and "Full Bloom".

On his first day as king, he is asked to choose a name for Elephantland's Annual Parade.

asked people

The census in Israel directly asked people about their ethnicity only in 1983.

The census asked people for their native language: 7,939 (99.7%) were German-speaking.

With a new logo needed for the new name, Tuthill asked people from across the nation to submit ideas.

asked the government   (preguntó el gobierno)

Considering sexual harassment to be a social 'cancer', the ECWR asked the government to introduce legislation to curb it.

The prime minister in response asked the government to take back the presidential mansion which it had given him a few weeks earlier.

The Brazilian Association for Investigative Journalism also known as Abraji also asked the government to look closely into the killing of Sá.

asked to participate

In 2012, Crash was asked to participate in painting on Paris' Le M.U.R.

Kaye was asked to participate in a USO tour following the end of World War II.

He was also asked to participate on painting at The Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn, NY.