İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

then asks   (sonra sorar)

Optimus then asks what happened and who is left.

Yudhishithira then asks him how he slayed Suta's son.

Emma then asks Rodolphe, who has returned to Yonville.

asks what   (ne soruyor)

Optimus then asks what happened and who is left.

Cthulhu pukes and asks what Homer wants as a reward.

Christina asks what is going on between them.

asks why   (nedenini soruyor)

Cullen approaches Lily, who asks why he is still in town.

He is brought before Anu, who asks why he will not eat or drink.

He asks why she won't marry him, and she says he does not love her.

asks whether   (sorup sormadığını)

God asks whether they will agree to be his people.

Albert reconciles with Adam and asks whether Eva was real or not.

It asks whether every problem whose solution can be quickly verified can also be solved quickly.

asks how

Hitler congratulates him and asks how it felt.

The Doctor asks how Lady Macbeth came to have the light.

A bewildered Mike asks how he does it.

when he asks   (sorduğunda)

Despite this, Doll lies to Celestine when he asks her if he's ugly.

A person will quickly realize this when he asks for directions to this location from someone on the street.

David offers to put her in a taxi, and when he asks if she wants him to ride with her, she nods, speechless.

later asks

Mason later asks Beth out on a date and she accepts.

Arun later asks God why is everything happening to him.

Nellie later asks Pam to paint a mural in the warehouse.