all aspects   (すべての側面)

The classes cover all aspects of hotel management.

It covers all aspects of managing small companies.

The journal covers all aspects of stochastics.

other aspects   (他の側面)

This and other aspects of the game were very well balanced.

The other aspects of the film have been similarly skewered.

), rent, and other aspects of capitalism such as wage labour.

various aspects   (さまざまな側面)

Courses are held on various aspects of gardening.

Critics also viewed various aspects of the gameplay favourably.

Among his papers were found voluminous notes on various aspects of Zen.

many aspects   (多くの側面)

Hamilton disliked many aspects of modern life.

The Mahadevi goddess has many aspects to her personality.

In many aspects, the Agni-5 carries forward the Agni-3 pedigree.

different aspects

The material included different aspects of BDSM, e.g.

Each examined two different aspects about public opinion on NAFTA.

But both spirits are regarded as different aspects of one supreme god.

certain aspects   (特定の側面)

Subscription is free, although certain aspects are limited.

Mishti does begin to reveal certain aspects of her past to Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano).

Codecs are often designed to emphasize certain aspects of the media to be encoded.

endangered aspects   (絶滅危惧種)

The place demonstrates rare, uncommon or endangered aspects of Queensland's cultural heritage.

technical aspects

The films were praised for their technical aspects.

One of the basic technical aspects of curling is knowing when to sweep.

The technical aspects of the operation were detailed in a five-volume report.

aspects of life   (人生の側面)

It takes into account all aspects of life," she explains.

During that period, some aspects of life remained unchanged.

He began to focus on more important aspects of life in his poetry.

several aspects

The Jain concept of Ahimsa is characterised by several aspects.

In such systems, the medical director's role takes on several aspects.

The film differed from Chaplin's earlier productions in several aspects.

important aspects

He began to focus on more important aspects of life in his poetry.

Occupational heath and safety are important aspects of professional diving.

Casual events are one of the most important aspects of life in Strong College.

aspects such

Players had the ability to customize aspects such as their characters' looks and home.

Her photographs expose the gruelling work at the mine but also focus on more lighthearted aspects such as games they would play.

While not every use of mock language is the same, aspects such as gendered indicators, greetings, and pronouns are commonly used.

social aspects   (社会的側面)

Other authors have focused on the social aspects of Judo.

This includes environmental policy and safety and social aspects.

Psychologists have called attention to "social aspects of forgetting".

aspects of human

"Technologies reflect and encourage the worst aspects of human nature."

One of the practical goals of AI is to implement aspects of human intelligence in computers.

It can be applied to many aspects of human society, and is related to life-cycle assessment.

cultural aspects

There are technical and cultural aspects to producing maps.

The song describes life in India, and speaks of many cultural aspects.

The Epie-Atissa share cultural aspects of both the Ijaw and the Engenni.

negative aspects

These have both positive and negative aspects.

These negative aspects are now being rectified by special projects titled "Life-Nature Project".

The author claims to be "on her side", yet also examines the negative aspects of Thatcher's reign.

key aspects

The French began changing key aspects of administration and politics in the Kingdom of Dahomey.

However, this risks oversimplifying the biology so key aspects of the animal design are overlooked.

The idea of simply halting key aspects of the nuclear arms race arose in the early stages of the Cold War.

positive aspects   (ポジティブな側面)

The railway had numerous positive aspects.

There are many things included in the review that described the positive aspects of Pierce County.

Arthur Gies of "Polygon" endorsed the game world, story and protagonist as its most positive aspects.

most aspects   (ほとんどの側面)

Technology plays a large role in most aspects of today's society.

He was generally positive about most aspects apart from its visuals.

Synthetic pitches changed most aspects of field hockey, gaining speed.

covering all aspects

There are 93 articles (Laws), covering all aspects of duplicate bridge.

Cytologia Cytologia is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering all aspects of botany.

Cell Cycle Cell Cycle is a biweekly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering all aspects of cell biology.

specific aspects

He also wrote several shorter letters and essays discussing specific aspects of computus.

These users specialize in flaming and target specific aspects of a controversial conversation.

This work elucidated which specific aspects of spatial representations seemed to be most impaired.

covers all aspects

It covers all aspects of managing small companies.

The journal covers all aspects of stochastics.

It covers all aspects of bioethics in French or English.

political aspects

The personal aspects of "Howl" are perhaps as important as the political aspects.

In a nutshell, long cycle theory describes the connection between war cycles, economic supremacy, and the political aspects of world leadership.

Hoffman's study group was to assume that the political aspects of the war would not change and that there would be no further refinement of the rules of engagement.

legal aspects

Robben holds a master's degree in Law (KU Leuven, 1984), specializing in legal aspects of information management and social policy.

Gabay worked from 1962 to 1969 in the United Nations Secretariat on legal aspects of international economic relations and intellectual property issues.

In 1967 he defended his thesis for the degree of doctor of law on the topic "Social activities of the imperialist state: (Political and legal aspects)".

aspects of both

The oboe features aspects of both designs.

"Mixed" dislocations, combining aspects of both types, are also common.

The vast movement has aspects of both a fugue and a ritornello movement.

practical aspects

Focused on practical aspects of brain science, Olson works to understand how we can consciously interact with and influence this activity.

To help train others in the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga, the Gordhandhas Seksaria College Of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis was opened in 1951.

Traditionally having two parts, the manner of instruction he helped to create forged a stronger bond between the once-separate theoretical and practical aspects.