İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

used to assess   (değerlendirmek için kullanılır)

It is used to assess the 'operating' profit of the business.

The resulting set of potential neoantigens was used to assess T cell reactivity.

The BCO also suggests that POE can be used to assess if a project brief has been met.

assess whether   (olup olmadığını değerlendirmek)

Responses from servers are examined directly to assess whether an attack has taken place.

In most cases, a trial (test) lead placement is performed in order to assess whether the stimulation will work as expected.

People who were vaccinated were followed up for 84 days to assess whether they were protected from infection and to monitor any adverse events.

difficult to assess   (değerlendirilmesi zor)

The outcome of the operation is difficult to assess.

The precise number of prostitutes in Thailand is difficult to assess.

Eritrea does not publish a budget, making its fiscal condition difficult to assess.

order to assess   (değerlendirme emri)

Reconnaissance work continued over peacetime Europe in order to assess damage.

In order to assess the size, location and number of foreign objects a radiological evaluation is needed.

Thirdly, water level would be measured and recorded hourly in order to assess freshwater input into the project area.

assess the situation   (durumu değerlendirmek)

First responders had to use boats to assess the situation and offer aid.

The Norwegian Peoples' Aid Organization assembled a team of mine sweepers to assess the situation.

The East India Company sent an officer by the name Mr. Cotsford to assess the situation of these territories the next year.