İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

risk assessment   (risk değerlendirmesi)

tornado climatology, for risk assessment studies.

Outside of athletics, du Preez is a risk assessment analyst.

Outside of his athletic career, Du Preez works in risk assessment as an analyst.

impact assessment   (etki Değerlendirmesi)

DHS produced a 'privacy impact assessment' in 2008.

This legal commitment led to the setting up of an impact assessment process to be done "ex ante", i.e.

As of May 2017, the feasibility studies and environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) had been completed.

tax assessment   (vergi tahakkuku)

It was appraised by Tomasso at $6.5 million, double its tax assessment by the town.

Murshid Quli Khan organised a survey of agricultural land and a tax assessment on what it produced.

In October 2002, Bachchan filed returns showing income of Rs 14.99 crore for the tax assessment year 2002-03.

environmental assessment   (çevresel değerlendirme)

DDOT began an environmental assessment of the CSX tracks in July 2003.

The department approved the project and its environmental assessment report.

In practice, the River Continuum Concept is used today mainly for environmental assessment of rivers.

commissioner for assessment   (değerlendirme komisyonu)

He became a commissioner for assessment Norfolk in 1661 and for Suffolk in 1679, holding both posts until 1680.

William initially became commissioner for assessment for Norfolk in 1673 and for Suffolk in 1679, holding both offices until 1680.

environmental impact assessment   (Çevresel etki değerlendirmesi)

Plans for construction of the high rock-filled Letsibogo Dam on the Motloutse River also included careful environmental impact assessment studies.

Laws mandating environmental impact assessment and requiring or encouraging development to minimize environmental impacts may be assessed against this principle.

Ultimately, following an environmental impact assessment and Bord Pleanála approval in 2009, the project was approved without any changes to the planned location.

damage assessment   (hasar tespiti)

A Shahed 129 was also used to provide bomb damage assessment for the 2017 Deir ez-Zor missile strike.

Additional to reconnaissance missions to plot bombing runs, he also flew missions to photograph damage assessment.

Combat assessment/battle damage assessment is mentioned as not a standalone LRSU mission but inherent to all LRSUs.