Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

closely associated   (estrechamente asociados)

The brewery is closely associated with Pittsburgh.

Magic was closely associated with the priesthood.

He was also closely associated with Meyer Lansky.

often associated   (a menudo asociado)

The dying god is often associated with fertility.

Apollo is often associated with the Golden Mean.

It is often associated with aneurysms and Hepatitis B.

became associated

These elements became associated with conservatism.

Blue became associated with holiness, humility and virtue.

The band soon became associated with S.L.

commonly associated

It is not commonly associated with adult macaques.

It is most commonly associated with infection.

Black is commonly associated with secrecy.

not associated

(It is not associated with the NFL Dallas Texans.)

Champagne is not associated with any health defects.

Infertility is not associated with Cri du chat.

usually associated

Heart failure is usually associated with a volume overloaded state.

This plant is usually associated with Pacific islands in the tropics.

Alphabets are usually associated with a standard ordering of letters.

strongly associated   (fuertemente asociado)

Although strongly associated with fado (lit.

The movement is strongly associated to Armenian nationalism.

It was strongly associated with Mars, both the planet and the god.

costs associated

In total, direct costs associated with the event were estimated at C$10 million.

In 2009, hospital costs associated with amputation totaled more than $8.3 billion.

Fault reporting eliminates maintenance costs associated manual diagnostic testing.

problems associated

He has problems associated with being a hopeless romantic.

The main problems associated with atomic compression are in the development stage.

Golem has experienced rapid urban development and the problems associated with it.

particularly associated   (particularmente asociado)

It is particularly associated with Cornwall.

She was particularly associated with the heroines of Donizetti.

They are particularly associated with Chesterfield, in Derbyshire.

people associated

Notable people associated with Diepholz include:

Well-known people associated with Scottburgh include Dr T.C.

The trial of 20 people associated with Stavisky began in 1935.

risks associated   (riesgos asociados)

It increases awareness of the health risks associated with use of tobacco products.

The procedure is invasive and includes risks associated with anesthesia and surgery.

The consumers still seem unable to grasp the risks associated with this particular issue.

typically associated

They are typically associated with open woodland.

Phase III is typically associated with large-deformation covalent bond stretching.

Viennese and German cuisine and pastries are also typically associated with this region.

most associated   (más asociado)

The operative word most associated with it is "innovation".

He is most associated with the first manned flight in Norway.

Wray's role became the one with which she was most associated.

associated with increased

Some of these are associated with increased risk of skin cancer .

UCD is associated with increased risk of paraneoplastic pemphigus.

Benzodiazepines are also associated with increased risk of suicide.

traditionally associated

This detail is traditionally associated with the goddess Tara or Mateswari.

The name is traditionally associated with pureness of heart and soul, and honesty.

The Chhau mask is traditionally associated with the age-old dance forms in Purulia.

generally associated

Bryozoans are generally associated with the term colonies.

These conditions are generally associated with technical diving.

It is generally associated with the "thin-model" sawing apparatus.

associated structures

In the parish is a country house, Oakly Park; this and associated structures are listed.

In the settlements most of the listed buildings are houses, cottages and associated structures.

Most of the listed buildings are in the village and consist of houses and associated structures.

associated with other   (asociado con otro)

These dates are older than those associated with other proto-languages.

Papules are sometimes associated with other features such as crusts or scales.

Dolphins are associated with other gods, such as Apollo, Dionysus and Aphrodite.

associated with each

Under those musical scales are the "janyas" associated with each "melakarta".

The volume of flatus associated with each flatulence event again varies (5–375 mL).

In a multiprocessor system, there is one idle thread associated with each CPU core.

become associated   (asociarse)

By the end of the decade, eugenics had become associated with Nazism and poor science.

His firm had become associated with forced labour and atrocities in the Belgian Congo by 1911.

By the end of World War II, many eugenics laws were abandoned, having become associated with Nazi Germany.

most commonly associated   (más comúnmente asociado)

It is most commonly associated with infection.

Klaus Voorhees' Cobra was most commonly associated with Daredevil and Thor.

They are most commonly associated with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.

otherwise closely associated

People who were born in, residents of, or otherwise closely associated with Towaco include:

People who were born in, residents of, or otherwise closely associated with Vauxhall include:

People who were born in, residents of, or otherwise closely associated with Delaware include:

mainly associated

He was mainly associated with Richmond and Surrey.

He continued, however, to be mainly associated with the B-team.

A drengr in Denmark was a term mainly associated with members of a warrior group.

most closely associated   (más estrechamente asociado)

He was most closely associated with Gulbadin Hekmatyar.

Doublespeak is most closely associated with political language.

The cello is most closely associated with European classical music.

associated with many

The king was also associated with many specific deities.

He was actively associated with many organisations of the period.

Hypovitaminosis D has been associated with many neurological conditions.

sometimes associated

Fagging was sometimes associated with sexual abuse.

It is sometimes associated with hypoventilation.

The fox is also sometimes associated with transformation.

issues associated

Some of the ethical issues associated with the use of information technology include:

Some of the issues associated with his previous political activities also reappeared in public.

However, convergence issues associated with the infinite sum necessitate a more careful definition.

normally associated

This type of migration is normally associated with food availability.

They are three separate items, that are normally associated together.

It is also noted for using instruments not normally associated with jazz.

associated with several

p-ANCA is associated with several medical conditions:

Bhisham Sahni was associated with several literary and cultural organizations.

Bodhidharma is associated with several other names, and is also known by the name Bodhitara.

frequently associated

It is frequently associated with millennials.

The banjo is frequently associated with folk and country music.

Pig and horse bones are frequently associated with the burials.

primarily associated

It is primarily associated with moist and mixed deciduous-evergreen tropical forests.

They are primarily associated with arthropods and are the only known segmented RNA viruses that infect animal hosts.

"Slowness" — in German, "Langsamkeit" — had, before Nadolny's novel been primarily associated with mental retardation.

other associated   (otro asociado)

There were a lot of facts, misspelled words and other associated issues with the album.

As well as some of the other associated material around the characters of said stories.

Several other associated buildings, such as stables and entrance lodges, are also listed.

most often associated   (asociado con mayor frecuencia)

Gecker A gecker is a vocalization most often associated with baby primates.

As a group, evangelicals are most often associated with the Christian right.

It is most often associated with Greek tragedy, although it is also used in Christian theology.

directly associated

Siddons, however, was directly associated with the play's departure from the stage.

For many religions, religiosity is directly associated with an increase in the intention to have children.

Health Canada actively recognizes that substance abuse is directly associated with the public safety of all Canadians.

mostly associated

Juveniles and young adults are mostly associated with reefs.

This transmission is mostly associated with early Celicas of the 1970s.

In Calabar, nsibidi is mostly associated with men's leopard societies such as Ekpe.

associated with various

He was associated with various independent (noncanonical) jurisdictions.

Like other metazoans, "Drosophila" is associated with various bacteria in its gut.

If welcomed, affectionate behavior may be associated with various health benefits.

associated with higher

Multi-organ failure is associated with higher rates of mortality.

CGN is associated with higher levels of psychological distress in gay men than in lesbian women.

Increased level of anxiety and depression is associated with higher levels of sleep disturbances in TBI patients.

associated with both

Such rituals may have been closely associated with both roan antelope and eland, and other animals.

When considering the use of a slip sheet vs. a pallet, there are several advantages and disadvantages associated with both.

The majority of the St. Croix Band was split and associated with both Lac Courte Oreilles and Mille Lacs Indian reservations.

associated buildings

It includes the Colonel Joseph Wood House and associated buildings.

The property, with its associated buildings in Talbot Yard, is now Grade II listed.

Several other associated buildings, such as stables and entrance lodges, are also listed.

symptoms associated

Sciatica is a set of symptoms associated with disc herniation.

The symptoms associated to it are dramatic and may include delirium, mania or mutism.

Some symptoms associated with psychological dependence may also occur during withdrawal.

more associated

The newer concept abandoned these associations and through the 19th century, became more associated with women.

The newer concept abandoned these associations and, through the 19th century, became more associated with women.

refresh and restore] themselves after the yearly campaigns... Is there any relic more associated with Newtown [i.e.

associated with such

The dancer Loïe Fuller was especially associated with such dances.

I even feel a certain honor to be associated with such a mystery."

However, there was a huge problem associated with such a selection.

long been associated   (mucho tiempo asociado)

They have long been associated with the Arapaho.

Copenhagen has long been associated with beer.

The church has long been associated with British climbers.

buildings associated

Rustic buildings associated with the Alton Club were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

This exhibition focused on the buildings associated with Christian worship in the palace and elsewhere on the Fetternear estate.

It is credited as the first high rise on the South Side of Chicago excluding buildings associated with the World's Columbian Exposition.

name is associated

In some operating systems, the name is associated with the file itself.

His name is associated with the notion of ‘Saint-Petersburg still life’.

The "Plains" in the name is associated with wetlands situated adjacent to Roebuck Bay.

associated with high

However, ESUS is associated with high recurrence rates.

Erdheim–Chester disease is associated with high mortality rates.

It is associated with high fever, lung edema and pulmonary failure.

risk associated

Transmission from other hosts would tend to overestimate the infestation risk associated with nits.

The primary risk associated with eggs is food-borne illness caused by "Salmonella enteritidis" bacteria.

Moving from a country of high sanitation to a country of low sanitation reduces the risk associated with the disease.

all associated

The Nazi Party and all associated formations, including the "Stoßtrupp", were officially disbanded.

found associated

Wooden stakes were found associated with the burials.

It is found associated with "Apios americana".

They are not found associated with Post-Urban Harrapan artefacts at any sites.

historically associated

Germany has historically associated various dates with its nationhood and unity.

It is historically associated with Essendon, a suburb in the north-west of Melbourne, Victoria.

It was historically associated with a squat bottle enclosed in a straw basket, called a "fiasco" ("flask"; "pl.

gene are associated

Mutations in this gene are associated with progressive myoclonic epilepsy type 5.

Mutations in the "PLEKHG5" gene are associated with distal spinal muscular atrophy type 4.

Some mutations in this gene are associated with methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency.

artists associated

Bush became friends with artists associated with color-field like Jules Olitski, Kenneth Noland and also Anthony Caro.

She is a specialist in the Beat Generation, with her research specifically on Jack Kerouac and women artists associated with the Beat movement.

The Aberdeen Artists' Society was founded in 1827 by local artists associated with Scottish painter James Giles and noted Scottish architect Archibald Simpson.

associated with lower

Higher conscientiousness is associated with lower obesity risk.

In the US cohabitation is generally associated with lower fertility.

Other agents associated with lower toxicity levels are used during stage 1 of the disease.

became closely associated

The Sakas and Pahlavas became closely associated during the Saka migration.

Through their song-settings, the poems became closely associated with that era, and with Shropshire itself.

These allies (known as the "Zugewandte Orte") became closely associated with the confederacy, but were not accepted as full members.

long associated   (largo asociado)

The building has been long associated with key policy makers and bureaucrats.

Caligula reportedly talked to the full moon: Epilepsy was long associated with the moon.

Tickford's name had been long associated with expensive high-quality carriages and cars along with their folding roofs.

factors associated

Despite the risk factors associated with bicycling, cyclists have a lower overall mortality rate when compared to other groups.

The cause, according to the report, is driving inexperience and factors associated with youth relating to risk taking, delinquency and motivation.

The other factors associated with higher risk of NCDs include a person's economic and social conditions, also known as the "[social determinants of health]."

structures associated

Firstly, these elements demonstrate the first mineralized structures associated with vertebrate animals.

Brownian trees are mathematical models of dendritic structures associated with the physical process known as diffusion-limited aggregation.

In the parish is the country house of Woodcote Hall; this, structures associated with it, and the nearby church and churchyard wall are listed.

associated with more

It has been associated with more than 20 melodies.

In general, negative meta-stereotyping is associated with more negative individual self-view.

Many of the species found in Loch Achnacloich are more commonly associated with more southern parts of the UK.

previously associated   (previamente asociado)

Patil was previously associated with the Socialist Party.

Stone tool knapping was previously associated with the genus "Homo".

In January 2018, Robert "Bob" Woodruff, previously associated with Alex and Ani and Nike, was appointed CFO.

now associated

They are completely free of the bawdiness with which the verse form is now associated.

Formerly a presenter on Classic FM; he is now associated with Jazz FM and Encore Radio.

A revival of interest in the topic began in the 1960s, now associated with neopagan currents like Wicca, and with ufology.

name associated

The family name associated with the Counts of Abrantes was "Almeida".

They also have the right to have their name associated with the part they played.

Wetere Wetere or Wētere is a personal name associated with people from the Ngāti Maniapoto iwi in New Zealand.

effects associated

He helped perfect the light and color effects associated with Sirk's films.

These epigenetic effects are thought to be linked to many of negative health effects associated with smoking.

Epidemiological studies are underway to identify health effects associated with the high radiation levels in Ramsar.

especially associated

The dancer Loïe Fuller was especially associated with such dances.

Dry socket is especially associated with extraction of lower wisdom teeth.

As Agrotera, she was especially associated as the patron goddess of hunters.

sites associated

The sites associated with it are located in Gujarat, India.

The district includes five historic sites associated with the Plains Indian War from 1864 to 1876.

Several sites associated with the company have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

events associated

Any finite collection of divisibility events associated to distinct primes is mutually independent.

Analogous events associated with substrate binding and product dissociation apply to homogeneous catalysts.

The magazine features editorial about people, places and events associated with motorcycling in the Northwest region.

remained associated

The fact that he remained associated with one organisation [Jang] for 63 years is a feat in itself.

He remained associated with Karachi University for nearly 30 years and taught many PhD students and researchers.

He remained associated as Professor and Chairman with the Department of Urdu, University of Karachi, for many years.

activities associated

Women are particularly devoted to activities associated with shrines.

It has some activities associated with ecotourism such as mountain biking, hiking and cabins.

The activities associated with the hunt, including picnics and balls, evolved to become important society events.

stigma associated   (estigma asociado)

One reason for this is the negative stigma associated with exotic dancing.

The stigma associated with mental health disorders may do more harm than good.

The event aimed to spread awareness and reduce the stigma associated with being an atheist.

associated with certain   (asociado con ciertos)

Budding is associated with certain "Mycoplasma" phages.

"Jamais vu" is sometimes associated with certain types of aphasia, amnesia, and epilepsy.

BQP can be viewed as the languages associated with certain bounded-error uniform families of quantum circuits.