association football   (協会サッカー)

It rivals the popularity of association football.

Chile's most popular sport is association football.

It is currently used mostly for association football.

association football club   (協会サッカークラブ)

is an Irish association football club based in Galway.

Sport Clube Beira-Mar is an association football club.

is an association football club from Glasgow.

special association   (特別会)

No special association has been found between déjà vu and schizophrenia.

It has a special association with the Jardine family, early settlers of Cape York Peninsula.

The Pialba Memorial Cenotaph, funded by public subscription, has a strong and special association with the people of Hervey Bay.

association between   (間の関連)

There is an association between IQ and myopia.

In general, H assumes no association between .

Reviews have found no association between aspartame and cancer.

professional association   (専門職協会)

Georgia lacks an active professional association of the media workers.

He is also a member of ESOMAR, the professional association of marketers.

Adelaide's professional association football team, Adelaide United, play in the A-League.

long association   (長い付き合い)

Australian football has a long association with the ground.

In 1936, Mahon began a long association with the National Gallery.

This also marked the beginning of his long association with bassist Bill Putt.

close association

The folk music of Qatar has a close association with the sea.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah had developed a close association with the ulama.

Fergusson College is known for its close association with Indian politics.

trade association

In 2017 Patrick Dolan assumed the role of president at the trade association.

The Revenue Capital Association is the trade association representing the RBF industry.

The Association of Alternative Newsmedia is the alternative weeklies' trade association.

association football player   (協会のフットボール選手)

Daniel Peinado Daniel Peinado is a retired Argentine association football player.

Joao Luiz Ferreira Baptista Joao Luiz is a former Brazilian association football player.

János Mátyus János Mátyus (born 20 December 1974) is a Hungarian association football player.

national association   (全国協会)

From 2007 to 2008, he was president of the national association.

England Roller Hockey is the national association for roller hockey across the country.

From 1989 to July 2007, he was honorary president and patron of the national association.

professional association football

Adelaide's professional association football team, Adelaide United, play in the A-League.

Fulham Football Club is a professional association football club based in Fulham, London, England.

Gameplay consists of taking charge of a professional association football team, as the team manager.

association football competition   (協会サッカー大会)

2018 Panda Cup The 2018 Panda Cup was the fifth edition of the under-19 association football competition.

List of Copa Libertadores finals The Copa Libertadores is a seasonal association football competition that was established in 1960.

Texaco (All-Ireland) Cup The Texaco Cup was an all-Ireland association football competition that ran for two seasons in 1974 and 1975.

association footballer

Marco Gori Marco Gori (born 26 July 1979) is an Italian association footballer.

Victor Fatecha is the younger brother of association footballer Cristian Fatecha.

Predrag Jurić Predrag Jurić (born 4 November 1961) is a former Croatian association footballer.

football association

Laos established their national football association in 1951.

VB was the first football association in Vágur, founded in 1905.

The DFB, the German football association, lists all leagues below the 3.

strong association

Mehigan hailed from a family with a strong association with Gaelic games.

Random House has a holding in the company and has a strong association with Andersen.

There is a strong association between the development of PNP and malignancy of the tumor.

alumni association   (同窓会)

As president of the alumni association of Beijing No.

The school has a versatile alumni association.

The Association is the alumni association for the college.

free association   (自由連合)

Freud refined this kind of observation into free association.

I call it formal free association".

The basic relationship of free association continues indefinitely.

international association

LISAA School of Art & Design is a member of the international association CUMULUS.

In 2009 vacated their membership of FIPPA and EPPA and joined another international association, IPPA.

freedom of association

freedom of speech, or freedom of association.

Certain fundamental rights are also restricted or suspended, including the freedom of association (e.g.

association football clubs

Local association football clubs include Wilton United.

The association football clubs Berekum Arsenal and Berekum Chelsea.

Its regular tenants/users include two association football clubs – St. Patrick's C.Y.F.C.

bar association

The college has been equated with a bar association.

Voinescu joined the Bucharest bar association in 1994.

She was elected president of the student bar association.

association football team   (協会サッカーチーム)

The city's association football team is Korinthos F.C.

The local association football team is FC Khimik Koryazhma.

Railway Union's senior men's association football team play in the Athletic Union League.

former association

Peter also was a former association coach of the Dutch judo association.

Con Purser Conrad Purser (born 2 August 1931) is an Australian former association football player.

Manfred Schaefer Manfred Schaefer (born 12 February 1943) is a former association football defender.

found in association

It is usually found in association with red algae.

It is found in association with lowland rainforests.

A wide variety of artifacts were found in association with burials.

association was founded

The club's parent athletic association was founded in 1966.

The association was founded in 1998.

The association was founded in 1965.

voluntary association   (自主協会)

In contrast, the North Carolina Bar Association is a voluntary association.

In 2006, became a voluntary association under France’s 1901 law.

In congregationalism, rather uniquely, the church is understood to be a truly voluntary association.

association football league

Formed in 1896, it is the oldest association football league in what is now the Republic of Ireland.

Kano Pillars FC was founded in 1990, the year in which the professional association football league started in Nigeria.

2018 4. divisjon The 2018 season of the "4. divisjon", the fifth highest association football league for men in Norway.

no association

In general, H assumes no association between .

There is no association of 5-ARIs with male breast cancer.

Reviews have found no association between aspartame and cancer.

former association football

Con Purser Conrad Purser (born 2 August 1931) is an Australian former association football player.

Manfred Schaefer Manfred Schaefer (born 12 February 1943) is a former association football defender.

Freddie Mwila Freddie Mwila (born 6 July 1946) is a Zambian former association football player and coach.

association with other   (他との関連)

In association with other similar species of goby, it is probable that the fish is a planktivore.

It has also been found in association with other genetic syndromes such as Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome).

Through his own experience as an inventor and association with other inventors, he allied with their concerns.

same association

Teams from the same association could be drawn in the same group.

Sisters are sometimes mentioned as belonging to the same association.

Teams from the same association could not be drawn into the same group.

housing association   (住宅協会)

The village was leased in 1987 to a housing association for finance to modernise the houses.

They are systematically being replaced by a mix of private and housing association houses and flats.

In 2003 it was acquired by the housing association, Grŵp Gwalia Cyf, and was redeveloped into Llys Glas.

new association

Czech Scouts and Guides unified on January 22, 1939 to found the new association called Junák.

The new association included as part of its heritage the side "Sport Club Reuß" which was established in 1904.

For the competition to design 'a simple drawing symbol' for the new association, she came up with the winning design.

cultural association

The village has a cultural association KUD Grančica.

(Citizens for Beethoven) is Bonn’s largest cultural association.

It is the seat of the cultural association of Muslims in the Basque Coast.

student association   (学生会)

Most of them came from the student association Veljesto, which was active at the University of Tartu.

The college student association was a member of the National Union of Students and was there to support the students and ensure that they had a voice.

Like the Landsmannschaften or the Corps, a student association based on particular German region, the Burschenschaft members also engaged in duelling.

association called

The association called for a boycott of the Saddam Hussein legal trials in protest.

Czech Scouts and Guides unified on January 22, 1939 to found the new association called Junák.

This was initiated bottom-up by an association called "Mehr Demokratie" (English: More Democracy).

association representing

The Revenue Capital Association is the trade association representing the RBF industry.

It is the only national trade association representing chimney professionals in North America.

Advanced energy economy Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) is a trade association representing the advanced energy industry.

political association

Akouala Atipault was the National President of Citizen Force, a political association, as of 2007.

Article II – The goal of any political association is the conservation of the natural and imprescriptible rights of man.

According to the constitution, no political association may be formed if it is "based on differences in religion, language, race, gender, profession, or region".

association studies

However, linkage analysis and genome-wide association studies have found few reproducible risk factors.

Genome-wide association studies have identified over 160 genetic susceptibility loci for coronary artery disease.

Genome-wide association studies are a useful approach to pinpoint the mutations responsible for such complex diseases.

local association

The local association football team is FC Khimik Koryazhma.

From 2009 to 2012 she was the chairwoman of the SPD Ortsverein (local association) Jakobervorstadt/Bleich.

There must be a local association of governing bodies of at least two sports in the IIGA program at which the island can "adequately" compete.

association founded

Most of fabricas are under "Associazione Fabbricerie Italiane" a national association founded in 2007.

Education Law Association The Education Law Association (ELA) is a professional association founded in 1954.

La Lega (cooperative) La Lega Nazionale is an Italian co-operative association founded in 1891 on irredentist ideals.

sports association

1903: The sports association "Glad Ungdom" (Happy Youth) is formed November 22.

Also she won Soviet Team Chess Cup with the sports association "Trud" team in 1964.

From 1969, he was on the board of the Deutscher Sportbund, the German sports association.

association was formed

A parent-teacher association was formed in 1962.

The association was formed by twenty Bohemian men at Joseph Klecka's Tavern on Ashland Avenue.

The Donnybrook Football Club origins date back to 1897 when the first association was formed in the Bunbury Area.

association football tournament   (協会サッカー大会)

1998 Copa Merconorte The 1998 Copa Merconorte was an association football tournament held in 1998.

Football at the 2016 Summer Olympics The association football tournament at the 2016 Summer Olympics was held from 3 to 20 August in Brazil.

The Nehru Cup is an international association football tournament, organised by the All India Football Federation, which was launched in 1982.

industry association

Before entering politics, Patten was the CEO of Australia’s national adult industry association, Eros Association.

The book was made into a color training film by the industry association Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association (FTD).

It filed twice for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and was successfully reorganized into a new swimming pool industry association.