İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

asylum seekers   (sığınmacılar)

The latter group includes minor asylum seekers arriving without parents.

In the area too, a transit centre for asylum seekers has been running since 1989.

Togo works with international organizations to aid refugees, asylum seekers, and others.

political asylum   (politik akıl hastanesi)

No statements about the desire to obtain political asylum.

Venckiene asked for political asylum in the United States in 2013.

The book was written in Cuba where Shakur currently has political asylum.

insane asylum   (akıl hastanesi)

Elliott is arrested and placed in an insane asylum.

From 1891, he was institutionalised in an insane asylum.

The county built a separate building for the insane asylum in 1870.

mental asylum   (akıl hastanesi)

Ashok escaped from the mental asylum and killed all three.

When he was 14, his mother was committed to a mental asylum.

He takes Peter North's name in order to stay out of the mental asylum.

granted asylum   (iltica hakkı)

He fled to Mexico and was granted asylum there.

He remained in America and was granted asylum.

Nammi was granted asylum in the UK.

seeking asylum   (sığınma aramak)

In 2002, he arrived in the United States seeking asylum, which was denied by an immigration judge.

Those conscripted may evade service, sometimes by leaving the country, and seeking asylum in another country.

Albanians seeking asylum in the UK regularly cite blood feuds as the reason that it is unsafe for them to return to Albania.

sought asylum

Ordo Amoris Cabinet ceased in 2003 and Francis Acea sought asylum in the US.

Arundell refused de Vere's offer, and he and Howard initially sought asylum with Mendoza.

Valdés spent a month in Tejas Verdes, and when he was released, he sought asylum at the Swedish embassy.

asylum seeker   (sığınmacı)

For this, a 29-year-old Nigerian national and failed asylum seeker, Innocent Oseghale, had been arrested and charged.

The novel centers around Ali, a 15-year-old asylum seeker living on the juvenile floor of an asylum home in Vienna, Austria.

It notably includes then asylum seeker Ahmed Zaoui, who was appealing a security certificate issued due to alleged links to terrorist groups.

lunatic asylum   (akıl hastanesi)

Part of the hospital was used as a lunatic asylum until 1860.

Hilary Fairchild (Adolphe Menjou) returns home after a long spell in a lunatic asylum.

Bedlam was actually not only a lunatic asylum but also an attraction for paying guests in the 18th century.

seek asylum   (Iltica etmek)

The Liu Family had to flee their home to seek asylum again.

Waldecker came to the area to seek asylum from Nazi persecution.

More than 150 migrants prepared to seek asylum from United States immigration officials.