regiment was attached   (連隊が取り付けられました)

The regiment was attached to New Zealand and Australian army units during the war.

The regiment was attached to Davis' Provisional Brigade, Army of the Potomac, to January 1862.

The regiment was attached to Grover's Brigade, Military District of Washington, to February 1863.

still attached   (まだ付いている)

However, the liferaft was unused and still attached to the boat.

There is also a small section of her deck is still attached to her port side.

The seeds are viviparous and start to develop whilst still attached to the tree.

attached to each   (それぞれに付属)

A pair of single-storey keepers' cottages was attached to each tower.

When attached to each other, the vehicle thus formed was dubbed the "Ridek".

A thick string is then attached to each end of the stick, securing the bladder.

not attached

the whorls of the shell are not attached to one another.

It is more often found floating in the creek water and not attached to rocks on the bottom.

The pendulum is not attached to the clock but some distance away, linked by a connecting rod.

became attached

It is during that time that he became attached to animals.

In the same year she became attached to bookkeeper William "Billy" Mabon.

On 24 December, the brigade became attached to the British 4th Infantry Division.

then attached

Photos are then attached to an Office document.

It was then attached to the East Indies Fleet.

A thick string is then attached to each end of the stick, securing the bladder.

attached to direct

In 1998, Tim Burton was attached to direct a "Goosebumps" film for 20th Century Fox.

Larson had unsuccessfully auditioned in 2012 to star in the film when Miguel Arteta was attached to direct.

In September 2009 John Logan was announced to be writing a screenplay with Ridley Scott attached to direct.

attached directly

Review content is attached directly to a listing.

A coal port is attached directly to the station which supplies all its coal consumption needs.

Telephone, CATV, and fibre optic cables are generally attached directly to the pole without insulators.

remained attached

The three tanks remained attached to the Golani Brigade.

” Guazzini nonetheless remained attached to certain traditions.

She remained attached to it, and in later years rebuilt its church.

permanently attached

The staff has a permanently attached compartment on the top containing seed rattles.

The vehicle cord set used will be tested to UL 2251 and be permanently attached to the station.

However, Stoney believed these charges were permanently attached to atoms and could not be removed.

remain attached   (付けられたまま)

Her anchors and windlass both still remain attached to her bow.

According to the law, if the couple remain attached, their movements will counter each other.

As the larval instars develop, the pellets of their own faeces remain attached to their backs and posteriors.