Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

heart attack   (ataque al corazón)

O'Malley died of a heart attack in 1966 at age 75.

Hopman died of a heart attack on 27 December 1985.

He died on June 13, 2001 following a heart attack.

attack against   (ataque contra)

Bai Qi then turned his attack against the Han forces.

Sui-San died in Thanos' first major attack against Titan.

On June 4, the Japanese launch an air attack against Midway.

surprise attack   (ataque sorpresa)

Viriathus later defeated Servilianus with a surprise attack.

The Imperial forces fall prey to a surprise attack by the Fremen.

The next morning Armstrong launched a surprise attack on the village.

terrorist attack   (ataque terrorista)

She also described it as a well-planned terrorist attack.

At the time, they were informed that the attack was a "terrorist attack".

It was the largest terrorist attack in history until the 9/11 terror attacks.

air attack   (ataque aéreo)

That evening, her anchorage came under enemy air attack.

The ship had already been badly damaged in an air attack.

The next day her task group underwent a severe air attack.

during the attack

One Norwegian suffered light injuries during the attack.

Visual acuity transiently deteriorates during the attack.

"Whitney" was undamaged during the attack.

ground attack

These were capable of being used in a ground attack role.

They saw heavy use in ground attack missions against insurgents.

From 1942 it was adapted as a light night ground attack aircraft.

first attack

The first attack on 12 October was driven back.

Soon, the Genji make their first attack from the sea.

1664 Shivaji launched first attack on Surat.

came under attack   (fue atacado)

Boncelles first came under attack on 6 August 1914.

Liège first came under attack on 6 August 1914.

They were ambushed and the safe house came under attack.

launched an attack

Instead, he launched an attack on the citadel.

He immediately launched an attack and entered the capital Lu.

Accordingly, the Soviet Union launched an attack of Finland in November 1939.

attack aircraft

From 1942 it was adapted as a light night ground attack aircraft.

In addition, reported two Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 attack aircraft.

Following Desert Shield, Bull's career took a turn from attack aircraft to fighter aircraft.

another attack   (otro ataque)

At noon, de Villiers made another attack on Wagon Hill.

In July 1944, another attack followed, killing 36 more civilians.

Preparations began for another attack but bad weather forced a delay.

before the attack

It should look like it was 10 years before the attack.

He had received two threats one day before the attack.

An American girl marries a Japanese American just before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

attack during

The Australian mainland came under attack during 1942 and 1943.

He had previously suffered at least one heart attack during the 1960s.

The castle came under attack during the Revolt of the Comuneros in 1521.

bomb attack   (ataque con bomba)

The driver of his car was killed in the bomb attack.

Jamal was assassinated on October 15, 2013 in a bomb attack.

In 1920 there would be a major terrorist bomb attack on Wall Street.

not attack

It cannot attack if it has already fed.

The XVI Corps did not attack on 19 September due to casualties.

La Tour did not attack the fort, which was defended by twenty soldiers.

angle of attack   (ángulo de ataque)

At rotation, Concorde would rise to a high angle of attack, about 18 degrees.

The aircraft's computers received conflicting information from the three angle of attack sensors.

Accurate azimuth and elevation angle of attack (AOA) information can be another very important requirement.

second attack

1670 Shivaji led second attack on Surat.

The Japanese bombers then turned, and made a second attack on the base.

However, von Ungern-Sternberg launched a second attack in early February 1921.

nuclear attack

In these times, everybody knows what that means: nuclear attack.

One of the most prepared countries for a nuclear attack is Switzerland.

In the aftermath of the nuclear attack, one third of the populations would be dead.

main attack   (ataque principal)

Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson led the main attack.

Brigadier General Porter was entrusted with the main attack.

The main attack began on the town around noon, and the "fellagha".

attack began

The infantry night attack began at 16:30 on 21 July.

The attack began in the middle of a rainstorm.

Other sources state that the attack began around 11:30.

attack upon

The increase in organised raids and surprise attack upon infrastructure, e.g.

The Maratha attack upon Kunjpura triggered a military response by Ahmad Shah Durrani.

In a subsequent attack upon Silves, Portugal in 1191, his governor of Córdoba took 3,000 Christian slaves.

major attack   (ataque mayor)

Five men died in the third, and last, major attack.

The next major attack was launched on Mongla seaport.

Sui-San died in Thanos' first major attack against Titan.

decided to attack

They waited until morning before they decided to attack.

KLXK eventually decided to attack KQRS from another front.

However, Leotychides decided to attack the camp with the Allied fleet's marines.

arson attack   (ataque incendiario)

Investigations suggested it was an arson attack.

The Baptist church on Parrin Lane was destroyed in an arson attack in 2010.

Gardner used to own a pub in Gateshead, which was subject to an arson attack.

night attack

The infantry night attack began at 16:30 on 21 July.

Operation Hammer had been planned as a night attack.

On 31 August another night attack was repulsed killing 3 PAVN.

attack occurred

The attack occurred at 11:00pm on 20 February 1979.

The attack occurred in Smith's Albany office.

Another similar rocket attack occurred in January 1974.

attack took

At 11:30, the last depth charge attack took place.

This attack took place in the area south of Peshawar.

This attack took place off the southwest coast of neutral Ireland.

during an attack

He was later seen during an attack on the New Avengers.

He was seriously injured during an attack that he carried out in Warangal.

Bloodshed is part of Hood's crime syndicate during an attack on Mister Negative.

successful attack

In October 1987, however, the contras staged a successful attack in southern Nicaragua.

On 19 December 1948, the Dutch launched a successful attack on Yogyakarta and occupied it.

"On 9 November 1958, Chamdowa Shangri Lhagyal led a successful attack on the Chinese troops in Drashi Dra.

launch an attack

Otto decided to launch an attack on what was then the French rearguard.

Allows the "Wind Rider" and her riding party to launch an attack using their lances.

Manstein wanted to launch an attack as soon as possible, but his logistical lines were poor.

fatal heart attack   (infarto mortal)

He suffered a fatal heart attack while walking in the woods of Vienna.

John Allen suffered a fatal heart attack on the evening of January 6, 1973.

In 1931 he suffered a fatal heart attack while visiting his brother in Harlingen.

suicide attack

They are sometimes for a suicide attack.

Initial reports stated that the bombing was a suicide attack.

He was assassinated on September 9, 2001 in a suicide attack.

initial attack   (ataque inicial)

The plant was now marked by smoke from the initial attack.

Instead, the initial attack was thought of as a large-scale raid.

Richard O'Connor led the initial attack against the Italian camps.

attack took place   (el ataque tuvo lugar)

At 11:30, the last depth charge attack took place.

This attack took place in the area south of Peshawar.

This attack took place off the southwest coast of neutral Ireland.

attack helicopters

The attack helicopters will be delivered from the second half of 2022.

The Air Force has 12 MiG-21 jet fighters, 10 combat-transport Mi-171 and 16 OH-58 attack helicopters.

As Captain Luttrell coordinated Army attack helicopters overhead, two Afghan commandos were fatally shot.

enemy attack

Crash can be shielded from enemy attack by collecting an Aku Aku mask.

The Council was provided emergency powers in the event of enemy attack.

Much coal for the gas works was shipped by sea and was vulnerable to enemy attack.

attack when   (atacar cuando)

They are also likely to attack when protecting food.

Robert died from a heart attack when Hester was twelve.

The spirit is said to only attack when a woman commits adultery while in a marriage.

continued to attack

U.S. privateers continued to attack vessels in the Bay of Fundy.

Vader and Mankind both took turns and continued to attack Bulldog.

In addition, during Roque's imprisonment, the Strangler continued to attack.

torpedo attack

A second torpedo attack just after midnight hit the ship.

Once there, the MTSM could carry out a torpedo attack on moored or stationary ships.

"U-66"s torpedo attack was successful, sinking the ship and killing 20 men, including the ship's master.

condemned the attack   (condenó el ataque)

BBS denied any involvement and condemned the attack.

The UN Security Council condemned the attack.

Syrian government condemned the attack.

direct attack

His plan was to make a direct attack rather than encircle the Indians.

In March 1891, a French force under Colonel Louis Archinard launched a direct attack on Kankan.

On 10 August, Liversedge picked up another US battalion and renewed the direct attack on Bairoko.

survived the attack

The al-Hillis' two daughters both survived the attack.

Ten of the 12 Fortresses survived the attack.

Çakıcı was also hit in the neck, but survived the attack.

attack transport

USS St. Mary's (APA-126) USS "St. Mary's" (APA-126) was a "Haskell"-class attack transport of the US Navy.

USS Hempstead (APA-241) The second proposed USS "Hempstead" (AVP-43) was a United States Navy attack transport that was never laid down.

She was converted into an attack transport (APA-52) by the Maryland Drydock Company of Baltimore, Maryland, and commissioned on 1 September 1943, Capt.

massive heart attack   (infarto masivo)

However, he died of a massive heart attack in 1979.

Shortly after Reznikov left, Balagula suffered a massive heart attack.

Shortly after he returned home, Douglass died of a massive heart attack.

following the attack

Hizam security forces attempted to clear the mortar site following the attack.

The years immediately following the attack of 1465 forced Rennyo to live a nomadic life.

The stampede following the attack resulted in the death of 19 people, among them 17 women.

final attack

The final attack mounted by the M113 company failed.

The desperate final attack of the Guard was narrowly beaten back.

The final attack began on late 27 April with a heavy Jäger artillery barrage.

off the attack

The CIA defenders held off the attack until the morning.

The British had broken off the attack in the night and were retreating.

The Duke, therefore, called off the attack against Offus and Autre-Eglise.

vulnerable to attack   (vulnerable al ataque)

They were also very vulnerable to attack by cavalry.

This would have left both Britain and her Empire vulnerable to attack.

This leaves any computer under surveillance using this software vulnerable to attack.

frontal attack   (ataque frontal)

These were intelligent dispositions, well-chosen to repulse a frontal attack.

Believing that a frontal attack across the Monocacy would be too costly, Early sent Brig.

The battle is eventually joined with a frontal attack on the Roman encampment by Hunnic cavalry.

tried to attack

Petty was declared the winner, but in Victory Lane, a fan tried to attack him.

", The Undertaker tried to attack Lesnar, but was stopped by Lesnar's security.

used to attack

He is the representation of how winter used to attack rural communities.

When fighting, they are used to attack and defend, and to protect the trunk.

They were mainly used to attack enemy surface ships and shore-based targets.

chemical attack

A chemical attack in Douma occurred on 7 April 2018.

Russia has said video of the chemical attack was staged by members of the White Helmets.

It is resistant to dissolution or chemical attack, even in the acidic contents of the digestive tract.

ordered to attack

Some local Kurdish tribes were armed and ordered to attack the Armenians.

Groups of Đại Việt infantry were ordered to attack the Mongols in Vạn Kiếp.

They are ordered to attack and then retreat to draw away a German reserve force.

not to attack

Diplomats saw it as a clear warning to Germany not to attack Canada.

He took Figeac in October 1371, but undertook not to attack the region again for 120 000 francs.

Fabius had told Minucius not to attack Hannibal in his absence, but Minucius disobeyed and attacked anyway.

panic attack   (ataque de pánico)

Cognitive dissonance spurs Max to a panic attack.

Patrick has a panic attack and flees the stage.

Suddenly, Lea gets a panic attack and rushes to a bathroom.

attack failed

The attack failed however, and Hermanus was killed.

The attack failed with many casualties.

bowling attack

Simply put, leg theory involves concentrating the bowling attack at or near the line of leg stump.

The match also witnessed the IPL debut of pacer Doug Bollinger, who became a vital cog in their bowling attack.

With a weak bowling attack Barrington's leg-spin was encouraged and he took 5/29 and 4/25 against South African Universities.

planned attack

It was a planned attack, not a protest."

Rommel reluctantly decided on 20 November to call off his planned attack on Tobruk.

On the day of the planned attack, his accomplices are not at their planned meeting place.

terror attack   (ataque terrorista)

The European Union condemned "firmly" the terror attack.

He made similar statements after 6 July terror attack on churches in Garissa.

The attacks are the deadliest terror attack in Indonesia since the 2002 Bali bombings.

attack and died

He suffered a heart attack and died in 1972 at age 46.

Alan Missen suffered a second heart attack and died at home on 30 March 1986.

While in Cannes, France, Alcott suffered a heart attack and died on 28 July 1986.

attack came

The barrier was still being worked on when the attack came.

However, no attack came.

Another German attack came at five o'clock in the morning, this time from higher ground.

attempted to attack

Set attempted to attack the body of Osiris by transforming himself into a leopard.

When the Nassauers attempted to attack the battery they were ridden down by a squadron of cuirassiers.

He attempted to attack over land in an effort to capture the rich port of Panamá but was defeated again.

attack helicopter   (helicóptero de ataque)

The request, however, was a trap, and Guy Kazama's unit is ambushed by an attack helicopter.

The most notable models of these are the W-4 Wraith fighter and the Kestrel attack helicopter.

Noam Gershony served in the Israeli Defense Force as a pilot in the attack helicopter Boeing AH-64 Apache.

gas attack

He witnessed there the victims of gas attack.

the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway).

Six weeks later they were beating off a German gas attack in Flanders.

did not attack

The XVI Corps did not attack on 19 September due to casualties.

La Tour did not attack the fort, which was defended by twenty soldiers.

However, Murad II did not attack Hungary and instead concentrated on the Siege of Thessalonica.

bombing attack

A bombing attack into the rest of Stuff Redoubt gained ground but this was later abandoned.

Bilour was son of Bashir Ahmad Bilour who was also killed in a suicide bombing attack in December 2012.

The first mission was flown on the night of 16 August 1942 and consisted of a bombing attack on the harbor at Mersa Matruh.

new attack

However, after design, a new attack might be discovered.

A new attack called BlueBug was used for this experiment.

A new attack at Helles (the Battle of Krithia Vineyard) began in August.

asthma attack   (ataque de asma)

Tallo died from an acute asthma attack on 25 April 2009.

He died in 2001 at the age of 78 after an asthma attack.

While staying at an inn he suffered a severe asthma attack.

unsuccessful attack

Ptolemy also initiated an unsuccessful attack on Sepphoris.

On 20–21 May Elise and her husband took part in an unsuccessful attack on Landau.

On 4 July it fought in the unsuccessful attack on Helena, suffering casualties of three killed and six wounded.

such an attack

The base was prepared for such an attack, as were most bases.

However, neither observation led to formal policy recommendations to forestall such an attack.

The targets were later altered by al-Qaeda, as it was feared that such an attack "might get out of hand".

led the attack

In the 19th century, classical liberals led the attack against statism.

During the siege he led the attack from the east while Tahir commanded from the west.

Having assessed the weather, Westlake led the attack in a Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk from No.

aerial attack

The fort came under aerial attack in the afternoon.

Both these ships came under Japanese aerial attack off Batticaloa and were sunk.

On the 18th there was another aerial attack, knocking out four 75mm guns and the machine gun turret.

fast attack

The U.S. currently operates three classes of fast attack submarine: the , , and es.

The Navy has 29 ships, out of which five 60-80 metre fast attack craft are used in offensive capabilities.

These ships were formerly used by the South Korean Navy as Chamsuri/Wildcat (PKM-200 series) class fast attack crafts.

order to attack   (orden de atacar)

In order to attack, she makes a flag with her own veil and uses it as a sign for her troops to outbreak.

One source from the 1880s suggests that it was the Indians who arranged to be alone with Standish in order to attack him.

Hill and Longstreet, under Longstreet's overall command, turned out to be the only ones to follow Lee's order to attack the main Union concentration.

come under attack

At the island, the survivors come under attack by a large unseen force.

Passage was hampered by poor weather conditions, but the convoy did not come under attack.

He explained that Kuaiji Commandery had an abundance of resources so it would come under attack by Sun Ce very soon.

nucleophilic attack

They perform a nucleophilic attack of the 3'-OH group of the ribose on the α-phosphoryl group of ATP.

The formation of 3-methylbutanoic acid follows from a nucleophilic attack of carbon dioxide by an organosodium compound.

The second approach involves the formation of an intermediate organo-alkali compound followed by nucleophilic attack of the alkyl halide.

heart attack during   (ataque al corazón durante)

He had previously suffered at least one heart attack during the 1960s.

Mrs D'Arcy died of a heart attack during a cruise to the West Indies in the summer of 1932.

On 20 November 1995, Grinkov died of a heart attack during practice in Lake Placid, New York.

behind the attack   (detrás del ataque)

Some reports suggested that BBS was behind the attack.

The motive behind the attack has not been clearly established.

It is assumed that the person behind the attack is the "Ultimate Enemy".

heavy attack

Tancred's troops arrive, surviving heavy attack by the imperial admiral.

Due to a relatively short fuselage and an extended twin tail boom this aircraft type could accommodate a heavy attack and defense armament.

By 7 December Rommel fell back to a defensive line at Gazala, just west of Tobruk, all the while under heavy attack from the Desert Air Force.

infantry attack

At 11:30 on 21 June the Fort fell after a sustained infantry attack.

Afterwards, the NLA initiated an infantry attack which was repelled by the police.

The German/Italian armoured Corps infantry attack was stopped in very heavy fighting.

then attack

Daniel and Hasmin then attack Moises who is holding Ahnia hostage.

"Lützow" and the remaining three destroyers would then attack the undefended convoy from the south.

Barnes goes to see Jackie and discovers that she has been killed by Carlos' henchmen, who then attack him.

apparent heart attack   (ataque cardíaco aparente)

She suffered an apparent heart attack shortly thereafter.

Mayor Neil Winter died on May 19, 2018, due to an apparent heart attack.

Hock Walsh died on December 31, 1999, at the age of 51, of an apparent heart attack.

led an attack

He subsequently led an attack on them and defeated them.

Forrester led an attack on the Manchester Art Gallery on 3 April 1913.

Miguel then organized them, took control of weapons and led an attack against the mines.

began to attack

Barack Obama began to attack former President Bill Clinton for his comments which were taken as racist.

Birds such as tits ("Paridae") began to attack the bottles, opening the foil or cardboard lids and drinking the cream of the top.

While waiting for the main crusader army, the disorganized "People’s Crusade" army began to attack the villages surrounding Nicaea.

attack the city

He did not dare attack the city, as the odds were overwhelming.

An attempt to attack the city harbor was repulsed by the city's defenders.

The Indian Army advance came to a halt and they were hesitant to cross the Karun River and attack the city.

tries to attack

The wizard, who is Antorell, shows up and tries to attack Daystar.

Lois tries to attack the Joker, who fractures her skull in retaliation.

When inside the apartment, Kayako frequently watches Naoko, however never tries to attack her.

planned to attack

Zhu Li informed everyone that Kuvira planned to attack Republic City in two weeks.

Dearborn planned to attack Fort George next, but his army required rest and reorganization.

They had carried explosive, bomb-tipped arrows and allegedly planned to attack the Brimob headquarters.

attack was made

This attack was made against Tokyo on 25 February.

The attack was made with 10th, 15th, and 21st Panzer Divisions.

At 6pm on the 4th of May the final Confederate attack was made and repulsed.

forces to attack

Liu Yao led his forces to attack Ze Rong but was driven back.

He led Ming forces to attack the "wokou" base in Zhoushan in northeastern Zhejiang.

The defensive line began to crack; noting this, Foster ordered his remaining forces to attack.

missile attack   (ataque con misiles)

It was planned to protect all 50 states from a rogue missile attack.

The reviewer also felt there could have been a wider range of missile attack spells.

The 820th Main Centre for Missile Attack Warning is the centre of Russia's missile attack warning network.

troops to attack

Sharon ordered the rest of his troops to attack in order to aid their comrades.

By leading your troops to attack the island, you are heading straight into hell.

At this location, he prepared his troops to attack the Allied positions that night.

attack before

By 1 p.m., Meade was frustrated by the delay and ordered Warren to attack before Sedgwick could arrive.

Her crew was able to transfer the ship's guns ashore to defend Clifton from Confederate attack before taking measures to raise the vessel.

Manager Herbert Chapman tried different combinations in attack before James and subsequently the rest of the team began to find form in late January.

attack was carried

Robert's attack was carried out in five columns.

The attack was carried out by the ZANLA.

Meanwhile, another, unsuccessful, attack was carried out against Isdud.

ground attack aircraft

From 1942 it was adapted as a light night ground attack aircraft.

The radar station picked up the approach of a group of ground attack aircraft on their way to Anju.

He was one of the first people to become an experienced pilot on the Ilyushin Il-2 ground attack aircraft.

against attack   (contra el ataque)

Edwards ordered cannon distributed to allow towns to defend themselves against attack.

A caponier, a rare feature in US forts, projected into the ditch to defend it against attack.

When defending against attack by enemy foot soldiers, the cannons first fired at the enemy artillery.

army to attack

Matilda of Boulogne then commanded her army to attack the besiegers.

In the New Kingdom, a series of pharaohs used the standing Egyptian army to attack and conquer Kush and parts of the Levant.

On September 12, thousands of the Taiping troops gathered outside Changsha, the leader who commanded the army to attack Changsha was the West King Xiao Chaogui.

attack submarine

The U.S. currently operates three classes of fast attack submarine: the , , and es.

Marlin-class submarine The "Marlin"-class submarines are a class of diesel-electric attack submarine.

The members of the oldest currently-commissioned attack submarine class, the , are typically named for cities.

attack led

An attack led by Major-General Baird secured the fortress.

The attack led to sharp condemnations from Israeli and Egyptian authorities.

It is possible that this attack led to the village's decline in the years that followed.

attack was launched

The next major attack was launched on Mongla seaport.

Despite this, the attack was launched at daybreak on August 5.

The first attack was launched against Stettin on April 21, 1943, and left 400 dead.