Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

then attacked   (sau đó bị tấn công)

The three girls are then attacked by household items.

He then attacked Ulbia on Sardinia, but was repulsed.

However, she is then attacked by Dark Kabuto.

forces attacked   (lực lượng tấn công)

Von Ungern-Sternberg's forces attacked Kyakhta in early June.

Salcedo's forces attacked and drove the pirates out of Manila.

On 6 February, rebel forces attacked Kidal, a regional capital.

attacked again   (tấn công một lần nữa)

"Alabama" is attacked again by the Russian submarine.

Five days later the Spanish attacked again.

Next, Crum’s Lancaster was attacked again.

attacked and killed

He investigates, and is attacked and killed by a zombie.

They attacked and killed any intruders without provocation.

Protestant mobs attacked and killed at least twenty-two people.

again attacked

He again attacked on 24 October.

As they proceed towards the location of the ALA, they are again attacked.

Halfway into the 10th century, Karakhanid ruler Musa again attacked Khotan.

attacked and destroyed

On 4 September they attacked and destroyed the village of Ćukovi.

The Basques attacked and destroyed his rearguard and baggage train.

In April 1887, a mob attacked and destroyed 175 Jewish homes and 14 shops.

attacked and captured

The Maratha's initially attacked and captured Katwa and Hooghly, in Bengal.

"B" Squadron, 10th Light Horse Regiment attacked and captured the rearguard.

Chaytor's Force advanced towards Amman which was attacked and captured on 25 September.

troops attacked

Deep Shahi ruled Doti when the Nepalese troops attacked.

The troops attacked the protesters, firing into the crowds.

At the end of April, the Christian troops attacked Golubac.

army attacked

Another Greek army attacked into Epirus towards Ioannina.

The next day the Dutch army attacked and defeated the Belgians near Leuven.

The Japanese army attacked British-controlled Hong Kong on December 8, 1941.

aircraft attacked

Six Syrian MiG-17 aircraft attacked the outpost.

At five aircraft attacked Achiet-le-Grand and Vélu railway stations.

On 9 August 1941 enemy aircraft attacked and sank her in the North Sea off Mundesley.

attacked both

Flair, however, attacked both Bayley and Lynch.

Bully Ray then came out and attacked both Lethal and Gordon.

The Huks attacked both the Japanese and other non-Huk guerrillas.

attacked the city

Nobilitor attacked the city walls and there was a fierce battle.

In 479, the rebel Marcian attacked the city, without being able to capture it.

He then attacked the city and captured it with the aid of some Austrian troops.

repeatedly attacked   (liên tục bị tấn công)

They then repeatedly attacked him with a Taser.

The Sentinelese have repeatedly attacked approaching vessels.

From 233 on, the Alamanni repeatedly attacked the Roman limes fortifications.

attacked several

On April ISIS attacked several churches in Egypt Known as Palm Sunday church bombings.

In late June, Islamists attacked several more sites in Timbuktu with pickaxes and shovels.

The attack on the Downs sank a small steamer, the "Greypoint" and attacked several drifters on patrol.

unsuccessfully attacked

"U-373" was unsuccessfully attacked by in mid-Atlantic on 25 August 1942.

She was unsuccessfully attacked by a Lockheed Hudson southwest of Iceland.

While en route, the British submarine unsuccessfully attacked "Vittorio Veneto".

attacked during

It was attacked during the Mongol invasion of 1242.

It was one of the first sites attacked during the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

For accurate bombing the target would have to be attacked during the day.

when attacked   (khi bị tấn công)

An adult porcupine when attacked turns its rear to the predator.

On 6 July she made an emergency dive when attacked by a Japanese plane.

The Defense (DEF) of your Character influences the way your Character acts when attacked.

bombers attacked

The dive bombers attacked targets in and near Shanghai.

During the fighting three German bombers attacked the town.

In the afternoon, Italian dive bombers attacked the Bay of Kotor.

suddenly attacked

However, the apartment is suddenly attacked after someone tries to kill Annderson.

'When within a mile or two of the Dana, the party was suddenly attacked by robbers.

On 25 February 1896, Captain Dreyer was suddenly attacked by the cook, without warning.

later attacked

Zero later attacked the toy, forcing damage to the toy.

They are later attacked on the road by bandits but escape.

They are later attacked by the same creature that destroyed the building.

men attacked

Bragg's 16,000 men attacked Buell's 60,000 men.

The men attacked them armed with a long serrated knife.

Nearly 4,000 Pakistani men attacked the Indian side with 15 tanks and heavy artillery support.

attacked and defeated

The next day the Dutch army attacked and defeated the Belgians near Leuven.

Abu Bakr and Umar commanded an army under al-Jarrah, and they attacked and defeated the enemy.

The Siberian Cossacks, meanwhile, attacked and defeated a Khalkha army of 10,000 near Lake Baikal.

attacked the town   (tấn công thị trấn)

During the fighting three German bombers attacked the town.

Tatars attacked the town in 1567.

In 1592, Christopher Newport attacked the town of Azua on the bay of Ocoa, which was taken and plundered.

not attacked

The group has not attacked Western targets since the late 1980s.

Papers with 45% or more of mechanical pulp content are not attacked.

Similarly, newborn "Bombus terrestris" were not attacked during the invasion.

physically attacked

He is now shunned by communal authorities, and sometimes physically attacked.

I was the only scientist in modern times to be physically attacked for an idea."

The owner of the restaurant was physically attacked by a mob, who then spread the word about the incident.

immediately attacked

Cyrus immediately attacked Croesus.

Marthanda Varma immediately attacked Desinganad and added East Kallada to Venad.

After JTG won against Caylen Croft, Gaspard immediately attacked him unsuccessfully.

force attacked

A year later, a much stronger Dutch force attacked Ai.

On the next day, the Chinese force attacked south toward Yenaungyaung and Pin Chaung.

On 30 April, a VC force attacked Firebase Bowman losing 4 dead and wounding 8 defenders.

first attacked

He first attacked Vigo in Spain and held the place for two weeks ransoming supplies.

Vrhbosna was first attacked by the Ottoman Empire in 1416, and it was finally taken in 1451.

Dave was first attacked on 20 August, and resisted until the 25th, when it surrendered honorably.

successfully attacked

She successfully attacked southwest of Ireland.

In 1321, the Portuguese Navy successfully attacked Muslim ports in North Africa.

In 846 Trpimir successfully attacked the Byzantine coastal cities and their "patricius".