attacks against   (に対する攻撃)

His forces started major attacks against Kabul for one month.

"If they succeed, they will attempt more attacks against us."

There were false accusations and attacks against suspicious people.

terrorist attacks   (テロ攻撃)

Zoe happened to die on 9/11 but not from the terrorist attacks.

Clean IT is particularly concerned with possible terrorist attacks.

In the two weeks following 3 July 39 terrorist attacks occurred in North Sinai.

air attacks   (空襲)

Periodic heavy air attacks continued through April.

It included three major air attacks totaling over 6,000 sorties.

Meanwhile, the Royal Air Force (RAF) made heavy air attacks on the Axis units.

heart attacks   (心臓発作)

Eisenhower suffered seven heart attacks from 1955 until his death.

He suffered several heart attacks over the years, of varying severity.

Detrick died at home on June 3, 1931, after a series of heart attacks.

series of attacks

In November 2011, Libyan Salafis engaged in a series of attacks on Sufi shrines all over the country.

Under Robinson's leadership a series of attacks on RIC barracks were undertaken by the brigade in 1920.

Seizing on this opportunity, Shapur II of Persia began a series of attacks into Roman North Mesopotamia.

terror attacks   (テロ攻撃)

There was also considerable concern on the use of children in terror attacks.

It was the largest terrorist attack in history until the 9/11 terror attacks.

The crises included terror attacks on London, flood, plague and hostage taking.

further attacks

On the morning of May 7, Grant chose maneuver instead of further attacks.

She attacked, sinking "Harbledown", but all further attacks were driven off.

The pack made no further attacks on the ships of SC 26, who made their way to port.

several attacks

It also takes several attacks to defeat guards.

Each character has several attacks and a few defenses.

In Uganda, several attacks on children have happened, some of them fatal.

against attacks   (攻撃に対して)

In turn, these Tutsis formed a militia to defend themselves against attacks.

As viceroy, he improved the fortifications of the port of Callao to defend against attacks by Dutch filibusters.

The secondary role of the new, larger vessel was defending against attacks by enemy torpedo boats on the French line of battle.

bomb attacks

Those bomb attacks killed nine people and wounded 92 others.

The attack occurred a day after the Warrington bomb attacks.

He kept fuelling the conflict with more bomb attacks and killings.

such attacks

They noted that he warned about such attacks.

By 1996, there had been at least 50 such attacks in Norway.

Letting such attacks go unpunished only encourages more crime."

rocket attacks

On 2–3 January, Taliban rocket attacks killed between 20 and 24 people and wounded another 43–56.

Massoud returned to the position of minister of defense to defend the city against the rocket attacks.

Israel says the buffer zone is needed to protect Israeli communities just over the border from sniper fire and rocket attacks.

suicide attacks

There are no reports of Ahrar al-Sham engaging in suicide attacks, although it associates with groups who do.

While leading a massive rally of supporters, two suicide attacks were carried out in an attempt to assassinate her.

Asked by the BBC about suicide attacks, Yusuf al-Qaradawi replied: "It's not suicide, it is martyrdom in the name of God".

violent attacks

This includes breaks, burns, cuts, surgery, and violent attacks.

BdSF carried out several violent attacks against non-Bodo civilians.

Discrimination and violent attacks against Jews began immediately after the seizure of power in 1933.

enemy attacks

When an enemy attacks, the bubble indicating their mood above their head changes.

Fan Neng and Zhang Ying managed to hold their positions against enemy attacks for several days.

The following day, the journalism staff is briefed about enemy attacks throughout South Vietnam.

attacks during

Kabul had been on alert for attacks during Nowruz, the Persian New Year.

In a surge of attacks during October-November, over 100 Mali soldiers were killed.

"Saugatuck" underwent three attacks during which she was peppered by shrapnel and strafing bullets.

panic attacks   (パニック発作)

She replied "Yes, I have had what you call panic attacks.

Crying spells or panic attacks may result from the experience of hyperacusis.

Since, she developed a fear of guns, entering panic attacks whenever one is visible.

repeated attacks

The repeated attacks and heavy damage led the 12th Division to leave the fort.

In 1571 and 1591, the wooden citadel withstood repeated attacks of Crimean Tatars.

They drove back repeated attacks by the Axis armour, who then withdrew before dusk.

personal attacks

I am not interested in personal attacks.

He, in turn, responded to the vast majority of personal attacks and never stopped writing.

Edwards asked Coulter to "stop the personal attacks" and accused her of "lowering the political dialogue" in America.

bombing attacks

They were also used as decoys during night bombing attacks.

The left brigade began bombing attacks and the reserve brigade was sent forward.

Historians believe that Galleani's followers began their bombing attacks in 1914.

other attacks   (他の攻撃)

Numerous other attacks which failed to kill, maim, or wound are not included."

In addition to the eleven Whitechapel murders, commentators have linked other attacks to the Ripper.

Her speed and agility enabled her to avoid the other attacks by level bombers and dodge 33 torpedoes.

number of attacks   (攻撃数)

The number of attacks peaked in 1968.

The number of attacks have decreased.

The number of attacks against pipelines began declining substantially in 2002.

attacks occurred

Four attacks occurred in Nairobi, and four in Mombasa.

In the two weeks following 3 July 39 terrorist attacks occurred in North Sinai.

The September 11 terrorist attacks occurred during his internship, inspiring him to public service.

then attacks

Another group of escaped villains then attacks them.

Cat fatally wounds Storm, then attacks Illyana.

Joe Bester, the Gotham City Cop, then attacks the two heroes.

attacks upon

It was the first of the attacks upon German industry in Augsburg.

Unrelenting attacks upon German communications and railway links led to an overwhelming success.

State legislatures were unable or unwilling to resist attacks upon private contracts and public credit.

physical attacks

There was a 60% rise in physical attacks (62 violent incidents, vs 37 in 2017).

The odds, frequency, and severity of physical attacks e all positively correlated with alcohol use.

He relies on his hard-hitting physical attacks and long range to fight his enemies from a safe distance.

special attacks

The 12 available characters each have different special attacks.

Upon his defeat Louis gives the player an item allowing the player to use special attacks.

Several Guardian souls can be used in with Bullet souls to execute special attacks called Tactical Soul combos.

more attacks

"If they succeed, they will attempt more attacks against us."

The Spanish expected more attacks in the region and fortified Nueva Segovia.

Grant and Meade launched no more attacks on the Confederate defenses at Cold Harbor.

numerous attacks

In Muslim-majority Zanzibar, part of Tanzania there have been numerous attacks on churches.

During the winter of 1943-1944, the squadron made numerous attacks on V-1 flying bomb and V-2 rocket sites.

aerial attacks

is an angelic Choujin, possessing white, bird-like wings used for his trademark aerial attacks.

Both were spotted by American aircraft the following morning and "Kirishima" was forced to cast off her tow because of repeated aerial attacks.

The location of the site reflects the prevailing view of Sir Joseph John Talbot Hobbs that potential enemies would mount seaborne rather than aerial attacks.

shark attacks   (サメの攻撃)

Žižek goes from praising Coca-Cola to analyzing what the shark attacks really mean in "Jaws"."

During the Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916, the creek was made infamous due to the shark attacks on July 12, 1916, occurring 15 miles (25 km) from the ocean.

cyber attacks   (サイバー攻撃)

These threats have been classified as fifth generation cyber attacks.

Ahrar al-Sham even has a technical division devoted to cyber attacks.

International legal issues of cyber attacks are complicated in nature.

launched attacks

They soon after launched attacks in many cities, including Abidjan.

An angry mob had launched attacks on several shops in the surrounding area of Ampara.

In the midst of this tension, Nkunda's men launched attacks in North Kivu in December 2004.

attacks continued

Periodic heavy air attacks continued through April.

but attacks continued to King's gentlemans.

Daily attacks continued until 21 February when 51st Highland took Goch.

arson attacks   (放火攻撃)

In 1992, members of the Norwegian black metal scene began a wave of arson attacks on Christian churches.

Prasa collected information about train arson attacks since 2015, and stated that losses of some R636 million were incurred due to train fires from 2015 to January 2019.

Since closure, the hospital buildings have been subject to wide-scale looting and vandalism, as well as numerous arson attacks, such as those of November 2008 and April 2018.

surprise attacks

The missiles were designed for pop up surprise attacks on high value surface targets such as aircraft carriers.

Despite the reorganisation, I Corps made two surprise attacks late on 18 September near Combles, which gained ground.

It ended on 10 May 1940 with the German invasion of the Low Countries, and surprise attacks on RAF airfields in France.

attacks took

Other attacks took place elsewhere in Catalonia.

Further attacks took place following the Six-Day War in 1967.

Two major pirate attacks took place in 1740, within a month of each other.

guerrilla attacks

January saw an escalation in guerrilla attacks on symbolic targets, as well as repeated spillover into Nigeria.

Their campaign consisted of bombings, assassinations, public executions and other guerrilla attacks against the state.

During the offensive, the ADF carried out guerrilla attacks on the Cameroonian Army, killing at least seven soldiers throughout December.

many attacks

Frith and O'Neil wrote many attacks on Pre-Raphaelite principles.

Al-Qaeda has carried out many attacks on people that it considers "kafir".

Sows with cubs account for many attacks on humans by brown bears in North America.

night attacks

Instead, it was believed that the fighting was the result of night attacks by German destroyers.

The Japanese military anticipated that the USAAF would make major night attacks on the Tokyo region.

The new warship was intended for night attacks against enemy harbours, with the likely opponent being France.

attacks took place   (攻撃が行われた)

Other attacks took place elsewhere in Catalonia.

Further attacks took place following the Six-Day War in 1967.

Two major pirate attacks took place in 1740, within a month of each other.

launch attacks

On the same day, Islamists pledged to launch attacks on French soil.

Armstrong was half right; the British would launch attacks against both Baltimore and Washington.

The SLAF used these Kfirs to launch attacks against Tamil separatist targets in rebel-controlled areas of the island.