İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first attempt   (ilk girişim)

The poem is Ovid's first attempt at didactic elegy.

This was Peru's first attempt to venture into space.

The club reached the quarter-finals on its first attempt.

assassination attempt   (Suikast girişimi)

Hitler survived an assassination attempt on 20 July.

He survived an assassination attempt in 2000.

During this time, Trelawny survived an assassination attempt.

failed attempt   (başarısız deneme)

The failed attempt was broadcast on national TV.

Walker, following a failed attempt to sell nuclear weapons.

In 1884 Mozhaysky's monoplane made a failed attempt to fly.

second attempt   (ikinci deneme)

Nine days later, a second attempt also failed.

This was the second attempt to revive the Sockers name.

A second attempt also saw the line parting.

unsuccessful attempt   (başarısız girişim)

He made an unsuccessful attempt to regain his seat in 2014.

Carl made an unsuccessful attempt at a comeback after her death.

Alavés made an unsuccessful attempt to purchase Olaranbe in 2017.

attempt was made   (girişim yapıldı)

No attempt was made to introduce it into England.

During the siege, no attempt was made to assault.

The next day, an attempt was made to land in North Bay.

attempt to make   (yapmaya teşebbüs)

I didn't attempt to make myself into that character.

It was an attempt to make a new version of the aging 2600.

It's an attempt to make the basic building blocks of music clear".

not attempt   (deneme)

The Chinese did not attempt to take the offensive again.

The Orioles did not attempt to re-sign him.

However, when it happened, he did not attempt to undermine it.

attempt to get   (almaya çalış)

They wonder why they are tied up and attempt to get loose.

He requests that Vincente attempt to get her to leave town.

(After Elijah, Jesus and St. George attempt to get help and eventually succeed).

no attempt   (Hiçbir hareket yok)

Henry made no attempt to engage in combat himself.

During the siege, no attempt was made to assault.

The Mobutu regime made no attempt to enforce compulsory service.

coup attempt   (darbe girişimi)

In 1965 there was a coup attempt by the 30 September Movement.

Six days later he was killed in a coup attempt by Fan Yaonan during a banquet.

Dollfuss was assassinated as part of a failed coup attempt by Nazi agents in 1934.

another attempt   (başka bir girişim)

Later that night, another attempt is made on Drummond's life.

Another one of my witnesses, there was another attempt on her life.

On another attempt, the hawser became detached from the rescue tugs.

goal attempt   (hedef denemesi)

The Owls then blocked a UCF field goal attempt.

He also blocked a field goal attempt in the Super Bowl.

Vanderbilt's field goal attempt, sailed to the left of the uprights.

attempt to create   (yaratma girişimi)

Avellone decided to attempt to create a sympathetic Sith Lord.

The attempt to create a wartime drama resulted in the film "Marching On!"

Deadpool was being experimented on in an attempt to create a cure for the Legacy Virus.

field goal attempt   (saha hedefi girişimi)

The Owls then blocked a UCF field goal attempt.

He also blocked a field goal attempt in the Super Bowl.

Vanderbilt's field goal attempt, sailed to the left of the uprights.

attempt to take   (almaya teşebbüs)

The Chinese did not attempt to take the offensive again.

's attempt to take over his home town Erie, Pennsylvania.

John Scott was later court-marshalled after a botched attempt to take St. Kitts.

attempt to find   (bulmaya teşebbüs)

The two make contact and attempt to find an escape.

Finn and Jake then attempt to find new homes.

Some hypotheses and tests which attempt to find the process are listed below.

suicide attempt   (intihar girişimi)

Baudelaire made a suicide attempt during this period.

He then shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt.

The suicide attempt failed and the film was never made.

attempt to save   (kurtarmaya çalışmak)

Felicia is taken away by Delray in an attempt to save her career.

In an attempt to save his mother, Jimmy tearfully confesses to David's murder.

The herdsman is liable for cattle if he does not attempt to save them or if he neglects them.

attempt to stop   (durmaya çalışmak)

He makes a feeble attempt to stop her then relents.

The Unity Squad attempt to stop Ultron with the help of the Vision.

Although the other slaves attempt to stop him, Mede does as he is ordered.

attempt to win   (kazanmaya çalışmak)

The Big Red will attempt to win their first NCAA tournament.

Is employing this style an outright attempt to win back fans?

This set up Lincoln for a 45-yard field goal attempt to win the game.

attempt to capture   (yakalamaya teşebbüs)

Players attempt to capture each other's pieces by hopping over them.

During another attempt to capture Kafisha it is alleged he lost his eye.

It was an attempt to capture the atmosphere of the group's live stage show.

attempt to escape   (kaçmaya teşebbüs)

In her attempt to escape, she crashes her car and dies.

He was drowned in an attempt to escape.

The mass suicide was an attempt to escape execution by the Nazis.

attempt to kill   (öldürmeye teşebbüs)

Sgt Smyth had survived a previous attempt to kill him.

Decay then destroyed the Kapatelis home in her first attempt to kill Diana.

Ten frigates are dispatched to attempt to kill the monster using depth charges.

attempt to break   (kırmaya teşebbüs)

A December 1093 attempt to break the siege failed.

An attempt to break through the English lines failed.

Lugosi did attempt to break type by auditioning for other roles.

attempt to prevent   (önlemeye çalışmak)

The film follows the titular characters as they attempt to prevent Mr.

Knutson in the 1940s, was being used in attempt to prevent and arrest occlusal caries.

It was HKEAA's attempt to prevent candidates from memorising the suggested reading materials.

third attempt   (üçüncü deneme)

Samaai solidified his position on his third attempt with an 8.05m.

He conquered the town on his third attempt, after entering it by trickery.

A third attempt in qualifying for the Indy 500, in 1984 also resulted in a DNQ.

attempt to gain   (kazanmaya çalışmak)

Felix started paying visits to Rasputin in an attempt to gain his trust.

This album introduced vocals for the first time as a further attempt to gain more airtime.

If a pair cannot hit downwards, they will use flat strokes in an attempt to gain the attack.

did not attempt   (denemedi)

The Chinese did not attempt to take the offensive again.

The Orioles did not attempt to re-sign him.

However, when it happened, he did not attempt to undermine it.

attempt to bring   (getirmeye teşebbüs)

An attempt to bring EasyTAG to OS X is ongoing.

In an attempt to bring the MD of Foothills No.

The limited format was introduced in an attempt to bring more balance to the environment.

made an attempt   (bir girişimde bulundu)

You made an attempt to avoid responsibility for the act.

Patriotic sentiment throughout Nova Scotia made an attempt at seizure seem plausible.

"Mercury" then made an attempt to recapture the 18-gun bomb vessel at Ancona on 25 May 1801.

attempt failed   (deneme başarısız)

The suicide attempt failed and the film was never made.

The attempt failed although it was a Confederate victory.

In spite of his huge power in the city his attempt failed.

final attempt   (son girişim)

The final attempt failed and the town was abandoned for good in 1971.

In a final attempt to escape, Joker and Frost flee to a nearby bridge.

In a final attempt, the King of Siam challenges Preah Keo to a bull fight.

last attempt   (son deneme)

A last attempt to revitalize the town was made in 1960.

This was Siringo's last attempt at marriage.

The last attempt at this was in 1525, by Jacob Ben-Hayim.

attempt to reach   (ulaşmaya çalışmak)

For safety reasons, there are no plans to attempt to reach any higher speeds.

He then leads the survivors into the sewers in an attempt to reach the big city.

They then embarked on a cross-country trek across the island in an attempt to reach Padang.

attempt to establish   (kurmaya çalışmak)

After a brief attempt to establish a kingdom, the country became a republic.

Franco also used language politics in an attempt to establish national homogeneity.

So this, in effect, was Le Gros' attempt to establish himself as the artistic leader of the Eternal City.

attempt to keep   (tutmaya çalışmak)

This group of skyscrapers was an attempt to keep businesses in downtown.

Jo cannot contact the police as she was committing a crime in her attempt to keep her child.

In an attempt to keep the role, Lautner weight-trained extensively and gained approximately 30 pounds.

escape attempt   (kaçış denemesi)

"", he started a mass escape attempt.

In 2012, the 50th anniversary of the escape attempt, Michael Dyke, the Deputy U.S.

His escape attempt led to the installation of a pulse rate meter in the lock area.

desperate attempt   (umutsuz girişim)

In a desperate attempt to stem the tide, he promised to get tickets for Super Bowl XLV.

Many German civilians realized that this was a desperate attempt to turn the course of the war.

She even steals her mother's prescription pain medication in a desperate attempt to self-medicate.

attempt to improve   (geliştirmeye çalışmak)

In 1885 she travelled to Italy in an attempt to improve her failing health.

Ravitch's main job as Lieutenant Governor was to attempt to improve the state budgeting process.

In July, HSM in an attempt to improve performance hired Mike Hillman Jr. as the 46's crew chief.

attempt to avoid   (kaçınmaya çalışmak)

You made an attempt to avoid responsibility for the act.

It turns out that von Sturm had lied in an attempt to avoid losing his best agent.

Unusually it keeps to the summit rather than a depression, in an attempt to avoid wet ground.

attempt to reduce   (azaltmaya çalışmak)

The devaluation of 1994 was an attempt to reduce these imbalances.

An introduction to Jamaica was made in 1844 in an attempt to reduce the rat population.

Video compression algorithms attempt to reduce redundancy and store information more compactly.

successful attempt   (başarılı deneme)

It was the first successful attempt to study an entire watershed as an ecosystem.

Libration felt it was a successful attempt at marrying two incompatible elements: comics and multimedia.

The Explorers Program was the United States's first successful attempt to launch an artificial satellite.

attempt to destroy   (yok etmeye çalışmak)

Quark relays this information to Kira and Rom, who attempt to destroy the beam.

Countries around the world begin deploying missiles in an attempt to destroy the comet.

Surfacing, the Justice League, Batgirl, Robin and Mera attempt to destroy the S.L.U.R.P.

made no attempt   (deneme yapmadı)

Henry made no attempt to engage in combat himself.

The Mobutu regime made no attempt to enforce compulsory service.

He apparently made no attempt to eject, and was killed instantly.

attempt to force   (zorlama girişimi)

When Doris refused to have an abortion, he beat her in an attempt to force a miscarriage.

However, there is commotion outside, as the thugs attempt to force PreCrime out of the slums.

The barn was set on fire in an attempt to force him out into the open, but Booth remained inside.

attempt to use   (kullanmaya çalışmak)

This plan was again an attempt to use Jefferson's original.

The attempt to use the endonym thus has a bizarre-sounding result.

Those passports have been cancelled and it would be futile to attempt to use them."

attempt against   (karşı koymak)

He opposed the assassination attempt against Hitler on July 20, 1944.

Diawara then led an unsuccessful left-wing coup attempt against Ngouabi on 22 February 1972.

In August 2009, the group made an assassination attempt against a member of the Saudi royal family.

attempt to rescue   (kurtarmaya teşebbüs)

Mothra enters Tokyo in an attempt to rescue the Cosmos, but is attacked by the JSDF.

One night, some guerrilla warriors break into Rajasena's palace in an attempt to rescue Tien.

"YMS-103", in an attempt to rescue survivors, struck two mines, blowing off her bow and stem.

attempt to regain   (yeniden kazanmaya çalışmak)

He chose not to make an attempt to regain the seat.

He made an unsuccessful attempt to regain his seat in 2014.

Both armies made a last attempt to regain control of West Virginia and failed.

rescue attempt   (kurtarma girişimi)

During a rescue attempt, another 31st Brigade unit was ambushed.

The pilot and a soldier were shot death during the rescue attempt.

(50) worked its way alongside the stranded "Augusta" in a rescue attempt.

attempt to explain   (açıklamaya teşebbüs)

Myths attempt to explain the unknown and sometimes teach a lesson.

There are several theories that attempt to explain why food deserts form.

An attempt to explain weight by breed is likely to produce a very good fit.

attempt to increase   (artırmaya çalışmak)

Many derivatives have been examined in an attempt to increase the selectivity.

The attempt to increase muscle mass in one's body without any gain in fat is called clean bulking.

It uses a very gentle and nurturing approach in an attempt to increase body awareness and sensitivity.

attempt to revive   (canlanmaya teşebbüs)

This was the second attempt to revive the Sockers name.

An attempt to revive the former importance of the monastery was made in the 1850s.

Palawa kani is an attempt to revive various Tasmanian dialects in a single combined form.

attempt to secure   (korumaya çalışmak)

He traveled to London in 1858 to attempt to secure imperial backing for this project.

The change is an attempt to secure better ratings and results in forthcoming contests.

The O'Donnell's of Tyrconnell regularly invaded in an attempt to secure their right to rule.

attempt to restore   (geri yüklemeye çalış)

In 1919, in an attempt to restore the monarchy, Lamego became the capital of the district for 24 days.

In spring 521, the general Xi Kangsheng (奚康生) made an attempt to restore Empress Dowager Hu, but failed.

early attempt   (erken deneme)

This was an early attempt to open the southern region to mass tourism.

He wrote it after setting aside an early attempt to compose a symphony.

This was Galen's early attempt at what would later be called psychotherapy.

attempt to provide   (sağlama girişimi)

The following tables attempt to provide a complete list of mobile network operators.

The Java memory model was the first attempt to provide a comprehensive memory model for a popular programming language.

Various competing models of hierarchies of effects attempt to provide a theoretical underpinning to advertising practice.

attempt to build   (inşa etmeye çalışmak)

In 1837, Charles Babbage was inspired by Jacquard's loom to attempt to build the Analytical Engine.

CP/CMS formed part of IBM's attempt to build robust time-sharing systems for its mainframe computers.

It was dismissed by the press as an attempt to build a perpetual motion machine, and a publicity stunt.

attempt to return   (geri dönmeye çalış)

Elsewhere, the Justice League attempt to return to Earth.

Dickey opposed Ross in 2002 in an attempt to return to his seat, but he was defeated, 60-40 percent.

Thomson proceeded to lay off 80% of the workforce in an attempt to return the company to profitability.

attempt to control   (kontrol etmeye çalışmak)

These attempt to control rising damp through the phenomenon of electro osmosis.

Sex selection Sex selection is the attempt to control the sex of the offspring to achieve a desired sex.

At first the local police made no attempt to control the mob as they said that they were outnumbered by the rioters.

serious attempt   (ciddi girişim)

Some education-entertainment is a serious attempt to combine the best features of the two.

It has been said that this was Tchaikovsky's first serious attempt to conquer his homosexuality.

This was their second serious attempt at promotion, the first ending in a loss on penalties to Municipal de Colón.

attempt to seize   (ele geçirmeye çalışmak)

The soldiers see his staff and attempt to seize it.

This is not Pashinsky’s first attempt to seize the factory."

He is successful in killing the Earl of Alban in a trial by combat, foiling Alban's attempt to seize the English crown.

deliberate attempt   (Kasıtlı girişim)

He also suggested this was a deliberate attempt to slow their accession process.

In 1989, there was a deliberate attempt to increase the lighter, more comic aspects of life in Albert Square.

Paul said that she wrote the novel in two weeks, in a deliberate attempt to see how fast a novel could be written.

attempt to raise   (yükseltmeye teşebbüs)

Flued boilers were developed in an attempt to raise steam pressures and improve engine efficiency.

The first attempt to raise the Royalist standard in Scotland, however, gave no omen of its later triumphs.

At least one attempt to raise the ship was made afterwards, which failed, and the ship was salvaged where she lay.

attempt to assassinate   (suikast girişiminde bulunmak)

On 13 March 1943 Brandt was an unwitting participant in an attempt to assassinate Hitler.

Following the attempt to assassinate Lord Hardinge, Rash Behari was forced to go into hiding.

Mr. Clarke's reaction was that "it was just a thinly disguised attempt to assassinate bin Laden."

attempt to protect   (koruma girişimi)

The Fourth Amendment as the Framers' attempt to protect each citizen's spiritual and intellectual integrity.

He's essentially good-hearted, and takes a beating towards the end of the series in an attempt to protect Pat.

In "Turn Coat", Toot attacked a very large and powerful entity (the Skinwalker) in an attempt to protect Harry.

attempt to remove   (kaldırmaya çalışmak)

An attempt to remove the section of line here was made, but not completed.

However, X and two associates later attempt to remove Banton from the hospital by cutting the power.

The hosts will attempt to remove as many parasitoids as possible to prevent them from spreading to nearby nests.

attempt to help   (yardım etmeye çalış)

They escaped from the cabin and ran to the crash site in an attempt to help the passengers.

Dresner organises a robbery in an attempt to help Terry, but the plan immediately goes wrong.

He did not call for medical aid or attempt to help the victims but stole Asher's handgun from his body.

attempt to steal   (çalmaya teşebbüs)

Centurious fully resurrected Deathwatch to help in an attempt to steal Ghost Rider's chain.

Gilliam almost scored again in the eighth off Hal Reniff, but was caught in an attempt to steal third.

Marta partners with the duo and they attempt to steal the Southfork Ranch from Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy).

attempt to convince   (ikna etmeye çalışmak)

In an attempt to convince her, Paul kidnaps Leanne and locks her in his car boot.

There, Hunter and Sebastian Smythe (Grant Gustin) attempt to convince Blaine to return to the Warblers.

The author states that Ms. Bell then used her skill to attempt to convince Joshua Gardner to marry her.

conversion attempt   (dönüşüm denemesi)

A two-point conversion attempt failed and the lead was five points.

The two-point conversion attempt failed, leaving the score 15–10 in favor of LSU.

The Hawkeyes, however, made a controversial two-point conversion attempt, which they failed.

attempt to recover   (iyileşmeye teşebbüs)

Sarah is subsequently assigned by Graham to attempt to recover the Intersect.

This pilot was executed by burning in January 2015 and was later used to attempt to recover jailed terrorists.

Re-attach this drive to a secondary computer with a write blocker device and then attempt to recover lost data.

attempt to become   (olmaya çalışmak)

He was a driving force behind his daughter Maura Hennigan's unsuccessful 2005 attempt to become mayor of Boston.

An attempt to become world champion at this division ended in a knockout loss to Steve Robinson on 1 October 1994.

He later lives with Hondo, and in "Invisible", Hondo reveals that he will attempt to become Darryl's legal guardian.

attempt to give   (vermeye çalış)

The tables do not attempt to give a complete list of Gnutella clients.

In Zbaszyn a large refugee camp was established as an attempt to give shelter to those deported.

The authors dismiss the Old English "elk-sedge" as a late attempt to give the then-obsolete rune a value of Latin "x".

attempt to enter   (girmeye teşebbüs)

Hawke's first attempt to enter Parliament came during the 1963 federal election.

Factor thought the series attempt to enter the 3D market was an "utter failure".

The Arabs had to return and the Caliph had decided to stop further attempt to enter India.

attempt to change   (değişmeye teşebbüs)

He instructs his self in an attempt to change his life.

Kel protests the unfairness of the law to the monarchs and gets them to attempt to change it.

After Regent Horthy’s failed attempt to change side in the war he was searched for by the Gestapo.

attempt to overthrow   (devirmeye çalışmak)

The Shining Path employed guerrilla tactics and violent acts of terrorism in an attempt to overthrow the military governments.

After Lü's death, an official named Zeng Jing was inspired by his anti-Qing writing to attempt to overthrow the Yongzheng Emperor.

Additional charges were brought against Venckiene, including an attempt to overthrow the government, spying, and a threat to the state.

record attempt   (kayıt denemesi)

From conception to execution, the record attempt took six months.

Campbell commenced the first run of his last record attempt at just after 8.45 am.

The successful record attempt was televised on the UK children's TV show "Blue Peter".

pass attempt   (geçiş denemesi)

It was Scott's first pass attempt and completion.

He completed 3 of his 4 passes, including a 15-yard pass on his second pass attempt.

Facing a 3rd & Goal at the 1, Holton Ahlers' jump pass attempt resulted in a fumble.

attempt to put   (koymaya çalışmak)

"Prince Henry" came alongside the ship in an attempt to put the fire out, however the attempt was unsuccessful.

The Apaches then slit the throats of their horses in an attempt to put out the fire after they ran out of water.

In 1953, the Belgian company, Minerva, bought an F.11 in an attempt to put it into production, but even this project failed.

attempt to solve   (çözmeye çalış)

The story then describes the detective's attempt to solve the mystery.

His initial interest lay in an attempt to solve Hilbert's fifth problem.

The Regi Lagni were built to attempt to solve the problem and were named after the river.

attempt to resolve   (çözmeye çalış)

Theories beyond the Standard Model attempt to resolve these shortcomings.

was devised by Bobby Goldman as an attempt to resolve the situation when the Blackwood-asker has a void.

In an attempt to resolve the impasse, the federal government proposed a plan to build three new airports instead of one.

attempt to obtain   (elde etmeye çalışmak)

On 22 June 1941, in an attempt to obtain new territory, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union.

The attempt to obtain confirmation on this point elicited the following memorable clarification from Morain: "I'm not French.

In an attempt to obtain them, Newton tried to make his brother, William Brattle, a member of the Society, however William declined.

attempt to form   (oluşturmaya çalışmak)

In 1972, Hardy engaged in an abortive attempt to form the first national policeman's union.

After the three met, they agreed this would be an attempt to form a band with the goal of seeking national recognition.

He sends his mind into the Green to attempt to form another body, and with Abby's help and weeks of effort, the Swamp Thing reforms most of his new body.

attempt to qualify   (kalifikasyon teşebbüsü)

Pakistan made their first attempt to qualify for the World Cup in 1989.

Mora took part in Costa Rica's attempt to qualify for the Olympics in 2016.

The team will attempt to qualify for the NCAA Frozen Four for the second time.

attempt to address   (hitap etmeye çalışmak)

CoDel was developed as an attempt to address the problem of bufferbloat.

In an attempt to address these issues, new regulations were introduced at the end of 1916.

Improved versions of the AIM-7 were developed in the 1970s in an attempt to address the weapon's limitations.

attempt to move   (hareket etmeye çalışmak)

Likewise all computer-controlled creatures always attempt to move each turn.

If possible, observers should attempt to move away, but hearing protection is often still necessary.

Before taking an action with their army, a player may choose to attempt to move the terrain face up or down.

attempt to persuade   (ikna etmeye çalışmak)

In 1861 Fyodor Burdin made an unsuccessful attempt to persuade censors to lift the ban.

In an attempt to persuade him, Peter challenges Mickey to a drinking contest, which Peter wins.

The attempt to persuade "Anton Bruckner" to become director of the Music School in 1863 was unsuccessful.

attempt to understand   (anlamaya teşebbüs)

Cox, in a similar attempt to understand the neighbourhood effect, attempted to define how people interact.

The same concept of contiguous range is true for human transportation studies in an attempt to understand census geography.

Some analysis of treated surfaces done in an attempt to understand the topic further, with considerable but still partial success.

attempt to reconcile   (uzlaştırmaya çalışmak)

NewSQL systems attempt to reconcile the conflicts.

Whether this was a genuine attempt to reconcile with hostile factions in the Senate cannot be ascertained.

Commentaries on the śāstras indicate an attempt to reconcile the text law with the actual usages of the people.

abortive attempt   (kürtaj girişimi)

After an abortive attempt to break out, Blake surrendered after a two-month siege.

In 1972, Hardy engaged in an abortive attempt to form the first national policeman's union.

In 1998 he launched an abortive attempt to storm the government buildings in the Dagestani capital, Makhachkala.

attempt to achieve   (başarmaya çalışmak)

It was Khrushchev's attempt to achieve a balance of power.

If he is successful enough, he may even apply extra pressure in the later rounds in an attempt to achieve a knockout.

A British encyclopedia of 1900 claimed that it was "popularly regarded as an attempt to achieve holy ends by unholy means."

next attempt   (sonraki deneme)

His next attempt to escape is his final one, as he ends up back in a prison cell.

Haag's next attempt went a little better, as Roethke made it halfway through the poem.

For his next attempt, he made a seesaw, and puts a ball on it, but that kind of failed too.

attempt is made   (girişim yapıldı)

No attempt is made to split populations.

Later that night, another attempt is made on Drummond's life.

Later, when Bond goes on holiday in Italy, another attempt is made on his life.

attempt to develop   (geliştirmeye çalışmak)

Micurà de Rü undertook the first attempt to develop a written form of the Ladin language.

Following the August 1918 flu pandemic, in an attempt to develop a vaccine, 62 volunteers were selected from 300 prisoners.

The following year (1951) the CDA encouraged the ten DRA's to meet in an attempt to develop a satisfactory plan for a National Examining Board.

attempt to cross   (geçmeye teşebbüs)

The next day the militia were about to attempt to cross the coulée.

Constantine sent a small force north of the town in an attempt to cross the river unnoticed.

The enemy made frequent assaults in an attempt to cross the ditch, all of which were repulsed.

further attempt   (daha fazla deneme)

Any further attempt risked serious and permanent injury.

In mid 1949, the couple began to ready "Half-Safe" for a further attempt at the crossing.

This album introduced vocals for the first time as a further attempt to gain more airtime.

decided to attempt   (denemeye karar verdi)

Avellone decided to attempt to create a sympathetic Sith Lord.

Hubbs thought he could beat the storm and decided to attempt the return flight.

At that point, Serephina decided to attempt to control Anita, reasoning that a necromancer's blood might grant her more power.

does not attempt   (denemez)

The herdsman is liable for cattle if he does not attempt to save them or if he neglects them.

As befits a birthday gift, it does not attempt to point out morals nor to invite deep reflection.

Their model does not attempt to explain what caused Mars's rotation axis to move relative to the crust.