Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

attempted murder   (tentativa de asesinato)

Sydney is arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Both perpetrators were convicted of attempted murder.

He was only convicted for attempted murder.

attempted suicide   (intento de suicidio)

While in prison, La Torneaux attempted suicide.

Facing bankruptcy, Walters attempted suicide in June 1958.

Joe Cino died three days after an attempted suicide in 1967.

attempted to make   (intentó hacer)

Producer Joel Silver still attempted to make a Sgt.

For a period, he attempted to make a career as an artist.

Ian attempted to make amends but Katie still held harsh feelings towards him.

unsuccessfully attempted

He unsuccessfully attempted to sell the island nine years later.

Sunderland had in 1883 unsuccessfully attempted to climb the peak.

Adalbert unsuccessfully attempted to protect a noblewoman caught in adultery.

attempted to take   (intentó tomar)

Gamora attempted to take the Soul Gem from Adam Warlock.

They attempted to take control of the gun battery on the islands.

The initial German attack on 14 September attempted to take the city in a rush.

then attempted   (luego intentó)

Tarrant then attempted to promote his new show "The Colour of Money".

"Hepatica" then attempted to tow "Alysse" but after 30 minutes the tow parted.

He then attempted another snap suplex but Casas countered it into a "La Magistral".

attempted to use

Lothos stabs Merrick with the stake he attempted to use on him.

In 1711, Brattle attempted to use a mathematical algorithm in order to end smallpox.

The FBI attempted to use tear gas to flush out the Branch Davidians without bloodshed.

attempted to get

Agassiz attempted to get him a professorship.

He groaned under the weight and attempted to get rid of it by rolling around.

He attempted to get the pope to accept his resignation though the pope refused.

attempted to escape

Some people attempted to escape by the roof.

Others attempted to escape the country.

Galloway attempted to escape the room by climbing out the window.

attempted coup   (intento de golpe)

On 14–15 December 2013, an attempted coup d'état was put down.

There was an attempted coup against President Rafael Correa in 2010.

The attempted coup added to instability ahead of parliamentary elections.

attempted to establish   (intentó establecer)

Uraq attempted to establish Agalaq as Kazan khan.

They attempted to establish relations with foreign powers.” (Ker, p305).

William Clayton Bowman attempted to establish an urban Universalist presence in Atlanta.

attempted to create

Spudich first attempted to create an in vitro setup with actin and myosin.

During this time he attempted to create his legal arguments for the court.

Having lost control of Bob Jane T-Marts, Jane attempted to create a new tyre business using his name.

attempted to kill

He attempted to kill Chuck but accidentally defenestrated himself.

', concluding that he was 'Barely Human'), and attempted to kill them all.

Three Decepticon assassins attempted to kill Optimus, but were unsuccessful.

first attempted

Michael Faraday first attempted to test an MHD converter in 1832.

Spudich first attempted to create an in vitro setup with actin and myosin.

The side that first attempted to place the jack is given the opportunity to bowl first.

attempted to break   (intentado romper)

She attempted to break the engagement several times.

Gai's Kavkor attempted to break out.

The three Viking ships afloat attempted to break through the English lines.

attempted assassination   (intento de asesinato)

Sixteen people have been charged with the attempted assassination.

The episode depicts the attempted assassination of Warhol by Valerie Solanas (Lena Dunham).

She is also thought to have been involved in the attempted assassination of King Juan Carlos in 1997.

attempted to enter   (intentó ingresar)

Starbucks had previously attempted to enter the Indian market in 2007.

Several manufacturers attempted to enter the Sigma 9 replacement market.

In 2012, she attempted to enter the Eurovision Song Contest for third time.

government attempted   (intento del gobierno)

As a result, the Hungarian government attempted to terminate the 1977 Treaty.

The Arizona state government attempted to take over the district in 2005 due to mismanagement.

On the other hand, the government attempted to control accused anti-Semitism and fought against pogroms.

when he attempted   (cuando intentó)

Sweden promised to assist him when he attempted to reconquer his Archbishopric.

The President, Burhanuddin Rabbani, was attacked when he attempted to meet Hekmatyar.

But when he attempted to score on an infield single by Herman, he was gunned down at home.

attempted to stop   (intentó parar)

The NAACP attempted to stop showings of the film.

Jim Martin jumped up and attempted to stop a fight from occurring.

It was academic, as time would have otherwise expired had they not attempted to stop the clock.

attempted to return   (intentó regresar)

He attempted to return to the game, but was unable to continue.

The Sangu people repeatedly attempted to return to Utengule but failed.

When he attempted to return to Afghanistan, he had little support from the people.

attempted to sell   (intentó vender)

He attempted to sell these but without success.

He unsuccessfully attempted to sell the island nine years later.

Moore later left Benter and attempted to sell Benter's data to Woods.

attempted to gain

Donald attempted to gain control of the earldom.

The Arya Samaj aggressively promoted its teaching and openly attempted to gain converts from Muslims.

In 1939, Germany prepared for war with Poland, but attempted to gain territorial concessions from Poland through diplomatic means.

attempted to flee   (intentó huir)

Dogs were used to hunt down natives who attempted to flee.

Dioguardi attempted to flee so that his photograph would not be taken.

The crews then gathered on a tugboat and attempted to flee to the Black Sea.

attempted to find   (intentó encontrar)

He attempted to find cooking jobs there, but again had little success.

He began making urgent inquiries and attempted to find news about them.

Mark helped the good hats resist as he attempted to find a way back home.

attempted to bring   (intentó traer)

Around noon, Connaway attempted to bring back to periscope depth, seeking another opportunity to attack.

Although Chiczewski had attempted to bring in as much food as he could, there was a severe food shortage.

On 19 May the German-manned cargo ship attempted to bring supplies to the German forces advancing in Nordland.

attempted to persuade   (intentó persuadir)

Ann Campbell attempted to persuade Earl not to play football in high school.

The Afghans attempted to persuade the soldiers that they intended them no harm.

Governor van Plettenberg attempted to persuade both groups to respect the boundary line without success.

attempted to capture

His army had previously attempted to capture the city in April 634, but without success.

Some other Muslims also attempted to capture the fort, but they were unsuccessful as well.

General Sam Lane (Lois' father) attempted to capture Superman, seeing him as an alien threat.

attempted to qualify

Kenya attempted to qualify for the London Games in men's sitting volleyball.

He attempted to qualify for the 1950 Indianapolis 500 but failed to make the grid.

Dreyfus traveled to the U.S. and attempted to qualify for the 1940 Indianapolis 500.

attempted to pass   (intentó pasar)

Los Angeles, California attempted to pass an ordinance in 1913.

Some cities attempted to pass laws which would limit or shut out Woolworth stores.

While out on the course, Redman caught up to Vaccarella, and attempted to pass him.

attempted to run

Shutt died in 1919, and his widow attempted to run the hotel.

Along with Liu, another Xinyu resident, Wei Zhongping, also attempted to run in the race.

Some contingents attempted to run a cash-based economy, paying for minor items at the point of acquisition.

attempted to assassinate   (intentó asesinar)

This irritated her and she, like her mother, attempted to assassinate Illus.

In 1939, a Swiss theology student named Maurice Bavaud attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

On 27 December 1923, Daisuke Namba attempted to assassinate Hirohito in the Toranomon Incident but his attempt failed.

attempted to prevent   (intentó prevenir)

During the early 1980s, Bugelli attempted to prevent body-rub parlours from opening in the city.

These members attempted to prevent the LRC from granting the mine a land use permit but were unsuccessful.

Protesters demonstrated outside a university senate meeting and attempted to prevent senators from entering.

attempted to negotiate   (intentó negociar)

In despair, Vitellius attempted to negotiate a surrender.

In 1955, the CPM attempted to negotiate peace with the colonial government.

Li attempted to negotiate milder terms that would have ended the civil war, but without success.

attempted rape   (intento de violación)

At age fifteen, he was arrested and tried for attempted rape but was found not guilty.

Chornovil was arrested yet again in April 1981, on charges of "attempted rape" and sentenced to five years imprisonment.

He tells Trevor he killed Myra and he confesses to the murders of Lynsey and Myra and the attempted murder of Cindy and attempted rape of Lindsey.

attempted to win

In January 1995, Canizales attempted to win a title in the junior featherweight division.

The Badgers attempted to win the NCAA tournament for the fifth time, in the school's history.

After this defeat, the Confederates attempted to win at another skirmish at Barton's Station.

attempted to force

Two Gardai knocked on the door and, receiving no answer, attempted to force an entry.

The crowd attempted to force the building's doors and set it on fire, and Zamora was burned in effigy.

The National Energy Policy of the early 1980s attempted to force Alberta to sell low-priced oil to eastern Canada.

attempted to convince   (intentó convencer)

Instead, the pope attempted to convince Alfonso X to drop this ambition.

He attempted to convince the confederates to surrender without unnecessary bloodshed.

During Willer's tenure as the president of the DOB, she attempted to convince the group to have a more aggressive political stance.

attempted to attack

Set attempted to attack the body of Osiris by transforming himself into a leopard.

When the Nassauers attempted to attack the battery they were ridden down by a squadron of cuirassiers.

He attempted to attack over land in an effort to capture the rich port of Panamá but was defeated again.

attempted to seize   (intentó aprovechar)

1583 Portuguese attempted to seize Surat.

They attempted to seize neighbouring Dublin Castle, the heart of British rule in Ireland.

At the time, an impostor also named Assaf, had attempted to seize control of Sanjak Lajjun.

again attempted

But the Jats once again attempted began their rebellion.

Less than two months later, the Germans once again attempted to draw portions of the Grand Fleet into battle.

When Subahu and Maricha again attempted to rain flesh and blood on the sage's yajna, Subahu was killed by Rama.

attempted unsuccessfully

In 2004, he attempted unsuccessfully to regain his old federal seat as an independent.

He then attempted unsuccessfully to take their daughter, but had to leave "very much [e]nraged."

Ferdinand took the command of the Spanish Army and attempted unsuccessfully to break the French lines.

attempted to explain

Several studies attempted to explain the reductions.

He attempted to explain this phenomenon with the idea of electrical effluvia.

Nietzsche scholar has attempted to explain Nietzsche's life history and philosophy by claiming that he was homosexual.

attempted to build

After Indonesia's independence, the residents attempted to build a foundation for a new government.

The De Lessups company, which ran the Suez Canal, first attempted to build a Panama Canal in the 1880s.

Coming to the South, Dung Hà attempted to build her own gang in Saigon, and often came into conflict with Văn Cam.

never attempted

Dostoevsky never attempted to complete it.

However, he never attempted to breach the walls of Sant Ferran.

The movie was a critical and financial failure, and Geisel never attempted another feature film.

attempted to move   (intentó moverse)

After breaking up the Spiders from Mars, Bowie attempted to move on from his Ziggy persona.

She was shortly afterwards brought to the palace and vainly attempted to move Octavian to pity.

Forces from British Nigeria had attempted to move into German Kamerun from a number of points along the colony's northern border.

attempted to reach

The Sparks attempted to reach the playoffs and were successful.

Wave after wave of men were mown down as they attempted to reach shore.

They attempted to reach the SAF base at Yei, not knowing that it had already been overrun by the SPLA.

attempted to keep   (intentado mantener)

Tenmu attempted to keep a balance of power among his sons.

Some canals attempted to keep changes in level down to a minimum.

Lancaster guarded his private life and attempted to keep it private despite his stardom.

attempted to regain

He later attempted to regain the seat as a Liberal in 1868, but was unsuccessful.

Finally, a force under Isidro Barradas Valdés attempted to regain control of Mexico in 1829.

Forster attempted to regain the seat at the 1857 general election but ranked bottom of the poll.

attempted to revive   (intentó revivir)

It attempted to revive the CPC project, but also failed.

He attempted to revive the Communist Party in 1997 but lacked backing.

In 1936, Gillett attempted to revive series focusing on the Toonerville Trolley and Felix the Cat.

attempted to buy

He then attempted to buy things with the piece of paper upon which he has drawn the currency.

Steve Jobs attempted to buy the company for five million dollars in 1982, but Warnock and Geschke refused.

In 1836, the British government attempted to buy the design but Schilling instead accepted overtures from Nicholas I of Russia.

attempted to remove

Alley attempted to remove Kouandété from the army, though to no avail.

Constantine also attempted to remove Maxentius' influence on Rome's urban landscape.

Thus ugly laws were methods by which lawmakers attempted to remove the poor from sight.

attempted to cross   (intentó cruzar)

Two parties attempted to cross the icefield in the mid-1960s.

Procopio's horse drowned as he attempted to cross a slough near Summit Lake.

One death was reported in Bangladesh after a man attempted to cross a swollen river.

attempted to defend

She attempted to defend her title at Nottingham 1986 but finished fifth.

Initially they attempted to defend the Tempe pass to prevent the loss of Thessaly.

The Confederates attempted to defend with the Bayou Teche Campaign, but surrendered after Vicksburg.

forces attempted

Hizam security forces attempted to clear the mortar site following the attack.

On 27–28 October, anti-Taliban forces attempted to recapture Kabul but were unable to do so.

So when San Vitores was assassinated by Mata'pang, the Spanish forces attempted to capture the guilty.

attempted to set

He attempted to set down on a river bank, but his jet exploded on impact.

McGlashan attempted to set the record in his jet-powered car, Aussie Invader II.

He then doused Hamilton's body with kerosene and unsuccessfully attempted to set fire to it."

attempted to secure   (intentó asegurar)

When Disraeli attempted to secure a Tory-Radical cabinet in 1852, Bright refused.

They both attempted to secure control over the regional assemblies and in particular, Punjab.

In 1900, Porter was part of a group that attempted to secure a Boston franchise in the new American League.

attempted to block

The group unsuccessfully attempted to block operations at a sulfide mine near Ladysmith, Wisconsin.

Mosque opponents also attempted to block the construction of a cemetery adjacent to the complex, filing a suit in a state court.

"Alceste" fired several broadsides at the fort and junks that attempted to block her way, and proceeded to anchor at the usual place.

attempted to join   (intentó unirse)

Katrina Yeaw attempted to join her twin brother Daniel's Boy Scout Troop No.

A year later, in February 1962, Spain attempted to join the European Communities.

In his mid 30s Gahan attempted to join the Australian Army and defend his country in World War II.

later attempted

He later attempted to regain the seat as a Liberal in 1868, but was unsuccessful.

Vernet later attempted to return to the Islands but was refused permission to return.

Karpov later attempted to set up another match with Fischer, but the negotiations fell through.

attempted a comeback

Balletto attempted a comeback in 2006 on ESPN's "The Contender".

He attempted a comeback in 1990, but injured a knee during training camp and was released.

In 1996, The D.O.C attempted a comeback following the car crash which severely damaged his vocal cords.

attempted to purchase

Several suitors attempted to purchase the airline.

In 1936 the League attempted to purchase about of the property.

In 1999, they attempted to purchase English Premier League association football club Everton F.C..

attempted to introduce   (intentó introducir)

Mukherji has attempted to introduce innovation to her Rabindra Sangeet performances.

In Van Beuren, Gillett attempted to introduce the rigorous quality standards of Disney.

Voere attempted to introduce caseless ammunition to civilian shooters in 1991 with the VEC-91.

attempted to obtain

It attempted to obtain support from Tsarist Russia, Republican China, Japan.

Hasan Ali Shah left for Bombay and the British attempted to obtain permission for his return to Persia.

Lacking the technology and infrastructure to build effective warships, the Confederacy attempted to obtain warships from Britain.

attempted robbery   (intento de robo)

After an investigation, the police charged Lee with, "inter alia", attempted robbery and malicious wounding.

For several years in a row, Allen introduced a bill that would add murder in commission of an attempted robbery to the list.

The alleged conspiracy occurred in January 2006, when both brothers were in jail on charges related to the attempted robbery.

attempted to raise   (intentó levantar)

Dropping his pistol, he desperately attempted to raise a shotgun against the other Indian.

Franklin was busy with matters outside of his printing office, and never seriously attempted to raise the mechanical standards of his trade.

The sculptures remained in Veterans Park for 10 years while Fowler attempted to raise funds to buy a larger piece of land for the sculptures.

attempted to become   (intentó convertirse)

She attempted to become a Methodist minister, but was failed on one of her written exams for the post.

attempted to become the only resident of the village, but stayed there for less than a year, living in primitive conditions.

He first attempted to become a presidential candidate in 1974, but ended up supporting López Michelsen, who won the elections that year.

attempted to address   (intentó abordar)

The programme has since attempted to address these issues.

In 1998 French Baháʼís attempted to address issues with Mohammad Khatami.

A later definition attempted to address this ambiguity by conditioning on background factors.

ever attempted

But on July 22, 1905, the point was blown up in what was then the largest dynamite explosion ever attempted.

At the time, this was by far the most difficult atmospheric entry ever attempted; the probe entered at Mach 50 and had to withstand a peak deceleration of 228 "g".

However, with "A Song of Ice and Fire" series evolving into the biggest and most ambitious story he has ever attempted writing, he still has two more books to write .

attempted to destroy

The SS had attempted to destroy all evidence in their retreat from Kiev.

The film company built a false front onto a real house and attempted to destroy it with explosives.

He attempted to destroy Heracles' many children (the Heracleidae, led by Hyllus), who fled to Athens.

attempted to restore

The column's cavalry attempted to restore some stability to the situation but to no avail.

During the 19th century, the Poles and the Lithuanians attempted to restore their independence.

It attempted to restore its financial status through unpopular taxation schemes, which were heavily regressive.

previously attempted   (intentado previamente)

This was previously attempted by Natalie four days ago.

Starbucks had previously attempted to enter the Indian market in 2007.

Wechsler had previously attempted to put Tadjedin's other scripts into production.

initially attempted

Several countries initially attempted to form an MCU at the Hague Summit in 1969.

The British initially attempted to repeat the successful strategy of the Cape's previous campaign.

The British Government initially attempted to introduce legislation to give prisoners the right to vote.

even attempted

After leaving home, she even attempted suicide, but was saved by some people.

After the killings, she struggled a lot with depression and even attempted suicide.

Williams had even attempted 700 at the 1972 World Championships and got it 3/4 of the way up.

charged with attempted

Sydney is arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Needle was charged with attempted murder.

Shyne was charged with attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment.

when they attempted   (cuando intentaron)

He and five others were arrested by the German police in September 1929 when they attempted to cross the Germany–Poland border.

They further stated that when they attempted to rouse him from his sleep at 09:30 the following morning, they could not wake him.

In 1978 one woman in Colorado died and another was seriously injured when they attempted to procure an abortion by taking pennyroyal oil.

attempted to form

Several countries initially attempted to form an MCU at the Hague Summit in 1969.

She later attempted to form a partnership with Captain America to locate the Scourge of the Underworld.

Kent attempted to form alliances very early in the game, forming an alliance with the other men in the house.

attempted to leave   (intentó irse)

Two women were detained for questioning, one reportedly Hakim A's radicalised wife who in 2017 had attempted to leave for Syria.

Tioga County received $1.5 million in damage; a woman in the town of Tioga drowned after she attempted to leave her stranded vehicle.

The other robber pushed the video-gaming customer back when he attempted to leave; however, the customer was able to dodge him and get out.