several attempts

There have been several attempts to rewrite the words.

His first story came several attempts later".

The monitoring device makes several attempts to switch back on.

attempts were made

Several attempts were made to develop the island.

New attempts were made meanwhile to get them to renounce.

Other attempts were made in the early 1950s to rework old sites.

failed attempts

The platoon has many failed attempts at taking over Earth.

There were several early failed attempts at proving the theorem.

The Tangs finally captured it in 747 CE, after three failed attempts.

unsuccessful attempts   (失败的尝试)

After four unsuccessful attempts to reach the 2.

After repeated unsuccessful attempts, he escaped in 1165.

Several other unsuccessful attempts at a parliamentary career followed.

attempts to kill   (企图杀死)

The group stops and Mary attempts to kill herself.

Magneto attempts to kill Strucker but Xavier stops him.

Once exposed, Abe attempts to kill Homer.

attempts to get

Lona attempts to get her to stop, but fails.

Two messages dealt with German attempts to get support from Mexico.

Tuvok attempts to get to know Dalby socially, but makes little progress.

attempts to make

She later attempts to make amends for having done this.

Doctor Nemesis then attempts to make a deal with Edward Hawkins to assist him.

This scheme attempts to make the interference-plus-noise term spectrally white.

first attempts

The 1960s saw the first attempts at enlargement.

Curiously, their first attempts had nothing to do with Oz.

The first attempts to copy stamps went extraordinarily well.

goal attempts

Ray L lost the game for Seton Hill while going 0-15 on field goal attempts.

Ali Haji-Sheikh missed the extra point and also missed two field goal attempts.

Kickoffs and field goal attempts are not considered true change of possession plays.

field goal attempts

Ray L lost the game for Seton Hill while going 0-15 on field goal attempts.

Ali Haji-Sheikh missed the extra point and also missed two field goal attempts.

Kickoffs and field goal attempts are not considered true change of possession plays.

attempts to find

Despite attempts to find him, he was never seen again.

Nico attempts to find out more about her father's involvement with Carchon.

Cosby further elaborated on his attempts to find Spanish fly, in his book "Childhood".

attempts to escape

He attempts to escape but is shot by a dying Coughy.

As Tomas attempts to escape prison, Cardo kills him.

He attempts to escape on the dory, but Wake destroys it with an axe.

many attempts

They achieved this in 1045 after many attempts.

Warren is such a failure that even his many attempts to commit suicide fail.

The Northwest Face has seen many attempts; at least three teams have died on this face.

pass attempts

Thomas intercepted two pass attempts by quarterback Donald Hollas.

He completed all six pass attempts for 55 yards and one touchdown.

Knight intercepted two pass attempts by Rams' quarterback Kurt Warner.

attempts to take

A prison SWAT team attempts to take him out.

In the end, the Traitor attempts to take her soul but fails and retreats.

Each player attempts to take out the opponent's chariot on the way to the finish.

attempts to use

A notable example is Professor Ayrton's attempts to use American slang.

She attempts to use her powers on Wolverine, causing him to perceive Mariko.

Various attempts to use the subway tunnels for mass transit have been unsuccessful.

all attempts

So far, he had not appeared and all attempts to contact him had failed.

To date, all attempts to reacquire the music rights to the three films had failed.

However, all attempts to make the route profitable for the company were exhausted.

assassination attempts   (暗杀企图)

Hadžiahmetović himself survived two assassination attempts.

Wesa has survived a number of assassination attempts in Afghanistan.

There are reports of unsuccessful assassination attempts made against Otto of Bamberg by the pagan priesthood.

attempts to stop

Spike attempts to stop him but is easily pushed off the tower.

The captain dies as he attempts to stop the missile from launching.

Rebels were making attempts to stop their advance and reportedly damaged three tanks.

repeated attempts   (反复尝试)

Mano decides to rescue Divya, but fails to do so after repeated attempts.

"R" corresponds roughly to repeated attempts to create and discern a pattern.

It also involved Britain's repeated attempts to impose a puppet government in Kabul.

attempts to create

"R" corresponds roughly to repeated attempts to create and discern a pattern.

During the 1970s, the first attempts to create a parallel narrative were made.

Beginning with the very first research into worms at Xerox PARC, there have been attempts to create useful worms.

previous attempts

The siege was far better organized than the previous attempts, however, and dragged on for 33 days.

Like Finnlines' previous attempts to enter the cruise business, the "Finnstar" proved to be largely unsuccessful.

Reeves and Baker completed a third and final draft that was "substantially toned down" in content from the previous attempts.

further attempts

All further attempts at communication with the AN-24 were unsuccessful.

The Confederacy made no further attempts to seize the Southwestern United States.

Between 1662 and the 19th century, further attempts to revise the "Book" in England stalled.

then attempts

She then attempts to sly her way back into Victor's good graces.

Hortensio then attempts to woo her in the disguise of a tutor named Litio.

Ash then attempts to shoot the severed hand hiding in the wall of the cabin.

numerous attempts

The 19th century saw numerous attempts to reclassify Etruscan.

There have been numerous attempts by the NBA and the former ABA clubs to buy out the deal.

Then for decades numerous attempts by different governors negotiating on this matter failed.

made several attempts

He made several attempts at the shot in his innings of 16 balls.

Pavel Petrovich Anosov made several attempts to reproduce the process in the mid-19th century.

Indian officials made several attempts to recover Chau's body but eventually abandoned those efforts.

attempts to explain

Brainard goes to Sara's office and unsuccessfully attempts to explain the situation to her.

Modern physics attempts to explain every observed physical phenomenon by these fundamental interactions.

This view attempts to explain the prevalence and persistence of schizophrenia over time and across cultures.

attempts to convince

Daffy storms out, irate, and attempts to convince Elmer that Bugs is lying.

Her attempts to convince John that something is inside the house fall on deaf ears.

Fawcett attempts to convince the members of the RGS to back the expedition, but is publicly ridiculed.

suicide attempts

There were also rumors of half-hearted suicide attempts.

She was hospitalized in 1968 after a number of suicide attempts.

In one study, 5.4% of athletes with eating disorders reported suicide attempts.

made attempts

Mettenberger has made attempts to rejoin the NFL.

Rome made attempts to restore control in 446 and 458.

Both Hazel and Beatrice made attempts to seduce Nick.

attempts suicide

He attempts suicide by leaping from the window.

Haruka, guilty for having eaten Muku, attempts suicide by drowning.

As they leave, he attempts suicide, but Watson is able to revive him.

various attempts

Elisabeth Lienert finds these various attempts to connect the poem to historical events unconvincing.

His various attempts to get at the whale, and to punish Woody for siding with the whale, all end up failing.

He made various attempts to get his "Great Antichrist" printed, but could find no one bold enough to venture on it.

attempts to establish

His attempts to establish education fail spectacularly.

However, attempts to establish military alliances were unsuccessful.

During his attempts to establish truth, Sathyam faces various troubles.

early attempts

After his early attempts at poetry, Poe had turned his attention to prose.

In the 1960s and 1970s, several early attempts were made to market fair trade products.

He made early attempts on Armadillo, a long alpine rock climb on Mount Katahdin, Maine.

attempts to break

Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) attempts to break Kenneth of his moral absolutism.

Later, Alo attempts to break up with Poppy, but only at her fourteenth birthday.

It attempts to break down "the barrier of identity through a four-phased process."

attempts to bring

There have been some scientific attempts to bring dead organisms back to life, but with limited success.

A few (notably "RAW") represented experimental attempts to bring comics closer to the status of fine art.

Currently Brasília has the Rock Basement Festival which attempts to bring new bands to the national scene.

attempts to save

She returns home, and although Charles attempts to save her, Emma dies.

The distraught larva attempts to save his beloved mother, but to no avail.

Jacques attempts to save a sailor, and in the process is thrown overboard.

attempts to seduce

Both Hazel and Beatrice made attempts to seduce Nick.

Ann's landlord (Noël Coward), an aging actor, attempts to seduce her.

Once alone, Bosco attempts to seduce Ángela, but she resists his advances.

attempts to capture

Later Orana attempts to capture a terrorist named Warhead.

Meanwhile, Kalabhairavan attempts to capture the Mookuththi.

British intelligence also continued its attempts to capture McGlinchey.

attempts to help

This was not one of the most successful attempts to help those with NSRED.

The woman is very pregnant and they reject Rawlings's attempts to help them.

Soo-jung follows Lee around as he attempts to help the community in his bizarre fashion.

attempts to gain

"Puss" attempts to gain a corner during the exchange.

Six previous high-profile wire walkers had failed in their attempts to gain approval to walk the Falls since 1971.

A detailed timeline of MAPS' attempts to gain access to research grade marijuana is available on the MAPS website.

rushing attempts

He added another 204 yards on 22 rushing attempts.

He also has 123 career rushing attempts for 426 yards.

That year, he led the team in rushing attempts and yards.

escape attempts

He made several failed escape attempts during his incarceration.

Miller was Associate Warden during numerous escape attempts at Alcatraz.

This practice effectively stemmed the escape attempts using passports, but passports were not the only way to escape.

attempts to keep

His attempts to keep the cell made him a "liability", according to David Burke.

Despite Bruce's attempts to keep him at the JJB Stadium, however, the deal was confirmed five days later.

Since May 2008, her family made several attempts to keep her away from him and to force her into marriage.

number of attempts

A number of attempts were also made to blow up Oriel House itself.

A number of attempts to revive Sanskrit have been made from the 18th century onward.

During the nineteenth century, a number of attempts were made to mechanise depth sounding.

despite attempts

Rather predictably, but despite attempts to the contrary, the issue of Zimbabwe dominated.

The first attempt only obtained calves, who died despite attempts to feed them with goat milk.

Engel noted that despite attempts to the contrary, the award maintains cricket's bias towards batsmen.

attempts to persuade

Anne seeks help from Dr. Willet, whom Curwen then attempts to persuade that Anne is insane.

Truewit, hoping to secure his friend's inheritance, attempts to persuade Morose that marriage would not be good for him.

MacMurchy was vocal in her attempts to persuade the Canadian government that eugenics was the answer to preventing degenerate babies.

attempts to win

A perpetrator attempts to win a jackpot prize through fraudulent means.

Although the Dutch retaliated in several attempts to win back St. Martin, they failed.

As she is prone to impulsive decisions, she spends over $10,000 on Josh in her attempts to win him back.

several unsuccessful attempts

After several unsuccessful attempts, Disraeli entered the House of Commons in 1837.

Following several unsuccessful attempts, permanent settlement of the islands began in the 1730s.

After several unsuccessful attempts he continued to develop his craft until he graduated from high school.

several failed attempts

After several failed attempts, he enrolled at Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.

After several failed attempts at seizing each emplacement, he eventually succeeded.

After several failed attempts to kill Greene, it became evident that Licavoli's outfit needed outside help.

attempts to destroy

He attempts to destroy Judah's chariot but wrecks his own instead.

The giant T-Rex, Gor-Gor, is born and attempts to destroy the world.

Fang attempts to destroy the relic, but the forces of the Order arrive and take it.

attempts failed

All attempts failed and reinforcements were not sent.

Later attempts failed in the same way.

Salvage attempts failed and her wreck was abandoned after it broke in half.

attempts to reach

After four unsuccessful attempts to reach the 2.

Since the start of war there were some attempts to reach a ceasefire.

Some analysts are critical of EMNR’s attitude toward the people it attempts to reach.

attempts to revive   (试图复兴)

A number of attempts to revive Sanskrit have been made from the 18th century onward.

There have been recent attempts to revive the fair in August as a regional trade show.

In the 1990s, attempts to revive the automotive industry of Isotta Fraschini were made.

attempts to prevent

C.F Bödecker, a dentist and researcher, also made attempts to prevent occlusal caries.

One of the first attempts to prevent occlusal caries occurred as early as 1905 by Willoughby D. Miller.

She also attempts to prevent Tati from seeing Sorrow, her sweetheart, who Jena believes to be one of the Night People.

attempts to shoot

Veeran arrives and attempts to shoot Udhaya.

When Tony attempts to shoot Balleau, the gun will not fire.

Then, he follows Terry outside, and attempts to shoot Terry with the pistol.

other attempts

He was soon to make other attempts this time on the "Bolling" and get caught again.

Despite this and other attempts at fixes, the ratings did not significantly improve under Doctor's watch.

It had its base in other attempts to implement a level of autonomy, like the 19th century decree of 2 March 1895.

point attempts

He also converted 35 of 36 extra point attempts.

As a freshman, he converted 5 field goals and 19 extra point attempts.

He had a 39-yard punting average and was 15-of-18 on extra point attempts.

attempts to control

All attempts to control this hot air were unsuccessful.

It's an assault on our attempts to control the spread of dangerous nuclear materials.

Ultimately, fourteen buildings were destroyed or razed in attempts to control the blaze.

attempts to flee

Horne attempts to flee but is restrained and handcuffed.

She screams in terror and attempts to flee.

The family attempts to flee the house, but cannot find Jessica.

attempts to improve

As she progresses through high school, Tomoko attempts to improve her social status among her peers.

A treatment attempts to improve or remove a problem, but treatments may not produce permanent cures, especially in chronic diseases.

Other attempts to improve the instrument included a 24-keyed model and a single-reed mouthpiece, but both these had adverse effects on tone and were abandoned.

attempts to return

When Brody attempts to return the bag, Scarlett knocks him out and ties him up.

She gives him her handbag so he will leave, but Brody feels guilty about his actions and attempts to return it.

Beigong Boyu took Bian Zhang and Han Sui, another Han official, hostage and stopped all attempts to return them.

attempts to steal   (企图偷)

Wormaline attempts to steal the show, but her sneaky shenanigans bring down the house instead.

He attempts to steal a large painting of living, moving characters, but he is plagued by fear.

When Mrs Coulter's dæmon attempts to steal the alethiometer, Lyra and Pan escape with it into the streets.

later attempts

She later attempts to make amends for having done this.

Slender Man later attempts to attack Lauren in the mine.

Lizard later attempts to help Alice rescue the Knave, though she is knocked out by Jafar.

when he attempts

She ignores him when he attempts to speak to her.

He fails when he attempts .

At the end of the episode, Grammy shows affection toward Drake when he attempts to tell his parents the truth.

multiple attempts

Despite multiple attempts, he cannot hoist the sled up using ropes.

Sylvia Nasar was said to have declined multiple attempts for interview by NPR.

Urethral stricture can occur with multiple attempts to insert an object into the urethra.

extra point attempts

He also converted 35 of 36 extra point attempts.

As a freshman, he converted 5 field goals and 19 extra point attempts.

He had a 39-yard punting average and was 15-of-18 on extra point attempts.

attempts to build

Renewed attempts to build it were made in 1896, 1901, 1918 and 1945, again with no success.

There were attempts to build a temple for Nathuram Godse and to celebrate 30 January as a "Shaurya Diwas" ("Bravery Day").

Conductive education attempts to build up the impaired children’s personalities gradually in a manner appropriate to their age.

attempts to rescue

In it, the player controls the knight Don as he attempts to rescue a princess from an evil witch.

In fear, the prince stumbled backwards and fell off the cliff despite the wolf's attempts to rescue him.

He follows the van to a warehouse south of Nykvarn, where he attempts to rescue Wu by boxing with the giant.

attempts to leave

She continues to resist, and he blocks her attempts to leave.

Walt avoids Jesse's attempts to leave with his share of the money.

Darius ignores this and attempts to leave with the piano immediately.

attempts to force

Cullah attempts to force the codes out of Chakotay, but to no avail.

She has already been taken by Hanns to the basement though, where he attempts to force the ape to kill her.

He calls Clive and attempts to force him to go to the police, though Clive declines as he is working on his symphony.

attempts to contact

The unknown ship reversed course and attempts to contact her failed.

So far, he had not appeared and all attempts to contact him had failed.

His memory now reawakened, he attempts to contact Cardinal Syn to join him to battle Gwar.

initial attempts

These quartets are a huge step forward from his initial attempts.

Vardon's initial attempts to obtain a fresh election were unsuccessful.

Despite initial attempts to conceal it, news of the emperor's death quickly spread.

attempts to rape

One day he takes her to his farmhouse and attempts to rape her.

Curwen takes complete control of Charles and he attempts to rape Anne.

One of the sailors attempts to rape a female slave, but is stopped by a male slave.

attempts to remove

Eddie attempts to remove Richie's nasal hair (at Richie's request) using a pair of pliers.

In the 1930s, three failed attempts to remove Vargas and his supporters from power occurred.

Freenet attempts to remove the possibility of any group imposing its beliefs or values on any data.

attempts to reconcile   (试图调和)

Positive psychology's idea of thriving attempts to reconcile that failure.

He learns science from a book that attempts to reconcile young-earth creationism with scientific principles.

The film revolves around her attempts to reconcile her dangerous and illegal activism with the upcoming adoption.

attempts to provide

This book attempts to provide an account of all the knowledge concerning superstitions and demonology.

The smooth-talking Doggie Daddy attempts to provide strict parental guidance to Augie, often to Augie's displeasure.

He attempts to provide explanation by entering his father’s dreams, but his communications are interpreted as nightmares.

earlier attempts

Buller's army had made three earlier attempts to raise the Boer siege of Ladysmith.

The statue was found broken in six pieces and earlier attempts at restoration failed.

The particular innovation of the cross-drive, over earlier attempts, was to use a torque converter in the cross shaft.

attempts made

Despite attempts made by Thamizharasu's team, they are unable to stop Surya.

There are reports of unsuccessful assassination attempts made against Otto of Bamberg by the pagan priesthood.

His reign witnessed Burmese atrocities on the people of Assam and the attempts made by Chandrakanta Singha and Purandar Singha to expel Burmese invaders.

attempts to develop

There were a few attempts to develop a direct sequel to "Franko".

As a consequence, there were attempts to develop an updated AEW system for use on Royal Navy carriers.

He was Heisenberg's closest ally in their attempts to develop a unified field theory of elementary particles.

attempts to sell

There were cases in which the Ruthenian masses rejected the attempts to sell them slaves who were not included among these classifications.

Waddell was also involved in schemes with other prominent confidence men, including attempts to sell the Brooklyn Bridge, before his murder by noted bunco artist Tom O'Brien in 1895.

She reverted to the name SS "Otsego" following her decommissioning and was refitted as a cargo ship, but she was then laid up for some years after failed attempts to sell or charter the vessel.