Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

media attention   (atención de los medios)

Scott's efforts received national media attention.

The hearing received significant media attention.

The case attracted considerable media attention.

national attention   (atención nacional)

expanded his company, gaining national attention.

He received national attention when he won the U.S.

The Massena blood libel drew national attention.

attracted the attention   (atrajo la atención)

Their work has attracted the attention of the art world.

She attracted the attention of King James IV around 1497.

Then Levy attracted the attention the world with his pyrotechnics.

public attention   (atencion publica)

The Dance Platform brought her more public attention.

He tried to attract public attention to his railway plans.

It was this win that gained him widespread public attention.

caught the attention   (llamó la atención)

Williams caught the attention of MGM scouts at the Aquacade.

Stobart's actions caught the attention of the Royal Serbian Army.

Jarman's use of anachronism caught the attention of many critics.

international attention   (atención internacional)

Her story attracted international attention.

The March on Rome brought Fascism international attention.

His work brought Mexican wines to international attention.

much attention   (Mucha atención)

The outfits worn during initiation require much attention.

His "Observations of a Solicitor" attracted much attention.

Their controversy attracted much attention among Freemasons.

more attention   (mas atencion)

People should pay PewDiePie more attention."

Since 1990s, she has been paying more attention to issues of aesthetics.

His wish was carried out and this brought more attention to pecan trees.

attention when   (atención cuando)

He received national attention when he won the U.S.

She drew attention when interpreting the song ""Mulheres Negras"" (2012).

Bennett won wide attention when he called Lincoln a white supremacist in 1968.

turned his attention   (volvió su atención)

Salazar then turned his attention to Rodrigo de Paz.

Instead, he turned his attention to northern Mexico.

draw attention   (llamar la atención)

The aim was to draw attention to carbon trading.

in order to draw attention to Fedder.

Bark may be spread around to draw attention to the marking post.

attracted attention   (atrajo la atención)

This attracted attention after the 9/11 attacks of 2001.

Their work soon attracted attention from the Grand Ole Opry.

Her beam mount also attracted attention.

drew attention   (llamó la atención)

In 1927, Bohr drew attention to a consequence of non-separability.

The book also drew attention for Sparky's colorful manner of speech.

The proposal drew attention and some action but was never implemented.

special attention   (atención especial)

He paid special attention to transportation.

He gave special attention to the liturgy of the synagogue.

Cadets requiring special attention are shown to the specialists.

medical attention   (atención médica)

If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

A myocardial infarction requires immediate medical attention.

The delay in medical attention is blamed for at least one death.

little attention   (un poco de atención)

In general the Spanish paid little attention to Corisco.

These events received little attention.

The New Testament also devotes little attention to an immediate afterlife.

attention to detail   (atención a los detalles)

Paying attention to detail can reward a philatelic sleuth.

His attention to detail was meticulous.

The landscape shows great attention to detail in the modeling of nature.

gained attention   (llamó la atención)

He also gained attention for his mullet haircut.

This timely release of the song gained attention from critics.

It first gained attention through their Amaran 528w led light.

particular attention   (atención particular)

The ATM withdrawal drew particular attention.

Several of her medals have received particular attention.

His skilful cataloguing has attracted particular attention.

pay attention   (presta atención)

When she sings, it's disarming--you must pay attention.

But other mall operators would do well to pay attention."

The only time we pay attention to these qualities is in song.

received attention   (recibió atención)

The work of Ulla Nenonen has received attention from e.g.

In the 2010s, Carell received attention for more dramatic roles.

The work of Charles Mingus has also received attention in academe.

drew the attention   (llamó la atención)

This drew the attention of a barman named Alex Charlson.

His artistic talent drew the attention of other artists.

Violence in Medan drew the attention of national security officers.

considerable attention   (atencion considerable)

There was considerable attention as Ruth reported for spring training.

He also gave considerable attention to the history of botany in Italy.

Alfred devoted considerable attention and thought to judicial matters.

drawing attention   (llamando la atencion)

He instead advocated not drawing attention to oneself.

So I'm really delighted to participate in drawing attention to it."

To avoid drawing attention to the grieving family, the three surviving Monkees did not attend.

lot of attention   (mucha atención)

His guitar playing in the song attracted a lot of attention.

Reviewers paid a lot of attention to the sexual content within the game.

Potter has been receiving a lot of attention for sculpting Bengali deities.

attention away   (atención lejos)

In particular, it was seen as drawing attention away from pulpit preaching and the role of the minister.

The film was also a financial success, though Steven Spielberg's hit film "Jaws" distracted attention away from it.

He tried to induce Mexico to join the war against the United States, hoping to divert American attention away from Europe.

gained national attention   (ganó atención nacional)

His discovery and the novel gained national attention.

Horn's murder gained national attention as an unsolved crime.

It was during that tournament run that Miller gained national attention.

paying attention   (prestar atención)

The procedure shows that the conductor is paying attention.

But the rabbits aren't paying attention about what is going on.

You're involved before you even notice you were paying attention."

critical attention   (atencion critica)

Her work drew some critical attention at its time of publication.

It was Stokes' painting "Girl in Red Tights" that drew critical attention and acclaim.

It was Walcott's ability to be more than just "exotic" that brought his work critical attention.

attract attention   (atraer la atención)

Madame Koo's fashion legacy continues to attract attention internationally.

Ramsay attended some far-right political meetings but did not attract attention.

Although it was not open to the public, the site continued to attract attention.

close attention   (mucha atención)

Thus, the remainder term generally demands close attention.

Many times cetology consists of waiting and paying close attention.

Expedition leader Hugh Rutledge says: "We have naturally paid close attention to the problem.

bring attention   (llamar la atención)

She agreed to the project to bring attention to gun violence.

It was designed to bring attention to the Affordable Care Act.

attract the attention   (atraer la atención)

And finally, they also attract the attention of Masha.

The killings attract the attention of FBI agent Lisa Inman.

Her warmongering efforts attract the attention of Wonder Woman.

widespread attention   (atención generalizada)

The video garnered criticism and widespread attention on Twitter.

Grichuk drew widespread attention for his raw power and bat speed in 2015.

Her content went viral on Iranian social media and drew widespread attention.

press attention   (atención de prensa)

The painting did not win a prize and received little press attention.

It was a big success, and Chaplin received considerable press attention.

In November 1994, Old Ebbitt Grill reopened its oyster bar to much press attention.

attention during   (atención durante)

The issue was also given much attention during the trial of Saddam Hussein.

Gustav's background received wide press attention during the 2003 California recall campaign.

She accidentally attracts Genji's attention during one of his visits to the Governor of Kii's mansion.

received national attention   (recibió atención nacional)

He received national attention when he won the U.S.

The story was publicized in January 2014 and received national attention.

Gradually the story received national attention and much sympathy for Hayes.

turned their attention   (volvió su atención)

The rioters now turned their attention to the Japanese.

The minesweepers turned their attention to the waters of Nakagusuku Bay.

Stringham and his captains then turned their attention to Fort Hatteras.

significant attention   (atención significativa)

The film received significant attention.

The article generated significant attention when it was discussed on "The Huffington Post".

Through his accusatory letters, Cream succeeded in drawing significant attention to himself.

great attention   (gran atención)

The landscape shows great attention to detail in the modeling of nature.

She was involved in longing lawsuits with both her husband's which attracted great attention.

Jean de Sperati paid great attention to the accuracy of the postmark when falsifying the stamps.

attention due   (atención debida)

Kutluay has also been a cynosure of public attention due to his personal life.

The crew received attention due to member Jay Park's popularity as a singer and rapper.

Actress Bae So-eun caught the audience attention due to her graphic nudity in the film.

worldwide attention   (atención mundial)

The films and stars of Hollywood helped make the state the "center" of worldwide attention.

The iDol was a small production which did not receive worldwide attention due to its limited budget of $25,000.

Pentecostalism achieved worldwide attention in 1906 through the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles led by William Joseph Seymour.

attention because   (atención porque)

It came to his attention because arrow points and flakes were found on the surface.

It received much attention because of its mix of jazz and rap, using live jazz musicians.

Maybe I attracted attention because I have bright and playful videos about some taboo subjects.

draws attention   (Llama la atención)

The audible alert draws attention to the scrolling notification.

Hugh Lloyd-Jones draws attention to Richard Wagner's reverence of Aeschylus.

Gore Vidal also draws attention to this link in a BBC documentary about oration.)

national media attention   (atención de los medios nacionales)

Scott's efforts received national media attention.

The incident received national media attention.

The story gained national media attention.

most attention   (mayor atención)

The traits described below have received the most attention.

But it was her unbreakable kid doll that garnered the most attention.

Her floral scenes have garnered her the most attention out of all of her paintings.

attention towards   (atención hacia)

Kilpatrick then turned his attention towards the Snicker's Gap Turnpike.

Through the success of the single, Baby attracted much attention towards his mixtape.

Ex Nihilo then turns her attention towards Manteau's H-Dial wanting to know how it works.

brought attention   (atrajo la atención)

Her speeches brought attention to the movement, for Black women, but also for White.

This story brought attention to a major problem at Westville: drug trafficking by staff.

Epistemic communities brought attention to chlorofluorocarbons and their polluting consequences.

less attention   (menos atencion)

Her subsequent books got progressively less attention from reviewers.

Though it receives less attention, an understanding of human visual perception is valuable to rendering.

Oleg Prokofiev said, "he tried to help so many people that ... less and less attention was paid to his pleas."

attention deficit   (deficit de atención)

He was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder in high school.

The song's name refers to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The behavior itself may also suggest attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

call attention   (llamar la atención)

Because the rhyme comes so quickly, it tends to call attention to itself.

That work helped call attention to the importance of military aviation in its infancy.

Two weeks later she left her position; she received criticism for using the intercom to call attention to it.

garnered attention   (atrajo la atención)

Her subsequent outputs garnered attention within their format.

Some first ladies have garnered attention for their dress and style.

After that he garnered attention for his humorous or even eccentric personality.

attracting the attention   (atrayendo la atención)

They toured Germany and Switzerland in 1998, attracting the attention of the German media.

In April 2010, Natasha finds herself attracting the attention of Graeme Proctor (Craig Gazey).

Farah's story received international coverage, attracting the attention of German actress and filmmaker Katja Benrath.

gained the attention   (ganó la atención)

This gained the attention of John Rogers, the owner of baseball's Philadelphia Phillies.

The effort gained the attention of established artists such as Diego Rivera who intervened.

He was signed by the youth team of La Louvière, where he quickly gained the attention of many sides.

no attention   (sin atencion)

How come you pay no attention to me?".

Only 50 copies were printed, and the book received virtually no attention.

But she pays no attention.

attracts the attention   (atrae la atención)

The construction also attracts the attention of motorists, making it easy to find the rest area.

One of them, Julie Jordan, attracts the attention of the barker, Billy Bigelow ("The Carousel Waltz").

To spite Da Ming, Mei Mei joins a beauty pageant and eventually attracts the attention of a wealthy man!

called attention   (llamó la atención)

Psychologists have called attention to "social aspects of forgetting".

The Willink Commission called attention to the grave dangers in the Niger Delta.

For several days they called attention to Gillett firing labor for union activity.

greater attention   (mayor atención)

After one of the sessions, Ashe said it had drawn greater attention to disarmament.

Birth control pills can extend the half-life of caffeine, requiring greater attention to caffeine consumption.

EVM also received greater attention by publicly traded companies in response to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

paid attention   (atención)

Abdur Rahman also paid attention to technological advance.

They paid attention, however, when attacks came from the right.

Albini paid attention to capturing strong live performances in the studio.

received media attention   (recibió atención de los medios)

She received media attention when she attended the Cannes Film Festival in April 1953.

He received media attention for his Will Ferrell impressions and off-key Christmas caroling.

In 2014, she received media attention for her weight loss transformation from a size 12 to 8.

national attention when   (atención nacional cuando)

He received national attention when he won the U.S.

Charlotte's Web gained national attention when it was used to treat Charlotte Figi's epileptic seizures.

In 2006, the school received national attention when the principal, Kenneth Hoagland, canceled the Senior Prom.

attention given   (atención dada)

A special feature of the library is the attention given to energy conservation.

However, he was not enamoured by the attention given to the Revie Plan by the press, describing it as "bollocks".

This staircase was restored to its original configuration with meticulous attention given to blend new materials with old.

attention was paid   (se prestó atención)

Little attention was paid to the southern and southwestern Omo valley.

However real attention was paid to her past in the first half of Season Two.

Rapp notes in passing that special attention was paid to the marking of the tones.

full attention   (toda la atención)

After his knee injury McGinley turned his full attention to golf.

In 1969, Roth withdrew from Columbia to focus his full attention to SDS.

At this point writing college textbooks began to require his full attention.

attention paid   (atención prestada)

With a bit more attention paid to detail, they might very well have evaded all suspicion.

He covers over forty scientists, with special attention paid to Francis Bacon, Robert Boyle, and Isaac Newton.

His prominence during his lifetime stands in stark contrast to the minimal attention paid to his work after his death.

deal of attention   (mucha atención)

brought The Minus 5 a great deal of attention in 1996.

Selkirk's experience as a castaway aroused a great deal of attention in England.

Simultaneously, CNG forum has drawn a great deal of attention from global investors.

increased attention   (mayor atención)

Wu gained increased attention and popularity with her role as Wei Yingluo.

Since then, she has garnered increased attention in Canada and around the world.

This led to increased attention for the station, but not all of it was favorable.

attracted media attention   (atrajo la atención de los medios)

This occurrence attracted media attention.

The wedding attracted media attention and was well attended.

Alterations made to movies and TV shows also attracted media attention.

drawn attention   (llama la atención)

Since her debut, she has drawn attention to her natural yet exotic beauty.

Detroit has also drawn attention from the federal government for incidents of human trafficking in its strip clubs.

James Rowley of "Businessweek" wrote that the incident had drawn attention to the Republican Party's advocacy for a total ban on abortion.

attracted much attention   (atrajo mucha atención)

His "Observations of a Solicitor" attracted much attention.

Their controversy attracted much attention among Freemasons.

The whole book attracted much attention.

received little attention   (recibió poca atención)

These events received little attention.

During Rand's lifetime, her work received little attention from academic scholars.

The album received little attention, but was received well by critics who reviewed it.

international media attention   (atención de medios internacionales)

The issue quickly gained national and international media attention.

The series garnered strong ratings as well as international media attention.

He produced an erotic event at The Art of Loving that garnered international media attention in 2003.

gained international attention   (ganó atención internacional)

The community gained international attention in 1936 when three men were trapped in the mine.

During her career, she performed some 500 songs, many of which gained international attention.

She became known after a classroom sketch of "Breaking Bad"'s Walter White on her thigh gained international attention online.

attracting attention   (Atraer la atención)

Effenberg had a history of attracting attention and ire from fans and other players alike with his behaviour.

The former is used as a high-pitched call, for attracting attention, (pronounced ) which travels long distances.

Thunderbolt then, (inexplicably), drives erratically to escape from the police, attracting attention to themselves.

lack of attention   (falta de atención)

His sexual indiscretions and lack of attention to her has alienated his wife Alice (Margaret Leighton).

Consequently, the genre has suffered from what some industry experts lament as a lack of attention and precision.

Couch noted that there is a general lack of attention to sequential order by naturalistic observers in their reports.

amount of attention   (cantidad de atención)

In his very first salon, the Paris Salon in 1951, his paintings won awards and garnered a fair amount of attention.

She linked to the entry from her popular website and "The Soxaholix" received a large amount of attention very quickly.

The Catholic Church, in particular, receives a considerable amount of attention from the narrator, specifically its institutionalized nature.

turned its attention   (volvió su atención)

With the configuration finalized, NASA turned its attention to mission profiles.

Germany annexed Austria in 1938, and soon turned its attention to its eastern neighbors.

Once the airfield was taken the 3rd Greek Mountain Brigade turned its attention towards Rimini itself.

attention deficit hyperactivity   (déficit de atención hiperactividad)

The song's name refers to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The behavior itself may also suggest attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

He was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at an early age.

much media attention   (mucha atención de los medios)

The comments garnered much media attention.

The case went to court, followed with much media attention.

Despite playing well and receiving much media attention, Green was sent back to Minneapolis.

media attention when   (atención de los medios cuando)

She received media attention when she attended the Cannes Film Festival in April 1953.

The Gospel of Judas, a Gnostic gospel, also received much media attention when it was reconstructed in 2006.

He received some media attention when a message from Chance the Rapper prompted him to open a Twitter account.

s attention   (atención)

This drew South Africa and the world’s attention to the suburb.

Courtney also commented: "I think people’s attention span is more limited than it used to be."

It was Yvonne’s three dogs that caught Tami’s attention, and the overwhelming care she took of the strays.

received international attention   (recibió atención internacional)

It received international attention.

In 2017, the blasphemy trial of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) received international attention.

She received international attention for her first single "Yummy" (Rami Afuni LMFAO) and its viral video.

significant media attention   (importante atención de los medios)

The hearing received significant media attention.

There was significant media attention regarding Bracy stepping down.

The conference drew significant media attention, and it was aired on C-SPAN.

attention of many   (atención de muchos)

This initiative has drawn the attention of many across the world.

Jarman's use of anachronism caught the attention of many critics.

Gilberto's performance in the 2002 FIFA World Cup caught the attention of many coaches.

s attention   (atención)

This drew South Africa and the world’s attention to the suburb.

Courtney also commented: "I think people’s attention span is more limited than it used to be."

It was Yvonne’s three dogs that caught Tami’s attention, and the overwhelming care she took of the strays.

careful attention   (atención cuidadosa)

In general, the mummifying of animals was not given the careful attention afforded to humans.

The Muses agree to pay careful attention to the forthcoming play and to try especially hard to enjoy it despite their misgivings.

The meanings of Singlespeech words are therefore highly context-dependent, and careful attention must be paid to mode transitions during a conversation.

center of attention   (centro de atención)

Balan, who was a laughing stock, suddenly becomes the center of attention.

He was described as shy, simple and prudent who did not like to be the center of attention.

Dragas became the center of attention for those who supported Sullivan in their expression of dismay.

attention through   (atención a través de)

It first gained attention through their Amaran 528w led light.

Münzenberg came to Lenin's attention through his activities as leader of the Young Communist International.

Rognan gained national attention through a reality documentary television series called "Alt For Rognan" in 2006.

attracted national attention   (atrajo la atención nacional)

Evers' election as mayor had great symbolic significance statewide and attracted national attention.

Becoming first lady, Marcela Temer also attracted national attention and became a fashion reference.

The plans attracted national attention in March 2018 over concerns that Elim Church could seek to prevent LGBT groups from hiring Merton Hall.

received much attention   (recibió mucha atención)

It received much attention from Renaissance scholars in the 16th century.

Since its launch, the Boyue has received much attention in the Chinese automobile market.

It received much attention because of its mix of jazz and rap, using live jazz musicians.

attention was given   (se le prestó atención)

However, greater public attention was given to their subject matter.

Special attention was given to ensuring backward compatibility of Maven 3 to Maven 2.

Little attention was given to the song at the time of its release in the summer of 1970.

wide attention   (amplia atención)

The conclusions of the study attracted wide attention.

Bennett won wide attention when he called Lincoln a white supremacist in 1968.

All of these systems carry some security risk, and such issues have gained wide attention.

mainstream attention   (atención convencional)

The incident received mainstream attention in Japan and became known as .

The group found mainstream attention after being featured on the track "Paramedic!"

He then saw more mainstream attention with the release of his mixtape, "The Wolf of Grape Street".

renewed attention   (atención renovada)

Since the 19th century, he has received renewed attention.

Łaski enjoyed renewed attention among the younger generation of Polish economists and activists.

His work received renewed attention in the CD era, and now all his symphonies have been recorded.

negative attention   (atención negativa)

The video received negative attention and caused a media backlash.

Day received significant negative attention after two high-profile arrests.

This act garnered negative attention from critics and some animal rights activists.

attracted international attention   (atrajo la atención internacional)

Her story attracted international attention.

The first night attracted international attention but Sibelius was not present.

Yoriyas is prominent among photographers capturing the economic capital's street scenes, and has attracted international attention.

turned her attention   (volvió su atención)

She then turned her attention to writing scripts for radio and television.

With the discovery of this passion, Szekulics turned her attention to travel literature.

Once the right to vote was secured, Stevens turned her attention to women's legal status.

focused attention   (atención enfocada)

Nine journalists in the last 18 months have focused attention on the investigations in Veracruz.

Newspaper articles focused attention on the series and the Daleks, further enhancing their popularity.

This level of loss focused attention on the safety aspects of bulk carriers, and a great deal was learned.

divert attention   (desviar la atención)

At first, they adopted Johnson as their married name, to divert attention.

The letters and calls were a hoax intended to divert attention from the real killer.

Concern was also expressed that the speech would derail the conference or divert attention from its purposes.

attention to what   (atención a qué)

There are enough of us around to draw attention to what these people are really like".

During his time of exile he continued to try to make the West pay attention to what was going on in Cameroon.

In my opinion, the IRA achieved its objective: people started paying attention to what was happening in Ireland.