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tourist attractions   (turistik yerler)

One of Dresden's most popular tourist attractions.

It is a starting point for tourist attractions.

New Athos Cave is one of Abkhazia's tourist attractions.

attractions include   (ilgi çekici yerler arasında)

Other attractions include the culture of West Bengal.

Natural attractions include: Other attractions include:

main attractions   (ana cazibe merkezleri)

The marble altar and the pulpit are main attractions of the church.

The main attractions are: San Vito al Tagliamento is twinned with:

Its main attractions were the trains, the trampolines and tricycles.

other attractions   (diğer turistik yerler)

Cattle and tea estates are the other attractions in Njombe region.

Scoobyville was the central town site, where a carousel and other attractions were included.

It includes a limestone cave, stone amphitheater for events, and other attractions for children.

attractions such

They filmed at many famous tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower in which a kiss scene was filmed.

Within the borders of its prefecture there are attractions such as The Long Gong Dragon Caves and the Getu River.

Also it is within walking distance to major attractions such as Jungdong, Gwanghwamun, Seoul Station, Seoul Plaza, Myeongdong and Insa-dong.

major attractions   (başlıca turistik yerler)

The year-round golf courses are major attractions.

One of the major attractions is the Pathibhara Devi Temple.

popular attractions

Some of the popular attractions of South Khorasan are:

Some of the popular attractions of North Khorasan are:

Some of the popular attractions of Khorasan-e Razavi are:

popular tourist attractions

One of Dresden's most popular tourist attractions.

There are many popular tourist attractions in the Outback.

The South Bank Parklands are one of Brisbane's most popular tourist attractions.

attractions including   (dahil olmak üzere turistik yerler)

Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas features 26 attractions including:

She visited some tourist attractions including the paddy fields, fishing villages and Sky Mirror jetty.

It is in close proximity to many Des Moines attractions including the East Village and Wells Fargo Arena.

major tourist attractions   (başlıca turistik yerler)

With the Ellora Caves, Ajanta is one of the major tourist attractions of Maharashtra.

The Church of the Nativity is one of Bethlehem's major tourist attractions and a magnet for Christian pilgrims.

Mukutmanipur and Jhilimili nearby are major tourist attractions visited by more than a lakh (100 000) visitors.

natural attractions

Apart from natural attractions on land, there is also a score of dive sites around the islands.

Mpanga Kipengele ranges and Kitulo National Park are natural attractions available in Njombe region.

Other natural attractions include expanses of salt flats, the Kalahari desert and some very beautiful mountains.

main tourist attractions   (başlıca turistik yerler)

One of the main tourist attractions of Tangkak is the Gunung Ledang National Park.

The main tourist attractions are the Rani ki vav (World Heritage Site) and patola saris.

It is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, and one of Switzerland's main tourist attractions.