Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

audience members   (miembros de la audiencia)

", which prompted audience members to respond "Yes!"

tour of swing states encouraging audience members to vote.

This theater seats 1,541 audience members.

wider audience   (público más amplio)

His love for jazz helped bring the genre to a wider audience.

This effort succeeded and he began to be known to a wider audience.

Jennings intended to gain for them a wider audience with this album.

target audience   (Público objetivo)

Its target audience are 25- to 40-year-old professionals.

Its target audience lies in private and public sector managers.

The target audience of the magazine was almost exclusively male.

live audience   (audiencia en vivo)

They are supposed to perform the dance in front of a live audience.

Unlike some others in the series, the album was not recorded before a live audience.

Proceedings are conducted in an auditorium in front of a live audience at Dreamworld.

studio audience   (audiencia de estudio)

Even the studio audience shuddered at the sound.

Unlike "Liar's Club", "The Next Line" had no studio audience.

The two celebrity couples played for members of the studio audience.

audience member

There was a tmagic show with audience member participation.

along with his camp and an audience member that climbed on stage.

Patrons can also request that an audience member be brought on stage.

audience share   (cuota de audiencia)

The show started 2008 with a 6.3% audience share.

This was also the lowest ever audience share, with just 19.6 per cent.

In 2013, the average audience share for an episode was around 30 per cent.

large audience

The book "Money" reached a large audience.

The trial attracted a large audience, including many of the local peasants.

Searock is one of the highlights of Waves, and attracts a large audience every year.

television audience

Chad's television audience is limited to N'Djamena.

Football has the highest global television audience in sport.

The estimated television audience is 3 million viewers for the show.

wide audience

Gray described the book as an "exciting and important" work that deserved a wide audience.

He then became known to a world wide audience with the success of Fat Albert around the globe.

He reached this wide audience by offering cable companies stocks for as little as 20¢ a share.

younger audience

In recent years Radio 1 has used social media to help reach a younger audience.

The mascots are often used to help market the Asian Games to a younger audience.

This was done to attract a younger audience into purchasing or leasing a Lexus ES.

international audience

The album introduced Femi Kuti and afrobeat to an international audience.

By now a manifold program has evolved that attracts an international audience.

The album was re-released through RCA Records in 1994, bringing the band an international audience.

larger audience

It recounts her work over 16 years to bring Hemings' story to a larger audience.

Crick's reaction was to invite Nirenberg to deliver his talk to a larger audience.

NYGASP has imported various guest stars over the years to appeal to a larger audience.

general audience   (audiencia general)

Also, Arild Stubhaug wrote a shorter history, prepared for a general audience.

It has a clear and readable style which makes it suitable for a general audience.

This show covered a lot of general audience and is targeted at an older generation.

audience participation   (participación de la audiencia)

The performance included elements of audience participation and was warmly received.

"Bits" are comedic routines or audience participation, many woven in the songs themselves.

Guest performers and audience participation became a regular part of the Garrick Theater shows.

new audience

According to Root, it will attract a completely new audience.

It credited the MPC's pad design and price for "[opening up] music production to a whole new audience".

The Cinemateca Nacional introduced classics from the world cinema to a fresh and enthusiastic new audience.

audience through

Fio Rito reached a national audience through syndicated and network radio programs.

The Seven brought their ideas to a broader audience through their teaching, exhibitions and symposia.

After disabling comments, Kjellberg continued interacting with his audience through Twitter and Reddit.

national audience   (audiencia nacional)

The game was televised to a national audience on ABC.

He first reached a national audience with CBS News in New York.

Channel one mainly broadcasts news in Mandarin to a national audience.

before an audience

The event was held in a hotel in the Shibuya area of Tokyo before an audience of about 520.

The team's nickname "Swarm" was announced before an audience at the Regal Riverfront Hotel in Downtown St. Louis.

This concert, recorded near his home in New Jersey, was his first post-recovery attempt to play before an audience.

global audience

The 2008 season attracted a global audience of 600 million people per race.

The stunt alarmed FIFA enough for it to fear she might do it again in front of a live global audience.

Soviet propaganda spared no effort and wasted no time in capitalising on the triumph, impressing a global audience.

viewing audience

The highest rated episode (in terms of viewing audience) is Part Four of "City of Death".

The series was a huge success, with an average viewing audience of three million in the UK.

The show, NBC's highest rated that season, captured 42 percent of the total viewing audience.

young audience

It's vital that we educate a young audience.

Dave and Luke were introduced in an attempt to attract a young audience.

Since it was found, the station focuses on young audience as main listeners.

broader audience   (Audiencia más amplia)

This broader audience gave Nuevo Laredo Companies the result they expected .

The White House performance was televised, giving Schuur a much broader audience.

Judging from its form, it is nonetheless likely that Cicero wrote with a broader audience in mind.

intended audience

The intended audience of this play would have been wealthier than Shakespeare's crowd.

A difference between the two TV series is that "Teddybears"s intended audience is older children.

That way they can be used in advertising campaigns to target their intended audience more effectively.

live studio audience

The show ran for about 25 years and featured a live studio audience of children.

Little more than half of this episode was filmed in front of a live studio audience.

However, the show did feature a live studio audience with varying views on cannabis.

adult audience   (audiencia adulta)

Subtitling was primarily for adult audience movies until 2012.

"The Fate of a Crown" was his first endeavor for the adult audience.

Pricing was directed towards an adult audience, which was more than standard children fare.

female audience   (audiencia femenina)

Its main target is the female audience.

WIGS targets a female audience.

This film festival, has been created for an exclusively female audience.

audience during

Streisand also held a Q&A session with the audience during the second act.

The reason – an incident with the audience during the game near the Danube.

Both judges appeared side-by-side in the audience during the "Reunited" episode.

largest audience

This set a record for the largest audience at a film premiere.

With an audience of 72,000; this set a record for the largest audience at a film premiere.

"), "Ernest and Fanny's Exorcism Tonight" is announced as having the largest audience in history.

mass audience

Some were bids for a mass audience, while others aimed to grab passers-by.

Many critics have credited him with introducing bebop to the mass audience.

Dau An Hien Thuc also witnessed a mass audience to compare with previous liveshows.

average audience   (audiencia promedio)

The programme attracted an average audience of 1.38 million viewers.

In 2013, the average audience share for an episode was around 30 per cent.

The fight was watched by an average audience of 1.76 million viewers, peaking at 1.86 million.

audience reaction

However, the positive audience reaction was unexpected.

He looked forward to the audience reaction to the webisode.

Cult films are defined by audience reaction as much as by their content.

worldwide audience

Armstrong's first step onto the lunar surface was broadcast on live TV to a worldwide audience.

It covers news and events from around the county and regularly broadcasts live to a worldwide audience.

The DVD release of Newsfront brings one of Australia's historically lauded films to a worldwide audience.

audience when   (audiencia cuando)

As always, we urge people to be conscious of their audience when sharing this type of content."

At the end of the show, John stunned his audience when he said he was dedicating the show to Weiwei.

Gary Newman, President of 20th Century Fox, voiced a man in the audience when Lois held a press conference.

mainstream audience

This is the first time Radio One has programmed an all-news station geared towards a mainstream audience.

In 2013, with the aid of Denis Desmond & Caroline Downey, Rubyworks introduced Hozier to a more mainstream audience.

VIVA became the music channel with chart shows and other similar programmes which were mostly directed at a mainstream audience.

private audience   (audiencia privada)

In 1899 he met Pope Leo XIII in a private audience.

She also had her first private audience with the Queen.

Pope Pius IX ordered Alemany to a private audience on June 16.

audience award

The film also won the prestigious audience award at the Festival de Cine de Léon.

It was voted the audience award at the Tromsø International Film Festival in Norway in January 2019.

The film was praised as "scalding stuff" by "Newsday", and won the audience award at the New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival.

broad audience

It aimed to be understandable to a broad audience and was based mainly on Central and Upper German varieties.

He was the 2007 winner of the Weaver Prize for Scholarly Excellence in promoting human dignity to a broad audience.

The celebration is designed to raise awareness of free speech issues and encourage a broad audience to openly express themselves.

told the audience

Fukui jokingly told the audience to "pretend you didn't see that".

At the rally Angwin told the audience "Homosexuality is a murderous, horrendous, twisted act.

Elfman told the audience the performance was "20 years to the day" of Oingo Boingo's retirement.

audience response   (respuesta de la audiencia)

The audience response was positive and Simpson agreed to manage Earth.

The audience response at Presley's live shows became increasingly fevered.

Despite the hostile audience response, the newspaper reviews were not universally uncomplimentary.

radio audience

It is also called "the prize of the people", since it is the radio audience who vote.

Some DJs focus on creating a good mix of songs for the club dancers or radio audience.

In 1942–43, the Old-Fashioned Revival Hour had a record-setting national radio audience.

male audience

It is the first factual-entertainment channel for a male audience in Italy.

Fabien Eckert from "20 minutes" wrote that it was appealing to the male audience, noting Inna's lascivious appearance.

The magazine was a direct competitor to "Playboy", offering nude and semi-nude photographs and sex advice aimed at a male audience.