author of several   (いくつかの作者)

He was also the author of several poems in Persian.

He is author of several books on theoretical physics.

She was also the author of several books and articles.

journalist and author   (ジャーナリストおよび著者)

Fleischaker's wife Pam, is a noted journalist and author.

Since then, he has worked as both a journalist and author.

She was an Italian journalist and author.

author of numerous   (多数の作者)

He is an author of numerous press publications.

He is also the author of numerous books.

He is remembered as an author of numerous Latin dictionaries.

author of many   (多くの著者)

McCasland was the author of many books on religion.

He was also the author of many scientific papers.

He is the author of many buildings in Caen.

prolific author   (多作作家)

He was a prolific author of Esperanto works.

Not an exhaustive list, as Steinman was a prolific author.

He was a high court judge in colonial India and a prolific author.

fiction author

He is the father of late science fiction author Jay Lake.

Julie O'Neill Julie O'Neill is an English fiction author.

Phil Cummings Phil Cummings is a South Australian children's fiction author.

author of more

He is an author of more than 50 books, including:

He was the author of more than 200 scientific works.

Neumyvakin is the author of more than 250 scientific papers.

author and journalist   (著者およびジャーナリスト)

He continued to work as an author and journalist.

Monte Reel Monte Reel is an American author and journalist.

Kaytor became involved with author and journalist Robert Ruark at this time.

published author

She is a published author of a book, "'Ballroom!

O'Neal is a published author with two books of poetry.

A published author, Einaudi has written articles and monographs.

same author

It is the sequel to "The Mark of the Assassin" by the same author.

by the same author and publisher.

John Lennon also borrowed from the same author for his song 'Julia'.

science fiction author

He is the father of late science fiction author Jay Lake.

David R. Palmer David R. Palmer (born 1941) is an American science fiction author.

Waters) (1938–1998) was an American magician, writer about magic, and science fiction author.

author of books

Helen Hay was a poet and an author of books for children.

He also was an author of books on naval and scientific subjects.

He was an author of books on the history of medicine which received positive reviews.

book author

Tarry was the first African-American picture book author.

François Schuiten, the Belgian comic book author, made No.

Nancy Eberhart Nancy Eberhart is a children's book author.

lead author   (筆頭著者)

She was also a lead author on the same topic for the Fifth Assessment Report.

From 2001 to 2004 coordinating lead author of Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.

The star was nicknamed "Tabby's Star" after Tabetha S. Boyajian — the initial study's lead author.

historian and author

Tom Devine Sir Thomas Martin Devine is a historian and author.

Lester Lamon is a nationally known civil rights historian and author.

David K. Johnson David K. Johnson is an award-winning historian and author.

original author

The original author, Samuel Johnson, died a year later on 29 April 1901.

He also was the original author of rzip, which uses a similar algorithm to rsync.

The manga is created by Yūtarō Shido, while Mine Yoshikizaki being credited as original author.

author and editor

She is the author and editor of many books on film and media.

He is the author and editor of numerous books and scholarly articles.

He an author and editor known for his writings about myth and mythology.

author and illustrator   (著者とイラストレーター)

He is known as an author and illustrator of a series of children's books.

Arnold Lobel bibliography Arnold Lobel was a children's author and illustrator.

Matthew Cordell Matthew Cordell is an American author and illustrator of children's books.


This glossary was printed in 1643 during the author’s lifetime.

are analyzed for consistency with the author’s other known works.

"Drognapló" draws from a very important part of the author’s life.

bestselling author   (ベストセラー作家)

She is the bestselling author of an autobiography entitled "When You Get There."

Suzy K Quinn Suzy K Quinn is a British bestselling author, writing chiefly in the romance genre.

He is also a bestselling author and host of a television talk show on matters involving family law.

author s

This glossary was printed in 1643 during the author’s lifetime.

are analyzed for consistency with the author’s other known works.

"Drognapló" draws from a very important part of the author’s life.

anonymous author   (匿名の作者)

Scholars refer to the anonymous author as "the Pastor".

The anonymous author seems to have completed the work by adding canons for the tables.

This collection was written, or at least composed, by an anonymous author shortly before 1300.

poet and author

In Iceland, Örvar is also known as a poet and author.

He became friends with academic, poet and author Sherard Vines.

John Straley John Straley is a poet and author of detective fiction.

author of children

The asteroid was named after author of children's books, Roald Dahl.

He gave piano lessons to Mary-Ann Adler, a musician and author of children’s books.

Gwyneth Rees Gwyneth Rees (born 10 May 1968) is a British author of children's books.

first author

He is the first author to make this claim.

Wood was the first author to write novelisations of Bond films.

Chaucer was the first author to use the work of these last two, both Italians.

author and poet

Zoe Tuck Zoe Tuck is an American author and poet.

19 September 1936) is an Indian author and poet.

His brother, Avrom Reyzen, was a noted Yiddish author and poet.

principal author

Kitov was the principal author.

A principal author of this law was Royal S. Copeland, a three-term U.S.

Its principal author on the Episcopal side was theological professor J. Robert Wright.

fantasy author   (ファンタジー作家)

Christelle Dabos Christelle Dabos (born 1980) is a French fantasy author.

Kristine Smith Kristine Smith is an American science fiction and fantasy author.

The role of Smaug the dragon was played by future best-selling fantasy author Tad Williams.

author and former

Bill Steigerwald Bill Steigerwald is an author and former journalist.

The author and former political lobbyist Frank Dunlop was also a member.

Jimmy Soni Jimmy Soni is an American author and former managing editor of "The Huffington Post".

unknown author

Thus, the unknown author was a literary figure.

The name has remained with the unknown author.

It expresses the unknown author's sense of civic pride.

author and historian

Michael Bloch Michael Anthony Bloch (born 24 September 1953) is an author and historian.

The school is named after Washington Irving, a 19th-century American author and historian.

In the 1980s, prior to becoming an author and historian, King was a corporate bond trader for Salomon Brothers.

author whose

Mick Hume Mick Hume (born 1959) is a British journalist and author whose writing focuses on issues of free speech and freedom of the press.

Carol Emshwiller is another feminist SF author whose best known works are "Carmen Dog" (1988), "The Mount" (2002), and "Mister Boots" (2005).

Alice Albinia Alice Albinia (born London, 1976) is an English journalist and author whose first book, "Empires of the Indus", won several awards.

author best

Martha Long Martha Long is an Irish author best known for the 'Ma...' series.

D. S. Lliteras Daniel Serafin Lliteras (born 1949) is an American author best known for his spiritual novels.

John B. Murray (filmmaker) John B. Murray is an Australian filmmaker and an author best known for "The Naked Bunyip".

noted author

A noted author, he died on 21 September 1979 at Whiteparish.

In 1992, Charles S. Moffett, a noted author and curator, was named director.

Bulwer-Lytton admired Disraeli's father Isaac D'Israeli, himself a noted author.

author or editor

Schneiderman is the author or editor of 10 books.

He is author or editor of six books and has published over 370 papers.

He is the author or editor of several books about Montana and Tennessee.

author best known

Martha Long Martha Long is an Irish author best known for the 'Ma...' series.

D. S. Lliteras Daniel Serafin Lliteras (born 1949) is an American author best known for his spiritual novels.

John B. Murray (filmmaker) John B. Murray is an Australian filmmaker and an author best known for "The Naked Bunyip".

author who wrote

Berta Bojetu was the most renowned Jewish author who wrote in Slovene.

He was an author who wrote papers and monographs on naval and scientific subjects such as electricity.

Katharine Gordon Katharine Gordon (born 1916) is a British author who wrote eight romance novels from 1978 to 2001.

sole author

The four where he was the sole author were on ketogenesis.

Sohrabi is one of the sole author who has tried to address this issue.

Papers written as sole author

single author

Barthes challenges the idea that a text can be attributed to any single author.

In 2003 the company performed their first single author play, "Kita Y Fernanda", by founder Tanya Saracho.

Assuming that all the poems are by a single author, then the whole collection can be dated to the time of Nero or later.

author known

Alexander Moritz Frey Alexander Moritz Frey (1881–1957) was a German author known for his fantasy books.

John J. Fruin John J. Fruin is an engineer, urban planner, and author known for his work in the field of crowd science.

Lucy Thompson Lucy Thompson (1853-1932) was a Native American author known for her book "To the American Indian: Reminiscences of a Yurok Woman."

contributing author

Watson was a contributing author to "Should America Pay?

He is also a contributing author to the Travis Langley Psychology and Pop Culture Series.

He was contributing author to Governing Public Colleges and Universities (c. 1993 Jossey-Bass).

artist and author

She is married to artist and author Benjamin Weissman.

Josiah Gilbert, son of Ann Taylor, was an artist and author.

Momodou Ceesay (artist) Momodou Ceesay is an artist and author.

famous author

Eusebius, a learned man and famous author, enjoyed the favour of the Emperor Constantine.

It is unknown when the village was built, but Pullakavi a famous author was lived around 15th century in Durgada.

Caine wrote the film scenario, the first time ever that a famous author undertook a film scenario of their own work.

according to author

It was, according to author Steve Turner, a "marriage made in heaven ...

Bassett came to Plymouth on the ship "Fortune" in November 1621, possibly as a single man, according to author Charles Banks.

Hawick was first named "Havig", according to author Martin Ulvestad, who wrote extensively about early Norwegian–American settlements in Minnesota circa 1907.

author wrote

An author wrote; Selected works Critical books

The author wrote in the same style and alluded to Marlowe several times.

The author wrote; "In her Arizona canvases, Mrs. Colton gives full sway to her love of color.

author describes

Early in the novel, the author describes the interior of Sarek and Amanda's home.

One author describes the gamma function as "Arguably, the most common special function, or the least 'special' of them.

The author describes Adria's placement in this way: "Imagine a slash between France and Germany, and then insert about 300 miles".

primary author   (主著者)

Subsequent authors have debated who the "primary author" really was.

Its primary author is Andrew Tridgell and it was created circa 1996.

Lauritsen sought to show that Shelley was the primary author of the novel.