İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

local authorities   (yerel yetkililer)

It is very active and works with local authorities, e.g.

The bonds of local authorities (municipal bonds) are not included.

At the same time urban local authorities hindered the construction.

colonial authorities   (sömürge yetkilileri)

The Dutch colonial authorities were initially indecisive.

It was built by the German South-West African colonial authorities.

At one point he was sentenced to death by the colonial authorities.

military authorities   (askeri yetkililer)

The people didn't object to the edicts of the U.S. military authorities.

He restructured the government, separating civil and military authorities.

The local military authorities immediately set about improving the armament.

government authorities   (hükumet yetkilileri)

According to the original plans, Brasília would be a city for government authorities and staff.

Also, the schools did not teach submission to orthodox Christian beliefs or government authorities.

But, at least as of 2014, the content of prayer services is not controlled by government authorities.

state authorities   (Eyalet yetkilileri)

The idleness of state authorities encouraged destroyers of statues.

This led to a charge of "denigration of the most high state authorities".

Some people lamented that help from the state authorities was not forthcoming.

federal authorities   (federal yetkililer)

He said he would submit his evidence to federal authorities.

Gumbo was put under surveillance by the federal authorities.

He filed a complaint against that office of HISD with the federal authorities.

public authorities   (kamu otoriteleri)

A full list of "public authorities" for the purposes of the act is included in Schedule 1.

He has a particular expertise in relation to statutory corporations and public authorities.

Its role is to provide investment and funds management services to Victorian public authorities.

civil authorities

The mission of support to civil authorities is not a new one for DoD.

For police administration work, it came under local civil authorities.

TFI members are expected to respect legal and civil authorities where they live.

city authorities

The Utrecht city authorities decided to thwart this attack.

The aldermen and most of the other city authorities opted to stay at their posts.

The Imperial government used the scandal to greatly reduce the powers of the city authorities.

unitary authorities   (üniter otoriteler)

The review caused 46 unitary authorities to be created.

The review caused nine unitary authorities to be created.

Elections took place in 47 of the 55 unitary authorities.

municipal authorities

The security staff works with national and municipal authorities.

Departmental and municipal authorities will be elected on 4 April 2010.

The Assembly called for the municipal authorities to "preserve public order".

other authorities   (diğer yetkililer)

However other authorities denied that any rape had taken place.

None of the 22 had been captured by US or other authorities by that date.

The motive is often to prevent access to content which the computer's owner(s) or other authorities may consider objectionable.

authorities did

With her growing reputation, the Soviet authorities did not ignore her.

Macedonian authorities did not release figures for the latter at the time.

Soviet authorities did not publish data on wages and salaries classified by sex.

health authorities   (sağlık yetkilileri)

Other health authorities in British Columbia

Mental health authorities arrive and take Job into custody.

occupation authorities

The Italian occupation authorities in the Ionian Islands printed their own currency (Ionian drachma).

In order to achieve this goal, the occupation authorities skillfully managed to administer rewards and penalties.

Ussisoo was arrested by the Soviet occupation authorities in 1949 and deported to Krasnoyarsk Krai and was released in 1956.

religious authorities

The wealthy donated tax-free land to religious authorities.

CRIHL represents the highest religious authorities in Israel.

This raised the ire of the religious authorities who insisted that these two offices should not be combined.

communist authorities

The FSN took power from the communist authorities.

In 1952 the Chinese communist authorities arrested the entire hospital staff.

The communist authorities of the time drastically ruled for an all Romanian cast.

authorities did not

With her growing reputation, the Soviet authorities did not ignore her.

Macedonian authorities did not release figures for the latter at the time.

Soviet authorities did not publish data on wages and salaries classified by sex.

authorities decided

The Utrecht city authorities decided to thwart this attack.

Soon after, the Slovak authorities decided to unilaterally proceed with an alternative solution, called "Variant C".

In 2003, Norwegian authorities decided to extend its operations in Antarctica by establishing an all-year research station.

regulatory authorities   (düzenleyici otoriteler)

The regulatory authorities in the German Democratic Republic, as the former Communist East Germany was called, did not approve thalidomide.

It could also overrule state regulatory authorities on intrastate "rate and exit issues" if state rulings caused "undue burdens" on interstate commerce.

The regulatory authorities recognize different classes of medical devices based on their potential for harm if misused, design complexity, and their use characteristics.

authorities arrested

He had two times by the Japanese authorities arrested.

In 1952 the Chinese communist authorities arrested the entire hospital staff.

Within weeks of its formation, Saudi authorities arrested many of its members and supporters.

tax authorities   (Vergi makamları)

Since 1936, it housed various offices for tax authorities.

Sometimes the irregularities were due to the tax authorities, not the migrant.

These data are transmitted by the Federal Ministry of the Interior to the tax authorities.

church authorities

Mahan was summoned before church authorities in September 1885 on charges of falsehood and plagiarism.

He was back at Largo in 1701 when he again came to the attention of church authorities for assaulting his brothers.

Hieromonk Chrisostomos was sent to the deserted and torched ruins of the monastery by the church authorities in 1946.

authorities began   (yetkililer başladı)

In late October 1938, Polish authorities began opening back schools in Zaolzie.

Following his statement, the Norwegian authorities began to clamp down on black metal musicians.

The crisis eased by mid-January when authorities began taking the garbage to a temporary landfill.

national authorities   (ulusal otoriteler)

PEPP providers will be supervised by national authorities.

Subsequently, they will be distributed to the competent national authorities.

Today the sport is played in over 40 countries with more than 50 member national authorities.

enforcement authorities   (icra makamları)

In 2008, law enforcement authorities launched criminal proceedings against Dyulgerov on suspicion of fraud.

Using provisions in the 1995 Crime Bill, Clinton paid for municipal enforcement authorities on behalf of cities.

In 2004, according to the United Nations, 589 tonnes of cocaine were seized globally by law enforcement authorities.

prison authorities   (hapishane yetkilileri)

This caused the prison authorities' attack on him.

The prison authorities reported that he died if pneumonia.

However, noted RTÉ, "the prison authorities refused to disclose what his reaction was", that being personal information.

authorities refused   (yetkililer reddetti)

West Bengal authorities refused to allow him to collect more anthropometric data.

However, French authorities refused to let "Lawhill" leave, citing the risks, and used her as a store ship.

However, noted RTÉ, "the prison authorities refused to disclose what his reaction was", that being personal information.

regional authorities   (bölgesel yetkililer)

She was president of the Committee for Environment, local and regional authorities.

Sometimes they would march instead to the offices of regional authorities in cities closer to home.

In 2000, Tuscany's regional authorities instituted an annual holiday on 30 November to commemorate the event.

authorities during

Questions about such powers were placed before the relevant authorities during my stay in Zurich in mid February.

Previously, U.S. Attorney William Carey promised to stop his attempts to indict general authorities during the test case.

He himself was unwilling to submit fully to the Nazi state, however, and fell in disfavour with the authorities during the war.

police authorities

Papua New Guinea does not have a tradition of strong local police authorities.

The three gang members were spotted a few weeks later by two police authorities.

Although the Nazi VT (Verfügungstruppe) had directed the action, French police authorities vigorously participated.

authorities announced   (yetkililer açıkladı)

In 2016, Italian authorities announced his arrest.

Iranian authorities announced that he had a "critical digestive system infection".

On March 13, 2012, Colombian authorities announced the arrest of Alejandro Jiménez (a.k.a.

central authorities

In 1783, Pressburg ceased to be the seat of central authorities of the kingdom.

If decentralized socialism cannot work, central authorities must plan production.

The text of the agreement was handed to the central authorities of Poland on July 8.

law enforcement authorities   (kolluk kuvvetleri)

In 2008, law enforcement authorities launched criminal proceedings against Dyulgerov on suspicion of fraud.

In 2004, according to the United Nations, 589 tonnes of cocaine were seized globally by law enforcement authorities.

Also, law enforcement authorities are permitted to access the passenger data only on a case-by-case basis, and where there exists a particular suspicion.

immigration authorities   (Göçmenlik makamları)

The Act of 2007 criminalizes refusal to register, deception, and obstruction of immigration authorities by anyone.

The EU also operates the Schengen Information System which provides a common database for police and immigration authorities.

After intercepting a sailboat south of Nassau, Bahamas she turned 100 Haitian migrants over to immigration authorities in September 1985.

education authorities   (eğitim yetkilileri)

Their good work there did not go unnoticed among the education authorities.

Moreover, in the UK 36 local education authorities retain selection by ability at 11.

All four local education authorities in Cheshire operate only comprehensive state school systems.

ecclesiastical authorities

The number of people executed as heretics under the authority of the various "ecclesiastical authorities" is not known.

The failure of political and ecclesiastical authorities to submit to Puritan demands for more extensive reform was one of the causes of open warfare.

A colonial policy established "Pueblos de Indios" (Indian towns) in which Spaniards (excepting crown and ecclesiastical authorities) were prohibited from living.

provincial authorities

The junta also authorized it to help provincial authorities in marketing OTOP products.

They were also made available to film libraries operated by university and provincial authorities.

In addition, provincial authorities must still pay customs duties, because such charges are not strictly based on the taxation power.

authorities took

The occupying German authorities took several Flemish-friendly measures.

The mutineers sailed to Guam where the authorities took "Indefatigable" in prize.

The authorities took depositions from the crew, but what happened afterward is unclear.

authorities ordered   (yetkililer sipariş etti)

Prussian authorities ordered the demolition of the Czarne castle.

The British authorities ordered him to renounce it immediately, but he refused.

These allegations have not been verified yet but in March 2016 Guinean authorities ordered an investigation into the matter.

judicial authorities   (adli makamlar)

French judicial authorities had already ordered that he be held in prison on remand.

In 1907 Guibet reported to the local judicial authorities the crimes committed by agents under La Mpoko.

Meanwhile, the inmates of the Gulag tell each other about their fate and the arbitrariness of the judicial authorities.

new authorities

Spužević openly bemoaned this to the new authorities.

The new authorities comprised the area of one or two river boards.

In 2013, the new authorities adopted a more aggressive strategy, leading to mass arrests and hard security measures.

authorities of other   (diğer yetkililer)

Official war artists were commissioned by the British Ministry of Information and the authorities of other countries.

He has also been known on occasion to attack the authorities of other communist countries (such as Romania), but his criticism was tolerated.

Visa requirements for Brazilian citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Brazil.

authorities consider   (yetkililer dikkate alır)

Some authorities consider the latter to be a species, "R. rostratus" .

Some authorities consider "Pamphorichthys" to be a subgenus of "Poecilia".

Most authorities consider, such as Syme, disagree with this date and favour a later date of 4 BC for the birth of Christ.

authorities such   (yetkililer böyle)

Depending on the jurisdiction, the controller will inform the authorities such as the military who will escort the hijacked plane.

For him, the simplistic morality of football contradicted the complicated morality imposed by authorities such as the state and Church.

Previous DDMI lectures have included talks from various political authorities such as Anne Applebaum (2018) and Lawrence Freedman (2017).

most authorities   (çoğu otorite)

However most authorities do consider it a true fourteener.

1 player in the world by most authorities.

The occasional claim that Mary was the first to discover hydrochloric acid is not accepted by most authorities.