İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

auto racing   (araba yarışı)

In 1932 the track reopened as an auto racing facility.

Dovenby is the headquarters of M-Sport the auto racing team.

DAV Racing DAV Racing is an auto racing team based in Italy.

auto industry   (otomobil endüstrisi)

Toyota and Nissan threatened the giant domestic auto industry.

He has also written about the troubled American auto industry.

It is now considered the "cradle of the Detroit auto industry".

auto parts   (Oto parçaları)

Important imports are consumer goods and auto parts.

Over 39 countries purchase Iranian auto parts (2008).

in 2004 and manufactures auto parts for various European manufacturers.

auto accident   (trafik kazası)

Around this time, Piedad supposedly dies in an auto accident.

A Duryea car was involved in America's first known auto accident.

Jody Gilbert died from complications from an auto accident in 1979.

auto repair   (otomatik tamir)

Next to this log cabin he built a small auto repair garage.

He worked as an automobile mechanic and managed his own auto repair business.

She had owned and managed a few auto repair shops and had worked as a church administrator.

auto mechanic   (araba tamircisi)

His father, an auto mechanic, died when Walters was 18 months old.

Loughead returned to San Francisco in 1912 and went to work as an auto mechanic.

auto racing driver

Jay Wheals Jay Wheals (born 18 March 1978) is a British auto racing driver.

Mark Blair Mark Blair (born 27 November 1974) is a British auto racing driver.

Roger Moen Roger Moen (born 11 April 1966) is a Norwegian retired auto racing driver.

auto insurance   (otomobil sigortası)

Lehr played one of the GEICO Cavemen in a popular series of commercials for the auto insurance company GEICO.

He held a succession of jobs after leaving school, as a soda jerk, auto insurance investigator, and office clerk.

They are headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, and provide private passenger auto insurance in California and Hawaii.