automatic transmission   (自動変速機)

The double cab model has an automatic transmission.

The automatic transmission was replaced with CVT.

An automatic transmission was available for the V6.

automatic bid   (自動入札)

The Owls received the Big South's automatic bid to the FCS Playoffs.

The champion received an automatic bid into the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

SU would earn an automatic bid the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

automatic promotion   (自動プロモーション)

Victory meant automatic promotion to Division 3.

The top three teams gain automatic promotion.

They slipped out of the automatic promotion places as a result.

fully automatic   (全自動)

In the port, the fully automatic handling begins.

Some people confuse the term with "fully automatic" firearms.

Most of the acoustic front end systems became fully automatic systems (e.g.

automatic weapons   (自動小銃)

MOVE members shot at the police, who returned fire with automatic weapons.

They fired at Mary McGlinchey with automatic weapons, shooting her in the face.

They were provided with automatic weapons, and girls were frequently abducted as sex slaves.

received an automatic

The champion received an automatic bid into the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

The Cavaliers received an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament as the No.

Quinnipiac received an automatic trip to the 2018 Women's NCAA Tournament.

automatic berth   (自動バース)

The winner of the tournament receives an automatic berth to the NCAA tournament.

Each of the continental champions from five federations received an automatic berth.

automatic transmissions   (自動変速機)

A Lock-up clutch is used in some automatic transmissions for motor vehicles.

Preselector gearboxes faded away as modern automatic transmissions took their place.

Most sandrails use a manual transmission, although automatic transmissions are used as well.

automatic fire   (自動火災)

They also retain automatic fire instead of burst.

There was no automatic fire suppression system in the building.

regulations in the U.S., it lacks the mechanism that permits fully automatic fire.

automatic qualification

Hosts Italy were granted automatic qualification.

Firstly, the teams from the 5th, 6th & 7th ranked nations receive automatic qualification.

From the 1938 World Cup onwards, host nations receive automatic qualification to the final tournament.

automatic gearbox   (自動変速機)

The LSV has an automatic gearbox and a permanent all-wheel drive.

All three variants could be had with either a manual or automatic gearbox.

Several gearboxes were used: a Hewland LG500 and at least one automatic gearbox.

automatic train

Ames has been testing automatic train horns at several of its crossings.

The line is proposed to use automatic train operation using high capacity 8 car type A trains.

Trains without "an automatic cab signal, automatic train stop or automatic train control system "may not exceed 79 mph."

automatic rifle

"Kalashnikov decided to design an automatic rifle combining the best features of the American M1 and the German StG 44."

A column of two hundred Albanian insurgents attacked the Raduša army border post with mortar, automatic rifle and sniper fire.

Later, German forces fielded the Sturmgewehr 44 during World War II, a light automatic rifle firing a reduced power "intermediate cartridge".

automatic bids   (自動入札)

The NCAA gave four teams automatic bids into the tournament.

Five automatic bids are given to the five conference postseason tournament winners.

Each title earned the team automatic bids into the NCAA FCS (previously I-AA) playoffs.

automatic ticket

The station has a ticket office and three automatic ticket machines.

There are numerous automatic ticket machines as well as a wicket in the ticket hall.

Liverpool Central is one of nine stations on the Merseyrail network to incorporate automatic ticket gates.

automatic rifles

They use mostly improvised explosive devices, mortars and automatic rifles.

Other early automatic rifles include the Fedorov Avtomat and the Huot Automatic Rifle.

It initially produced AK-47 automatic rifles and light machine guns, as well as maintenance.

automatic control   (自動運転)

Gas supply is controlled via automatic control panel.

in automatic control and computer science.

The substation is equipped with automatic control and safety system.

speed automatic

These were offered with either a six speed manual or six speed automatic.

In 1992, the 3800 Series I V6 became available with a four speed automatic.

The Engine was available with a 5 speed manual & 4 speed automatic transmission.