İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

food availability   (yiyecek mevcudiyeti)

She will lay around 1,000 eggs, depending on food availability.

This type of migration is normally associated with food availability.

Therefore, forager return rate is a good indicator of food availability.

limited availability   (sınırlı erişilebilirlik)

However, , it has limited availability.

Disadvantages include high cost, limited availability, bulk and limited diver dexterity.

The production Chevrolet Volt was available in late 2010 as a 2011 model with limited availability.

water availability   (Su mevcudiyeti)

Climate change is projected to affect water availability.

Stresses such as nutrient availability, water availability, light availability and extreme conditions affect invasibility.

Total agriculture land available in the basin in the state is 3450 km², total water availability at 75% dependability is 1952 hm.

high availability   (yüksek kullanılabilirlik)

This enables more VLANs, or VPN peers, and also high availability.

This is the only known strategy that can achieve high availability.

The locomotives proved their worth, with a high availability, achieving per month.

availability of water   (suyun kullanılabilirliği)

The availability of water varies significantly throughout the region.

Another important factor determining its location, was the availability of water.

The olive's natural distribution is limited by frost and by availability of water.

increased availability

He supports the increased availability of charter schools.

A recent trend is the increased availability of pre-school educational CDs and DVDs.

The benefits of data distribution help in increased availability and reliability as well as improved access times.

widespread availability   (yaygın kullanılabilirlik)

Following the widespread availability of paper in the 14th century, the use of drawing in the arts increased.

The FidoNet nodelist started shrinking, especially in areas with a widespread availability of internet connections.

With the widespread availability of the Internet, much of the energy that was put into football fanzines subsequently went into the development of supporters' websites.