order to avoid   (避けるために)

The younger fish stay near the bottom in order to avoid predators.

The women killed both themselves and their children in order to avoid slavery.

The Genji charge directly into the Heishi fleet in order to avoid direct fire.

avoid confusion   (混乱を避ける)

Its name was changed to avoid confusion with Fleming's novel.

To avoid confusion, the band later changed its name to "Love".

Year 11 coins typically have a date to avoid confusion with the Roman .

avoid relegation   (降格を避ける)

Reinders failed to avoid relegation with them.

The club said they took the action to avoid relegation.

The team started to revive and was able to avoid relegation.

avoid having   (避ける)

The plant will use dry screening to avoid having to pump tailings to tailings dams.

This step seeks ways for the project to avoid having an adverse effect on historic properties.

Additionally, the frame was hired out to avoid having to demolish it once the expo was complete.

wanted to avoid   (避けたかった)

Residents generally wanted to avoid a civil war.

She wanted to avoid comparisons with Winters and Grable.

I wanted to avoid a war.

avoid further   (さらに避ける)

To avoid further temptations, in about 530 Benedict left Subiaco.

Protection islands are built on the channel to avoid further accidents.

Bjørn West received orders from London on May 2 to avoid further clashes.

trying to avoid   (避けようとする)

Bush reacted in moderate fashion trying to avoid a major break.

The committees in the quarters erected barricades trying to avoid further losses.

Suddenly he realized that he was storming Sir Adib, which he had been trying to avoid.

managed to avoid   (回避できた)

Again, the convoy managed to avoid being attacked.

Guy Edwards's Hesketh managed to avoid the Ferrari.

"Unity" crew managed to avoid damage and pulled alongside "Margaretta".

able to avoid   (回避できる)

Windcharger and Huffer were able to avoid being trapped.

The only one who is able to avoid the bitterness is Milly.

The team started to revive and was able to avoid relegation.

attempt to avoid   (避けようとする)

You made an attempt to avoid responsibility for the act.

It turns out that von Sturm had lied in an attempt to avoid losing his best agent.

Unusually it keeps to the summit rather than a depression, in an attempt to avoid wet ground.

avoid detection   (検出を避ける)

George remains still to avoid detection by the dragon.

It enters while the host bee is gone to avoid detection.

To avoid detection, he moved from flat to flat almost daily.

way to avoid   (回避する方法)

Movie-style credits are advocated as a way to avoid this.

They are seen as a way to avoid falsification of logbook records.

This is reusable but is deliberately designed in a way to avoid resemblance to a gun.

tried to avoid   (避けようとした)

He tried to avoid these two generals and surpassed their troops.

Both ships tried to avoid a collision, but it was already too late.

He tried to avoid the assault by slamming his car against the bandits.

avoid paying   (支払いを避ける)

With his specialized knowledge, he shows her how to avoid paying a great deal of taxes.

There is always an opt out function to cancel the transaction and avoid paying the fees.

A local resident attempted to use this as a defense to avoid paying back a promisary note.

avoid capture   (キャプチャを避ける)

Pule immediately went into hiding to avoid capture.

Filipov committed suicide to avoid capture on the ground.

London used his Sonic Stunner to avoid capture from Grant.

used to avoid   (避けるために使用)

Several coding systems are used to avoid ambiguity.

The methods that can be used to avoid guilt are multiple.

Modest foundationalism can also be used to avoid the problem of inference.

not avoid   (避けない)

She then enters the palace knowing that she cannot avoid her fate.

As a freedman there were some things that "Gentleman Jim" could not avoid.

"Gwendoline" came through at high speed, and could not avoid smashing into "Ruth".

effort to avoid   (避ける努力)

These measures were an effort to avoid Commodore's "toy-store" computer image created during the Tramiel era.

In the same month, Álvaro traveled with King Henry to Valladolid, possibly as a last-ditch effort to avoid a war.

In an effort to avoid harm to the animal, 33 special animal migration passages have been built beneath the railway.

try to avoid   (避けようとする)

People try to avoid any action that might displease Paluga.

Creators of algorithmic languages try to avoid ambiguities.

The catfish keeps swimming, and the sardines try to avoid this predator.

avoid using   (使用を避ける)

Elite skiers are taught to avoid using outriggers as crutches.

An alternative is to avoid using any type of Ace asking and use the cue bid alternative.

avoid conflict   (対立を避ける)

It was renumbered in 1961 to avoid conflict with I-95.

Some migrations occurred to avoid conflict and warfare.

They sought to avoid conflict with the neighboring Navajo and Apache peoples.

avoid such   (そのようなことは避けてください)

To avoid such a fate for him, his mother has him become a farmer.

An 1840 postmaster's report urging a bridge to avoid such mail interruptions got lost.

Native Americans tended to avoid such strong points, preferring to ambush small work parties.

avoid arrest   (逮捕を避ける)

Anne and her husband fled the area to avoid arrest.

To avoid arrest, he escaped via East Prussia to Switzerland.

Mthutuzeli Nombewu, accomplice of Baninzi, committed suicide to avoid arrest.

avoid getting   (取得を避ける)

I want to avoid getting hit," said Yagubkin of DeWitt.

He allegedly held her arms down to avoid getting scratched as she struggled.

Tacking consequently requires technique and practice to avoid getting stuck under the boom.

tries to avoid   (避けようとする)

At the Governor's Luau, he tries to avoid Pamela.

Taillefer then tries to avoid the narrator.

He tries to avoid doing harm to Jason out of anger, but eventually runs him over with his car.

sought to avoid   (避けようとした)

They sought to avoid conflict with the neighboring Navajo and Apache peoples.

Initially he sought to avoid the kind of sectarianism he had seen in England.

Tao sought to avoid escalating the quarrel by hiding in a hospital but Chiang discovered him there.

enough to avoid   (回避するのに十分な)

He used magic to give himself the feet of a reindeer and galloped off, but not far enough to avoid the Stalo.

The design requires a display that can switch fast enough to avoid image flicker as the images swap each frame.

Provisional cements should also be strong enough to avoid being deformed or fractured during the provisional period.

how to avoid   (避ける方法)

Fire prevention also includes education to teach people how to avoid causing fires.

With his specialized knowledge, he shows her how to avoid paying a great deal of taxes.

It is a high fantasy dramatization of the dangers of substance abuse and how to avoid them.

avoid making   (作らない)

They avoid making judgments and steer clear of doubt and ambiguity.

Some people do this to avoid making a mess by keeping all the semen inside.

The new names avoid making bold implications, like implying that fusion is actually occurring.

avoid prosecution   (起訴を避ける)

He had to leave Armenia to avoid prosecution by Bolsheviks.

To avoid prosecution, Peter trades information for his freedom.

Cerialis soon afterwards committed suicide to avoid prosecution.

desire to avoid   (避けたい)

However, "Danse Macabre" has a casual, non-linear writing style and expresses a desire to avoid "academic bullshit".

The use of CE in Jewish scholarship was historically motivated by the desire to avoid the implicit "Our Lord" in the abbreviation "AD".

Wavering Cabinet ministers were also likely motivated by the desire to avoid senselessly splitting their party and sacrificing their jobs.

avoid becoming   (なることを避ける)

To avoid becoming infected, he cuts off his arm with a chainsaw.

War to "avoid becoming enslaved to others" is justified as self-defense.

Tripas as prepared Mexican style require care by the cook, to avoid becoming rubbery.

avoid losing   (負けない)

It turns out that von Sturm had lied in an attempt to avoid losing his best agent.

Wu-jen are magic-users who must obey their personal taboos to avoid losing all spell powers.

To avoid losing value, every owner of Wära currency had to spend their currency by its due date.

wished to avoid   (避けたい)

Harney, an elderly career officer, wished to avoid open conflict with secessionist forces.

Small companies who wished to avoid credit card charges and simplify online payments soon followed suit.

The Austrian emperor Leopold II, brother of Marie Antoinette, may have wished to avoid war, but he died on 1 March 1792.

avoid contact   (接触を避ける)

When using it, avoid contact with eyes and do not apply over large areas of the body.

Patrol parties from smaller groups are more likely to avoid contact with their neighbours.

He comes to hate Sol for ruining the forest, and the two avoid contact for almost half a century.

necessary to avoid   (避けるために必要)

Introduction of new commodities (goods and services) is necessary to avoid economic stagnation.

The chemical manufacturers "reluctantly" support a reform of TSCA, agreeing that it is necessary to avoid ambiguities.

Careful testing or purchasing from known dealers or buying sealed and certified coins may be necessary to avoid these fakes.

taken to avoid   (避けるために撮影)

It can be synthesised from the elements, but care must be taken to avoid the formation of IF.

Care must also be taken to avoid freezing or overheating due to the exothermic setting of cement.

Precautions must also be taken to avoid starting fires caused by stray sparks and hot welding debris.

help avoid   (避けるのを助ける)

Officials at Lake Manatee began lowering the water level to help avoid flooding.

Vines can also be trained through dry picking to help avoid damage in subsequent harvests.

It is supposed to help avoid the "time-lag between sequencing and availability of annotated genomes in GenBank.

avoid legal   (法的回避)

By 1984 they were using the name v. Spy v. Spy to avoid legal problems with "Mad" magazine.

This was to avoid legal issues with Holly Johnson over use of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood name.

avoid potential   (可能性を避ける)

Nixon spoke out adroitly to avoid potential damage, but the matter permanently alienated the two candidates.

A sensible protocol for the use of such transmission flow control signals must be used, to avoid potential deadlock conditions, however.

Various concurrent computing techniques are used to avoid potential problems caused by multiple tasks attempting to access the same resource.

avoid giving   (与えない)

The Chinese sought to end to tensions to avoid giving the Russians a pretext to invade.

The magistrate dismissed the case to avoid giving publicity to their "stupid behaviour".

During the assault, the island's defenders exercised unusual firing discipline to avoid giving away their positions.

avoid damage   (損傷を避ける)

"Unity" crew managed to avoid damage and pulled alongside "Margaretta".

Under international treaty, it must avoid damage to the surrounding ecosystem.

The vault is situated deep enough that it can avoid damage from nuclear and EMP weapons.

avoid possible   (可能な限り避ける)

The tan-coloured sails are all boomless to avoid possible head injury from a gybing boom.

With their trains moving along well, Broadwater wanted to raced ahead, traveling only at night to avoid possible Indian parties.

In contrast to the UTCTime class of ASN.1 the GeneralizedTime uses a four-digit representation of the year to avoid possible ambiguity.

avoid the risk   (リスクを避ける)

To avoid the risk of injection site reactions, melarsoprol must be given slowly.

He decided to defeat them all separately to avoid the risk of being defeated by a large unified Persian army.

Britain acquired them by default when she bought "Constitución" in 1903 to avoid the risk of the ship being acquired by Russia.

avoid war   (戦争を避ける)

By the mid-1580s, England could no longer avoid war with Spain.

First and foremost, to avoid Parliament, the King needed to avoid war.

The Austrian emperor Leopold II, brother of Marie Antoinette, may have wished to avoid war, but he died on 1 March 1792.

avoid conflicts   (衝突を避ける)

It is also a means of coordinating different work activities to avoid conflicts.

This may be important to avoid conflicts with national (non European patent) applications.

He fled from China to Gochang County, North Jeolla Province in order to avoid conflicts happened in Later Tang.