Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

won the award   (ganó el premio)

In 2006, Nibus 400 won the award “Best of Serbia”.

No player has won the award in consecutive years.

In the end, Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh won the award.

award given   (premio otorgado)

It is the most important annual award given by the ASC.

† indicates an award given posthumously.

highest award   (premio más alto)

The organization's highest award is named for her.

The highest award is the Goethe Medal in Gold.

It is the highest award that can be represented in Selangor.

annual award   (premio anual)

In 1984, it became an annual award to a living poet.

It is the most important annual award given by the ASC.

The Billboard Touring Award is an annual award hosted by Billboard.

award ceremony   (ceremonia de premiación)

The award ceremony was shown live on 22 April 2018.

The award ceremony included a video salute by President Ford.

Princess Letizia of Spain was the award ceremony's presenter.

award winning

Gervacio had an award winning amateur boxing career.

She is also an award winning photographer.

Rosslare has several hotels, cafes and award winning restaurants.

award for best

It won the Filmfare award for best screenplay.

And nominated huading award for best supporting actress.

The film also won the Creative Talent award for best acting.

received the award

The cultivar 'Ivan' has also received the award.

Four days after he received the award, his life ended.

On November 2014, she received the award Xeración Viguesa.

win the award

She was the first non-Cork player to win the award.

She was only the fourth woman ever to win the award.

However, Arzak went on to win the award in 2012.

won an award

He won an award for poetry and wrote 16 collections.

She won an award from the Cameri Theater for this role.

The writer won an award with the Australian Writers Guild.

prestigious award   (premio prestigioso)

The prestigious award is considered the Chinese Oscar.

He was anticipating André Malraux would win the prestigious award.

There have been only a handful of recipients of this prestigious award.

received an award

Ghoshal received an award from sixteen nominations.

Ghoshal has received an award from six nominations.

Ghoshal has received an award from four nominations.

year award

Todd won Rovers' player of the year award.

Lallo received his fourth coach of the year award in 1970.

He won the Prime League Players of the year award that year.

civilian award   (premio civil)

The medal is the highest civilian award bestowed by Congress.

In 2018, Kaul was awarded with the civilian award Padma Shri.

He was awarded the Padmashri, fourth highest civilian award of India, in 2012.

award is given

No MVP award is given for Division Series play.

The award is given by the Portuguese Football Federation.

award presented   (premio presentado)

He also won the equivalent individual award presented by the SPFL.

The Annie Award is another award presented for excellence in the field of animation.

It is the highest award presented by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

award winners

Following are the award winners over the years:

Readers of Dinakaran paper choose these award winners.

Below lists the 2018 AIHL regular season award winners.

achievement award   (Premio obtenido)

Armand Assante was given a lifetime achievement award.

Samuel R. Delany has also won the lifetime achievement award twice.

In 2005, Mason was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Remark!

most prestigious award   (premio más prestigioso)

In 1994 he received the most prestigious award in Hungary, the Kossuth Prize.

He has won an Ariel, the most prestigious award in the Mexican film industry.

The C-17 was awarded U.S. aviation's most prestigious award, the Collier Trophy, in 1994.

award was given

The award was given for services to Interior Design.

This award was given by Structured Products Magazine.

The first award was given to Brooklyn's Don Newcombe.

award for gallantry   (premio a la galantería)

He was the first Naval officer to be awarded the Maha Vir Chakra award for gallantry in the 1971 war.

Crosses of Naval Merit Crosses of Naval Merit () are a Spanish military award for gallantry or merit in war or peace.

Laureate Plate of Madrid The Laureate Badge of Madrid () was the highest military award for gallantry of the Second Spanish Republic.

literary award

The novel won the 2016 Prix Goncourt, a top French literary award.

It also earned him a literary award sponsored by the Romanian Academy.

Until 2009, Grinzane Cavour was also the seat of the eponymous literary award.

award was presented

The award was presented by Queen Noor of Jordan.

The award was presented by Alex James from Blur.

This award was presented on September 8, 1891.

award winner

The overall award winner is indicated in bold type.

<nowiki>*</nowiki>Designates double award winner

Keteyian is an 11-time Emmy award winner.

first award

The first award, in 1965, was to Helen Gifford.

The first award was given to Brooklyn's Don Newcombe.

The first award went to Janet Reid Kellogg.

lifetime achievement award   (premio a la Trayectoria)

Armand Assante was given a lifetime achievement award.

Samuel R. Delany has also won the lifetime achievement award twice.

In 2005, Mason was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Remark!

special award

This was a special award with no secondary nominee.

He received a special award and was proposed as a member.

Tom Cowan won a special award for creativity" at the 1977 AFI awards.

highest civilian award

The medal is the highest civilian award bestowed by Congress.

He was awarded the Padmashri, fourth highest civilian award of India, in 2012.

He has also been awarded Goa's highest civilian award, the "Gomant Vibhushan".

award show   (espectáculo de premios)

The award show ceremony was televised on MLB Network.

The performance was Cole's first at the award show since 2013.

This marked the first time that a Korean music act performed at the award show.

receive the award

She is the sixth JHU faculty member to receive the award.

This was notable as she was the first woman to receive the award.

Stamford Hospital was one of 168 hospitals in the country to receive the award.

national award   (premio nacional)

Main Role by national award wining actress Sadika Parvin Popy.

Trend News Agency received Ugur prestigious national award in 2014.

The market won the national award for best eNAM market in the country.

award was first

The award was first given at the end of the season.

The name of the award was first changed in 1992.

The award was first bestowed on Ted Lee Eubanks.

same award

Others of her books have received the same award.

Meyen was nominated for the same award in 2006.

It was nominated for the same award in 2002.

award is presented

The award is presented by the U.S. President.

The award is presented at a luncheon in Manhattan each fall.

The award is presented to honorees each May at the Rachel Carson Award Luncheon.

award nominations

He received many award nominations for the film.

"House" has received many awards and award nominations.

match award

Mohammad Hasnain was awarded man of the match award.

His performance gained him the man of the match award.

He also received the man of the match award.

winning the award

It was Ajax's first time winning the award.

He received €100,000 for winning the award.

She previously stated that she would felt proud of winning the award.

award ceremonies

The Hilton Glasgow has hosted many award ceremonies.

There are nominations for award ceremonies in Korea and France.

She also performed on several television shows and award ceremonies.

film award   (premio de cine)

Jan Švankmajer's "Little Otik" has won the Best film award.

It won the best film award at the 11th Slovenian Film Festival.

It won a national film award in best films category and a presidential medal.

received one award

Tùng has received one award from two nominations.

Ghoshal has received one award seven nominations.

award is named

The organization's highest award is named for her.

The award is named in honor of Daniel E. Koshland, Sr.

The award is named after Professor Emeritus Richard A. Volz.

fairest award   (premio más justo)

He won their best and fairest award in 2000.

He twice won the St Marys best and fairest award and was a seven time leading goal-kicker.

He won the LVFL best and fairest award in 1956 and also topped the league's goal-kicking that year.

music award

nominated for a Best Comedy Album ARIA music award.

Since 1995, VIVA held an annual pop music award ceremony known as the .

In 2005 the album was granted polish music award Fryderyk in Rock category.

award twice

Marks and Melissa Scott have both won the award twice.

So far seven players have been able to win the award twice.

Marty Turco is the only goaltender to have won the award twice.

annual award given

It is the most important annual award given by the ASC.

Fordham won the 1941 Lambert Trophy, an annual award given to the best team in the Northeast.

The "Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award" is an annual award given to Toronto's "most promising new comedy act."

award recognizes   (premio reconoce)

The award recognizes excellence in macrocyclic chemistry.

The award recognizes the lifetime accomplishments of senior aviation mechanics.

Established March 24, 1982, this award recognizes those civilians who have served with the MFO in the Sinai.


He received the „ Teacher of the year” award in 2008.

He is also the only artist to have won the inaugural “Leadership for a Changing World” award (2001).

In July, 2018, Nurit received the “Hallel v’Zimrah” award at the 29th North American Jewish Choral Festival.

award was established

The award was established after his death in 1955.

The award was established by 1936 in honor of Louis Blériot.

The award was established in 2011 and includes an honorarium of .

award went

The first award went to Janet Reid Kellogg.

Instead, the award went to Jarome Iginla, who scored 96 points.

The Player of the Tournament award went to Ireland’s Adam Byrne.

player award   (premio al jugador)

In the latter tournament he received the best player award.

He also won the league's best foreign player award in 2009 and 2011.

At the end of the year he was awarded Geelong's best first year player award.

not award

The A-League does not award prizemoney.

New Zealand did not award test caps.

Referee Peter Mikkelsen did not notice and did not award the goal.

award categories

The 2008 ceremony saw an updated structure to the award categories.

The Board of Governors meets each year and considers new award categories.

For most award categories, a jury of music journalists selects four nominees.

military award

The CSM was introduced in 1989 and is a distinct Australian military award.

T. Sailo was given the military award Ati Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM) during his service.

Medalla Naval The Navy Medal () is the highest peacetime military award issued by Spain's navy.

receiving the award

The member federation receiving the award was given a diploma drawn up by the donors and a small replica of the trophy.

The 1st Magritte Awards ceremony was held in 2011 with Jaco Van Dormael receiving the award for his work in "Mr. Nobody".

After receiving the award for Outstanding Contribution to Music at the 2019 Brit Awards (February 20, 2019), Pink performed "Try".

award for bravery   (premio a la valentía)

The truth is that the award for bravery at Salamis went not to Aeschylus' brother but to Ameinias of Pallene.

Among other decorations for their valour, eight cavalrymen were awarded the Victoria Cross, Britain's highest award for bravery in the face of the enemy.

It is the joint highest award for bravery in the United Kingdom with the George Cross, which is the equivalent honour for valour not "in the face of the enemy".

cash award

The award originally consisted of a citation and a cash award of Rupees One Lakh (₹ 1,00,000).

The awards now consists of a citation, memento and a cash award of Rupees Five Lakh (₹ 5,00,000).

The author receives a cash award of $5,000, donated by the Canadian bookstore chain McNally Robinson.

award shows

Kun performed this version of Rebirth on multiple award shows.

He also writes for the dog press and regularly presents at dog award shows.

He has also acted as emcee for benefit auctions for those with autism and at a few BYU award shows.

international award

In 1968, DNAYS won an international award, the Prix Jeunesse, in Munich.

She won the first arcVision Prize, an international award for women in architecture.

He received the Pomeranchuk Prize, an international award for theoretical physics in 2015.

award for outstanding

He received the Buddy Rich Jazz Masters award for outstanding performance as a drummer.

In 1999 the station again won the Louisiana farm bureau award for outstanding coverage of agricultural news.

In 2013, e2v was awarded the Sir Arthur Clarke award for outstanding achievements by a team in space activities.

award was created

The award was created by the National Executive board in 1950.

The award was created by the FarmHouse International Executive Board in 2012.

On the occasion of his retirement, an annual award was created in Bracy's honor.

award presented annually

CRM Idol CRM Idol is an international award presented annually by Paul Greenberg and a panel of eleven other judges.

The Special Achievement Award is an award presented annually at the Star Awards, a ceremony that was established since 1994.

Jussi Award for Best Actor Jussi Award for Best Actor is an award presented annually at the Jussi Awards, the premier film industry event in Finland.

second award

A second award, the Nirenska Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement, was established about 2009.

Ingram received a second award of the Army Distinguished Service Medal at his retirement ceremony.

The chief guest during the second award ceremony in 2007 was the former President of India, A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

won one award

Del Rey has won one award from nine nominations.

Del Rey has won one award from five nominations.

Del Rey has won one award from two nominations.

bonus award

This win earned him the "Fight of the Night" bonus award .

The win also earned Lim his first "Fight of the Night" bonus award.

The win also earned Gomi his second "Fight of the Night" bonus award.

major award   (premio mayor)

This marked the first major award received by Kun for his musical work.

"As an actor" : " As a director ": Lee won many major award nominations in his pornographic career.

Gregory “scooped another major award” in 1974 winning the NZ Benson & Hedges top award for High Fashion Daywear.

top award

Music Core also gave the top award for the same song on May 4.

The CFR's top award amount is one of the largest in Canadian rodeo, totaling $1.65 million.

It was the 1st Singapore film to be nominated for the prestigious Palme D'Or, the top award for film in Cannes.

award for excellence   (premio a la excelencia)

The BBB awarded the company its award for excellence in 2015.

The Academy of Finance received the Aldo Papone award for excellence from NAF in 2010.

The book won an award for excellence in 1998 from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC).

accepted the award

His widow Sally accepted the award on his behalf.

Abella's widow accepted the award in his place.

Mike Morhaime accepted the award.

award during

He has also presented an award during the QX gay gala in 2018.

Seven other programs won at least one award during the ceremony.

Six yeoman were recipients of the award during the First World War.

presented the award

As is the normal case, his widow Dana Hellweg presented the award.

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland, presented the award to him.

DJ Dave Lee Travis presented the award for best game of the year to Jetpac.

individual award

Bari received individual award for the "Best Libero".

She was recognized with the Best Outside Spiker individual award.

He also won the equivalent individual award presented by the SPFL.

honorary award

Big Ghun was given an honorary award as motivating student in music.

The title 'Doctor' will not be used by those who hold an honorary award."

In an interview, the two women expressed their gratitude for the honorary award and thanked their fans.

audience award

The film also won the prestigious audience award at the Festival de Cine de Léon.

It was voted the audience award at the Tromsø International Film Festival in Norway in January 2019.

The film was praised as "scalding stuff" by "Newsday", and won the audience award at the New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival.

award was won

This award was won by Vicente Trueba.

This award was won by Jef Demuysere.

The Silver Star award was won by Roger Oakeshott ahead of Terry Clearihan and Rohan Carrig.

receive this award   (recibir este premio)

He is the first hazoori raagi to receive this award.

Counterintuitively, many 10A students fail to receive this award.

He is the only coach to receive this award twice, which debuted in 1986.

award recipients

All award recipients receive a cash prize, certificate and statuette.

The award recipients are listed below by the year of the award ceremony.

sales award

In France and Switzerland, the single topped the charts for six weeks, earning a triple Gold sales award.

A gold sales award disc was issued to the band to commemorate sales in excess of 115,000 copies sold in Mexico.

It received a "Gold" sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA), indicating sales of at least 200,000 copies in the United Kingdom.

award three times

He won the league's top scorer award three times in a row from 2009 to 2011.

Out of six nominations for Best Director, Capra received the award three times.

Spanoulis joined Toni Kukoč, as the only player to have ever won the award three times.

state award   (premio estatal)

He was awarded Kerala state award (best lyricist) for the song in 2006, posthumously.

After getting the state award for best short film for "Kotti" Santhosh Peringeth announced his new project named "Bonsai".

Mine Rescue Decoration The Mine Rescue Decoration (German: Grubenwehrehrenzeichen) is a state award of the Republic of Austria, established on February 24, 1954 by the National Council.

award named

After that, she won an award named "Sportsman of the Year".

He has a Strathroy and District Hockey Association award named after him.

The American Meteorological Society presents an award named "The Jule G. Charney Award".

book award

His book "Modernist Bread" received a James Beard Foundation book award in 2018.

Rizvi was the 2016 winner of the Morris D. Forkosch book award for "The Atheist Muslim".

"The Fabric of Reality" was shortlisted for the Rhone-Poulenc science book award in 1998.

award bestowed   (premio otorgado)

The medal is the highest civilian award bestowed by Congress.

A unit citation or commendation is an award bestowed upon an organization for the action cited.

President's Volunteer Service Award The President's Volunteer Service Award is a civil award bestowed by the President of the United States.

design award

That same year, the cover of the album won the Red Dot design award.

The Z2 was awarded the iF product design award in the year of its release.

Since its launch, it is the winner of several awards, including "Best of Digital Life 2005" and the Red dot design award.

given the award

Therefore, LeClair was given the award with a +36 rating.

We all thought one of the old guard would be given the award."

He was given the award of "Cetățean de onoare" ("Honorary Citizen") of the city of Blaj in 2017.

award category

In 2006, he was nominated for the Icarus award category "Golden Voice" for "Nip/Tuck" and "Lost."

In 2007, he was nominated for the Icarus award category "Golden Voice" "for Prison Break" and "Lost".

The award winner's name, work title, award year and award category are etched on a small plaque on the base or on the plexiglass itself.

award nomination   (nominación de premio)

The album received a 2018 Grammy award nomination for "Best Americana Album".

Ciccoritti also received a Directors Guild of Canada award nomination in 2005.

He earned an AFL Rising Star award nomination for his performance against Collingwood in round 14, 2018.