became aware   (気づく)

As he became aware of the plans of Brig.

Opposition grew as more people became aware of what was planned.

The memo was removed shortly after journalists became aware of it.

not aware   (気づかない)

She's not aware he's seeing her to annoy Jai.

Fleischmann and Pons were not aware of Tandberg's work.

Most members were not aware of these names.

well aware   (よく知って)

But I was well aware that I did not love him."

Meck was probably well aware that she was hard to tolerate.

Graves himself was well aware of scholarly mistrust of "The Greek Myths".

made aware   (気づいた)

Only the jail superintendent at Yerwada was made aware of Kasab's identity.

Strauss' work eventually enticed Liszt, who was made aware of the work's charms.

At some point early in the conflict, St. Clair was made aware of the gunfire off in the distance.

become aware   (気付く)

Soon, both Nanda and Shridaman become aware of what is happening.

The robbery was only become aware off on Monday 2 May 1977 as the bank opened.

Many said they had become aware of the plans only after they had been approved.

fully aware

GOD is fully aware of their belief.

However, the police are fully aware that Simone forced Marcello to give him the key.

Raja Bahadur rules his region, although fully aware that his days as King are numbered.

more aware

They were, however, aware of her work, more aware than she herself realized.

They tend to be, when compared to closed people, more creative and more aware of their feelings.

It is possible that Weightman was no more aware of her, her sisters or their friend Ellen Nussey.

becomes aware

During recovery the patient or animal becomes aware.

On the train, Mileva becomes aware of their presence.

He becomes aware that the house is haunted after seeing several strange phenomena.

aware of what

In the film, Dorothy is completely aware of what is going on.

Opposition grew as more people became aware of what was planned.

Soon, both Nanda and Shridaman become aware of what is happening.

aware of how

Hausdorff was aware of how easily the human mind can err while also seeking for rigor and truth.

But students who have grown up with the photon may not be aware of how revolutionary the concept was for his time.

He idolized Mozart as a master of form, was aware of how his idol's symphonies functioned compared to his own and found his own lacking.

becoming aware

Some communities are becoming aware of this problem and are putting forth efforts to minimize the hazy, orange skyglow.

Friedman researched the MJ-12 documents since first becoming aware of them from Wiliam Moore and Jaime Shandera in 1984.

By continuing to constrict her neck long after becoming aware of the emergency, Coutts showed the necessary mens rea for murder.

acutely aware   (鋭く気づいている)

It follows Michael Price, a man acutely aware of his own dullness, trapped in a loveless marriage.

Bryn was acutely aware of her weak position under English divorce law, and feared she would lose custody of the children.

The predators are keenly focused on the shoals, acutely aware of their numbers and whereabouts, and make migrations themselves that can span thousands of miles to connect, or stay connected, with them.