İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

raise awareness   (bilinçlendirmek)

Make a donation here and use #SupportTheBalkans to raise awareness.

Annual benefit concerts take place to raise awareness of the cause.

In 2018 the band performed at a concert to raise awareness of the issue.

public awareness   (kamu bilinci)

He also worked to improve public awareness about leprosy.

Riggs in the first instance tried to limit public awareness of the find.

It increased public awareness of advances in flood control theory and practice.

raising awareness   (farkındalık yaratmak)

), as well as movement-building and raising awareness.

", which aims at raising awareness for the European Emergency Number 112.

The film has also become a leading tool worldwide for raising awareness about LGBT aging.

increase awareness   (farkındalığı artırma)

The expedition aimed to increase awareness of global warming.

Four sub-committees were formed to increase awareness of the project.

It provides seminars to "increase awareness of hearing loss in the workplace".

awareness among   (arasında farkındalık)

It is spreading awareness among the masses to use eco-friendly electrical appliances.

He was also aware of importance of the press to create awareness among the dalit community.

Hospital and The Hindu teamed up to generate awareness among the people on hepatitis in Coimbatore.

environmental awareness   (Çevre bilinci)

The "school" is host to music and environmental awareness camps.

It is included in a booklet about environmental awareness that is distributed by the Anjō city government.

Members share a strong sense of environmental awareness, therefore they strive to live lightly on the land.

situational awareness   (durumsal farkındalık)

The enemy AI has improved in terms of situational awareness.

The glass cockpit was designed to give the pilot good situational awareness.

By the time of this leave, Voss had gained impressive marksmanship and situational awareness.

awareness campaign   (farkındalık kampanyası)

The posters were part of an awareness campaign by the Peace Pledge Union (PPU), which Laurie joined.

THANS organises an annual purple ribbon awareness campaign in memory of the École Polytechnique massacre.

Entrepreneurship Week India is India’s largest awareness campaign to build public support for entrepreneurship.

create awareness   (farkındalık yaratmak)

Besides this, RDT also executed campaigns in order to create awareness.

He collaborated with PETA for a campaign to create awareness about dogs.

He was also aware of importance of the press to create awareness among the dalit community.

spread awareness   (farkındalık yaymak)

Simply Moving was created to spread awareness of being physically active at all ages.

The event aimed to spread awareness and reduce the stigma associated with being an atheist.

The students have also been trained to spread awareness for keeping the city clean and green.

raise public awareness   (Halkın farkındalığını artırmak)

In 1897, the was created to raise public awareness through discussion groups and periodicals.

Throughout the 1970s Rickard tirelessly campaigned to raise public awareness about Māori land rights.

The main purpose of the show was to raise public awareness and understanding of the RAF and its role today.

cancer awareness   (kanser farkındalığı)

Free is also an advocate for breast cancer awareness.

To raise money for cancer awareness, Mike Strange started the Box Run.

Tanya Snyder is now a national spokesperson for breast cancer awareness.

promote awareness   (farkındalığı arttırmak)

Jane Fonda has tried to promote awareness of climate change through being arrested for civil disobedience.

The Flynn effect is named for James R. Flynn, who did much to document it and promote awareness of its implications.

Conservation efforts have included encouraging ecotourism as a way to promote awareness of the bird and its habitat.

bring awareness   (farkındalık getirmek)

All of these games bring awareness to important issues and events.

It will look to bring awareness and involvement to work against human trafficking.

It began in 2005 as an event to bring awareness to health issues to African-American women.

awareness campaigns   (bilinçlendirme kampanyaları)

Guttmann actively supports awareness campaigns on cancer.

She had participated in the awareness campaigns on and polio vaccination.

He has been leading and is a part of various technologies training and mass awareness campaigns.

social awareness   (sosyal farkındalık)

Other television programs are designed to raise social awareness.

Tiatrist have always demonstrated a very high degree of social awareness.

He pledged to promote the social awareness for the disaster prevention programs.

raised awareness   (farkındalığı arttırmak)

The 2016 publication of the book "" by Matthew Desmond raised awareness of the issue.

Run in conjunction with the think tank Demos and, the competition raised awareness of XDRTB.

The 1959 riot had raised awareness, but few Montanans recognized the problems or realized the extent of them.

increased awareness   (arttırılmış farkındalık)

increased awareness of the band and the album began to rise back up the charts.

It increased awareness about the ease in which bacteria spread among organisms.

Caudill argued that increased awareness of hospital structure could help make job delegation a smoother process.

increasing awareness   (farkındalığı arttırmak)

There was also an increasing awareness of foreign language cinema in America during this period.

The lack of data regarding these concerns makes increasing awareness for worker safety more challenging.

There is an increasing awareness that timely and effective fire prevention and education saves lives and property.

greater awareness   (daha fazla farkındalık)

Today, there is a greater awareness of problem gambling in Massachusetts.

We aim to inspire greater awareness and best practice in sustainability motor sport standards."

The primary nurse is also more alert to medication errors, because of their greater awareness of patient medication outcomes.

lack of awareness   (Farkındalık eksikliği)

"Vanity Fair" called Carson's claimed lack of awareness of the purchase "truly amazing".

Neuroscientists are only just starting to do more research into this lack of awareness and keeping time.

Content awareness is differentiated from source awareness by the lack of awareness about the attitude, rather than simply its origin.

raises awareness   (farkındalığı arttırır)

The coalition also raises awareness of human trafficking in Alberta.

", which raises awareness for more gender balance in the digital space.

The week raises awareness of children affected by parental alcohol problems and the support available.

political awareness   (politik farkındalık)

His political awareness is proved once again.

Second, there is a department to encourage political awareness of certain issues.

The lyrics, however, displayed Fish's customary wit, political awareness, and sense of melancholy absurdity.

brand awareness   (marka bilinirliği)

Building brand awareness and credibility is a key implication of good public relations.

A cost-effective approach that is able to achieve high brand awareness and increase product purchases.

Cleveland created "The Temp Life,"in 2006 for Spherion Staffing to raise brand awareness among 18-25 year-olds.

growing awareness   (büyüyen farkındalık)

It is not found on patients’ charts and, due to growing awareness of medical slang, often not used in front of patients themselves.

European Digital Rights was founded in June 2002 as a result of a growing awareness of the importance of European policy making in the digital environment.

He handled it badly, leading to protests by the boys, and this combined with a growing awareness of the other problems led the Fellows to decide to ask him to leave.

cultural awareness   (kültürel farkındalık)

To stir cultural awareness among the students, a yearly cultural week is observed with great zeal and enthusiasm by the students of the institution.

They felt that a store focused on Afrocentric clothes, jewelry and fine art would complement consciousness raising and increased black cultural awareness.

Cineastes' Studio has consistently upheld avenues for creative expression, cultural awareness and understanding, as well as camaraderie among film enthusiasts.

breast cancer awareness   (meme kanseri Bilinçlendirme)

Free is also an advocate for breast cancer awareness.

Tanya Snyder is now a national spokesperson for breast cancer awareness.

PCVR also annually sponsors a breast cancer awareness event with Estee Lauder and Nikon.

health awareness   (sağlık farkındalığı)

She picked up an acoustic guitar in 2011 and now uses in her shows to aid mental health awareness.

Conya also mentors teen girls, tutors, and is an active philanthropist for breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, and mental health awareness.

The schools have been active in community activities outside the schools themselves: maintaining local cleanliness, health awareness, serving the elderly adults.