İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

km away   (km uzakta)

The nearest airport is Kerry Airport (37 km away).

It's located 150 km away from the south of Madrid.

It is located 16 km away from the district center.

far away   (uzak)

Meanwhile, not far away, Frid sleeps in Petra's lap.

For example, not far away is the village of Toronto.

But I was far away and I couldn’t see properly."

away win   (deplasman galibiyeti)

On 8 April, he scored in a 5–1 away win over NEC.

He scored on his full début, a 3–2 away win at Chorley.

Italy won 37–21, their first away win in the Six Nations.

miles away   (mil uzakta)

They trace Orson to his lake cabin 70 miles away.

It was strong enough to be felt several miles away.

Carbost lies around 2.5 miles away from Portnalong.

taken away   (götürüldü)

To have it taken away in such a way was terrible."

As such, their hosting privileges were taken away.

They were then loaded into trucks and taken away.

run away   (Kaçmak)

She was afraid and decided to run away from home.

Impulsively, Arthur convinces her to run away with him.

His interpreter was shot dead while trying to run away.

moved away   (taşındı)

When the jobs disappeared, lots of them moved away.

The "Earlshall" moved away from the "Attila".

One after another, the villagers moved away to the city.

home and away   (ev ve uzak)

The playoffs consisted of two legs - home and away.

The team uses different kits for home and away games.

Both home and away fans can stand here on a match day.

away from home   (evden uzakta)

She was afraid and decided to run away from home.

At the age of eleven, Wallace ran away from home.

Juxiang resists the marriage and runs away from home.

get away   (kurtulmak)

You can't get away from the fact she's a young girl.

They managed to reach the only lifeboat to get away.

She tries to get away from him but he overpowers her.

move away   (uzaklaş)

PRTB was later move away from the "foquismo" line of ELN.

Farmers would often forced to move away.

I was afraid if I was too gentle she would use it to move away.

runs away

Her father forbids her to see him, so she runs away.

She runs away from Brutus and finds the Prince.

Sara knocks him out and runs away with Therese.

ran away   (kaçtı)

At the age of eleven, Wallace ran away from home.

She scorned Apollo's advances and ran away from him.

One ran away, the others stopped till Saturday.

away goals

If tied on aggregate, the away goals rule was used.

The away goals rule is used in this tournament.

broke away   (ayrıldı)

Ukraine broke away from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Singh broke away and joined Kanu Sanyal's group instead.

He broke away from the party in 1958.

passed away   (Geçti)

Tuấn Anh passed away at 4:23 pm on July 21, 2013.

The old has passed away; behold, the new has come."

He passed away at the age of 71 on 26 April 1983.

away loss   (deplasman kaybı)

He scored once in qualifying in a 1-2 away loss to Mexico.

Copenhagen (0–1 away loss, 3–1 home win) in the play-off round.

He replaced Marcello Trotta after 84 minutes in a 1–0 away loss.

away defeat   (yenilgi)

He made his debut in a 2–1 away defeat to Finland on 6 September 2002.

On 29 September Sakho scored in a 2–1 away defeat by Manchester United.

Colchester suffered their first away defeat of the season on 6 October.

turned away   (sırtını döndü)

The second night, it was sold out and people were turned away.

Both groups of ships turned away, and the engagement was over.

People don't want to be challenged too much and be turned away.

stay away   (uzak dur)

Phil threatens Bob, and tells him to stay away.

Her dad then warns her to stay away from him.

Darren tried to stay away from him as much as possible.

away win against   (deplasman kazanmak)

On 14 January 2018 he sealed a 2-0 away win against Apollon Larissa.

On 27 February, Niculae opened the score in a 2–0 away win against PAOK.

On 10 December he scored in a difficult 2-1 away win against Doxa Drama.

away draw

On September 16 Martínez scored in a 2-2 away draw against Chivas.

A 0–0 away draw and a 2–1 home win kept the club in the top flight.

His third goal came six days later, in a 1–1 away draw against Fénix.

washed away   (yıkanmış)

By then, more than of the low bluff had washed away.

Several farms were washed away, including their livestock.

Large sections of roads were also washed away by the storm.

swept away   (süpürüldü)

Character, reason, common sense, were swept away."

Some of the homes swept away were well-constructed.

One person was killed after being swept away.

further away   (daha uzakta)

The blunt end is further away from the action itself.

The revelation only drives Carly and Dean further away.

She said, "He just kept drifting further and further away.

years away

Of magnitude 3.85, it is 164 ± 9 light years away.

His brother died there in 1994 after 18 years away.

They both lie about 350 light years away.

moving away   (taşınmak)

It is moving away from the Milky Way 1341 km/s.

Marcus intensified markedly upon moving away from the coast.

The inverse is true if the thrower is moving away from the man.

running away   (Kaçmak)

Ignatz apologises for running away from Primavera.

Everybody was running away in different directions.

Elsewhere, Yuu realizes that she is running away from her problems.

given away   (verilmiş)

They are sold at cost or given away based on donations.

I think I have given away thousands since.

Four cards were given away each time.

right away   (derhal)

Settlement did not take place right away, however.

Moore played right away in college as a freshman.

Gluttony What it right away," says Santa Claus.

take away   (paket servisi)

Therefore, it is necessary to take away the excess.

If you take away my children, am I still a-mother."

Because you can only take away my so-called freedom.

walk away   (çekip gitmek)

No two walk away together from the smoking ruins.

They walk away as Therese tries to get them to stay.

Hampstead Heath is a 10- to 12-minute walk away.

carried away   (taşındı)

Thus prepared, we shall never be carried away by opinions.

Most of this energy is carried away by the emitted neutrinos.

The tides destroyed crops and carried away farming implements.

pulled away   (çekti)

However, Chowder and Jenny are pulled away from D.J.

Northwestern pulled away with a 21–4 second half run.

Clemson scored first, then pulled away 14–7 before half.

kilometers away   (kilometre uzakta)

The furthest home to the clinic is 8 kilometers away.

The office of Dumraha VDC is about 6 kilometers away from Inaruwa.

The canal Jhang Branch passes just two kilometers away from Peruana.

away victory   (deplasman zaferi)

This was the first away victory for Sri Lanka after 15 years.

His first goal of the campaign came in a 7−1 away victory over C.D.

Four days later, he scored the winning goal in a 2–1 away victory to 1.

distance away   (uzaklarda)

It was some distance away at Giswil.

A short distance away, another temple called Kashitirtha is located.

It is located a short distance away from the famous Hoysaleswara Temple.

away draw against   (uzağa çekmek)

On September 16 Martínez scored in a 2-2 away draw against Chivas.

His third goal came six days later, in a 1–1 away draw against Fénix.

He made his professional debut in a 1–1 away draw against Platanias F.C.

go away   (çekip gitmek)

It was a matter though that wasn't going to go away.

It is said that to go away is to die a little.

Stork bites on the back of the neck usually do not go away.

away loss against   (uzak kayıp)

On 9 December 2018, he scored in a 4–2 away loss against Atromitos.

On 27 October 2018, he scored in a 2-1 away loss against Platanias.

He made his debut on 28 January 2018 in 3-0 away loss against Torino.

break away   (kaçmak)

The talons maim Hawkgirl, but she manages to break away.

The meeting was to pave the way for a break away from The Football League.

The 1990s saw the BQA break away from the IQA to form the British Quality Foundation.

walks away   (uzaklaşıyor)

And then he walks away like he's getting ready to cry.

The female walks away, seemingly turning Woodruff down.

The house explodes and Tom walks away, as the film ends.

gave away   (verdi)

To Ki Datuk's surprise, Amongrogo gave away his wife.

She gave away more than $200 million, always anonymously.

Wikispaces also gave away more than 100,000 premium wikis to K–12 educators.

away games

Each team plays two home games and two away games.

The team uses different kits for home and away games.

The 2018 schedule consisted of five home and five away games.

away goals rule

If tied on aggregate, the away goals rule was used.

The away goals rule is used in this tournament.

drive away   (arabayla uzaklaşmak)

The city of Chania is about 22 minutes drive away.

Indeed, Dale had earlier managed to drive away Josie.

They drive away towards a better life away from Sin City.

away game

Three days later, the away game at Vallecano was lost 0–1.

The away game at SD Eibar on 24 November 2018, was lost 0–3.

The final game of the Championship was an away game to France.

win away

His debut arrived on 7 May in a win away to Fjarðabyggð.

Their 7–3 win left them one win away from the championship.

His debut arrived on 30 September in a win away to Sansinena.

draw away   (uzaklaşmak)

The final match of the season, a 0–0 draw away to A.F.C.

He made his debut in a 0–0 draw away to Wrexham on 11 January 2014.

Heslop scored his first goal for Eastleigh in a 3–3 draw away to F.C.

away match

His debut in an away match against Hamburger SV went dreamlike.

But they lost the away match 32:24.

mile away   (mil uzakta)

Alnmouth railway station is about half a mile away.

The blast was felt up to half a mile away.

The closest CTA Purple Line station is Linden, about a mile away.

commuted away   (değişti)

, there were 79 workers who commuted away from the village.

, there were 6 workers who commuted into the village and 65 workers who commuted away.

, there were 11 workers who commuted into the village and 95 workers who commuted away.

walked away   (yürüyerek uzaklaştı)

McGlashan walked away but the car was destroyed.

Many independents walked away from the 1901 meeting.

James walked away with 131 strike outs and a 0.48 ERA.

took away

"I took away the courage to experiment.

It took away her soul."

Akbar took away his Jagir and gave it Shah-Rukh and transferred Shahbaz Khan.

defeat away   (yenmek)

Bore made his debut in a 3–2 defeat away at Stalybridge Celtic.

Their final game was an 82–0 defeat away at Hunslet Hawks on 21 January 1996.

He scored his first Premier League goal in a 4–1 defeat away to West Ham United.

give away   (çekiliş)

Fernand then rushes to the church to give away Patricia.

Both men would not give away to the press the true intentions of their strategy.

Parallel to this, the magazine would occasionally give away free CDs with an issue.

time away   (uzak zaman)

During her time away, her heavy use of cocaine had completely eroded her nasal septum.

Aged 15, it was Anne's first time away from home, and she made few friends at Roe Head.

His reasons were that this position took too much time away from his Family and business.

sent away   (uzağa gönderildi)

After an unhappy childhood, he was sent away to a school.

Katharina was sent away to Prague to work as a children's maid.

In May 1548, Elizabeth was sent away.

kilometres away   (kilometre uzakta)

Kottayam and Alappuzha are about 20 kilometres away.

The nearest petrol stations are dozens of kilometres away.

Both facilities are a few kilometres away from each other.

blocks away   (bloklar uzakta)

They were only two blocks away when Frances screamed, "Oh my God!"

The bus station relocated five blocks away, near the railroad station.

Elmhurst College and Wilder Park Conservatory are both several blocks away.

away when   (ne zaman uzakta)

The lower leaves wither away when the plant is flowering.

You can't tear it up and throw it away when you're done with it.

He ran away when Wedderburn refused.

giving away   (haybeye vermek)

Kelly retaliated by giving away Capp's baby grand piano.

He was giving away church property under the pretense of sale.

She is now faced with having to save her lover without giving away her father.

light years away   (Işık yılı uzakta)

Of magnitude 3.85, it is 164 ± 9 light years away.

They both lie about 350 light years away.

It lies 490 million light years away in the constellation Hercules.

away against   (uzak durmak)

Cleveland got on the board right away against Sal Maglie.

He did not score again until the seventh round away against BK Häcken.

His debut arrived on 3 October during a win away against Atlético Tucumán.

got away   (kaçtı)

The constable gave chase, but the intruder got away.

Sorensen could not hold his acceleration and Kelly got away.

According to the police, the robbers got away with €242,000.

turn away   (geri çevirmek)

He also made explicit the turn away from socialism.

As a result, it was forced to turn away some students.

Even Mary's love cannot make him turn away from his mother Maya.

won on away

As a consequence, Honvéd won on away goals.

Al-Ittihad Alexandria won on away goals."

Becamex Bình Dương won on away goals."

came away

Kerala came away as the 1–0 winners to win the group.

Germany prevailed 45–27 and came away with a bronze medal.

He came away with a victory based on points after six rounds.

taking away

Without it, one is unable to discern right from wrong, taking away both freedom and virtue.

It is believed that this oil has magical powers in taking away all the diseases from manhood.

Jin-hyuk plans on taking away everything from Kang-ro, including Hyo-won, whom he still loves.

minutes away

The city town airport is 5 minutes away from the Faculty.

Böblingen is about 20 minutes away from Stuttgart Airport via S-Bahn.

Albany International Airport is 15 minutes away with cargo facilities.

farther away   (daha uzakta)

Later observations showed it to be at least 15 times farther away.

One shockwave usually does the job unless the Kraken is farther away.

The local students must travel to another school a little farther away.

located away

Anjoor is a village located away from Kunnamkulam.

It is located away from the Moldovan settlement Soroca.

The station is located away from Kurunegala's town centre.

straight away   (hemen)

The concert was almost sold out straight away.

Rowley explained: "I got on really well with him straight away.

Schiller was released in 1973 and went underground straight away.

shift away   (kaçıp gitmek)

Ivan Asen's rule was also marked by a shift away from Rome in religious matters.

This record is their first all-instrumental album and was a slight shift away from their old dynamic.

His submission, while not successful, signalled Charney's shift away from building design to public art.

meters away   (metre uzakta)

Sound can be heard from three hundred meters away.

Neptune is 1500 meters away from the Sun, for example.

The closest shell landed 80 meters away from its target.

pull away   (çekip gitmek)

Georgetown continued to pull away to win 62-43.

Cuthbert expanded upon her slight advantage to pull away to a clear win.

Dibaba continued to pull away to the finish, Muir separating from Hassan.

attention away   (dikkat çekmek)

In particular, it was seen as drawing attention away from pulpit preaching and the role of the minister.

The film was also a financial success, though Steven Spielberg's hit film "Jaws" distracted attention away from it.

He tried to induce Mexico to join the war against the United States, hoping to divert American attention away from Europe.

yards away

Windows up to 400 yards away were broken.

The Cowboys stood 75 yards away from an NFC Eastern Division title.

In the same year, 1819, a few hundred yards away new congregation was formed.

away defeat against   (karşı yenilgi)

On 18 September, he was sent off in a 4–0 away defeat against Tottenham.

On 27 February, Niculae scored again in a 1–2 away defeat against Celtic.

He scored again three days later, in a 3–4 away defeat against FC Braşov.

passes away   (geçer)

Squid then passes away following Abyss' defeat.

After Johnny was thrown off the roof, he passes away.

However his sickness takes over and Sadık passes away.

driven away   (savrulmak)

After preaching for a while, Omed was driven away.

Where light is admitted darkness is driven away."

Hart was driven away in the larger car.

went away   (uzağa gitti)

Her arrogance went away from her through her tears.

Bhima made him carless and he went away from there.

Jeon borrowed Cha "Anthology of Du Fu" and went away.

moves away   (uzaklaşıyor)

Hae Joo's family also moves away from the village.

Michelle moves away from home and lives with Debraj and one of her servants.

Giblin moves away from seeing the coming of the Son of man in temporal terms.

away all

The club home colours have are all red and away all white.

Now they scrape away all the fat (suet) which is between the sinews (Heb.

Technique: cut away all zeroes of the vector field with small neighborhoods.

blown away   (havaya uçurulmuş)

According to Drechsler, "Illnesses were blown away by the breath.

One third of the ship was blown away and it sank in three minutes.

The glass roof of the cloak room and inquiry office was blown away.

game away

Vick put the game away with a 55-yard run with 1:34 left.

He was an acting head coach and after his first game away the team won.

The Yankees would add three more runs in the seventh to put the game away.

cut away

The cast is cut away, and Yuri stands.

The anchor is then normally cut away, as it cannot be recovered.

She had to cut away both her masts.

too far away   (Çok uzakta)

"Mercury" had drifted too far away to come to the rescue either.

Surely Tomie is not too far away...

Lee's agent Adam Katz said the two parties were too far away in negotiations.

walking away   (uzaklaşmak)

The man is seen in silhouette, walking away from a single chair.

"I hope I shall never again have to shoot down men walking away."

Tiffany is last seen walking away from the Channard Institute alongside Kirsty.

feet away   (ayaklar uzakta)

We're three feet away from the entrance and I can already smell the buttery bread and bacon.

The blast ripped the vehicle apart and some dead bodies were found 20 to 30 feet away from the blast site.

It is also constructed so that the farthest seat is 35 feet away from the stage, and the closest is two meters.

faded away   (solmuş)

The hotel was never rebuilt, and Curry faded away.

Subsequently, Chapman faded away without much comment.

The markings on the runway have faded away.

away matches

Eto'o has experienced racial abuse in some away matches.

Teams play home and away matches from September through to April.

away match against   (deplasman maçı)

His debut in an away match against Hamburger SV went dreamlike.

He scored on his debut on 11 September 2011 in an away match against Roma.

On January 19, 2018, he made his debut in the 3-2 away match against Almere City.

short distance away   (kısa mesafe)

A short distance away, another temple called Kashitirtha is located.

It is located a short distance away from the famous Hoysaleswara Temple.

This meant permanently closing Merkland Street and opening a new station a short distance away.

drives away

He drives away to a far place and crashes his car.

Chul-soo stares from afar as the car drives away.

He covers the rods with the tarpaulin and drives away.

passing away

The move was delayed however due to his grandfather passing away.

Paul viewed his present world as something that was swiftly passing away.

Khand remained an active member of the Labour Party until his passing away.

breaking away

He relocated to Baltimore in 2007, breaking away from the Justus League.

After Sultan Agung died in 1645, the Priangan region slowly breaking away from Mataram influence.

After the war, the village of Scarlino became independent, breaking away from the territory of Gavorrano.

metres away   (metre uzakta)

an object of 100 mm @ 1 mrad is 100 metres away).

A few metres away is a large raised stone cairn.

There is a water well 50 metres away from main temple.

thrown away   (atılmış)

The dead were not "thrown away", Sangu-style.

Certain objects can also be held as well as thrown away.

He had thus thrown away almost every tactical advantage available to him.

away before

Kaidu had ridden away before Kublai could mobilize a larger army.

However, he turns and runs away before the gameplay actually begins.

He heads down to the basement, but gets called away before seeing Sweetiepie.