İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

backed up   (yedeklendi)

This is backed up by studies in the Midwest.

The team is backed up by HYDRA and A.I.M.

2333, a reason why the government backed up from this matter.

backed down   (geri adım attı)

The case was dropped after the accuser backed down.

The king backed down and the post went to her secretary.

De Klerk challenged the TRC on this point, and it backed down.

backed off   (geri çekildi)

FalleN backed off to save his AWP, but Edward hunted him after Zeus died.

Na'Vi saw no chance in winning the round and backed off to save their guns.

Dinu was able to land his jab, but backed off a little after he felt Miller's power.

backed away   (geri çekildi)

When the cameras rolled, Lee stalked Ward until Ward backed away.

However, he had backed away from the idea after recognizing its divisiveness.

However after reunification, city planners backed away from the full ring concept, as it would impose severe urbanistic side effects.