Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

bad weather   (mal tiempo)

The shoot was initially delayed due to bad weather.

On the 25th, a lookout broke an arm in bad weather.

"*" The 11th race was cancelled due to bad weather.

bad luck   (mala suerte)

Anacleto is an inept secret agent with very bad luck.

Black and blue, Falstaff laments his bad luck.

Draugr can also kill people with bad luck.

very bad   (muy mal)

I have very bad feelings about it," he later said.

He had some very bad experiences with hard drugs."

Anacleto is an inept secret agent with very bad luck.

so bad   (muy malo)

It really got so bad that we didn't do anything.

The bias against women was so bad at that time.

Well, he said, the food got so bad, he said.

bad guys   (chicos malos)

The buildings lockdown codes are hacked and the bad guys come in to kill them .

Rayman is a rebel, fighting against mighty bad guys like in Star Wars or Robin Hood’.

He said, ""I've been playing bad guys back to back, so Darcy's a bit of an antidote!""

due to bad

The shoot was initially delayed due to bad weather.

The film was not released fully due to bad reviews.

"*" The 11th race was cancelled due to bad weather.

bad news

The bad news is that it’s not throwback enough."

'Got some bad news, I'm afraid,' David began.

(I know from his tone that he is going to deliver bad news.)

good and bad

What she saw was the good and bad in life.

Characters, both good and bad, often beat up Willy for information.

However, there are groups that could possibly a mix of good and bad singers.

bad guy   (chico malo)

The actor is often hired to assume the "bad guy" role.

I liked the fact that there is no good guy and bad guy.

This led to comical "bad guy" characters becoming Otsuka's speciality.

bad faith   (mala fe)

The main legal concept in article 138 is bad faith.

In some quarters Oppenheimer has been accused of treating his subjects in bad faith.

Parties acting in bad faith may be able to access such voice mailboxes via Caller ID spoofing.

good or bad

"Karma" is the accumulated sums of one's good or bad deeds.

Yoga may have good or bad effects.

Thus, tipsters themselves can be "tipped" as being a good or bad tipster.

bad things

At Nouméa, Admiral Halsey had had no conception of how bad things were.

The temple officials state that such questions as, "Why do bad things happening to good people?

She is able to sense the presence of "bad things" to which she would always reply "Somebody's coming".

bad boy

Sarah falls for his bad boy image and thinks he is hot.

And, of course, she does love a bad boy."

The character of Josh was initially introduced as a bad boy of sorts.

bad thing   (cosa mala)

Crabbe's shift in approach was not necessarily a bad thing.

That's not a bad thing, though."

bad thing, prohibition, etc.

bad taste   (mal sabor)

Then again, who said bad taste was easy?"

That untoward act of sportsmanship created a bad taste among people."

We'd have spent a heap of dollars on it, and she has the bad taste to get pregnant.

bad reputation

Due to this bad reputation, the car wasn't very popular in Sweden.

One cause of his bad reputation may have been his lack of language skills.

This part of the city is the poorest area of Budapest with a bad reputation.

bad start

Holders São Paulo had a bad start losing to Fluminense 1–0.

Walters made a bad start to the 2013–14 season against Liverpool.

However, it got off to a bad start.

too bad

It’s too bad that these hopes have been quashed.

It's only too bad that Mr. Sim had to languish in jail."

It's just too bad they didn't kill them."

not a bad

Ben Vernel of felt the album was "not a bad debut.

That's not a bad thing, though."

And that's not a bad thing."

not bad

IGN said, "The music isn't memorable, but it's not bad".

Not brilliant, not bad."

It’s also not bad.

bad health   (mala salud)

He was in bad health and died in March, 1576.

Addicted to food, Ken is in bad health, and is headed to an early grave.

After a month of bad health, Louis Bourgeois died at the age of 74 on August 20, 1930.

bad condition   (mala condición)

Food supplies were frequently in bad condition.

Internally, the road system is in a very bad condition.

When Peter the Great became the Tsar, the state treasury was in a bad condition.

bad idea

Rex initially thinks drawing a new bath is a bad idea, but after recalling Mr.

Cheri has her doubts, thinking it's a bad idea for Alex to be interested in a "civilian" (someone not in the biz).

Spence D. of IGN Music, felt that Beyoncé's rapping in the song was a "bad idea" and described the song as "awkward, [and] horribly dated."

really bad   (Muy mal)

I found myself making really bad movies, too.

She commented "I think I was really bad, to be honest, at the beginning.

Tara on the other hand felt really bad for choosing anyone in the team and losing them.

bad publicity   (mala publicidad)

Enforced with fines and often much bad publicity.

Carbo subsequently lost his house and his salon because of the bad publicity.

He was called back after a month because of increased bad publicity over the Ripper murders.

bad results

Good karma brings good rewards and bad karmas lead to bad results.

However, after a period with bad results, he was fired on 2 October 2019.

The bad results however returned until once again, shamrock visited Dianella Reserve.

how bad

I allowed at how bad this idea was.

At Nouméa, Admiral Halsey had had no conception of how bad things were.

There exists no letter beyond Z to accurately describe how bad Scott’s movies are.

bad shape

The entire jute industry is in a bad shape.

I could have wound up in pretty bad shape."

The road from Neum to the rest of Herzegovina is in a bad shape.

bad light   (mala iluminación)

Beside her problems Christy tries to paint Mercy in a bad light.

However, they suffered a late collapse to be 178/7 when bad light and rain stopped the day's play.

Play was abandoned, owing to bad light, denying a thrilling finish to the large crowd of spectators.

bad girl

She's a bad girl who goes good and has a highly dramatic moment with a gun at the end.

Instead of season 1 with each "bad girl" choosing who is up for elimination, the "HBIC" chooses who is up for elimination.

However, in creating the character, Dunn sought to distinguish Areala from scantily clad bad girl antiheroines with which she might be confused.

bad blood

At that point, bad blood arose between the two administrations.

The trade also ushered in a period of bad blood between the two teams.

It's never been bad blood."

bad behavior

Baasi (Bala Singh) is expelled from the troupe for his bad behavior.

In 2004 and 2006, Koellerer was banned for six months due to his bad behavior.

At the end of April 2019, Boukhanchouche got his contract terminated due to bad behavior.

bad state   (mal estado)

In 1887 the buildings were in a bad state and the government grant was stopped.

At the same time, the Spanish empire was in a bad state both military and financially.

The tower was built in the year 1934 but was dismantled four years later because of its bad state.

bad influence

Over Goring he was considered a bad influence.

Nat disapproves of their friendship, as she thinks Rosa is a bad influence.

I don't see how any type of music would have any bad influence on people when it's only music.

because of bad   (por mal)

The 2003 final was the first to be played indoors; the roof was closed because of bad weather.

However, both semi final games, to be held in Heidelberg, had to be postponed because of bad weather, and rescheduled for 12 June.

They said, the people were forced out from the community because of bad behaviour and disrespect for custom and traditional way of living.

bad terms

Walter Lippmann left the magazine in 1921 on bad terms with Croly.

However, they were on bad terms.

On bad terms with much of his extended family, he boarded with several different people.

bad enough

When you want something bad enough in life you have to fight for it.

Later, Amis was to say the novel "was bad enough by any reasonable standard."

It was bad enough when Jenny slapped Maria, God knows what it's going to be like now!

bad omen   (mal presagio)

However, many rejected dog tags as a bad omen for their lives.

(The death of a flag-bearing elephant was considered a bad omen.)

It is considered a bad omen to cut trees from the clump "Tani" inhabits.

bad habits   (malos hábitos)

Meanwhile, the rest of the 9-9 has to endure the other precinct, whose bad habits are driving them crazy.

Gopal is a soft person without any bad habits, whereas Sadai is a big brute who loves drinking alcohol and sleeping with prostitutes.

As a youth, Newton began a pattern of coming very close to death, examining his relationship with God, then relapsing into bad habits.

something bad

When you want something bad enough in life you have to fight for it.

But a slow pace indicates expectation of something bad for someone else.

Instead, the name of an era might be chosen to limit the effects of something bad.

particularly bad   (particularmente malo)

They suffered a particularly bad setback in the 1990s.

This is particularly bad if the standard deviation is small relative to the mean.

A particularly bad shot, or one that only hits the backboard, is jocularly called a brick.

feel bad

Arnold remarked, "Do I feel bad about the destruction the fence is causing?

I don't feel bad about that song at all, but it could have been a big mistake."

Also Anjali refuses to get back to home as she made them feel bad by eloping from home.

bad to worse

Matters go from bad to worse as Woody continues to annoy O'Hoolihan.

Barney's mood goes from bad to worse and he is suspended from the team.

Things went from bad to worse in 1952, as Maxwell managed only one hit in 15 at-bats.