İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

badly damaged   (ağır hasar)

Nettleton had returned in a badly damaged aircraft.

In Umapine a handful of homes were badly damaged.

The ship was badly damaged by a fire in August 2012.

badly injured   (ağır yaralandı)

It crashes, of course, and Sophie is badly injured."

Jack returns tends to the badly injured Adrian.

The second mate and second officer were badly injured.

badly wounded   (ağır yaralı)

The observation officer was badly wounded and later died.

The NLA attempted to approach the badly wounded policemen.

Only four of them escaped, badly wounded.

so badly   (çok fena)

Otherwise, why would we treat them so badly?"

But I wanted it so badly and I achieved it!"

Scully had been so badly wounded that he was unable to move.

badly affected   (Çok etkilenen)

Auchinleck was reportedly very badly affected.

Sweet peas can be badly affected by aphids, slugs and snails.

The first Test was badly affected by rain and there was little play.

very badly   (çok kötü)

Auchinleck was reportedly very badly affected.

The Sherrin Bridge on this road was very badly damaged.

The 1996 season started off very badly.

badly needed   (gerçekten ihtiyaç)

Allison engines were also considered to be more badly needed for constructing fighter aircraft.

The TPLF also made small raids on Derg supply depots in the towns to acquire badly needed items like bullets and petrol.

For the rest of the Civil War, he supervised the manufacture of badly needed heavy guns for the Confederate armed forces.

badly beaten   (fena dövülmüş)

Death comes across a giant and is badly beaten.

Barbe-bleue's bodyguard is cut down and he is badly beaten.

Meili was so badly beaten that she was in a coma for 12 days.

badly burned   (kötü yanmış)

Some of the bodies were badly burned in the crash.

He was shot down and badly burned on 28 September.

The driver was able to extricate himself but was badly burned.

suffered badly

The reputation of the French army also suffered badly.

The town suffered badly in the Polish-Soviet war of 1920.

The district office also suffered badly.

badly hurt   (ağır yaralandı)

The horse was badly hurt and the waggonette smashed.

He was badly hurt, and had to be sent to Cluj for recovery.

Inside the plane, she finds Luis Alberto Aranguren, badly hurt but semi-conscious.

badly damaged during

But the temple was badly damaged during the Taiping Rebellion.

The church was badly damaged during the Second World War and later restored.

The workshop, was badly damaged during the blitz and the wagon workshop destroyed.

too badly

Aumont wrote that the film "for some mysterious reason, didn't fare too badly."

Duarte's family in Venezuela did not do too badly, they lived and worked in an affluent area.

"Automedon" was sunk by scuttling charges at 15:07 after being judged too badly damaged to tow.

badly hit   (kötü vuruş)

The popular tourist resort of Phuket was badly hit.

Horncastle was particularly badly hit.

Calang was badly hit by the tsunami.