İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

plastic bag   (naylon poşet)

Police found the bomb in a plastic bag under one of the seats.

Its head is shaped like a plastic bag.

The retail version of the game was originally wrapped only in a plastic bag.

mixed bag   (karışık çanta)

The DRLR operated a very mixed bag of locomotives.

It is, in short, a very mixed bag."

They came to a mixed bag of fates.

paper bag   (kağıt torba)

in the case of a paper bag).

The three brothers inherited their father's paper bag plant, located in Lyngby, Denmark.

The seed heads are placed upside down in a paper bag and left in a warm, dry place for a week.

bag containing   (içeren çanta)

But in the car's Decklid, they find the bag containing 50 million.

On May 29, 1896, a bag containing the arm of a baby was found at a waste facility.

She sent Sappai with the bag containing the loan money to provoke Singaperumal's temper.

sleeping bag   (uyku tulumu)

A less expensive alternative to using a specialized bass drum pillow is to use an old sleeping bag.

To keep warm, Hill wrapped herself tight in a sleeping bag, leaving only a small hole for breathing.

During a video recorded by Ryan himself from within his sleeping bag, he explained that his hands were too cold to operate either his radio or his stove.