Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

ball back   (bóng trở lại)

The man, furious, gives Woody his golf ball back.

The Lions got the ball back and started driving down the field.

Receiving the ball back, the Mean Green took a knee to end the game.

got the ball   (có bóng)

The Cavaliers got the ball on their own 24-yard line.

The Lions got the ball back and started driving down the field.

The Rams got the ball back at midfield with 2:16 left and no timeouts.

first ball   (quả bóng đầu tiên)

The first ball is called a strike.

In golf croquet, a hoop is won by the first ball to go through each hoop.

With Dooley pitching, Woody hits the first ball clear out of the ballpark.

hit the ball   (đánh bóng)

The players hit the ball with their hands or feet.

"The fellows really learned to hit the ball.

You need another person to hit the ball.

fumbled the ball   (dò dẫm bóng)

Stafford fumbled the ball at the 2 minute mark.

Navy fumbled the ball on their own ten-yard line late in the quarter.

Bruton fumbled the ball, allowing Mantle to reach third on the error.

when the ball   (khi bóng)

The game ended when the ball fell through a hole.

On kickoffs, the clock starts when the ball is first touched after the kick.

Time resumes when the umpire signals "time-on" or when the ball is brought into play.

turned the ball

Cassius Winston had 11 points in the loss and turned the ball over five times.

Jordan Cronkrite was stuffed for no gain, and the Bulls turned the ball over on downs.

Cassius Winston notched 12 assists in the game and turned the ball over only one time.

new ball

Robinson was certainly protective of the new ball.

This was a brand new ball game.

Australia struggled against the new ball in the first hour of the day three.

carried the ball

He also carried the ball twice for 11 yards.

He also carried the ball once for one yard.

Simpson carried the ball for the last play in AFL history.

fly ball

Swing and a fly ball, right center field.

Swing and a fly ball to right field.

Swing and a fly ball, left field.

moved the ball

In five plays, Notre Dame moved the ball to the Michigan 41-yard line.

After two passes moved the ball another 30 yards, only 6 seconds remained.

The RedHawks moved the ball well in the first half but failed to score a touchdown.

ground ball

At New York on 6/09, Brooks had one goal and one ground ball.

Brooks tallied one goal and had one ground ball against Denver 6/16.

It is offset by the fact that a ground ball double play is less likely.

ball away

Tate eventually wrestled the ball away."

On the Cowboys second possession they once again fumbled the ball away.

After a false start penalty, the Terps were unable to gain a first down and punted the ball away.

ball he took

With the ball he took 19 wickets at an average of 32.10.

He scored 35 runs at an average of 8.75, with a high score of 32, while with the ball he took 3 wickets at a bowling average of 45.33, with best figures of 2/27.

In his first season for his new team, he played seven matches, batted on three occasions and scored 14 runs at 14.00, however with the ball he took 27 wickets at 29.37 including a best of 4/29.

ball bearings

The straight pull mechanism uses 6 ball bearings to lock the bolt.

The straight pull mechanism uses six ball bearings to lock the bolt.

The company produced ball bearings, motorcycle engines and bicycle parts.

get the ball

The batsmen could not get the ball past fieldsmen.

The goal of each hole is to get the ball into the cup.

So I figured that if I could rebound, I would be able to get the ball myself.

move the ball   (di chuyển bóng)

They were unable to move the ball in three plays, and punted the ball to Connecticut.

The Bulls were unable to move the ball, punting the ball back to UConn after three plays.

With a fresh set of downs, Vanderbilt couldn't move the ball, and Adams took a sack for a loss of 9 yards.

ball off

Buffalo received the ball off the kickoff on their own 28-yard line.

If the player knocks the 8 ball off the table then the player loses the game.

Several spectators attempted to catch a foul ball off the bat of Luis Castillo.

ball down   (bóng xuống)

On the third pitch, Lazzeri hit a fly ball down the left-field line.

"He went to make a move, fell, and threw the ball down hard off the court.

With his score on 4 he glanced a ball down leg-side to the wicket-keeper and walked.

ball past

The batsmen could not get the ball past fieldsmen.

Goodall latched onto a shot by fellow forward, Tommy Green and swept the ball past Widdowson.

Later in the half, Parker "sliced" the ball past his own goalkeeper Tommy Allen to put United ahead.

cue ball   (bóng cái)

There's better things to do than throw a cue ball at a girl.

The cue ball is placed anywhere the breaker desires behind the .

Knocking a ball (apart from the cue ball) off the table carries no penalty.

received the ball

Tennessee received the ball with 6:15 remaining.

Buffalo received the ball off the kickoff on their own 28-yard line.

Navy received the ball from Washington and began to throw it erratically.

ball hit

The ball hit the referee having been thrown in protest at being deemed offside.

Instant replay found that the incomplete ball hit a railing with 1 second remaining.

The aspects of the play that were reviewable included if the ball hit the ground and who had possession of the ball.

golf ball

The man, furious, gives Woody his golf ball back.

It makes a sweet sound, like a well-struck golf ball."

1906 Goodrich introduces a golf ball with a rubber core filled with compressed air.

recovered the ball

This time, Nevada recovered the ball and retained possession.

Nate Evans recovered the ball and ran 94 yards for a UCF touchdown.

Miami fumbled the snap and Tech recovered the ball on the Miami 39.

ball game

Most of the guys were making $50 a ball game."

It's fun to go to a ball game occasionally.

"I knew it meant the ball game", he said.

up the ball

Souths kicked off, picked up the ball and scored a try.

His deceptive delivery results in hitters not being able to pick up the ball until late.

He picked up the ball just outside the Wales box and shot for a traditional Brazilian full-back goal.

ran the ball

Pike also ran the ball five times for four yards.

Moore ran the ball back 93 yards for the touchdown, and a 14–3 Knights lead.

Ricks ran the ball twice, scoring on the second carry after the fumble recovery.

loose ball   (bóng lỏng)

From there, Iowa State's Mike Rose grabbed a loose ball and ran it in for a touchdown.

If the passer drops the ball before this moment it is a fumble and therefore a loose ball.

The loose ball was scooped up by Boone, who kept the Hokies' drive going at the Tech 30-yard line.

last ball   (quả bóng cuối cùng)

However, the loss of Root for 71 with the last ball of the 50th over was the beginning of the end.

Braund was caught off the last ball of Henry's first over, and claimed it was the fastest bowling he had played against.

However, Ronchi was soon on strike and just as soon on his way back to the pavilion, Anderson clean-bowling him with the last ball of the third over.

ball up

"He can't kick the ball up high," Kiffin said.

Don't pitch a single ball up at him.

The Spartans returned to their turnover struggles, giving the ball up 15 times in the game.

ball through

Massive, thankful for Danny's help, gifts him a tennis ball through his cell door.

Each player takes a stroke in turn, each trying to hit a ball through the same hoop.

He drove the ball through the covers and clipped it off his pads through the leg side.

took the ball

Richardson took the ball three more yards to the Auburn 4, leaving the Tide at third and three.

Georgia subsequently took the ball and tacked on another field goal, making the final score 52-41.

The quarterback, Sam Moore, took the ball from center and faded eight or 10 yards back of our line.

returned the ball

Reaser returned the ball 39 yards for the game-winning touchdown.

UConn cornerback Jasper Howard returned the ball 26 yards to the Bulls' 41-yard line.

Nick Roberts of the Bulls picked off McKenzie Milton at the UCF 30, and returned the ball to the 12.

ball control   (kiểm soát bóng)

Hamadallah is also known for his composure, dribbling and excellent ball control.

The elusive, strong-armed Rice was a perfect fit for Holtz's ball control, run-oriented offense.

Gifted with great ball control and a precise shot, Herrmann soon became a starter for FSV as an outside left.

throw the ball

The pitcher may, without limit, throw the ball to the runner's base.

A baseball pitcher may throw the ball at U =  for a distance of L = .

In the field he was able to throw the ball equally well with either arm.

ball before

The fielder must catch the ball before it bounces to make an out.

The 8-ball must never touch another ball before going into the pocket.

Lofting the ball before the arrows in some bowling alleys is not against the rules.

caught the ball

Childs caught the ball and outran several UF defenders to the end zone.

Cunningham, stayed on the line of scrimmage, caught the ball and ran into the end zone.

The extra point man had first to field the punt-out, and then, kick from where he'd caught the ball.

tennis ball

(Think of a tennis ball being held in the wind.)

In this game a more difficult version of tennis ball is used.

Kedar Jadhav climbed up the ranks playing years of tennis ball tournament .

put the ball

Our number nine put the ball to Fred who flicked it back to Vic at four.

The score was 1–1 when Orient's goalkeeper Alex Cisak put the ball behind from Hancox's cross.

He started the match and put the ball into the back of the net in the 20th minute of the match.

off the ball

Known for his stamina, work-rate, direct running and movement off the ball.

Howland had Anderson mostly playing off the ball, while Larry Drew II was the Bruins' primary ball handler.

Byram was given a straight red card on 23 August against Watford for an off the ball incident with Watford defender Daniel Pudil.

threw the ball

"He went to make a move, fell, and threw the ball down hard off the court.

After two dribbles Abdur-Rahkman threw the ball to Poole with 2 seconds left.

As devised, Wycheck then threw the ball across the field where Dyson was positioned.

crystal ball

Using quartz as a crystal ball it is stereotypically depicted as gypsy fortune telling.

As Viola, her weapons are a metal claw and a magical crystal ball which floats around during battles.

"Livin' Large" comes with many new objects, such as a crystal ball, electric guitar, chemistry set, and magic lamp.

ball bearing

The ball bearing rolls smoothly down the seam as if on a track.

A lab-suited technician places a silver ball bearing on the hood seam, and lets go.

A Roy Rogers ad parodied the "Ball Bearing" spot by rolling a ball bearing around the edge of a roast beef sandwich.

ball when   (bóng khi)

Opponents must move from the ball when a free hit is awarded.

I had a ball when I was there."

This refers to the early practice of using the tail of the mace to strike the ball when it lay against a .

moving the ball

A pass is a method of moving the ball between players.

The game was anti-climactic with both teams having difficulty moving the ball in the conditions.

The object of the game is to score by moving the ball beyond the goal line into the opposing goal.

soccer ball

Basketball was originally played with a soccer ball.

He saved 20 cents and used this to buy a soccer ball and start SHOFCO.

The game is played using a spherical ball of circumference, known as the "football" (or "soccer ball").

kicked the ball   (đá bóng)

With Kasımpaşa 1–0 down at Galatasaray in a Süper Lig match, Donk kicked the ball.

While falling, Thomas kicked the ball cleanly out of Rainey's arm, and it fell right to Thomas.

Ziel kicked the ball about a yard short of the right upright, giving the ball back to Navy with the game still tied.

ball carrier

The ball carrier may only be tackled between the shoulders and knees.

If the ball carrier is not brought to the ground a "maul" will usually form.

By this time, 35-year-old Centers' role as a receiver (along with ball carrier) had diminished.

long ball   (bóng dài)

Then Vic passed a long ball to me on the Santos goal mouth.

The long ball era that Ruth started continues in baseball, to the delight of the fans.

With Walsall down to ten men, Barrowman latched onto a long ball and lobbed the goalkeeper to make it 2–2.

ball games

"Phaininda" and "episkyros" were Greek ball games.

The [[list of ball games]] is quite extensive.

Kicking ball games arose independently multiple times across multiple cultures.

hitting the ball

Bencic excels at hitting the ball early or on the rise.

Players may not obstruct another's chance of hitting the ball in any way.

The right field fence was less than 200 feet away, so anyone hitting the ball over that fence was awarded only a ground rule double.

catch the ball

Several Packers and Seahawks leaped to catch the ball.

Both teams then attempt to catch the ball.

The fielder must catch the ball before it bounces to make an out.

passed the ball

In the 77th minute, Keenor, Ferguson and Davies passed the ball among themselves before playing it wide to Thirlaway.

Tenorio passed the ball to Chia, who shook off Ronald Tubid, and made the shot over the outstretched hands of Olan Omiping.

Fred Abel passed the ball to Bryan, who caught it just short of the goal line and walked into the end zone for the touchdown.

foul ball   (bóng hôi)

Second, he batted a foul ball that fractured his knee cap.

He disappears as the umpire, looking through a telescope, calls it foul ball.

Several spectators attempted to catch a foul ball off the bat of Luis Castillo.

throwing the ball

This allowed Dalkowski to concentrate on just throwing the ball for strikes.

He didn't have much success throwing the ball either as Rice finished 7-of-15 for 106 yards passing.

He was hit after throwing the ball by multiple defenders, one of which caused a helmet to helmet collision.

cricket ball   (bóng cricket)

The council, in return, gives a new cricket ball to Baron Sackville every year if requested.

In keeping with tradition, the club pay Lord Sackville one cricket ball on 21 July each year.

He was caught on camera biting the cricket ball in a bizarre attempt to re-adjust the seam of the ball.

bowling ball

The bowling ball can be drilled for a left-handed bowler.

Pierre Bear runs a bowling ball factory in the great North.

This trackball used a standard Canadian five-pin bowling ball.

musket ball

He needed to have a musket ball removed, however.

Colonel Scott was mortally wounded by a musket ball in the head early in the attack.

Barney himself was badly wounded in the thigh with a musket ball and was taken prisoner.