Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

first ballot   (primera votación)

Nineteen candidates received votes during the first ballot.

On the first ballot Morales received 18 clergy votes and 48 lay votes.

With Clay's backing, Adams won the contingent election on the first ballot.

secret ballot   (voto secreto)

The secret ballot, party-line vote was 18-13.

Moreover, this was not a secret ballot.

Pending the other 53 MPs the election will then be held by secret ballot.

second ballot   (segunda votación)

John W. Taylor (A-NY) was elected on the second ballot.

She was subsequently elected with 51 votes in a second ballot.

As both fell short of a majority, a second ballot was mandated.

ballot measure   (medida de la boleta)

The ballot measure passed by a margin of 54.6% to 45.4%.

The ballot measure was ultimately defeated on November 3, 1992.

The library formed a regional library district through a ballot measure in 2006.

ballot box   (urna electoral)

Voters approved Initiative 1240 at the ballot box.

The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box.

ballot access   (acceso a la boleta)

Charlie Earl gathered enough raw signatures to obtain ballot access.

For example, King County, Washington's demographics require them under U.S. federal election law to provide ballot access in Chinese.

The nine committee members split their allegiances between the Anti-Prohibition Party and Taxpayers Party for the 2010 elections; neither achieved automatic ballot access.

ballot papers

However, its ballot papers still appeared in voting booths.

Polling recommenced with fresh ballot papers on Saturday 17 November.

The ballot papers had a section for each of the parties with the party number and symbol.

ballot paper

This was too late for the ballot paper to be changed.

The five candidates in ballot paper order were as follows:

Candidate numbers for the ballot paper were drawn on 18 October.

ballot initiative

The ballot initiative amends the Constitution of Arizona.

The legislation is connected to a ballot initiative in Arizona.

The ballot initiative was approved by a majority (52%) of voters.

ballot boxes   (urnas)

During the parliamentary elections in East Timor in 2007, the ballot boxes were collected by helicopter.

The ballot boxes are collected from each polling station in the constituency and taken to the counting centre.

Balaguer then ordered troops to storm the election centre and destroy ballot boxes, declaring himself the victor.

election ballot   (boleta electoral)

The following Issues will be on the April election ballot.

The x mark is also sometimes used for this purpose (most notably on election ballot papers, e.g.

Klein remained on the general election ballot on a minor party line and was defeated by Biaggi again.

primary ballot   (papeleta primaria)

Stavinsky also decided to support Reneau, but both he and Marshall remained on the primary ballot.

In addition, the primary ballot also contains a preference poll that lists the presidential candidates.

The biggest issue was failing to appear on the Virginia primary ballot, leaving that race to Romney and Paul.

general election ballot   (boleta electoral general)

Klein remained on the general election ballot on a minor party line and was defeated by Biaggi again.

Voters in Minnesota rejected a voter ID proposal on the 2012 general election ballot by a margin of 54–46%.

Although Panfil won the Libertarian Party primary election, she did not appear on the general election ballot.

final ballot

On December 6, 2004, the final ballot of 25 candidates was announced.

That's why the final ballot counting was much faster and more error-free.

In summer 2004 they elected 25 players who would appear on the final ballot.

third ballot

He was the third ballot candidate for the party in the 1921 election.

Ueli Maurer was elected Federal Councillor on the third ballot, receiving exactly the 122 votes required.

For the nomination, Fraser faced three other candidates but won on the third ballot of the preferential vote.

ballot measures

It was one of four 2014 ballot measures put to public vote.