Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

rock band   (banda de rock)

They have this kind of Melbourne rock band sound."

Music is provided by Japanese pop rock band Funta.

was an indie rock band based in Richmond, Virginia.

metal band   (banda de metal)

Firth now plays in the death metal band Nailed.

Ektomorf Ektomorf is a heavy metal band from Hungary.

Death was an American death metal band formed in 1983.

band released   (banda lanzada)

The band released two versions of the music video.

The band released further albums in 2006 and 2011.

The band released eventually "Dirty Work" in June.

band members   (miembros de la banda)

In 1997, band members focused on their solo careers.

The band members have all continued to work in music.

The band members joined or formed other bands.

left the band   (dejó la banda)

O'Donovan and Pan both left the band in June 1980.

In 1982, David Nelson and Buddy Cage left the band.

Gramm left the band in 1990 but returned in 1992.

band called

This gave birth to a new band called the "Jaggers".

Wim Bieler left to form a band called Dambuster.

Jones played in a band called M Blanket in Victoria.

band formed

band formed in Long Island, New York in April 1991.

The ska-punk band formed in Siegen, Germany, in 2006.

Hohodza Hohodza is a Zimbabwean band formed in 1992.

band announced

On June 5, 2010, the band announced a new line-up.

On April 19, 2017, the band announced their reunion.

In July 2016, the band announced they had broken up.

band played

In August 2012, the band played at Greenbelt 2012.

The band played their last show in November 2007.

In December, 2000 the band played their first show.

punk band   (banda punk)

They were South Africa's first multiracial punk band.

Hexes (band) Hexes were a British hardcore punk band.

The end title song is by Japanese punk band Stance Punks.

joined the band

In July 1994, bassist Garry Lowe joined the band.

In 2012, Imelda May bassist Al Gare joined the band.

In 2019, Kendal Lantz joined the band on drums.

band performed   (banda realizada)

In November, the band performed at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

The band performed three brand new unreleased tracks.

The band performed in Toronto, Ontario om 1999.

new band

This gave birth to a new band called the "Jaggers".

Geoff now has a new band called Again and Again.

It was recorded with a completely new band i.e.

band recorded

This band recorded one album for Liberty Records.

In 1990, the band recorded and released "Once Dead".

The band recorded and released a self-titled EP in 2001.

alternative rock band   (banda de rock alternativo)

is a single by Australian alternative rock band TISM.

Loudspeakers formed in 2009 as an alternative rock band.

He was the lead singer of the alternative rock band Legião Urbana.

heavy metal band   (banda de heavy metal)

Ektomorf Ektomorf is a heavy metal band from Hungary.

Play God Play God is the 1991 album by heavy metal band Reverend.

is the first studio album by American heavy metal band the Mentors.

indie rock band   (banda de rock indie)

was an indie rock band based in Richmond, Virginia.

is a Canadian indie rock band from Brampton, Ontario.

by Canadian indie rock band The Weakerthans.

band toured

Throughout July, the band toured the United States.

The band toured Europe and the UK in summer 2008.

The band toured extensively in support of the album.

marching band   (banda de marcha)

In high school he was a member of the marching band.

The team marching band is called Baltimore's Marching Ravens.

The Warren G. Harding "Raider" marching band is the school's band.

big band   (banda grande)

a big band makeover with their own take on the tune.

Another development in this period was big band blues.

He was a member of his father's big band from 1994 to 1999.

pop band   (banda de pop)

is a single by English indie pop band The Wombats.

They're more of a pop band, which is just fine."

Duna (band) Duna is a Russian pop band formed in 1987.

band member

A can of worms is poured out by a band member.

with Ivy Chen and fellow band member Donghae.

It was written by band member, John Fiddler.

band went

In March 2014, the band went on a tour of the UK.

In October, the band went on tour with Lostprophets.

In March 2002, the band went on their second US tour.

punk rock band   (banda de punk rock)

We're not a punk rock band, we're a new wave band."

Choke (band) Choke is a Canadian punk rock band.

Abaddon (band) Abaddon is a Polish punk rock band.

boy band   (banda de chicos)

U-KISS was formed as a six-member boy band in 2008.

Avenue (group) Avenue were an English boy band.

As a teen, Shi Won was obsessed with a boy band.

band began

The band began in 1986 in the northern city of Lille.

On October 18, the band began mixing the album.

2," the band began work on their second album.

backing band   (banda de acompañamiento)

Bowie's backing band included Peter Frampton on lead guitar.

Fame played piano for Billy Fury in his backing band, the Blue Flames.

Shortly after recording it, he formed the Attractions as his backing band.

own band

She also formed her own band, the Anni-Frid Four.

He was also the lead singer of his own band, Flint.

Ásgeir performs with his own band, Ásgeir Trausti Band.

band signed

In 2016, the band signed with UK-based label Damnably.

The band signed to So Recordings weeks later.

In 1996 the band signed with Virgin Records.

hard rock band   (banda de hard rock)

is the ninth studio album by English hard rock band Thunder.

While there, he played in a hard rock band called, Fallstaff.

He is best known as lead vocalist for hard rock band Kik Tracee.

band was formed

The band was formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2002.

The band was formed in 1989 and disbanded in 1992.

The band was formed by Arturo Huizar in 1998.

first band

Childs formed his first band at the age of 12.

Joe's first band was called the Maryland Rail Splitters.

He joined his first band called "Nice Band".

rock band formed

() is a Taiwanese pop rock band formed in 2004.

Jackyl Jackyl is an American rock band formed in 1991.

Libído (band) Libído is a Peruvian rock band formed in 1996.

formed the band

Richfield and North later formed the band Sear.

Members of Tulus later went and formed the band Khold.

Two years later, Hues & Feldman formed the band, '57 Men'.

band started

In April 1992, the renewed band started to concert.

Later that month, the band started recording an album.

The band started working on the second album.

death metal band   (banda de death metal)

Firth now plays in the death metal band Nailed.

Death was an American death metal band formed in 1983.

Necrophagia Necrophagia was an American death metal band.

music band

In 1977, she started working with the music band of Sine.

The Celts (band) The Celts is an Australian folk music band.

Cueshé discography This is the discography of OPM music band "Cueshé".

band name

In 2001, the band name was changed to Lemuria.

They would later change the band name to Deicide in 1989.

It gives their band name more semblances.


He sang lead vocals on most of the band’s songs.

During the band’s 20 years history Nogu Svelo!

The album received some of the best press in the band’s career.

progressive rock band   (banda de rock progresivo)

IZZ IZZ is a New York-based progressive rock band.

Outer Limits (band) Outer Limits is a Japanese progressive rock band.

In 2008, Beardfish toured with fellow progressive rock band The Tangent.

band s

He sang lead vocals on most of the band’s songs.

During the band’s 20 years history Nogu Svelo!

The album received some of the best press in the band’s career.

jazz band   (banda de jazz)

is a Hungarian pop and alternative jazz band.

In 1999, Khan set up the Afro-Cuban funk jazz band Motimba.

He played in a high school jazz band.

house band

Tommy Furtado trio was the house band.

His band, The Mandarins was also the house band for the event.

Milt Franklyn and his nine-piece band was the founding house band.

band made

The band made a promotional video for the single.

The band made a promotional cassette for the record.

when the band   (cuando la banda)

The final lineup was the same as it was in 1978, when the band was formed.

The collaboration came about when the band heard the duo were fans of them.

The band is active since the year 2009, when the band was formed in Ljouwert.

band then

The band then hires John Corabi as his replacement.

The band then goes outside to start the march over.

The band then cleared it properly for "Heart Is Full".

band decided

In late 2008, the band decided to focus on other projects.

Following this, the band decided to record their material.

The band decided to self-release it, without seeking a record deal.

band continued

The band continued to exist after Tolfords death.

The band continued to tour with musician Nicholas Willes.

The band continued to perform until 1981.

live band

In 1994, McMahon assembled a live band for this project.

The concert was performed with a live band.

Many of the venues also feature music and live band performances.

band leader

On 22 October 2017, Harcourt played (as band leader) the whole "Sgt.

Marshall had a falling out with the Redskins band leader Barnee Breeskin.

Her debut consert as band leader was at Vossajazz 2014 with Signe Førre Band.

became the band

It later became the band's most popular creation.

The synth-pop single became the band's first UK top ten hit.

"Cross My Heart" became the band's second song to peak at No.

band playing

The video was shot in Wimbledon and shows the band playing the song.

In 1957 Ostanek formed his own band playing Slovenian-style polka music.

The following tour saw the band playing their first shows in North America.

other band   (otra banda)

This other band were considered more new wave orientated.

Despite this loss, the other band members continued working.

He is considered to be unintelligent, according to Drake and the other band members.

band based

was an indie rock band based in Richmond, Virginia.

is a Japanese rock band based in Tokyo.

Boxbomb Boxbomb was a rock band based in Central North Carolina.

band broke

He stayed with Crosby until the band broke up in 1942.

The band broke up in 2009, but reformed in December 2011.

Soon after the release, the band broke up in summer 2000.

band performing

2" was a recording of the band performing "Animals".

The video ends with Will Smith and his band performing a concert.

The band performing at the dance is David Nudelman and the Wild Breed.

band broke up

He stayed with Crosby until the band broke up in 1942.

The band broke up in 2009, but reformed in December 2011.

Soon after the release, the band broke up in summer 2000.

band did

However, Dax being in the band did not formulate.

The band did several shows at the Marquee Club.

The band did a small tour of the East Coast of America.

brass band   (banda)

There is only 5 members in the brass band.

Denshaw is noted for its annual Whit Friday brass band contest.

During the evening a brass band march is held in the town centre.

band split   (división de banda)

The band split in 1980 at the time of their E.P.

After two more albums the band split up in 1992.

That band split in 1983, then reformed in 2009.

leave the band   (deja la banda)

Unfortunately, he had to leave the band.

He would leave the band early into 2006.

Bojan Pečar also decided to leave the band moving to London.

band took

On 21 October 1923, an armed band took over the city hall.

The new band took the English country dance scene by storm.

Following their 2003 album "Italiano medio", the band took a break.

former band

He also co-produced "Here" with his former band member Rami Lakkis.

The Edgewood Fight Song was written by former band director Gene Milford.

Consequently, Roberts now writes for friend and former band mate, Cheryl.

formed a band

In 1965, aged 22, Hite formed a band with Wilson.

Mann formed a band with Tommy Mars in mid 1973.

He formed a band called "The Wynners" with his friends.

band embarked   (banda embarcada)

The band embarked on a tour of Ireland in July 2006.

In 2011, the band embarked on a reunion tour.

In 2005, the band embarked on a successful reunion tour.

band returned

With this song the band returned to their rock roots.

The whole band returned the following month to play the show.

With Tim as an official member, the band returned to the studio.

black metal band

Unlord Unlord was a Dutch black metal band, formed in 1989.

Profanatica Profanatica is a black metal band from New York.

American black metal band Order of Leviathan was formed in 2012.

leaving the band

His leaving the band had a major impact on Seon and Mann.

These necessitated his leaving the band, which he did in 1997.

On 22 May 2012, Ryan Richards announced that he was leaving the band.

full band

The theme is repeated by the full band before the trio.

By the end of the year, they started their first full band proper, Nectar.

During this time, Miss Krystle played the dive bar circuit with a full band.

saw the band

2013 saw the band ‘Outro’ winning the competition.

2010 saw the band ‘Rubber Band’ winning the battle.

2008 saw the band splitting amicably.

touring band

Marks left the touring band in 1999 because of his health.

Dobbyn recorded the album in London over three weeks with his touring band.

The name SJD also refers to Donnelly's touring band when not performing solo.

band during

Aftermath was a Chicago-based thrash metal band during the 1980s and 1990s.

He asked the band if he could record a tune and sing with the band during the extra time.

Bodega Band worked as a cabaret band during UKA until the World War II frequent guested Sweden.

join the band   (únete a la banda)

Shizuka's members invited Seven to join the band as its bassist.

Kurt Jeffries won the contest and was flown to Detroit to join the band.

After the concert, Yuri Kasparyan was invited to join the band as a guitarist.

band consists

This band consists three white spots.

The band consists of lead singer Devon MacLeish, Oz, and unnamed others.

The band consists of multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Rado and vocalist Sam France.

wave band

We're not a punk rock band, we're a new wave band."

Haines first came to prominence with new wave band The Doll.

The long wave band had never been used.

band together

This invasion forced all of the future heroes to band together.

One year before, in 1994, he founded a band together with "Paavo Pekkonen".

Howe put a band together and toured in support of "Heredity" during 1985 and 1986.

pop rock band

Music is provided by Japanese pop rock band Funta.

Jota Quest Jota Quest is a Brazilian pop rock band.

Zveri Zveri ("Beasts"; ) is a Russian pop rock band.

band appeared

On November 23, the band appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show".

On 29 September 2012 the band appeared on an episode of "Red or Black?

Also that year, the band appeared at Woodstock '94 in Saugerties, New York.

another band   (otra banda)

He had a short stint with another band, Salvation Air Force.

White formed another band, The VW Boys.

After In Pursuit broke up, he founded another band called Bedlam.

before the band

It was recorded live in 1998, just months before the band split up.

More than before the band progressed to a high production pop-rock sound.

The band released a number of singles and one album, before the band split up.

metalcore band   (banda de metalcore)

Arma Angelus Arma Angelus was a metalcore band from Chicago, Illinois.

Northlane Northlane is an Australian metalcore band from Sydney, formed in 2009.

Hollow Crown Hollow Crown is the third album by British metalcore band, Architects.

hardcore punk band   (banda de punk hardcore)

Hexes (band) Hexes were a British hardcore punk band.

He plays in the Kansas City hardcore punk band Dark Ages.

This was to be the official start of Al's new hardcore punk band.

band became

The band became active again after re-forming in 2/08.

In 1931, the band became the first Opry band to go on tour.

one of the band became a traffic light and wore that costume.

thrash metal band   (banda de thrash metal)

Originally they started out primarily as a thrash metal band.

Caggiano had formerly been lead guitarist of the thrash metal band Anthrax.

Aftermath was a Chicago-based thrash metal band during the 1980s and 1990s.

band named

Later, he formed and led a hip-hop band named Prago Union.

Its chorus describes a fictional band named "the Martini Police".

Yuzon was the front man of a rock band named White Chapel at that time.

during the band

The dome was first worn during the band's "Freedom of Choice" campaign of 1980.

Material from the album was previewed during the band's previous caroling tours.

However, Byron sang the lead vocals on the song during the band's live performances.

local band

In 2008, Luke and Joel formed a local band called The Ondays.

He began performing at the age of 15 with schoolmates in a local band.

Burgess left in 2005, to be replaced by Carl from 90s local band Rebel Truce.

cover band

Later he joined "Jaguars", an Elvis Presley cover band.

At the age of 21, Obarski began her career as a cover band singer.

His first group was called "Dynamites" and was a classic rock cover band.

band has released

The band has released three albums as of early 2015.

Led by Stuart Murdoch, the band has released nine albums.

To date, the band has released two albums.

military band

It is also the seniormost military band in the CAF.

First Suite in E flat for military band, op.

It is the largest military band in Latvia.

concert band

Spinifex State College has a combined campus concert band.

2) is Gustav Holst's second and last suite for concert band.

It also appears occasionally in orchestral and concert band music.

other band members   (otros miembros de la banda)

Despite this loss, the other band members continued working.

He is considered to be unintelligent, according to Drake and the other band members.

The tour was up-close and personal set in small venues with only two other band members.

time the band

This was the first time the band had heard this story.

This was the last time the band went into a recording studio.

In this time the band played mostly covers of 77 punk classics.

features the band

The live version of "Da Doo Ron Ron" features the band The Crystals backing up Cassidy.

The video features the band playing in a white room, performing "On the Hill of Dreams".

It then features the band performing in a small room with its walls covered in music posters and logos.

band won

In August of the same year, the band won a Kerrang!

The band won a Juno for 'Best New Group'.

In 1985 the band won the Brit Award for British Breakthrough Act.

band consisted

The pipe band consisted of over thirty pipers.

Another band consisted of around 50 Nakrehe.

The band consisted of Pink (John Dwyer) and Brown (Jeff Rosenberg).

indie band   (banda indie)

Doherty also went on to form the indie band Death of 8.

Scott Morgan was also the drummer for the Vancouver indie band Destroyer.

Jack Jaggard has also started a new experimental indie band Team Building.

school band   (banda escolar)

He received his music education at th in Sinsen school band.

Catich attended where he worked as the leader of the school band.

At 16, he won a talent contest with his school band "Am kahlen Aste".

new wave band

We're not a punk rock band, we're a new wave band."

Haines first came to prominence with new wave band The Doll.

It's Devo is the fifth studio album by the American new wave band Devo.

original band

By this point, not all of the original band members remained in the group.

This was the original band that was on the "Live at CBGB's" compilation record in 1976.

The original band members are Ben Audet, Dave Fontaine, Greg Goertzen and Justin Fortier.