Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

bands such

Visual kei bands such as An Cafe, Ayabie and Lynch.

bands such as Sham 69 and Cockney Rejects, and the Oi!

It paved the way for more Asian boy bands such as Arashi.

rock bands

During the 1980s a few rock bands became popular.

Indie rock bands like Los Planetas appeared.

The bassoon is even rarer as a regular member of rock bands.

other bands   (otras bandas)

They blew the other bands right of the front door".

Many other bands followed suit throughout the 1970s.

They toured steadily with other bands in their label.

metal bands

They were often speed metal or thrash metal bands.

Heavy metal bands were also popular in the 1980s.

The early American black metal bands remained underground.

local bands

As a young boy, he performed with local bands.

He occasionally performed in local bands.

In his early life, Goddaer was involved in several local bands.

bands including

He played in various service bands including RAF Blue Eagles (1945).

They have toured with notable bands including Face To Face, Ignite, C.J.

The collective consists of a number of bands including a Choir and an Orchestra.

punk bands

He played bass for many Vancouver punk bands.

He has also been frontman for a few other pop punk bands.

At age 15 she learned to play a bass guitar and played in punk bands.

several bands

Catherine Delaunay leads and composes music for several bands.

"Dingoes Ate My Baby" are one of several bands that perform at The Bronze.

In 2017, Sebat formed a label, Nosral Recordings, and signed several bands.

marching bands   (bandas de música)

They are still used by some marching bands at parades nowadays.

"25 or 6 to 4" has become a popular song for marching bands to play.

USBands membership consists of over 700 participating high school marching bands.

military bands

The saxophone was invented for use in both orchestras and military bands.

Units under the command of commandants include Military police, honour guards and military bands.

As part of larger restructuring of and cuts to military bands, the band was disbanded in mid-2013.

various bands

He played in various bands in the Oslo region, e.g.

The song has been covered by various bands, including:

Over the years, Lucassen created various bands and musical projects.

big bands

After 1950, the big bands declined in number.

Between 1996 and 1998, Bonacina played baritone saxophone in various jazz big bands in Paris.

In 1974, he reunited the Blue Flames and began to sing with European orchestras and big bands.

many bands

He recorded many bands over this period.

Unlike many bands, the drum majors are not in charge of the band as a whole.

As the genre spread throughout the African continent many bands took up the style.

such bands

Some such bands form on their own.

They released a single, self-titled album and opened for such bands as the Cure and Oasis.

Despite this, Code Orange Kids opened for such bands as the Misfits, The Bronx, Nekromantix and Anti-Flag.

brass bands   (bandas de latón)

Cannons were fired and brass bands were played.

Five thousand marched from Kensington, along with five brass bands.

British brass bands consist only of brass instruments and a percussion section.

jazz bands

He played double bass from ages 13–22 in both orchestras and jazz bands.

Trkulja collaborated with numerous jazz bands and philharmonic orchestras.

After arriving in Los Angeles, Merlino joined the jazz bands of Frankie Carle, then Ray Anthony.

both bands

The horn section backed both bands for most songs.

Eventually, promoters chose to include both bands.

It was an interesting release because both bands had left the label.

bands and artists

Many posters have pictures of popular rock bands and artists.

Jesse plays with various other bands and artists including Mt.

As of 2013, over 4000 bands and artists have recorded at the location.

frequency bands

The network will use the 600 MHz and 28 GHz frequency bands.

Like the 103A, it used different frequency bands for transmit and receive.

number of bands   (número de bandas)

Micco does session work and plays weekly with a number of bands.

The collective consists of a number of bands including a Choir and an Orchestra.

Nottingham has a number of bands and choirs, in which any student may participate.

new bands

She also works as a writer and producer for new bands.

To be honest I think there’s a lack of new bands in this genre.

The Caledonia Stage, was introduced to showcase up and coming new bands.

different bands

He started playing guitar and drums in different bands.

Over the course of his career, Buys has worked with various different bands, and solo artists.

Hovland, Kalvenes and Augestad has contributed in a number of different bands and projects in Bergen.

artists and bands

He has produced artists and bands like Der Wolf, Young Deenay, Sasha, Ben and Max Mutzke.

The following list features the notable artists and bands who released music through Nude Records.

Although Israeli rock became less popular in the 2000s, being edged out by Israeli pop, many new rock artists and bands emerged.

heavy metal bands

They are one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time.

Dumont was influenced by heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and KISS.

The trap is a wooden box made of 2x12 planks bound together by heavy metal bands and secured to the ground by telephone poles.

dance bands

In the 1930s, he earned extra money by performing in dance bands.

The tenor banjo was a common rhythm-instrument in early 20th-century dance bands.

This has declined with the growth of dance bands, recordings, and the decline of traditional dance.

popular bands

Historically OLG held bazaars which featured popular bands.

For years they stood as one of the most popular bands in SFR Yugoslavia.

Stahlhammer is one of the most popular bands to ever come out of Austria.

school bands   (bandas escolares)

WCS also has high school and middle school bands which play regularly.

He learned guitar as a teenager and played in school bands at Bromsgrove School.

He moved to the town of Adjuntas where he organized its municipal band and various school bands.

bands include

Other bands include Ruphus, Aunt Mary and Høst.

Burke's husband is musician Tim Burke, whose bands include Downtight.

Some trallpunk bands include:

live bands

magazines, as one of the best live bands in Britain.

It mixes live bands with MMA and kickboxing matches.

The two began working together, mixing beats and playing in various live bands.

horizontal bands

The tower is painted with black and white horizontal bands.

The belfry is three horizontal bands, the second with louvers for a bell and a small domed top.

It is white painted with black horizontal bands, has a height of and is placed at above sea level.

hardcore bands   (bandas hardcore)

As a very young participant, he attended performances by many formative punk and hardcore bands.

This album consists of covers of various punk rock and hardcore bands from the seventies and eighties.

The title track became a slogan for hardcore youth, and one of the most covered tracks by other New York hardcore bands.

music bands

They form music bands and parade through towns and villages.

The Metaltown Festival is a two-day festival featuring heavy metal music bands, held in Gothenburg.

Solmania from Japan, and Neptune are noise music bands that built their own custom made guitars and basses.

rock bands such

He worked with various Turkish rock bands such as Apaşlar, Kardaşlar, Moğollar and Dervişan.

Anggun started as a rock singer in Indonesia, and was influenced by rock bands such as Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, and Megadeth.

Hammer toured the UK with Bim Sherman and Prince Far I in 1979 and later with punk rock bands such as The Clash and The Slits.

black bands

Dance chose to focus his enthusiasm on the music of black bands.

The black bands surrounding its eyes closely resemble those of the raccoon.

Body has black and bluish-white transverse bands with two black bands per segment.

white bands

The short black tail has 2-3 white bands.

Abdomen with black and white bands.

The flowers are tubular, splitting down one side and have red to pink and white bands.

concert bands

However, many concert bands use a double bass.

The B instrument remains dominant in concert bands and jazz.

In concert bands, clarinets are an important part of the instrumentation.

punk rock bands

Shortly thereafter, the station would begin presenting weekend concerts, primarily featuring punk rock bands.

The album containts acoustic songs by punk rock bands or punk musicians, of which most are signed with Fat Wreck Chords.

It features primarily punk rock bands performing cover versions of Misfits songs from the band's early era, 1977 to 1983.

bands playing

There are also musical bands playing and stands selling sweets.

In 2012, has over 200 bands playing in 18 venues all within the City of Salford.

The first Estonian rock-groups were primarily high school bands playing cover versions of the current UK Top 10.

bands during

It became one of the most popular Czechoslovak bands during the 1980s.

Final Warning would share the bill with many notable bands during their career.

The band was one of the defining hardcore punk bands during its initial eight-year run.

boy bands

“Dead 7” includes various members of different boy bands.

It paved the way for more Asian boy bands such as Arashi.

Meanwhile Mallu pop saw a new trend that was the rise of boy bands.

bands and musicians

Nick Douglas has also worked with other bands and musicians.

Ballarat has produced several note worthy bands and musicians.

Local bands and musicians as well as those often associated with Colorado include: Fort Collins

bands around   (bandas alrededor)

They began moving elsewhere in small bands around 1730.

We were an independent company and we were as indie as the other bands around us.

The building is constructed in yellow brick with sandstone bands around the windows.

own bands

In the 1960s he led his own bands, which also recorded for various labels.

Kukko composed music for his own bands, EBB, Koiton Laulu and several films and theaters.

Goldston has appeared on a number of albums, both for her own bands and as a session musician.

pop bands

As a composer, musician and producer he cooperated with many rock and pop bands and singers.

In most rock and pop bands and in jazz fusion groups, the bass role is filled by the electric bass.

The group eventually lost their mainstream following with the advent of the British pop bands of the 1960s.

numerous bands

He grew up watching his father play in numerous bands as a drummer, originally picking up the drums at age 5.

He began playing guitar and songwriting at the age of 11, playing in numerous bands throughout his teen years.

He formed numerous bands and performed all over the country in hotels, nightclubs and on the county and state fair circuit.

indie bands

Some on their own and some with other indie bands and friends Femme Fatality, Less Pain Forever, and Adam Panic.

Her music career began when she filled-in for several indie bands such as Us-2 Evil-0 (2009), Duster and BBYGRL (2012).

The lyrics showed frontman Damon Albarn's distaste for the music business, complaining that there were too many insignificant indie bands.

first bands

They were one of the first bands to establish an audience at CBGB.

In 1998 Allister became one of the first bands to sign to Drive-Thru Records.

They were the among the first bands to popularize the use of Galician in a rock song.

bands played

The bands played Dixieland jazz, and later ragtime, swing, blues and R&B.

During the ceremony, several local bands played songs and read poems by Catalan authors.

Several of his bands played for speakeasies owned by Al Capone with whom Stein was a friend.