İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

bare hands   (çıplak eller)

Keetongu, using his bare hands,smashes Sidorak.

He refuses to use close combat weapons in favour of his bare hands.

The atumpan is played either with one's bare hands or L-shaped sticks.

bare minimum   (asgari)

At a bare minimum, we are looking at Goldilocks 2.0.

Street lighting was often turned off and generally reduced to a bare minimum.

Clarinets would have five or six keys, the bare minimum to obtain an acceptable chromatic scale.

bare feet   (yalın ayak)

Some people consider it rude to wear shoes into a house and a Māori Marae should only be entered with bare feet.

Individuals detained during protests alleged torture by the Nicaraguan authorities, with hundreds of prisoners later released by the roadside in the outskirts of Managua with shaved heads and bare feet.

It was said that one of the remarkable things about this game was that the Nigerian team played in bare feet, although the writer of has no proof other than an anecdotal story that was told to him as a child.

bare rock   (çıplak kaya)

The church stands on a hilltop in front of a bare rock outline called "Morgia of the Cross".

The mud does not dissipate with altitude up the mountain range either, except where there is bare rock.

Time plays a role in the development of soil from bare rock and the recovery of a community from disturbance.

bare ground   (çıplak zemin)

Mountain plovers nest on bare ground in early spring (April in northern Colorado).

DGVMs usually "spin up" their simulations from bare ground to equilibrium vegetation (e.g.

The station is located on the nunatak bare ground area Jutulsessen, at above mean sea level.